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  1. Akchuly...because the way restock stops stock assets loading so your game doesn't explode your ram, the mod using stock assets fails, because it tries to load stock assets that have been disabled. So the choices are, reenable the asset even though the stock part has been patched not to use it, or patch the mod part to use restock assets iff they're there. The default suggested fix is remove the assets from the "don't load this stuff" list. For my one affected mod I went the other way because I figure anyone playing with restock would prefer the restock look.
  2. In the paths? I seem to remember this might be why I stuck with spacedock and manual zip files for releases. It also confused me for ages with Taniwha's blender plugin to import mu files. At some stage I'll need to make that saner.
  3. I've updated the release of TDAPS and the Short Gas Core is more complete now. There's a mild discrepancy in the stack nodes on the base of the second stage, but I think that's an issue with the nexus stage, not the rocket. There's a small gap, if you manually close that gap using the move tool, the engine fits (just). I'll be updating the second stage stack nodes when I have time to figure what's gone weird there. https://github.com/TiktaalikDreaming/TDAPS/releases Although, I seem to be missing the specular. But it now comes with bonus emmisive tied to the throttle;
  4. A bit of work this weekend into a shorter Gas Core NTP* rocket. The rocket engine isn't done, but it's doen enough to check it fits between the first and second stages. Mildly important. So I ran a test flight. Album here: https://imgur.com/gallery/cudaFlI * NASA have started using the term NTP (Nuclear Thermal Propulsion) for what has traditionally been called Nuclear Thermal Rocket. Thye might very well have taken the step due to possible confusion between Nuclear Thermal Reactor and Rocket, but I find myself constantly confused as I run several Network Time Protocol servers. I will therefor persist in calling them "Nuke engines", NTRs, "NTP Rockets" or similar, even if the last is effectively a tautology.
  5. It occurs to me after trying a first and second stage with that engine from my Dev tdaps repo that it doesn't fit. So I guess I know what I'm working on next. That said, that engine has two modes, one that requires way more radiator than will fit in the fairing, so I did half know it wouldn't fit. That mode is the high ISP, low thrust, actively cooled version with several football fields of liquid helium radiator. I'll be taking a lot of the above shadow shield things and moving them to neutron embrittlement land. And hoping that's enough without shortening the nozzle. But again, the nozzle is a high efficiency nozzle. Original Going to see if I can just pile things up on top of the shadow shield, drop the (probably unreralistic anyway) gimbal, and see just how much nozzle shortening I still need. aka
  6. If you want the second stage engine, I was toying with the idea of splitting it, and some other nuke engines out as a separate mod, TD Advanced Propulsion Systems, TDAPS. So the partly finished gas core engine is in a pre-release git repo, over here https://github.com/TiktaalikDreaming/TDAPS/releases
  7. OK, derp. I haven't been properly telling github to use the revamp fork when creating 1.9 releases. 1.9.0804 is the first actual revamp WIP release. Consider it a 0.X type release. https://github.com/TiktaalikDreaming/Nexus/releases/tag/1.9.0804
  8. something happened.. contrary to the "watched pot" wisdom
  9. Probably not. It might be close on the A-4, as the part list is the same, but I would need to check scales. Some of the parts of the old version were modelled at half, others at full, the new one should all be rescalefactor=1.0 for RO
  10. Nice. The numbers for masses, thrusts etc should be pretty consistent with the old RO config I did; https://github.com/TiktaalikDreaming/Nexus/blob/master/Parts/RealismConfigs.cfg As for rescale, I've been doing the revamped parts in full realism scale, then using rescaleFactor=0.625 in the config files. So, changing that to 1.0 will set the size to full real scale. Some of my old parts were modelled in all sorts of scale. Also, the old version was 50% scale, rather than 62.5%, which is a more common kerbal scale. The scale changes depending on what you mean by "since it got updated". The released mod versions on spacedock and thus through ckan are the old mod, with some new models, but in the old 50% scale. I wanted to work with just the new parts, and rescale, so I branched on git and this (https://github.com/TiktaalikDreaming/Nexus/tree/Revamp) is where I'm headed with the mod. But due to the rescale in particular, I had to start working without the old parts cluttering things up. (to help non-github initiated people along, I just tagged a new release, so it's easier to download the current state https://github.com/TiktaalikDreaming/Nexus/archive/1.9.0617.zip) The rundown of masses I've been working from for the size-1(as in 1 million pound payload) Nexus is here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qeqbGQ2tmweqUFORgtV9p9POJRbqYAbU/view?usp=sharing The revamp branch is all just that one size craft so far.
  11. My responsiveness has been rather awful recently, but considering that everyone has times like that, I'm ok to be added in for a bit of admin.
  12. It's very unlikely to end up in a modern spam-assassin filter based on a spamminess score. It's far more likely something is (edit, was) wrong in spf, dkim, dmarc, etc or it inadvertently got added to an RBL list. The pre-filtering done by your ISP is very likely just RBL filtering from known bad IPs. I do the same for clients on "unfiltered" MX. Cuts out about 70+% of mail volume and you know it's all gonna be garbage. And if everyone does it, anyone who gets false positived knows about it very quickly and poodlees at the RBL sources. Considering what Vitas has mentioned, I'm guessing something in dkim was a bit out and it's going to be good until the next time. There's always a next time.
  13. Hetzner Online AG (AS24940),, with a 60 second TTL. Do they put everything behind GLBs or just configure zones expecting it?