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  1. Good! That makes it more likely that a med center is in this mod's future! I *did* just notice the link to the wiki, and I am sorry I didn't see it sooner as it answered my questions pretty well, although to be honest, I probably still would have asked. Two more questions: first, is there a way I can make the scientist as good at curing disease as the medic? I don't use MKS, so I didn't even get the reference until I did a bit of searching. Second, where can I send you a coffee / beer / beverage of your choice? I am very grateful to mod authors like yourself that share the benefits of your labors with the rest of us, which makes the game so much more interesting.
  2. Got it. So, if I were to make a "clean room" on Kerbin by building a small structure at the KSC and had my Kerbals confined to it for a few weeks, and then transferred them (via SM or simply walking them over) to their vessel, that would suffice to quarantine them, yes? Or have I missed something? Seriously, I love the thought that goes into this. It's why I use life support mods and why I use KCT. In fact, this works well with KCT, in that I can quarantine my Kerbals while the rocket rolls out to the pad.
  3. Solar panels not providing EC

    Yep. No joy in any scenario except the cheat-y one. Lol For whatever reason, the manually extended solar panel functioned the same as the automatically extended one in every way except for the EC produced didn't go into the battery. Maybe Valentina forgot to reverse the polarity of the neutron flow.
  4. First, thank you for designing this mod. I am using it on my latest career playthrough and I like it and all the thought you've put into it. Would you mind explain sickness to me? (Well, there are things like bacteria and viruses...) Specifically, you mention that you might want to quarantine your Kerbals for several weeks before going on a long mission. What do mean by "quarantine", in respect to the game (obviously, there's no place to do so in the stock KSC). Also, presuming you have a crew of 5 Kerbals: if you "quarantine" them for a few weeks (past the incubation period) does that really have an effect on the simulation of sickness (obviously, IRL, you quarantine your astronauts in a clean room and can control [to an extent] the presence of pathogens. Since KSP doesn't really have pathogens, and it's an RNG that's deciding when your Kerbal is sick, does quarantining them actually help?) Thanks, and sorry to be so dense. It's morning and I haven't had coffee yet. Lol
  5. Hey all, (Summary - Manual deployment of a solar panel by a Kerbal on EVA resulted in that panel not producing EC) I am running a modded install and I had a probe in LKO that had become stranded. I forgot to extend solar panels after I made orbit and the generators on my antennas courtesy of the Stock Antenna Balance mod ate all my EC! Of course, this wasn't my first satellite design, and I had a single OX-STAT perfectly positioned in case something like this happened. By "perfectly positioned" I mean positioned in such a way that it got no sunlight at all, and therefore was useless. I also had neglected to switch on my reserve power. However, Valentina, currently on an endurance test for Project Thursday, was in orbit nearby and adjusted her ship's orbit to intercept the probe. She made a daring spacewalk over to the Mango 7 probe, and manually extended one of the solar panels, and returned to her capsule. Yay! Probe saved! Except... when I switched over to the probe, I still had no EC. The solar panel was tracking normally, and it showed full sunlight AND indicated that energy was flowing, but wherever it was going it wasn't into my batteries. I checked the log but didn't see anything obvious. My probe was sitting, in orbit, with a single solar panel tracking the sun, and yet it was still dead. I checked the save file and compared the extended panel's characteristics with its mirror. They were the same except for the items that related to one panel being extended and the other not. I compared the extended panel to another ship with an extended panel. Same states on both. I gave up, added a little EC to the battery in the save file, reloaded it, and watched my vessel come to life. I noticed the extended panel still did not appear to be accumulating EC. I extended the other panel and it works normally. Any one with any ideas? I do use NFE / NFS and Dynamic Battery Storage, but those are the only mods I can think of that touch the electrical system. I have the save file and my mod list available, as well as the logs. Thanks!
  6. @LastStarDustThere is an option, as @eberkain suggests. In your active game, go to the pause menu and look for this mod's settings there. You can tweak the effect this mod has as well as turn certain features on / off. It's really well done.
  7. @Gotmachine (and others): I think I am doing something wrong. I am interested in this mod in its own right, but I too am looking for a replacement for PR. What I miss is the functionality where my vessel always kept its rotation relative to a specific chosen body. I liked this functionality for vessels that had non-tracking solar panels (so that my ship doesn't rotate its panel away from the EC-giving goodness) and for roleplaying (ScanSat, mostly). I have this mod installed, but regardless of whether I have SAS activated or not, my vessel orientation continues to change. I am not in warp, and the probe core I am using doesn't have pro (or retro) grade hold, so I am talking SAS only. Does this mod act as a PR replacement in this regard? Also, is there any chance you would consider adding PR's ability to set rotation / orientation relative to a selected body? If I have a solar panel, I want to remain in the same orientation relative to Kerbol. If I am scanning my homeworld, I want my orientation to remain the same relative to Kerbin. In any case, thank you for the work you've done on this mod. You, and the other modders, are what keep me playing KSP.
  8. KCT is one of my absolutely favorite mods for exactly this reason. In fact, when I started a brand new career for 1.31, I originally had decided to wait until KCT and Scrapyard were out of beta. I eventually did start my career (without KCT or Scrapyard), but I am compromising in that I am setting up my basic satellite com system and the like and not doing any "real" mission until KCT is out (of beta). That allows me to get through that same very basic setup we've all done countless times rather quickly while not feeling too cheaty. I am really hoping that someday there will be a KSP 2 that will include KCT and Scrapyard into stock (as well as a whole bunch of other mods, obviously). The still-active long-term development community of modders is absolutely amazing. I really think we owe @magico13 a boatload of thanks and more than a few coffees.
  9. This isn't the place for CKAN discussions, but this mod is indeed on CKAN with the current version ( Unless you mean the localization updates aren't showing up on a CKAN install, which might be a bug but you probably need to provide more information before anyone can help you.
  10. [1.3.1] NEBULA space engineering - Decals Continued

    Well, with Filter Extensions, could these be put in a "Decals" category? I realize I probably can (and probably will) do this myself; I am making a suggestion for future releases. I am sure there are A LOT of people that use a whole lot of mods you have created or maintained, and that would just be one way in which they were integrated. No worries if that is not in the cards. I still very much appreciate all that you do.
  11. [1.3.1] Contract Configurator [v1.23.3] [2017-10-05]

    This. When I went into CC, and re-enabled stock milestone contracts (disabled by SETI Contracts) the contracts stayed. They shouldn't be there at all, but I'd rather they stay the night than to come and go, so to speak.
  12. [1.3.1] NEBULA space engineering - Decals Continued

    Hey @linuxgurugamer, is it possible to move the decals into a different category than Utility? I have your excellent Filter Extensions mod installed as well.
  13. Check your time ticks and note if FMRS was running on all flight scenes. I believe I have experienced similar behavior. I launched a probe from Kerbin and circularized. Separated stages up to this point were recovered with Stage Recovery. I noted I was getting close to a maneuver node on a different vessel, and switched over from KAC without first going to the KSC. I finished the maneuver node and then found, upon trying to go to the Tracking Center, I had reverted to an earlier save and my probe was sitting on the launch pad. I suspect that sometimes, when switching vessels, FMRS is getting confused and is reverting to the wrong save (or has failed to merge changes and therefore is reverting to a backup). Just a suspicion, as I have way more testing to do to replicate and determine if there's something going on or if it's an ID10-T problem on my side.
  14. It depends on what your problem is. You don't report what version of KSP you are running, so I'll assume it's the latest (1.31). This mod isn't listed as compatible with 1.31. Until it is, you can change CKAN to force it to install the mod, or you can install the mod manually. However, CKAN issues are not the mod author's problem to fix. If you see the post above yours, oliezekat has made a suggestion regarding this issue. Otherwise, since the issue has been mentioned and isn't related to the mod itself, I suggest you take this to the CKAN thread.
  15. I tested the fix in Stock + Kopernicus, Stock alone, and Stock + 103 other mods I run. It works. I tested career mode and sandbox.