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  1. Awe, I haven’t been forgotten @ZodiusInfuser you’re it
  2. Hey @Eskandare While I was mucking about last night rebuilding some of my aircraft for 1.7.3. I noticed that a couple of the 3m hull segments were duplicated. I believe those were supposed to be the 3.5m segments. Otherwise, really loving the new Osprey Nacelles. And the adjustments you made to the scale of some of the command pods. I now have a much better sense of scale between my V-22, KC-10 and KC-130 when they’re flying next to one another. If I could make a selfish request for down the road? I built a C-5 last night. Using the Antanov system in SXT. And it works... But it would be really nice to have a better tail ramp with the side opening flaps. And a better profile when taking off and not dragging tail on such a large plane. I scaled everything up to 5m and it’s scale looked about right to my other planes. A flatter nose / fuselage with that cleaner integrated ramp in the front would also be fantastic! For wider loads, and overall lower profile when landed. But hey this is also KSP, there is always another way to build something Great work man! Really digging the mod!
  3. Hey guys, I glanced back through but didn't see anyone mention it. Anyone else noticing frame rate drop (basically crawling) when using hot keys to move parts with a button press? Fair warning - Extremely mod heavy install. And I've only been bashing around 1.7.3 the last couple of days.
  4. Just stumbled across this and wanted say. Thank you! I thought this mod bit the big one, and just realized the name changed. Super excited to rebuild and update a couple old crafts
  5. Something I have done on moving wing / engine designs is use a quantum strut from the body to the wing. This allows you to lock the wing in position when not in motion. Active struts is also a very great option. I only use quantum struts as that’s what I got used to. They both work great.
  6. 5th post up from this one - In progress, but doesn’t currently play nice with Next.
  7. @Trufiadok Fantastic work on Dextre! I came back to take a look at your progress and I'm absolutely blown away! I did have a suggestion on Dextres design. With something I figured out on my own build. AS IR is very temperamental with docking. If you rigidly attach the lower PDGF to the upper Dextre assembly (For the purpose of my example - RKE tube from upper assembly directly to lower PDGF) This makes the upper PDGF and lower PDGF essentially the same solid "Part" Then surface attach an IR rotatron (Or your TRF Body roll joint) With the Lower Dextre Assembly attached to it. To the RKE tube, and then center accordingly. You can then dock Dextre to a station or pick it up with the Canadarm II, without any adverse affects of IR reversing after docking. Think of the connection of upper and lower PDGF to the Dextre lower assembly as a "T Fitting" connected to the Rotatron. Grab it from the top or the bottom you still connect to the IR rotatron for the Lower Dextre assembly exactly the same way. The only down side to doing this is you loose the ability to rotate whatever you pick up with Dextre's lower PDGF. You'd need to rotate all of Dextre to rotate a payload. Hopefully that makes sense. It's fairly simple but difficult to explain. -edit- I forgot to ask. How do you see the green alignment target reticule? On the LEE or Dextre’s End Effector camera’s.
  8. Are you currently using the unofficial recompiled .dll along with the “core” and “parts” downloads? 1 - Install Infernal Robotics "Core" (no parts in this download) - Optionally install IR Rework "Parts" - The fancy white and orange parts @ZodiusInfuser is famous for 2 - Replace the InfernalRobotics.dll - "GameData/MagicSmokeIndustries/Plugins" - With @whale_2‘s Recompiled .dll
  9. @Catatau_27 I’d suggest doing a bit of digging on YouTube. Also through the sequencer thread. And for some shameless “advertising” of what @kcs123 was talking about. Here is a sped up video of me configuring a walking mech from start to finish. (You’ll probably need to watch on a Pc and pause a lot to see what’s actually going on) https://youtu.be/zapZKqLvaLE And truly dig into what @Tirehtoori R.I.P has on YouTube. Really amazing work. He was the guy that showed me what I know about mechs.
  10. Just drop "Kerbelow" in GameData and it worked for me I'll bet you didn't open "Kerbelow 1-4" to see the file structure before dropping it in. I would direct questions to that respective thread though.
  11. I'm not sure about the exposed facility (I'd like to know too) but the Bigelow can be found Here - edit Actually I see a few things I'm curious about! The international docking collars on the PMA's and also the Russian segment mod. I assume it's Tantares? I've been using SSTU to keep the part count lower. My ISS with robotics is around 250 or so.
  12. I held off on Restock at first. Because I imagined it to be a very “heavy” mod. Too many big changes and I thought I wouldn’t like it... I was very wrong! Super clean redesigns of parts with some amazing textures behind them. I haven’t seen everything just yet. But I am super impressed so far! Fantastic work guys!
  13. Well, guys like me are very greatfull for your guidance and patience You were an irreplaceable part of Kebal history my friend!
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