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  1. I'd recommend grabbing a DRE (or stock) heatshield that is bigger than necessary and running a quick test reentry. Obviously, you might have to cheat a bit to get the test started, but if an oversized heatshield protects the pod, the dedicated one that comes with the Gemini might be a bit too small or the Gemini pod might be hanging outside the coverage of the dedicated heatshield due to the reentry angle. If the oversized heatshield does indeed work, you could use tweakscale to make it smaller until you narrow down the problem (no pun intended). If it *doesn't* work, then something else is wrong. Again, I hope this helps. It worked for me but it took several passes.
  2. @Gordon Dry, what is the actual part being used for the pod, and which heatshield is being used? I had a problem with a part that was larger than it visually appeared and a tweakscaled heatshield that wasn't sizing properly. Admittedly, this was a few versions of KSP ago, as I am taking a break from the too-numerous updates that break all my mods, but in my case, the culprit was that my pod appeared to be protected (and should have been by the stats) but actually wasn't. I determined this by using a larger (not-tweakscaled) shield and then trying a different pod. Hope this helps!
  3. Hi @MajorTom74, welcome to the forums. It is usually good etiquette to read the first page and last few (at least) before posting. If you had, you would have seen that Starwaster is working on it. It is also against forum rules to ask for updates, unless there's some unusual reason (the mod seems inactive, the update has been out for a while and no one has mentioned it). In the case of this mod, it is being actively developed. Be patient, revert to an older version of KSP, or do without it. Personally, whenever KSP updates, *if* I decide to update as well (I don't always stay on the current version), I wait for months (yes, months) until the mods I like to use are updated or it's clear that they aren't going to be updated and linuxgurugamer hasn't taken into the stable of 200 or so other mods that lgg maintains and develops. When 1.4 was dropped, I started a new game of XCOM:EW - Long War. I figure by the time I am done, either Squad will have a new version OR all my faves will be updated. Anyways, enjoy KSP - it is truly one of my favorite games, and the modding community is what makes it so.
  4. eightiesboi

    Why isn't delta-v exposed in Stock (yet)?

    First, thank you--I restored the credit to Cybutek that inadvertently got deleted from my OP. I agree with you in part as to Squad needing to support this feature--they would need to make certain it worked only in stock and unmodded KSP. While it would be nice if it worked on modded versions, Squad has no responsibility to make certain that whatever you add in can't break the game, just as modders have no responsibility to make certain their mods play nice with other mods (but yes, it is nice when they do).
  5. eightiesboi

    Why isn't delta-v exposed in Stock (yet)?

    First, speaking of modders that keep the community going, thank you. I know I only had over-engineer and trial-and-error where you quoted, but I include equations further down. Your method is a combination of roughly doing the math and over-engineering, coupled with long experience (and you imply that you still make use of KER). Of course, I don't have the sales numbers and demographics for customers of KSP, but I doubt that many gamers purchase it with the idea that they will get to roughly estimate rocket equations. Again, I am not saying it *can't* be done, but I am saying that Squad relying on modders to fill this hole in particular is a poor practice.
  6. [/rant on] First, I've been playing KSP since .25, so I *have not* been here since the beginning, but I have been around for a little bit of time. I have over 1700 hrs tracked in-game, but I usually play heavily modded games with KCT included, and I tend to run multiple missions *without* time acceleration, so my tracked hours aren't representative of time I've spent actually PLAYING (that's honesty for you). Now that that's out of the way... Of all the mods I use, there's one (and only one) that I can't understand why it (or something like it) isn't already in the game, and that's Kerbal Engineer Redux (KER). Kerbal Space Program is about sending things (frequently rockets) into space. Without knowing how much delta-v a vessel has, along with things like TWR, etc, you don't know whether a vessel will make it to space, or the Mun, or New Caprica, or whatnot. Seriously, for people that play ENTIRELY in stock, how do you deal with this? Do you just massively over-engineer your rockets? Do you send up rocket after rocket, hoping you will make it to orbit? I simply don't believe it is possible to run KSP in career mode unmodded and have an actual space program without this information. In fact, when I have given KSP as a gift, the first thing I do is tell the recipient to download KER. I feel that Squad missed the boat with the latest update. Yes, I obviously know mods like KER (and others) exist--like I said in the beginning, I play a heavily (180+ installed) modded game. But there are two groups of people that Squad should think of when they consider the next update, patch or whatnot. First there are the new purchasers of KSP, who try to play a stock game before they realize they have three options that don't involve modding: over-engineer every rocket (difficult in early career mode), engage in constant trial-and-error (also difficult in career mode), or work out the equations for every rocket they want to launch. These people will either get frustrated and quit playing or go install some mods, and then the fit into the other group of people.... Speaking of that other group (all of us that use some mod to give us the dV info that Squad doesn't provide), the reason why *we* AND Squad should care about stock dV, is that modders work for free, and frequently in whatever spare time they have. Tomorrow, @linuxgurugamer (who is maintaining over 100 mods), @DMagic, @Galileo, @magico13, @Nertea, @Starwaster or any other member of our prolific and amazing modding community, could decide they are done modding this game. In the past, modders like LGG have stepped up to continue much-loved (or needed) mods, but especially in light of the changes in licensing that some modders have made, this makes reviving abandoned mods potentially more problematic than in the past. In other words, KSP is really reliant on modders to provide information that is vitally necessary for a successful space program, and really shouldn't be. And while there are many mods that I wish were stock, I think the functionality KER (and the mods like it) provides is absolutely essential. Those of us who run heavily modded games owe a lot to these modders for making our games more fun, more realistic, more difficult, and more fun (again). (And if you haven't at least treated your favorite modders to at least a cup of coffee, consider doing so--they do a lot for very little). However, we (and Squad) shouldn't have to rely on modders for access to basic information. Or, to put it another way, it's true that if Squad put dV info into the VAB (and elsewhere) I would probably continue to use KER (because I like it; I'm used to it; etc) but if Cybutek left modding and no one took up KER, without dV being provided in stock, I would probably stop playing KSP and I doubt I could recommend purchase to anyone else. Please, Squad, roll in a dV readout in the VAB and SPH (at least). Your customers, new and old, will probably appreciate it. [/rant off] (PS - I called out certain mod makers to make a point; if I were to list all of the individuals who have contributed so much to this game, it would fill the page and still not be enough. There are only two games out of some 200 I own [on Steam] that I play heavily modded versions of--KSP and XCOM 2. As much as I love KSP, I would have quit in .90 if it weren't for all of the modders and their hard work. Every member of Squad and every player of KSP owes a lot to the modders.) PPS - Apologies to @cybutek! I accidentally deleted you from credit for KER when I originally posted! Thanks to @Starman4308 for bringing this to my attention!
  7. You need to update your mods, including Module Manager and BDB, at the very least, according to your log, which still shows MM 2.8. You are also using KSP 1.3 and not 1.3.1. If you want to use KSP 1.3, you may need to revert to an older version of this (and other) mods, as using a mod compiled for a newer version of KSP doesn't always work.
  8. You are using KAS and KIS, both of which KPBS link to and therefore need Module Manager, so I recommend updating it. Upload your logs to Dropbox or Onedrive etc and provide a link with viewing permissions.
  9. The first thing I saw is that many of your mods may be WAY out of date, like Module Manager is at 3.0.4 or something like that. You don't say that the game runs without KPBS, but assuming it does, I would try making sure your game is up-to-date (if you use Steam, verify your files), then update Module Manager. Also, please link (don't upload to the forum) your ENTIRE logs, from start to finish. Just the crash part isn't enough. BTW - If my assumption that the game wasn't running / isn't running normally without KPBS is incorrect, then what makes you think the problem is KPBS?
  10. Let me try to help. You didn't include any logs or screenshots, so I assume you downloaded the 1.4.2 zip and installed CommunityCategoryKit, CommunityResourcePack, and PlanetaryBaseInc folders into your gamedata folder, and that you have previously installed module manager correctly. Assuming that's true, what problems are you having?
  11. I may be wrong, but if I remember correctly, you need to have TAC-LS or USI-LS installed for this part to show up. You mentioned getting it "back" and you mentioned "reinstalling KPBS" which implies that you've uninstalled a mod or two. If you uninstalled your LS mod and didn't reinstall it when you reinstalled KPBS, that might explain why the part isn't coming back. BTW - It is always helpful to paste a link to your log files and mod lists when you're having problems, unless your question is a general one (do docking ports come in smaller sizes, etc).
  12. Logs and mod lists help. I've been using TAC-LS for years (in both real and Kerbal-time) and have never experienced this issue, so I suspect there's an interaction between mods at work here. But without logs and such, it makes it difficult to help you. Have you tried changing the TAC-LS settings for the mod itself to see if the changes properly propagate? Read this BEFORE asking for support: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/83212-how-to-get-support-read-first/
  13. The category is "Antennas"; it is already in the filter list and has been for quite a long time. Also, the estimate is not at all useless. If you are transmitting a telemetry report, you will indeed experience the listed drain for the duration of the data transfer. If you have a small battery on your small satellite, you may very well drain it completely in a single transmission, after which you might curse Fusebox for not providing the correct information on maximum drain. What I do is build a satellite, then use the filters to determine what my minimum and maximum drains are going to be, based on what I know the satellite will be used for. If, for example, it is a relay comms sat and will NEVER transmit science data, then I can safely filter out the "Antennas" portion. If, on the other hand, it is a Mapping Sat that will rarely transmit data, but when it does it will be in one long chunk, then knowing how long I can function at maximum load is useful.
  14. So what I do is use the filters to take out any power sources that are not light dependent (i.e. solar panels), compare the time listed to the dark time at the altitude. Does that make sense? Sorry, I need more caffeine.
  15. Do you mean something other than the calculator in the VAB? It lets you set an altitude for any planet and gives the dark time.