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  1. WernhersOldStuff aka the German rockets only uses non standard propellants if realism overhaul or real fuels is installed. Yes, then it's ethanol, but it's never been kethanol or similar. Now confirmed (which is what I get for taking a day to respond)
  2. OK, it's been a while. When KSP 1.8 came out, for no reason apart from curiosity and stubbornness, I decided to update this project to Unity 2019 and the new part tools. AFAIK, there's no great reason to do this, but I've switched to blender 2.80, and I guess I was hoping Unity 2019 would be better at handling it. As it turns out, the opposite seems to be true, Unity 2019 does funky things with fbx imports and the blender import basically steps through blenders fbx export scripts, and I had a fudgy workaround to make that work with Unity 2017 and Blender 2.80, which still works in Unity 2019, but does some weird stuff with animations. Anyway, the point is, I have animations and imports working again, and have made some small updates. And now I can progress this again. My plan is basically to fix up the seams at the top and bottom of the front of the "pod", then tackle something as a frame for back of the kerbal pack. Maybe a bottle of compressed something and some hoses etc.
  3. Oh wow. That's so much worse than storage vs payload. I never noticed due to the lack of time to actually mess around with the DLC. All I've done so far is look at the cfg files for the robotic parts. And not even in great depth because I'm not yet doing any robotic parts.
  4. Yep. In particular, even if there's extra bits, the physics is treating it like a kerbal with some extra equipment if anything. So it abides by Kerbal rules, like head up, feet down, etc. Same as the issues trying to sort aerodynamic stability
  5. You don't need to have English ss a non primary language to have autocorrect turn a sentence into gibberish. Look at anyone's twitter feed. I have no idea if it still works, but my space opera mod has a larger bubble that uses this mod's code. So, you install this, and space opera. It's very cheaty so I made it a bit more awkward to use.
  6. Beyond the large drive's bubble, you'll need different mods. If you mean in reality, then there's no clear idea of the limits, but seeing as we can't even begin to build one, that's not an issue. I'm going to assume autocorrect did nasty things there.
  7. Yeah, it's a pig. I've flown to Wein from Brisbane. Down to Sydney, then Dubai, then Austria. And a few weeks later, the whole thing in reverse. The other side of the planet is a pain to get to, even in this day and age.
  8. Yeah, I keep thinking of an Australian meet up, but I'm not even where most Australians are, and there's a few thousand km between places. And then there's the pets. Ain't no turtle kennels around here.
  9. Just a planet between us friend. Nothing a ballistic flight can't fix.
  10. Danke. I was a bit surprised there was only one other half abandoned version when I first looked at this. Considering the career aspects of KSP, I'm a bit surprised there aren't a few more mods doing this. Note: Current version hasn't really got updated A-10+, but the stuff that was built is updated, even if I couldn't greatly increase the unplanned self disassembly chances.
  11. Can confirm, nine hours ago by the course twitter time keeping thing.
  12. I'm planning on a variant for stock using the external command chair module, but I'm not 100% sure (more like 0%) how I'll have then stowed/stored/attached. I haven't so much as glanced at the breaking ground storage things in game, let alone how they work as parts. I just did the "why is storage a separate thing from payload?" double take and moved on. I think it would be best if you don't need a special part to store them, but I'm not sure if that's achievable yet. (EDIT Forgot) That's a very nice patch. As RealKerbal3x said, it's the most commenty patch ever. And PS: The current edition (current github files, not sure about guthub releases) seems to not quite allow survival. I'm trying to tune the ablation to allow survival, but the lack of doco on what each value does isn't helping. Jeb's test flights are getting a bit warm. PPS: The non-survivability was just that I hadn't cleared PartDatabase.cfg, and the dragcube or collider wasn't large enough to protect Jeb. He was heating independently. Clearing PartDatabase seems to have fixed it. Pretty sure the MOOSE flotation wasn't meant to do this