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  1. [KSP 1.3] Mod Pods

    This thing? Yeah, it's a work in progress. And it used to have WIP written all over it (literally), but I was working on the textures some time ago, and then a version without the WIP texture has snuck in. I'll label it more appropriately
  2. [1.3] Tiktaalik Dreaming Props

    OK, looks like (as expected/hoped) ckan balked at adding the new version. Updated the zip, uploaded as 1.2.0.a, and ckan has indexed it. That was me wondering if I could use the github packaged stuff, downloaded then uploaded to spacedock. Answer; yes, but the structure is a tad different, and when I got to a folder called Props (usually sits inside TDProps), I just added GameData above it and repacked, and sent it off. Either way, it could be called a bit daft to sync files up to servers, across the internet, pull them back down to have a copy that could have been transferred via SATA cabling. It was mostly to see if the .git* files were auto stripped by github. Which they're not really, so... meh.
  3. [1.3] Tiktaalik Dreaming Props

    Yes. That would be me stuffing up my packaging. Good chance it's invalid for its ckan definition s well now too. Which is a blessing. If I don't get to it this morning before work, I'll sneak in a download, restructure and upload while at work (being able to say this is another great reason to anonymize your internet name).
  4. [1.3] Tiktaalik Dreaming Props

    I've added some linear gauges for the main stock resources. They function iff Raster Prop Monitor core is installed. There will likely be future updates to try to get the shade of the gauge frames to match the stock props.
  5. SpaceDock.info (Mod Hosting Site)

    Yeah, I know where the code comes from. And reading someone else's code can generate planet sized headaches. I'm gonna grab the git repo and have a look at stuff. I can't promise much, I've done my best to avoid python, and I haven't touched web dev for 10-15 years now. But I've always been better at debugging logic/algorithms etc than actually coding. And more eyes.
  6. [WIP] Space Opera

    That's weird as hell. 1.1.1 was only the ckan upload briefly (seeing ckan can't unpack it because I forgot to change my 7zip settings, which triggered a few comments), it's a bit weird it shows up. 1.1.1 and 1.1.1b are exactly the same, but with different zip methods (and so one's smaller than the other, but ununpackable by ckan). Same KSP version, etc etc. I'm going to put it down with my other pieces of evidence that we're not living in a fully deterministic universe.
  7. SpaceDock.info (Mod Hosting Site)

    First rule of web dev, validate the crap that the idiot users put in. That said, I'm gonna go check how insane my splash images are. I think some are double resolution (aka 2x 1920x1080).
  8. [WIP] Space Opera

    Actually, looks like CKAN has 1.1.1b registered. I just triggered a download that worked fine... so. Can you confirm in the list of available mods, if it says 1.1.1 or 1.1.1b? Because in mine it says 1.1.1b. I'd also suggest it could be an issue with spacedock, depending on when you tried. They've (really just one overworked person) had troubles recently, but should be fixed a few hours ago (unless it's happened again).
  9. [WIP] Space Opera

    If it's not grabbing 1.1.1b, then it will fail to unpack. I'll need to check ckan stuff, the b release was specifically so ckan could unpack the zip.
  10. You'll need to check if shadowmage will add a random function into the steering for accuracy.
  11. [KSP 1.3] Mod Pods

    Some dev engines from past issues may have snuck in. I'll need to check that. The "unbalance" is for the romboid engines. They're based on the idea put forward for the ROMBUS SSTO, and they use liquid fuel, squirted over the heat shield, instead of an ablative surface. This way you get a fully reusable heat shield. But it also means carying more liquid fuel than you might normally use, and specifically more than you can burn using the supplied oxidizer. Jeebus. I forget my own mod. For the size 3, there's ablative, in either bipropellant or monopropellant forms, plus the ROMBUS style which has no ablator. The two ablative engines look similar.
  12. Which version of KSPWheel are you using and do you mean KSP 1.3 or 1.3.1?
  13. [KSP 1.3] Mod Pods

    Awesome. Great to have confirmation. Thanks for first highlighting this and then for sticking around to help find the solution.
  14. [KSP 1.3] Mod Pods

    OK, there's an update out on both github and spacedock. Spacedock as usual has DDS textures and so on. Confirmed not to cause me an issue when used on the rig I tested with and replicated on. Beyond that I'm not 100% sure, but having those drag cube differences is pretty close to a smoking gun. Here's a quick diff on drag cubes; *** 193,200 **** url = ModPods/Parts/Rengine/ShieldEngineAerospike-sz3/RomboidAerospikeSz3 DRAG_CUBE { ! cube = Fairing, 7.09,0.763,2.028, 7.09,0.763,2.028, 13.87,0.6861,1.049, 14.75,0.9136,0.8007, 7.095,0.7597,3.433, 7.095,0.7554,2.028, -4.768E-07,-0.4337,0, 3.872,1.347,3.872 ! cube = Clean, 6.273,0.6742,2.028, 6.273,0.6742,2.028, 13.87,0.6861,1.046, 14.75,0.9066,0.7523, 6.273,0.6706,3.433, 6.273,0.6701,2.028, -4.768E-07,-0.4097,0, 3.872,1.299,3.872 } } PART --- 194,201 ---- url = ModPods/Parts/Rengine/ShieldEngineAerospike-sz3/RomboidAerospikeSz3 DRAG_CUBE { ! cube = Fairing, 4.989,0.759,2.028, 4.989,0.759,2.028, 11.72,0.7464,0.9948, 11.72,0.8501,1.086, 4.989,0.76,2.028, 4.989,0.7578,2.028, -4.768E-07,-0.4337,0, 3.872,1.347,3.872 ! cube = Clean, 3.715,0.569,2.028, 3.715,0.569,2.028, 11.72,0.7464,0.9933, 11.72,0.8292,1.04, 3.715,0.5653,2.028, 3.715,0.5723,2.028, -4.768E-07,-0.4097,0, 3.872,1.299,3.872 } } PART I can't really say how it gets it wrong, as drag cubes are a bit of a mystery to me, but there's clearly a significant difference. Again, this happened to some degree or other, to every part's drag cube that loaded after the service module. And it seems to process alphabetically, meaning Squad came after ModPods. (serious, not serious considering renaming all my mods to prefix ZZZ in front)