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  1. It's possible to deal with the same way as for rpm though. You just make a second IVA and have some mm config redirect the internal space to that of RSS is installed. Resized seats make the IVA look spacious.
  2. Yeah, I very much want to do an RPM IVA. As for RO/RSS, the rescaling messes with things. I think for that I'll do a completely different IVA (same internal walls, but otherwise, different) this time. The seating has to be different or it looks daft. And the head position needs to match them windows. etc etc. It's funny (a bit) that the RO IVAs are pretty much forced to be less-matching the real world spaces, because RSS doesn't rescale the kerbanauts.
  3. I knew this github thing would be useful... https://github.com/TiktaalikDreaming/NAR_MEM/blob/master/Parts/DeOrbitFrame/DeOrbitUnit.cfg
  4. Yeah, thinking you could raise the de-orbit engine frame to it's old mass, and drop the actual mini SRB pieces to a small number (plus the propellant). Total mass should stay about the same. I'm assuming with RO, RSS, and the size of that thing you're running with KJR. Which means I can go take a squiz at how the stiffness is actually calculated. Or at least adjusted. There may be ways I can improve the stiffness, like with the parachute bases, adding spurious non-colliding colliders. oooo... MaximumPossiblePartMass Time to add a max 9999999999, default 0 ablator resource to EVERYTHING! Or, change the frame RO MM patch section to read @PART[MEMDeOrbiterFrame]:NEEDS[RealismOverhaul] { @manufacturer = North American Rockwell Space Division @rescaleFactor = 1.0 @mass = 0.065 RESOURCE { name = Ablator amount = 0 maxAmount = 1000 } }
  5. non-RPM IVA first... still quite a bit of work to do.
  6. The only part with up to date texture is the crew cabin. The parachute frame and ascent stage body are plain base colours with panel edges, which is why they look different. That's one vote for 2x IVAs. That's pretty much all I need. I'll work on a stock prop IVA
  7. Yeah? I'd have to scrounge a bit for all the mods you're using, but a fair chunk are just part of what I already have on the old 1.1.RO I did go through testing what does and doesn't affect joint stiffness, and I've completely forgotten. I do remember colliders make a fair sized difference, so i'll check that. Can't check that at work though. Need Unity. It'll be hours before I can look again. But if you can find the bit of config for the deorbit engine frame and adjust the mass for RO/RSS, that would eliminate (or implicate) part mass; @PART[MEMDeOrbiterFrame]:NEEDS[RealismOverhaul] { @manufacturer = North American Rockwell Space Division @rescaleFactor = 1.0 //325 * 9.81 * ln(49,437/46.357) = 205 m/s (200 m/s was the real thing) @mass = 0.065 } change to @PART[MEMDeOrbiterFrame]:NEEDS[RealismOverhaul] { @manufacturer = North American Rockwell Space Division @rescaleFactor = 1.0 //325 * 9.81 * ln(49,437/46.357) = 205 m/s (200 m/s was the real thing) @mass = 0.276689484 (Mass of the monolithic edition) } UPDATE Well, the stack nodes and colliders are exactly the same. So my guess is on the mass. Presumably the mass of a part adjusts the stiffness KSP assigns to the nodes.
  8. There could be differences in the stack nodes. I'll check. And double check the booster units don't have bottom nodes. They're a size 0 node. I'll check if there's any other differences too. It's possibly related to the mass change of the part the nodes are on.
  9. IVA is underway. I'll be using RPM props and marking it as a dependency going forward. If anyone desperately wants the MEM without RPM props, let me know and I'll do a quick stock IVA, and call the rpm IVA using modulemanager code instead. But, just look at those RCS/SAS switches. You know you want RPM. I know I don't want to do two IVAs.
  10. The de-orbit rockets? That's weird as .... I'll recheck (possibly for the first time) the masses. Do you have anything linked to the bottom of the de-orbit motors? It has a bottom stack node, but it wouldn't normally be used.
  11. I'll certainly look at the Texture Replacer mod. I'm not 100% sure I'll use it for this mod, but there are other places I used to use a reflective shader until the stand-alone one died off. Large metal brace thing... This?
  12. Just about done the crew cabin. With lit windows; A functioning emergency hatch; And a lot of work to do updating the IVA
  13. Just for the record, I've githubbed my dev edition of this (and other) mod. https://github.com/TiktaalikDreaming/NAR_MEM If you want to take a peek at where I'm up to, that's where the dev versions will be. Releases will be marked as releases there, but may include dev parts etc that aren't included in the release on Spacedock.
  14. I've cut some new windows (with non-applied transform, so I haven't quite commited yet). The rectangular windows are just gone. They were daftly placed, and when I looked at where windows should be for the pilot to see the horizon, completely the wrong height. They're replaced with a window on either side, at pilot head height. The big funny looking windows are now classic Apollo/Orion style inset windows. Smaller, and in line with the pilot's head. Some adjustments to the UV and textures will be needed.
  15. My assumptions fueled choosing values for this mod's parts. I can't see them magically cascading through to other mods. The mod uses Liquid Fuel (plus atmosphere via air intake or oxidizer via tank) to create EC. EC drives the wheels. The only part where the conversion from kW to EC took effect was on some note paper so I could decide how much EC the motor should generate.