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  1. I will start a YT serie on this, if you allow that, obviously giving credit to the mission's creators.
  2. I can help as a beta tester, and also check that the compability with KSPI-E works as intended.
  3. Calling @FreeThinker, he probably needs some interesting models.
  4. To start up it needs enough energy. Usually you can use a second energy source, like a Molten Salt reactor to provide the energy.
  5. Interstellar Extended will likely gain a lot of fashion from a proper config... Do you think it can be done?
  6. I can confirm, it works in 1.2.2 as it does in 1.3.1. RSS is stunning with this mod :-D
  7. Yes, and I'm doing it, but in a really slow pace. I'm not so good with Photoshop and I have a lack of motivation in going on right now.
  8. Wait a sec. Are you trying to use it as a first stage? It will not work in atmosphere...
  9. Be sure to check that the fuel you have in the tank is the same that the engine request, case when it's just unlocked, many engines can use just few propellants. To share a pics, just upload it on Imgur and copy/paste the link here.
  10. Can you show a pics of your test ship? Are you on career or sandbox? Do you have radiators?
  11. I have a similar issue without Alcubierre Drive but with VISTA, during long burns. Maybe there’s something wrong with some colliders, or KSPI triggers some stock bugs.