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  1. Anyone have a workaround for attaching stuff to a shielded docking port in the editor? I mean the nose mounted one, not the inline. When you unshroud it in the editor it doesn't give you an attachment node. Can this be changed in the config or something?
  2. Make sure you have advanced tweakables on in the main settings menu.
  3. I' m having the same issue. So far I've only observed it on the Swivel. https://i.imgur.com/O1d5CCN.png My modlist: https://i.imgur.com/ABthPBH.png
  4. Nobody has mentioned that probes and rovers are a great way to get science early in career or science mode when you're still limited in terms of researched parts/facility capacity/funds. This is simply because a probe is much lighter than a capsule and thus you can get further with a smaller or more basic rocket. If you also add wheels to it (make it a rover), you can then drive around and get science from different biomes.
  5. This is incorrect. Once you're coasting, you've already "paid" (in energy) to loft your entire mass to the Ap, so shedding mass at this point does not help keep your Ap up.
  6. LPT: Put a nosecone under the engine, turn off the shroud if not desired, and use the offset tool to tuck the nosecone inside the engine body so it doesn't occlude the thrust. Boom-drag free engine!
  7. You seem to have it well figured out mate. If your TWR is high enough, you can definitely get away with holding a constant pitch throughout the ascent and avoid drag losses.
  8. The parts alone make it worht it. And to those who are in the "mods already gave me these parts" camp, you're all missing the point IMHO. By that reasoning, there is virtually no possible improvement that the devs could make to the game at all.
  9. That makes much more sense. That's true, but you run into diminishing returns fairly quickly due to the weight of the multiple engines. As a quick example, to match the thrust of the Vector, you need 6 Aerospikes, which weigh 2 tons more than the Vector. And there's only so many you can reasonably fit on a tank.
  10. In stock, my favorite for vacuum is the Rhino, good thrust and crazy efficient. For atmosphere it would be the Vector, very good thrust, reasonably efficient, plus bonus points for nostalgia factor since I'm a fan of the IRL Space Shuttle. (Incidentally, I just found out the Rhino was supposed to be the equivalent of the Apollo service module main engine before the DLC, but then why is it so big? Who knows.) The Aerospike gets an honorable mention for having a good TWR and efficiency across the board, but it's so small it's hard to find useful applications for it. Hear, hea
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