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  1. Of course, I just wanted to provide a fix for people with affected parts.
  2. Hi there, Sorry for reactivating this rather old thread, Are you still interested in some new suggestions? I looked at the German version and have some suggestions of improvement, but I don't know if you're still actively implementing them.
  3. I also have gotten the "Science module full" error while using the Automated Science Sampler (KerboKatz), but I also found out later that I still had XScience installed as well. Not sure which of them caused the problem. Anyways, I launched a vessel with the same US-parts and triggered the Goo Container manually, then saved. Looking at the safe files there is a marked difference. Broken Goo Container: Functioning Goo Container: As you can see, the unbroken container has the Science Module with deployed = false while the broken one lists it as true. Changing th
  4. Okay, thanks a lot for clearifying that. Haven't used CKAN in a while. I've been pretty much absent from the game for the last year and am just starting again with updating everything.
  5. Why is SXTContinued still listed as incompatible, although CKAN itself lists 1.6.1. as "Max KSP version"?
  6. Just to be sure here: I guess there is no backwards compatibility with parts from the old mod, i.e. vessels using the old parts will break if the new version is installed and the old one uninstalled?
  7. @taniwhaThank you for looking into it. I appreciate your work.
  8. I get that too. Don't know if it's linked to the issue I reported.
  9. Hello, I have found a bug with MFT when switching to monopropellant and using radial symmetry. The logfile shows some kind of null ref exception: Logfile: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rixa0o0100049i4/KSP.log?dl=0 To reproduce: Go to VAB, create a new vehicle with a Mk1-2 command pod. attach a FLT-200 fuel tank to the side. Now right click the fuel tank, change fuel to monopropellant with MFT. Select a symmetry mode >1-fold and attach the tanks to the side of the command pod, right click one fuel tank. The right click menu should disappear and some weird kind of right-click menu shou
  10. And you still found the time and motivation to update this mod for all of us?! You, sir, are a hero.
  11. Oh, I didn't know Janitor could filter by mod name. Not exactly what I had in mind but I'll give it a try. Thanks!
  12. Hello fellow KSP-addicts! I have long been thinking (and dreaming) about a patch that adds "[Stock]" in front of every ingame stock part name. I have tried to program something myself several times but failed miserably every time. With increasingly less time for playing KSP (so sad) I find it increasingly difficult to remember just from the manufacturer's name whether a part is actually stock or from a mod, which is a problem for posting vessels online or sharing them on KerbalX or elsewhere. Anybody have an idea how to start? I've been thinking about telling MM to just use every part not safe
  13. Well, let's just hope then that the Enterprise won't meet the same end as the Yamato.
  14. Just when I read the part where my girlfriend started playing the "Leaving Earth" soundtrack from Mass Effect on her piano. Goosebumps. But I'm not too terrified - someone shirley has a plan.
  15. Seriously, Mark Kuzzter? Seriously? An ocean of a mixture of water and ethanole'hydrazine' would have some very interesting properties. For starters, I guess a lot of the substance would not actually be liquid, but form a gaseous phase in the atmosphere (like water vapor does on earth). You could actually get DRUNK by breathing.
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