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  1. I usually go for dual inflatables, top and bottom. Sometimes integrated from the launch, sometimes attached with standard docking ports. Enter heavy side first. Consistently reliable and reasonably elegant too.
  2. I installed this with Vens Ctock Revamp. I suspect this messed it up. The first tier (the one you start with) doesn't have any probes, only the plane cockpits and the command seat. Is this normal? Is there any solution or is it just not compatible?
  3. Sorry for the late reply guys, I've been taking a break the last couple months. I'll post anyway for posterity. Indeed, but with drawbacks on stability, aerodynamics, and heating. An initial TWR of 1.5 is in my experience the sweet spot between efficiency on one hand, and on the other hand being able to perform the pitch-over fast enough and keeping a reasonable turn rate that won't require manual steering nor have you going horizontal in the thick atmosphere only to burn up or suffer massive drag losses. It's definitely tricky with SRB's due to their high thrust and inability to throttle down, which leaves you with little control over what your launch will look like after the first few seconds.
  4. I’m currently designing an Eve spaceplane mission. I’m very excited for this mission and so far quite pleased with my craft. The mission profile looks like this: 1. SSTO from Kerbin 2. Refuel in LKO with fuel tanker (capable of Minmus refuel with ISRU if you’re not lazy like me) 3. Fly to Eve and land 4. Refuel on Eve with ISRU 5. Staged ascent from Eve, with only the cockpit eventually making it back to Kerbin. Anyway, I digress, none of this is too relevant to the question. My issue is that I cannot for the life of me reenter the plane on Eve. I will burn up every time seemingly regardless of my entry profile (shallow vs steep and several in-betweens). Are heat shields a must now? And how to put heat shields on a plane that’s supposed to SSTO from Kerbin without totally ruining the areo? Any help is appreciated. I will say I’ve had lots of fun looking at the firework show each time I’ve blown up the 150-part plane during my tests!
  5. Take it to Kerbin orbit. You should have at least 4,000 Dv left (preferably 5,000).
  6. Aw man you should have let it explode! I also learned about the LVN shrouds the hard way. It's because they eject sideways.
  7. How do you do opengl again?
  8. Well you would have to hit spacebar 3 times, so I would say it's 3.
  9. Could you please elaborate on this? What problems occur when using too many autostruts?
  10. I second the prior advice all of which is good. However, I do want to emphasize on this point: Preferably, after you begin your speed run, you shouldn't be maneuvering AT ALL. This is my go-to profile with Rapiers: 1. Have some incidence on your main wing. This will allow you to maintain a positive AoA and therefore gain vertical speed without having to pitch up the nose, thus maintaining the prograde vector. 2. Start speed run between 7km and 10km altitude. The lower your TWR, the earlier you'll want to start. 3. To start the speed run, point your nose between 5 to 10 degrees above the horizon. Again, the higher your TWR, the higher you can afford to point your nose during the speed run. 4. Don't touch the controls. At the speeds you'll be hitting, the curvature of Kerbin will give you all the pitch you need. That is to say, you'll always be pointing in the same direction but your nose will "drift upwards" as the ground curves away below you. 5. As soon as you stop gaining speed, switch to closed cycle. You should be going AT LEAST 1,200 m/s, preferably more. If you're going slower than that by the time you begin losing speed, it means you started the speed run too late or you pointed to high initially. Don't touch the controls. 6. When your vertical speed exceeds ~300 m/s, or your time to Ap exceeds ~ 1 minute, or your Ap height exceeds ~35 km, switch your SAS to prograde lock. Don't touch the controls other than that. If you did the prior steps right, at this point your nose should be pointing at ~30 degrees. 7. Cut engines when your Ap is at ~75km (or whatever your target orbit is).
  11. Hahaha ok, thanks for the heads up and sorry for being lazy For other lazies:
  12. I can't read through 22 pages, have they said whether it will be free for pre-April 2013 players? BTW I'm juts asking, not complaining. Personally, KSP has been a superb investment, best hours of enjoyment per dollar ratio of any game I've had. I'd be willing to pay for the extra content with no problem, though getting a freebie would be better obviously
  13. Sp where in the cheat menu do you mark a contract as completed? Asking for a friend...
  14. I personally tend to go for the plain salt, kettle-style potato chips.
  15. Hi there, having some trouble here. The mod doesn't seem to recognize that I have Kerbals. I started a new career save after installing, and I'm already past the early game and haven't gotten a single contract offered. Moreover, when I scroll through the possible contracts (I believe Contract Configurator is what gives this ability), it says "Unmet" next to the "Have a [Pilot/Engineer/Scientist]" requirement. I should mention I have a bunch of other contract packs installed, as well as Sensible Tech Tree, which might be interfering. Any help is appreciated!