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  1. Hi @Dick_Kerman. Welcome to the boards. You will find that there is an an active community here of modders and others, and that in general, people will be happy to help you, but as I think you already know, you have to provide information to get effective assistance. That said, you may want to be more clear with your question. It is not at all true that you need to be a professional coder to run DRE. Are you reading only the comments on this page? If so, they are about some pretty esoteric issues and don't apply to everyone or even most people. Generally, reading the OP and the last few
  2. Congrats on the release! A question: Do you recommend setting your control point as the docking port you are using?
  3. This is an issue that has been noted before. AFAIK, no one has nailed down the culprit, although it tends to occur when Kopernicus is installed and when using non-stock solar panels. In my own experience, I have noted that if I verify that the panels are in sunlight and generating surplus energy *before* switching to the KSC, the bug doesn't rear its ugly head. You may want to upload your logs in the hope that someone with a brain (i.e., anyone but me) can figure out what's going on.
  4. Are you having problems? If so, tell us what problems you're having, link to your logs, and there are people here who will try to help you.
  5. Yes, they work fine with DRE. See the these two posts for additional information. I tend to use Janitor's Closet to hide the DRE parts these days for consistency's sake.
  6. What support are you looking for? Many of us already use Kerbal Health with an LS mod. I've been using it with TAC LS for as long as I've been using KH. I see the two mods as complementary with little to no overlap. If you are just looking to use KH and an LS mod, you should be fine.
  7. Well, not really. People from Denmark call themselves "danskere", or at least that's what Wikipedia tells me. And regardless, that's not the same as a species or planetary identity. And I do know a rather cunning linguist who would argue whether language evolves logically. And lastly.... mmmmmmmm, danish!
  8. I am available to do testing this afternoon and tomorrow. Anything in particular that you want me to try? Oh, and I read the github comment. I worked on a modding team on a different game, and I watched the main author get harassed constantly. It's unacceptable. The only thing I can do here is apologize to you on behalf of whoever that was. The entire community benefits from all of the unpaid and underappreciated work that you do, and I hope someday that person has an epiphany and realizes the error of their ways. Or, alternatively, volunteers for the one-way colonization effort o
  9. You just made my day! When I wrote the OP, I really had been thinking about this, and I decided to post my stray thought in the hopes that it caused some amusement for others. I didn't expect a cogent, well-written response such as yours. I hereby consider my musing sufficiently pondered. Please go on to more important questions, like "why is there air?", "Does this rocket have sufficient dV to make orbit AND return the crew safely?", or "Why is Jeb attaching explosives to that fuel tank?" (Although I never found out whether Kerbals have kats....)
  10. True, the sun's name is Kerbol and not Kerbal, but I'll put the reference in my OP down to the linguistic drift of Kerblish and not a mistake on my part...
  11. Well, we do call beings from Earth "Earthlings" or "Terrans".... do Kerblings have kats?
  12. Do many of them go to UC Kerbaley? Also: https://www.writerscentre.com.au/blog/qa-curb-vs-kerb/ Now I definitely need more kaffeine. And possibly a kertini. But back to the question that has me staying up all night: does Kthulhu exist? No, not that one... why Kerbals? Why not Kerbs or Kerblings (looking right at you @purpleivan) or Kerbinians, or Kerbians or Kernals or Captain Kerks? Why name themselves after their Sun?
  13. Well, just for you (don't tell @zer0Kerbal!), if you need a particular test set up, I'll reinstall and do some testing this week. I actually have a light week ahead of me, and I have a heft supply of alcohol, so I think I have the right tools for testing.
  14. One of my closest friends (brother of another mother) during a conference at grad school famously stated, "I've controlled for everything." The chair for his dissertation queried, "Everything?" and my friend replied, "Well, everything important." I think for Tweakscale, you have a more difficult issue than many other modders, as the player base very much wants to have their resizeable cake and eat it too (with the correctly scaled frosting). So, presuming we can't get Squad to see things our way , what can I do to help? For input, I tend to lag behind versions on release, and I onl
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