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  1. Yes, they work fine with DRE. See the these two posts for additional information. I tend to use Janitor's Closet to hide the DRE parts these days for consistency's sake.
  2. What support are you looking for? Many of us already use Kerbal Health with an LS mod. I've been using it with TAC LS for as long as I've been using KH. I see the two mods as complementary with little to no overlap. If you are just looking to use KH and an LS mod, you should be fine.
  3. Well, not really. People from Denmark call themselves "danskere", or at least that's what Wikipedia tells me. And regardless, that's not the same as a species or planetary identity. And I do know a rather cunning linguist who would argue whether language evolves logically. And lastly.... mmmmmmmm, danish!
  4. I am available to do testing this afternoon and tomorrow. Anything in particular that you want me to try? Oh, and I read the github comment. I worked on a modding team on a different game, and I watched the main author get harassed constantly. It's unacceptable. The only thing I can do here is apologize to you on behalf of whoever that was. The entire community benefits from all of the unpaid and underappreciated work that you do, and I hope someday that person has an epiphany and realizes the error of their ways. Or, alternatively, volunteers for the one-way colonization effort of Mars.
  5. You just made my day! When I wrote the OP, I really had been thinking about this, and I decided to post my stray thought in the hopes that it caused some amusement for others. I didn't expect a cogent, well-written response such as yours. I hereby consider my musing sufficiently pondered. Please go on to more important questions, like "why is there air?", "Does this rocket have sufficient dV to make orbit AND return the crew safely?", or "Why is Jeb attaching explosives to that fuel tank?" (Although I never found out whether Kerbals have kats....)
  6. True, the sun's name is Kerbol and not Kerbal, but I'll put the reference in my OP down to the linguistic drift of Kerblish and not a mistake on my part...
  7. Well, we do call beings from Earth "Earthlings" or "Terrans".... do Kerblings have kats?
  8. Do many of them go to UC Kerbaley? Also: https://www.writerscentre.com.au/blog/qa-curb-vs-kerb/ Now I definitely need more kaffeine. And possibly a kertini. But back to the question that has me staying up all night: does Kthulhu exist? No, not that one... why Kerbals? Why not Kerbs or Kerblings (looking right at you @purpleivan) or Kerbinians, or Kerbians or Kernals or Captain Kerks? Why name themselves after their Sun?
  9. Well, just for you (don't tell @zer0Kerbal!), if you need a particular test set up, I'll reinstall and do some testing this week. I actually have a light week ahead of me, and I have a heft supply of alcohol, so I think I have the right tools for testing.
  10. One of my closest friends (brother of another mother) during a conference at grad school famously stated, "I've controlled for everything." The chair for his dissertation queried, "Everything?" and my friend replied, "Well, everything important." I think for Tweakscale, you have a more difficult issue than many other modders, as the player base very much wants to have their resizeable cake and eat it too (with the correctly scaled frosting). So, presuming we can't get Squad to see things our way , what can I do to help? For input, I tend to lag behind versions on release, and I only tend to update when enough of the mods I use stop supporting the version I am on, OR when Squad introduces something that I want to play with OR Squad does something that makes me really want to update (ex. when KSP x64 became stable and I could stop worrying about memory management!). And, in case it needs to be said again, thank you for continuing to support the entire community!
  11. I am not convinced. I think we're mistranslating from Kerblish....
  12. As I was posting elsewhere, it occurred to me: why do we call Kerbals "Kerbals"? After all, they aren't from Kerbal, which is slightly warmer than comfortable and difficult to walk on, but Kerbin. We could call them "Kerbins", but that might become confusing during the inevitable "Crisis on Infinite Kerbins", for obvious reasons. We could call them Kerbinians. Consider, we are not Sols, or Solians, or Solars. Earthlings works, as does Terrans (but not Earthians--I'll fight you). This allows our solar system to have Martians and Venusians and Jovians. So, why Kerbals? (Must get coffee now)
  13. I know we're way off-topic, but since it's your thread and you asked... I think your model is missing some variables. You don't include how much content was added in each release, or whether that content was up front or in the background. For example, KSP 1.2 switched to a new version of Unity, which undoubtedly added to the bug count, but it also added the comms network and new flow control features (among other items) AND had a lot of marketing "Loud & Clear". Consider that the more code and content added, the more likely you have a greater number of bugs. Also, the larger the user base, the more bug reports. Etc. However, retention is more complicated with a game like KSP. It appears that most KSPers (at least those who post on the forums, an admittedly self-selected group) play modded installs. It's likely, again based on forum posts, play heavily modded games. Because of this fact, almost every KSP release breaks at least some mods. This can cause frustration among the player base, both old and new. I've been playing KSP since the v.25 days, but I honestly thought there would come a time when I could leisurely play a career mode with my preferred mods (including KCT) and actually start colonizing the Kerbal system instead of regularly having to reinstall. And while this is most definitely not about me, I think I may represent a not insignificant proportion of the user base that goes away for a while in the hopes that Squad will fix the remaining bugs and finalize the code (at least for a few years!) and then add non-game breaking content. Modders could then also work more on new features and their own bug fixes / code optimizations instead of updates to game patches. Ah well. I was just poking my head up to see if it was safe to start playing again. I'll wait. Zed'k, wake me when this cake is baked.
  14. The one thing I would add is, once your fork is up, posted, and properly licensed, post an intro to your fork and a link to the new forum thread as the last post to this thread and ask the mods if they would temporary lock this thread pending the return of @Papa_Joe. That way, newcomers and people who disappear from KSP for a year and return would know what's going on. Thank you @micha for both choosing to update this very useful mod and for doing it in a way that respects the previous author. Papa_Joe helped to create and maintain some terrific mods, and I hope that whatever has delayed his return wasn't anything dire. Squad made a good game / sim with KSP, but its community of talented modders (like LGG and that Zed'k person ) are what make it great! I'm looking forward to the newly updated and freshly forked mod!
  15. No. The dev has not explicitly said that the mod is "totally up for grabs." The clause in the license that has expired prevents you from redistributing the mod without getting "explicit permission on the matter through a private channel". So, you are currently free to fork this mod and redistribute it under the aforementioned license without first getting explicit permission. However, that's not the same as if, after 1.9 dropped, the dev gave notice that the mod was abandoned. It's been a week. Be patient. Or, alternatively, have at it and update the mod, as the license allows. For what it's worth: my motivation here is simply to point out that it's only been a week since the latest KSP release, and the fact that the dev hasn't immediately posted an update doesn't mean that the mod is abandoned. Modders don't work for Squad (well, most don't!), and few receive adequate (or any) compensation for their efforts. KSP and the community benefit greatly from all of the time, sweat, and tears that the modding community devotes to making the game better. Stating that someone else's mod is "totally up for grabs" one week after a new release can be seen as equivalent to demanding that the mod be updated immediately. If that wasn't your intention, I apologize. You've been around longer than I have, and about as long as @stupid_chris, so you know undoubtedly know all these things. But I am willing to bet you've seen how toxic a community can become and how quickly that can happen, and the last thing I want to see is modders leave our community. If you want to discuss this further, please PM me. I'm always up for a licensing debate!