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  1. Are you sure to use the right release of Kopernicus? Try to reinstall it.
  2. Why do you have a relay on your transmitter ship?
  3. @FreeThinkerdid you receive my PM?
  4. Are you sure you didn't raise up the luminosity in the Settings?
  5. @FreeThinker what about a (semifictional) Super Condenser? In the end game, it would allow to store some more fuel in a tank by making it more pressurized or denser. I ask this cause, if you use the stock solar system and so the stock rockets dimensions, the better propellant, LqdHydrogen, is mostly pointless. I mean that I have to build massive ships just to fit a couple of km/s of DeltaV in a probe.
  6. It would be a very bad idea
  7. I think it's a good idea, but I have no idea of which engine can use Kerosene in KSPI-E. A patch for MFT would also be welcomed, just in case...
  8. The nozzle seems very good. Usually small nozzles are used for lifters and larger ones for the vacuum of space. Then there are ones like the SSME (Space Shuttle Main Engines) that were in the middle, to be used both in atmo and space, but they provide very low thrust at sea level.
  9. Awesome idea, congratulations!
  10. About the rotating engines, I'm experimenting with that and it's usually not a very good idea. IR joints are very wobbly with KJR too, and if you can make them stable enough, it happens that one engine has a different thrust than the another, with stability issues. However, with an Atilla and enough energy, you can land vertically without too much hassle, with a good piloting.
  11. As far as I know, it is possible to build a spaceplane able to lift off from the runway, reach orbit and travel at warp speed, and there was a couple of them here, few months ago. The bestway to find it out, is to try by yourself, and you'll probably succeed. @FreeThinker what do you think about a proper thread for Interstellar Extended ships?
  12. No longer maintaining

    Thanks for everything you've done. I'm addicted to many of your mods, so thanks again for improving the gameplay experience of a lot of players. Hope to see you around.