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  1. Cries... I forgot I should update things. Uploading a year or two of work on revamping the aggregate 4 extras. The wings, ramjet, and cockpit all fully revamped. There's 2 editions of the cockpit, with or without RPM. Because I forgot all that and I'm just rolling the whole thing up to the current build, it includes a very early edition of the A-10 Engine revamp, which I don't guarantee won't be awful yet. Thanks @Starhelperdudefor noticing something was off. I couldn't find it.... until I checked what the release version was. LOL. I'll be over in the corner smacking my head into
  2. Um, I'll have a look. They *should* have the same colour switch options as the other broadly A-4 parts. Strangeness might very well be bad normals.
  3. First flight with the new gimballing vanes. And an incorrectly converted normal map I'll be reducing the effectiveness of those vanes. I did that on the A-4 as well, moved a larger proportion of the thrust to not gimballed. That bit's just balancing. The most abundantly clear thing I need to do next is a new plume though. "fx_exhaustFlame_blue" is hilariously bad for this, esp stacked up. with the gimballed copies and so on.
  4. Progressing with getting this into the game. Still some work on normal maps and textures to go, and the gimbal config etc. Plumes are whatever awful things I had before as well
  5. Eventually the plan is to add suitable radiators for the "efficient" mode. I got somewhat sidetracked by other things though.
  6. It's been a while. Haven't touched much after getting sidetracked messing around with landing skids that never went anywhere. Started re-thinking the A-10 engine from scratch. I'm stealing inspiration from the A-4 obviously, but also the early developments by the Americans and Soviets (esp the German contingent).
  7. You'll have to check the sauce code
  8. Damn... When I was updating, I noticed I've disconnected github desktop from my active copy as well, not sure when that happened, but it looks like when I merged the revamp branch and the core. I did have 2, and then the gamedata linked to the revamp, I must have disconnected in prep, merged and never got back around to re-linking. I suspect I stuffed up something in that. But also, it was actually (for half the issue, definitely, and probably the other) wrong in Unity. So, I just don't know what went wrong when.
  9. Oh. How did I never spot that? (Spoiler alert: rotational symmetry is the answer) I'll take a look. Thanks. OK, the control rocket nodes doubled up around 16, with 23 at 16, and then 17-24 being off. Fixed. I'm not entirely clear what was going on with the shell attach nodes. In Unity you can't see more than one transform at a time generally, and each of those were child objects to their own centrally located empty transform. I suspect something with the stacking of transforms, because I changed the hierarchy to better step through them to see what was out of place, and
  10. Once I get a few more things done, I'll do a full A-4b flight, but this is a better way of showing the cockpit than static images I feel.
  11. Just checking you mean the surface attached parachutes, ala Not the nose cone with parachute? I've been using the surface attached to test my IVA, and they seem to function well enough. I do note the nose cone chute doesn't have the canopy named as per ksp parts, and in the past I noticed that means the expanded chute size gets used for craft height, but still functions. Anyway, can you try this dev build, and let me know if it fixes it? https://github.com/TiktaalikDreaming/WernhersOldStuff/releases/tag/0.19.200829
  12. I haven't seen the issue. Which version of KSP are you using? Which version of the mod are you using? And do you have anyting that might obviously be messing with chute deployment like realChute? The parachutes have survived OK without much love directed at them in a long time, but mostly because they're kind of a bonus extra that no-one spotted issue with much.
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