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  1. Cool craft!, and I love the way you used the toroidal fuel tanks like that!
  2. This bug happens to me alot too, and I honestly think that it has something to do with save that have alot of ships in em. I get it all the time in my creative save, while like 150 ships in different places, but never once has it happened to me in my career save I personally also have duel monitor setup, and a windowed ksp. That might have something to do with it, as I dont actually alt-tab
  3. Well i am working on a massive cargo SSTO, it only really needs wings now! As you can see, it is a huge fairing-hulled craft, and will be designed to take 2 of the largest LF tanks into LKO
  4. Cool plane! and btw, you can directly link a video to a post using the little film icon up top, just put your vid URL in there and you should be all set, its to the left othe the blue circle-cube thing
  5. When your computer lags every time you load up your ship list...
  6. Very cool!, but no offence, i dont see how this only uses tier 2 career parts, last I know tier 2 is when you get stuff like decouples, and not massive rocket shuttle engines
  7. Thanks for all the ideas, and i think the narrow band scanners will work after all, and klesh, i know how to make bearings, i just need a form of propulsion (turbos dont really work on the mun)
  8. Wow! very cool dude, could i by any change have a download for that?
  9. I was wondering if that even worked, it seemed like the rover wheels did not work at all
  10. Well i am still working on miniaturizing my walker (found in signature) but I was wondering if there are any other ways of spinning something in stock KSP I currently know two ways, A turboprop Using the Narrow-Band scanner Any ideas people?, turboprops are just too large and fuel inefficient, and the Narrow-Band scanner provides no torqe
  11. WHERE ARE YOU THEN? I mean, i am not crazy about Halloween, but i figured it was celebrated in some form or another almost anywhere! And just joking, if i am being too snoopy say so I will respect your privacy
  12. Just noticed, surprised you didn't do SF "spooky edition" or "Halloween edition or something" since tomorrow IS Halloween
  13. Hey dude, as my description says, i am great at ksp, but i just dont really know how to work the forums. This is honestly the only forums i am on
  14. FENGIST Well seems like my question got caught up in stuff, so i will ask again, how do i get the badge, do i need to do something that i am missing? I am kinda a noob at forumy stuff.
  15. Well, really you can just use a moon lander with a more atmo. efficent engine and parachutes The decent does not need to be powered untill the final last like 100m
  16. Well i just saw this is the Video Wednesday, thanks to all for your compliments!!
  17. Hey Fengist, i finished by Kerbin circumnavigation a little while ago, and I was just wondering how I could get the badge for it. Do you have to send it to me, or is it just something i am missing?
  18. Very cool!!!! cant believe that those scanners have been out for, what, 6 months now, and people are just realizing their potential, but hey, innovation every day. I do wonder what unique side effects 1.0.5 parts will have... I blame the fact that they are in science... As a sandbox player i rarely look in that category.
  19. Thanks again to everyone!, also Rthsome, note that the video is sped up x2, so it really only goes 8 m/s, although comparatively i guess that is quick.. And yes redshift the clipped jet engines do work, there is a small "sensing" buffer to when the jets realize they are blocked, as long as you keep within that, it works fine. Yes i am sure it could be miniaturized, but it would be hard considering the size of the landing gear, i really just went for stability in the design process
  20. Well without the breaks on they would not move, and just kinda moonwalk in place. I used landing gear as well because they were so durable. Also i should have fixed the download, darn google
  21. Thanks everyone!, and MajorJim, turning on the wheel breaks means that the feet dont just slide, and have grip. Odd that you have to request access, sorry everyone!
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