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  1. Been working on a series of custom space modules and capsules for a new space station I'm building. Each module has an interior space, accessible through custom "open" docking ports. Each port consists of a 1.25m decoupler and a clamp-o-tron jr. The 1.25m decoupler is used for the hole in its collision mesh, which is just large enough for a kerbal to squeeze through. The idea is to create a station using these ports, to allow kerbals to move between modules internally. The final station will have an uninterrupted, fully navigable interior. Crews will be flown to the station in the Unnamed Space Ferry. Seats 6 kerbonauts inside an aerodynamic fairing. It uses a custom docking port-based hatch that can be opened and closed from within a fairing. Any resemblance to actual spacecrafts, active or retired, is purely coincidental. Docked to the USS (Untitled Space Station) Each docking port on this station uses Elevon-based doors to keep the part count low Ferry hatch opening. Initiating crew transfer with the help of a ladder. Inside the USS node module. Connects up to 6 modules at a time. Somewhat claustrophobic, however. Transferred to the service module. The more spacious space module. I have more modules in the works, will update in the future. Thanks for viewing!
  2. Thanks! Sorry about the delay but I updated the original post and added some download links for you.
  3. A stock replica of the very first space station: Salyut-1! Built at 3/4 scale. Interior still pretty WIP but I finally got it to orbit and just wanted to share some pictures before they go stale. In low Kerbin orbit. Docked with a Soyuz 7K-OKS spacecraft. Jeb enters from the transfer compartment. "Kinda dark. Smells like burning..." Lights on. Much better! Conical secret technology container. ↓↓Download here↓↓ Station only: https://www.dropbox.com/s/woc9f5k83ymyqxp/Salyut 1.craft?dl=0 Launch configuration atop Proton-K: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q6u8zfal0ddrqvm/Proton-K [Salyut 1].craft?dl=0
  4. Thank you! And yes it is indeed mostly fairings, also radiator panels to hide where the fairings end. Very useful for creating custom fuselage shapes!
  5. Proton The Proton was born as the "UR-500", a two-stage super heavy ICBM. With the addition of a third stage it was reworked to serve as a heavy launch platform for the Soviet Union. It was then named "Proton-K" after some of its first payloads, the Proton satellites. In its decades of service it launched a wide array of missions, from space stations to interplanetary probes and landers. The K/D version uses the "Block D" upper stage in its stack. This stage was originally used to boost unmanned Zond spacecraft around the moon. It was later used to boost probes as far as Mars and Venus. (Left) Proton K/DM carrying the EchoStar VIII satellite launched in 2002. (Right) My Proton K/D replica built in KSP at 3/4 scale. Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4, Block D If you'd like to see the rest of the mission (Venera 9) you can read about it here: https://imgur.com/a/dTFtu6p The craft was built in stock KSP v1.5.1, using 493 parts. Stage timings written in the description. Download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9crpw4exedgcrz3/Proton-K D-1.craft?dl=0
  6. Valentina Kerman uses the last of her EVA fuel to tug her ship back to Kerbin.
  7. Gotta say, Little Katie's painting is the best thing ever. You've got my vote!