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  1. TiktaalikDreaming

    [WIP] North American Rockwell Mars Excursion Module

    I've been putting off finishing the interplanetary mission module and associated parts as I was trying to rig up and configure all the science type things into the various parts as integrated wholes. Like the animated telescope and the wide selection of antennae. But it occurs to me that the science bits really should be separate parts, and highly dependent on which science mods players are using. So I'm going to actually trim off the science components I already have and make the parts a bit simpler. Just have attachment points for science. There may be some added science and comms parts as extras, but I figure I really don't need them integrated in the mission module stack.
  2. TiktaalikDreaming

    [WIP] Add on Airlocks

    Begun: This allows me to procrastinate about that landing gear I was trying to rig up correctly to have it all work without extreme silliness. Ladder still to come. IVA just about ready to go at the same time though,
  3. TiktaalikDreaming

    [WIP] German WWII rockets including never built absurdities

    The latest release on Spacedock (0.19.1) should be fine in 1.3, the main upgrade for 1.4+ having been to change out the legacy rcs module. But the latest github versions do include the stock part switch for paint schemes.
  4. TiktaalikDreaming

    [WIP] Add on Airlocks

    Nice. I did originally intend some airlocks based on things other than the Japanese ISS lock, which is primarily for science experiments after all. And maybe one or two that don't get buried into the middle of the other part's IVA. Adding an extending ladder and so on would certainly add some interest to the parts.
  5. TiktaalikDreaming

    [WIP] Add on Airlocks

    OK, fixed the hatch, was actually intersecting the main colliders too much. Also a very quick texture revision on the short airlock. But I'm going to do a full revamp pass on the airlocks. I also noticed the mod build has the full JAXA airlock and the short one, plus the rather silly tardis-esque thing. But it does not have the medium sized or the combo docking node airlock. It's strangely like I never finished.
  6. TiktaalikDreaming

    [WIP] Add on Airlocks

    Oh gawd. Some of this mod is awful. The UV unwrap is giving me cancer. I'm quickly testing shifting the airlock trigger box, as I suspect it was just being obstructed by the ladder triggers. But I may just accidentally completely revise all the UVs and textures. That will take a bit longer than moving a box collider though.
  7. TiktaalikDreaming

    [WIP] Add on Airlocks

    I'll take a look at that hatch. It's been a while since I've even looked sideways at this mod.
  8. TiktaalikDreaming

    [1.5] KOOSE mini reentry pod aka escape pod

    Could I get some logs? I don't use the other mods mentioned, and haven't tested with them. But the way it fails is reminiscent of old memory limits, but that wouldn't normally be triggered by the updates for those mods as far as I know. But there will likely be hints in the output. There could be something in the koose triggering something in one of those mods.
  9. TiktaalikDreaming

    [1.5] KOOSE mini reentry pod aka escape pod

    I've never used remote tech except for when it's part of the realism overhaul package. And I certainly don't claim to have any clue about the config for it. Are you saying the module "ModuleSPUPassive" should be removed? Or is there maybe something adding a default antenna passive in a first pass that then has the patch adding the regular antenna module after? That would be easily fixed with some module manager before after tags.
  10. TiktaalikDreaming

    [WIP] Add on Airlocks

    Such a part might work on egress, by selecting a kerbal, and then eva, assuming it was the only batch on the craft that wasn't obstructed. But during ingress the game definitely checks for a spare seat on the part with the hatch.
  11. TiktaalikDreaming

    Mod licensing and "etiquette"

    You don't "live in a Rule of Law". Countries (sane ones anyway) are governed by a rule of law. But people live in societies. And, so far, the KSP modding society (societies are always nebulous) has generally stuck by the "ask first" policy. [snip]
  12. TiktaalikDreaming

    [1.5] KOOSE mini reentry pod aka escape pod

    I've updated and made a github release, 1.1.12, but I still haven't been near a pc I can test it on, so I don't want to try pushing it to Spacedock just yet.
  13. TiktaalikDreaming

    [1.5] KOOSE mini reentry pod aka escape pod

    Ah, that makes sense. I'll update. Thanks
  14. TiktaalikDreaming

    Mod licensing and "etiquette"

    While you're technically correct when a mod has no copyrightable material (added that although it doesn't apply to kjr, being all code, but we're in a brand new thread now) I think we'd all still prefer a community that at least tried contacting the original author for guidance and permission, even if it's not strictly required. Note, I'm not saying such efforts have not been made. And the license can include any terms the original author thought were requisite for re-use or repurposing. I just kinda made my comment in response to people claiming things were "open source therefore just steal it". Obviously the best way forward is to create a new thread and leave a post in the old thread pointing at the new one. And possibly a minor rename like adding "continued" or "redux" to the name. Although with the added libraries, maybe name it KJR2?