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  1. Are you currently using the unofficial recompiled .dll along with the “core” and “parts” downloads? 1 - Install Infernal Robotics "Core" (no parts in this download) - Optionally install IR Rework "Parts" - The fancy white and orange parts @ZodiusInfuser is famous for 2 - Replace the InfernalRobotics.dll - "GameData/MagicSmokeIndustries/Plugins" - With @whale_2‘s Recompiled .dll
  2. V8jester

    [WIP][1.6] Infernal Robotics Sequencer (NEXT) 3.0.1

    @Catatau_27 I’d suggest doing a bit of digging on YouTube. Also through the sequencer thread. And for some shameless “advertising” of what @kcs123 was talking about. Here is a sped up video of me configuring a walking mech from start to finish. (You’ll probably need to watch on a Pc and pause a lot to see what’s actually going on) https://youtu.be/zapZKqLvaLE And truly dig into what @Tirehtoori R.I.P has on YouTube. Really amazing work. He was the guy that showed me what I know about mechs.
  3. Just drop "Kerbelow" in GameData and it worked for me I'll bet you didn't open "Kerbelow 1-4" to see the file structure before dropping it in. I would direct questions to that respective thread though.
  4. I'm not sure about the exposed facility (I'd like to know too) but the Bigelow can be found Here - edit Actually I see a few things I'm curious about! The international docking collars on the PMA's and also the Russian segment mod. I assume it's Tantares? I've been using SSTU to keep the part count lower. My ISS with robotics is around 250 or so.
  5. I held off on Restock at first. Because I imagined it to be a very “heavy” mod. Too many big changes and I thought I wouldn’t like it... I was very wrong! Super clean redesigns of parts with some amazing textures behind them. I haven’t seen everything just yet. But I am super impressed so far! Fantastic work guys!
  6. Well, guys like me are very greatfull for your guidance and patience You were an irreplaceable part of Kebal history my friend!
  7. No not yet that's my Dextre built from regular old IR and RKE tubes.
  8. I found a way of using multiple complex robotics on a single craft. @Trufiadok may have covered this, but I didn't catch it. If you build a single craft with any additional IR components, in addition to those in the Canadarm II subassembly. The IKRC controller will not be accessible or usable. But if you launch a bare bones craft with only the working arm (No additional IR parts) You then use the included robot spheres to undock the Canadarm II from the small craft and then transport / dock to the larger craft. You can combine a working IKRC arm with something as complex as an ISS build with an MSS gantry, Dextre and the Kibo arm. All while keeping everything usable
  9. EVE is really the back bone other texture mods use. You can try Astronomer's Visual Pack or Spectra Visual Compilation for thicker clouds
  10. V8jester

    [1.6.X]Aircraft Carrier Accessories

    Hey @Briso could you tell me if the craft file for that F-14 is available anywhere? Or where that cockpit is from. Also are you running a custom config on KS3P? Really nice pic.
  11. Bummer, well thanks just the same. And I’ll probably mess around with this at the very least, as it looks like a very useful mod reguardless.
  12. I’m not exactly sure how I’ve not yet seen this mod till today! I’m on my phone atm. And glancing over the past few pages and the first couple, I didn’t see any reference to IR. But I’m curious. Would B.T.W. help with some of the drifting issues associated with Infernal Robotics during time warp? That would be fantastic!
  13. You didn’t happen to do what I did last week, did ya? I tried to use the texture files from the last download. (I keep every mod for each game version I’ve ever used) - gotta grab AVP and textures fresh. After I did that i had super spiffy clouds!
  14. V8jester

    [WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next

    Not trying to steel any of @Rudolf Meier's thunder. Next has some serious potential!! And I'm obviously watching and lurking from the shadows. But for the time being. there is an "Unoffical IR Recompiled .dll" from @whale_2 for regular old Infernal Robotics Also as a side note there is a new toy to play with in standard IR - IKRC Robotics Controller Which also brings with it a resurrection of @spudbean's RKE Kanadarm parts