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  1. These replicas are a lot of fun to make, I'm just glad you guys could get a kick out of them as well. And thank you! Thanks! It uses lots of tiny parts, and most importantly tiny flags. There are a few flags placed at the front of the cart that act as a handle for the kerbals to push around. They're made invisible using a custom transparent flag texture.
  2. Added more Apollo missions, this time featuring Apollo 12 and 14. The two (successful) H-type missions. Apollo 12's LM-6 Intrepid (left) and Apollo 14's LM-8 Antares (right) These were the missions planned directly after Apollo 11, distinguished by their precision landings and increased mission scope. In terms of Lunar Modules they were very similar to Eagle but the ascent stages featured the finalized beige and black panel scheme. The descent stage of Intrepid featured less black paint on Quad 1 whereas Antares' looked mostly gold from the front. They also carried some of the f
  3. you joke but I was gonna add a "stir the oxygen tanks" button If I ever get around to Apollo 13. Also with the flags I think it would be a problem only if you already had flags with the exact same name in the folder. Seems unlikely but if it does become a problem you could always rename them.
  4. More Lunar Modules, cause why not. The neat thing about making a craft entirely out of flags is that you can basically repaint the entire thing on the fly. Especially useful when you're obsessed with recreating the LM and its ever-changing exterior. Anyways, here's today's offering: LM-3 Spider and LM-4 Snoopy. Spider (left) and Snoopy (right) These LMs bear many visual distinctions which set them apart from later productions. Most notable are the Ascent Stages which were mostly clad in silvery aluminum skin panels. These panels were replaced with lighter chromic acid anodized p
  5. Saturn V - Apollo You know it, we all love it: the legendary rocket system that put man on the Moon. From its first flight in 1967 onwards The Saturn V has remained the largest and most powerful rocket ever flown operationally. Even today it still holds the distinction of being the only rocket to have launched humans beyond Earth orbit, and towards the Moon. Below are a few stock+DLC replicas I've built to represent the various mission profiles of the Apollo program, from lunar orbit to lunar rovers. If I have the time I'd like to create further Apollo missions, right now I'm thinki
  6. No mods, but it does require both DLCs and a bunch of custom flag textures. When it's done I'll upload it to KerbalX along with the required flag textures. I'll also make a post about it here on the spacecraft exchange which'll link back to KerbalX. https://kerbalx.com/tehmattguy
  7. The Eagle has landed! And by that I mean that I've pretty much completed my replica of the Lunar Module Eagle. New legs, new engines, lower part count, extra faceting on the sides, and I've managed to shave off 0.5t from the ascent stage. The main purpose of all of this is to make it easier to reconfigure the LM for a full J-Type mission. These were the mission profiles of Apollo 15, 16, and 17, involving more extensive study of the Moon from the surface and from orbit. A scientific instrument module (SIM) bay was installed in the service module for orbital operations while the LM was fi
  8. I think so, at least partially. Going through the patch notes I did see this line: "Fix trajectory changes during rotation caused by MinRBMass being too high" Looking at the Physics.cfg shows that they've reduced the partRBMassMin from 0.03 to 0.002. So it seems like the new minimum part mass is 0.002t rather than 0.03t. I tried weighing some of the previously affected parts and they do appear to be at the correct weight again. However there a few parts listed under 0.002t, namely cubic octagonal struts, navigation light mk1s, lightstrip mk1s, and some flag parts. I was g
  9. Oh yeah, I had been testing my stages individually to an extent but not with placeholders. I'd originally wanted to test fly my S-II using a simplified S-IC but I guess I got too caught up in the idea of all-up testing. But yeah, using placeholder stages definitely seems like a good idea going forward. And thank you!
  10. Waiting on a certain bug to be fixed before continuing on my Lunar Module... In the meantime I started putting together some stages for a full Saturn V build. S-IC, featuring custom F-1 engines inspired by @Yukon0009 's designs. S-II with aft interstage and more custom J-2s. Both stages installed with the S-IVB and CSM. The S-IVB holds ~17 tons of ore in place of the LM to save on partcount/framerate during testing. Here the Saturn V is looking pretty much complete aside from some surface details which will be added later. Currently the build is sitting at over 26
  11. Thanks! Also, the craft file for the scale has just been added to the bug tracker page.
  12. Still working on that Lunar Module, this time I've installed it in the S-IVB. The CSM/ LM/ S-IVB combo seems to be working well from TLI to lunar landing. Still thinking I may have gone overboard with part count, though. Altogether this assembly stands at well over 2000 parts, even more than my entire N1 build.
  13. @AlamoVampire No doubt they've changed how part mass is handled but the problem is just that the effect can be pretty extreme and is not recorded anywhere in-game. If my scale experiment is to believed, grip pads now act ~15x heavier than they used to be. Some of my rockets, which use a lot of grip pads and robotic parts, are losing hundreds of m/s delta-v just from this effect. My Duna lander in particular loses 600m/s by the time it reaches orbit. This is in spite of the game telling me that the rocket's mass and delta-v is exactly the same as before. That's the whole reason I bring up thi
  14. Oh yeah, I'm familiar with this part of the update but my issue doesn't have anything to do with crew mass (probably). What I'm seeing is that specific parts or part combinations act much heavier as of 1.11. For example, the small grip pads are listed at 0.002t in the editor, but in flight they act as if they're actually 0.03t. Another oddity is that physicsless parts seem to gain mass if they're attached to a robotic part. This change in mass isn't listed anywhere, nor accounted for in the game's delta-v calculations. This leads me to believe the effect is unintentional.
  15. Windows, Stock + Breaking Ground, fresh install. I suspect this also affects non-DLC games. I've been observing some strange behavior related to low-mass parts in version 1.11. Certain (low-mass, physics enabled) parts seem much heavier than usual, despite no changes in mass or CoM being shown in the VAB. Crafts that include these parts suffer from a significant increase in weight and a loss of delta-V. Robotic parts sag as if burdened with extra weight. Some of my crafts from 1.10 have become unplayable as of this release. So far I've tested the effect using grip pads, empty dum
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