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  1. eightiesboi

    [1.6] Kerbal Health 1.3.4 (2018-12-21)

    Hey garwel, Not to poke the bear... but... <poke> Seriously, did you have an opportunity to look at the save I uploaded? I can also just assign figures, but I'd like to make sure I do it right. Or right-ish. If you're too busy, just let me know and no worries! Thank you!
  2. Hey! I had an unusual (or so I though) contract failure. I had accepted the Mach 2.0 contract but I wasn't working on it. I was deorbiting a capsule which had a service module. I did my deorbit burn and then decoupled my service module as I entered the atmosphere (I was hoping it would survive re-entry and be picked up by Stage Recovery). I *did* neglect to empty the tanks on the service module before decoupling; something I normally do. As my now unpowered capsule descended through 55,000 meters, I heard my service module explode (and managed to catch a glimpse of its fiery death. That's when I got the messages that I had failed the Mach 2.0 mission, which surprised me. I was using a modded capsule (the K2 command pod) and had no wings on my capsule nor on my service module. I would not have expected it to trigger my contract fail conditions. Log is clean and showed no errors. This is mostly an FYI, as I can easily work around this by not accepting a GAP contract until I am ready to complete it, but I thought someone might want to know. Or something like that.
  3. eightiesboi

    [1.6] Kerbal Health 1.3.4 (2018-12-21)

    Save file is here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AoyHZiRU1jT-zLgoqn-er2VPp_PBWw Yes, my career is entitled "The Cat from Outer Space". And yes, I am old enough that I saw it when it came out. I think that's the only embarrassing thing in my save file. Lol. Thank you!
  4. eightiesboi

    [1.6] Kerbal Health 1.3.4 (2018-12-21)

    Hey garwel, First, thank you for this mod. It has added much to my KSP experience over the past couple years. I am having a problem and I don't know how to replicate it or if sending you a debug mode log with the problem would help, and I don't want to waste your time more than I already am. Jeb and Valentina (only) are NaN for many stats, including HP. The problem has persisted through an uninstall and reinstall. None of my other Kerbals have this problem and I don't know what caused it. I am pretty well-modded, and I use TAC-LS, but things also seem (relatively) stable. KH works otherwise, and I was seeing changes and quirks. In fact, even for Jeb and Valentina, it shows that the mod is attempting to increase radiation and decrease HP appropriately, but since the base is NaN, it really does nothing. Jeb has died in a KRASH sim, but neither Jeb nor Valentina has died in real-KSP life. Do you have any suggestions off the top of your head, and, if you have the time and inclination, would you be willing to look at some logs? Thanks!
  5. @MysticDaedra and @Crimor, did you download and try it? Download it and start a sandbox game, send a sat up to keosync (if you cheat it there, make sure it is not already in a perfect orbit), and make sure it has some fuel left. Go to the tracking station, click on the sat with the mod gui open. You'll see you can adjust the orbit to be perfect keosync from almost perfect keosync. While the OP instructions are indeed a little vague, it is pretty easy to figure it out in actual use. Thanks again for picking up and keep alive another mod!
  6. eightiesboi

    [1.4.x] Stock Antenna Balance - July-29-2018

    Is anyone using this with Antenna Helper? If so, does AH take Stock Antenna Balance into account? I am re-adding it to an existing game (I forgot it existed when I started my new career). Also, @WuphonsReach, if you are reading this, about a year ago I asked about the possibility of disabling the EC drain when the deployable relays were stowed. IIRC, you were amenable to the idea but didn't have a way to do that at the time. I noticed that you were reducing the EC draw of the relays smaller than 5G to zero. Is this related to the issue I raised at the time? If so, and if it is possible, might I suggest that instead of lowering the EC to zero permanently, you might have it zero only when stowed (or otherwise "off")? Your mod makes for a real differentiation between direct and relay antennas, and I do think the EC drain on relays is the reason. I noted that Kerbal Health adds a "disable/enable comfort" setting to many habitable modules. When enabled, it creates a permanent EC drain. When disabled, it eliminates the drain, but also doesn't provide the "comfort" benefit. As I've said (many many) times, I am no coder, so if I've compared apples to Kerbals, I apologize.
  7. Hi, @_Zee! First, thank you for creating this mod. I was a big fan of Historical Progression and UBM, and PBC goes a long way to filling the hole created by their absence. Truth be told, I'm still using Historical Progression along with your contracts. Surprisingly, that aging and abandoned contract pack still works well, and very much so with your PBC tree. I'm actually reaching out to the original author to ask if I can bring it up to date. One thing I've noticed in the meantime is that there are historical missions that have increasing numbers of crew on board in orbit prior to starting missions to land on the Mun. This leads me to making a request to you and a recommendation. The request: the crewed portion of your tech tree seems to use crew capacity as a criteria for placement. This means that it becomes difficult to recreate some historically early missions, specifically ones that had three crew in orbit. The Making History mod includes a capsule based on the Voskhod (the KV-3 "Pomegranate") that can hold 3 crew, but the placement on the PBC tech tree is two tiers above the first available pods, making it difficult to launch these early missions. Would you consider evaluating pods not only by capacity but also by function, and move some orbital pods to an earlier part of the tech tree? The recommendation: I really like the contracts you created with this mod in mind, but I was surprised to get a contract to land kerbals on the Mun before I'd successfully landed a probe. I'd like to recommend changing the parameters so that missions to send kerbals to other celestial bodies don't fire until after the corresponding probe mission has completed or the body has already been landed on. I think it would be keeping with the theme of your mod. Again, thank you so much for creating this. If I do update the Historical Progression contract pack, I'd like to work with you to design it to synergize with PBC.
  8. It would be helpful to have an example of what a log entry looks like that would indicate a missing model or texture. Having an example of the actual syntax would make a cut-and-paste find operation trivial. And let me add my voice to the chorus--you've all done a fantastic job! Thank you!
  9. There certainly is. I'm using it right now as I type this on the forum. Maybe if you were more descriptive and added links to your uploaded logs, someone could help you. There are a lot of people on the boards that are happy to help, but we need information. If you don't know how to upload logs, a very quick perusal of the forums--especially any mod from linuxgurugamer--will tell you how to get support. But this mod is working, with a few already noted issues, in 1.6.1.
  10. Have you tried JoE_Smash's other idea of swapping the win sys dll? Other than my crashes after installing restock, which could have been unrelated, I am now crash-less for nearly 24 hours again.
  11. I *did* have a crash after installing Restock and Restock+, so I suspect that there may be another 32-bit .dll lurking about, but this out of my area of expertise.
  12. I too noticed an immediate improvement after subbing the xinput1_3 file from the windows directory into my KSP directory. I have a fairly robust system (Core I7, Nvidia 1060, 32 GB of RAM) on my modded (160+) install. I was crashing randomly after about 2 hours of play. Crash logs showed my memory utilization to be generally low, yet it was the same access violation and same files as the OP. Since subbing out xinput1_3, I have been able to leave KSP running in flight, tracking station, and space center scenes for over 24 hours (each) AND resume playing at irregular intervals (whenever KCT finishes building the next rocket or KAC sets off an alarm). My goal is to run KSP in real time full time on a dedicated system, which now seems possible. I have not experienced any issues with the file substitution. If someone has Squad's ear and can ask them to look into this, I think @JoE Smash may have fixed this particular crash cause.
  13. eightiesboi

    [1.6.x] Kessler Syndrome (17/01/2019)

    Got it, and thank you for the quick response!
  14. eightiesboi

    [1.6.x] Kessler Syndrome (17/01/2019)

    I have a question about the orbital decay and the option to affect non-debris vessels. Do the same parameters apply (1% decrease to SMA each time the vessel crosses an AP/PE marker)? Is there a height where this would not occur? I know you have no intention to absorb Orbital Decay and its ability to do station keeping; however, it would be nice to have functionality at lower altitudes that doesn't hamper keostationary sats. Thank you for this mod and all of the others you've created and maintain!