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  1. Currently testing a version that seems to have the capability of becoming an external command seat after deploying via KIS. I can't seem to get a backpack plus available as seat inventory though. But if I mark it as non-carryable, then it is available, and apart from not being worn as a backpack, seems to function. My first go at RCS placement was hilariously bad though, nasal powered. Also, I don't think I'm going to be able to add a parachute. Parachutes are always separate parts in KSP due to how they function. So this may always require a Gagarin landing.
  2. 1-3, agree on all. I'm still messing around trying to work a functional way of getting into one of these. I'm not sold on making a nonKIS version if I can't sort some things out, so at the moment, there's no de-orbit capability, control, etc. I'm not sure why survivability went down, but if you aim at a deorbit that dips only down to about 60km altitude, it seems to be mostly OK. It's balanced to punish bad de-orbits in KIS form. And it's still very "test" in non KIS. Also, I'm looking at various KIS options. If I *CAN* get it as a thing that you unpack and then use as an external command seat, that would be awesome. It doesn't take a lot of work to fix the control and de-orbit capabilities. And the entry heating is just a balance issue.
  3. Just make a copy of the whole KSP folder, remove KIS from that, and test there. The game is quite happy to run copies.
  4. Ah.... you're using the KIS edition. Sorry. I have been messing around with the "KIS isn't there" edition, and being generally unhappy with it, and then some of the concerns kinda matched up. Non KIS capable edition, https://github.com/TiktaalikDreaming/KOOSE/releases/tag/2.0.3 It still has the KIS code in a ModuleManager "NEEDS" stanza, so if KIS is there, it uses that instead. Now, to not get confused and re-answer the queries; 1.I can refuel from equipped balon, but cannot inflate equipped ELK. I can't stop the refueling, see note A below. I've always been able to inflate an equipped ELK, I'll need to double check with KIS re-installed. I've been focused on the non-KIS version since before an update or two 2.Inflated ELK cannot be used as command seat. I can't stop this, see note A below 3.ELK do not orient self retrograde by air flow to keep safe. I can't stop this, see note A below 4.Inflated ELK do not prevent usage of RCS and Parachute. I can't stop this, see note A below 5.After splash equipped ELK drug Valentine to the depth until dropped. Damn it, I thought I'd stopped that. Note A: Because KIS items aren't a deployed part, they're kerbal attachments, the physics object in use is still the Kerbanaut. So, even though it changes drag and the drag cube, for instance, kerbals are a point mass, and so there's zero directional stability. I tested with add on balloon animals to verify this, and I'm still a bit sad to not have a use for those. Also, as it basically counts as a backpack, it doesn't interfere (except visually) with parachute, rcs, & sas use. It also can't be a PART when it's a KIS item (AFAIK). I think the best behaviour would be if I could start the deflated ELK as a KIS backpack, but turn it into an external command chair when inflated. So far it's only ever been a KIS backpack, or an external command chair. Never managed to transition. Because, as an external command chair, it has directional stability But, it's a complete pig in other ways.
  5. I'll need to check again. With the KIS version I definitely get 3 & 4. I will say I'm not very happy with what I thought the issues currently were with the non-KIS version; Can use as command seat before inflation, but: 0: inflating ejected the kerbal 2: re-connecting kerbal to inflated system was maddeningly hard 5: After splash down, everything was horribly wrong I'll definitely look into the aero again, as It *seemed* to be working. But I only had a few descents due to it being really annoying to get into the thing.
  6. It's active. I'm currently focusing on a revamp of the Nexus craft mod, that spawned this. And I just realized I never put this up on spacedock. Um, coming soon. https://spacedock.info/mod/2348/TDAPS
  7. I haven't checked the warp drive as it may have shifted a bit from the dependency, but I've tested most of the rest of the parts.
  8. Twas a slightly long few. Did up a spreadsheet with costs, and worked on rough guess based on similar parts from stock. I also set all the entryCost values of WWII era parts as 0. I'm working on the assumption that these parts are pre-existing in the KSP stock campaign. That would obviously change if using a variant tech tree with nodes suitable for very early rocketry.
  9. The Nexus revamp now has at least one variant of each major part, except the legs. So, my plan now is to aim at doing up a set of legs for the second stage, then release as v2.0. Current revamp branch looks a bit like https://skfb.ly/6Qynp https://github.com/TiktaalikDreaming/Nexus/releases/tag/1.9.1416
  10. I suspect it's pretty obvious I haven't played career much. I'll take a look in the next few days hopefully.
  11. I've never got around to balancing the prices. Usually I stuff up and get a negative price somewhere if the part's empty of propellant. Generally not a good look. General production A-4 price = expensive for war time, but not bad. First A-4 is nation cripplingly expensive. But, part of that includes the development work that went into the A-1(dud) A-2, A3(fizzle) and A-5 But realistically, the A-2 should be pretty darn cheap. It's a glorified dual propellant bottle-rocket with a gyroscope.
  12. So... * Blades auto-detect cyclic vs collective control mode based on location of rotation axis relative to the vessel center of mass, per control axis. Mode indicated in Rotation Control State group in Advanced Tweakables. Is this available for more than just blades? Outboard jet or rocket engines for instance?