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  1. A mindblowing work. what a masterpiece!!!
  2. I will start a YT serie on this, if you allow that, obviously giving credit to the mission's creators.
  3. I can help as a beta tester, and also check that the compability with KSPI-E works as intended.
  4. Calling @FreeThinker, he probably needs some interesting models.
  5. To start up it needs enough energy. Usually you can use a second energy source, like a Molten Salt reactor to provide the energy.
  6. Interstellar Extended will likely gain a lot of fashion from a proper config... Do you think it can be done?
  7. I can confirm, it works in 1.2.2 as it does in 1.3.1. RSS is stunning with this mod :-D
  8. Yes, and I'm doing it, but in a really slow pace. I'm not so good with Photoshop and I have a lack of motivation in going on right now.