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  1. I use it, and love it. Though, I will say that some of the managerial aspects of it can be clumsy. The ability to delete/decommission a launch vehicle, especially when added before development is complete (through poor engineering, admittedly) or sometimes even a fat-fingered key caught too late can be a real hassle sometimes to load up the files in notepad++ and work around fixing it. I do actually need to start using this more, though. I have a tendency to purpose-build all my launch vehicles with each payload. I've been working hard on getting away from that, though, and KLV definitel
  2. Diana? Apollo? Giant-Mega-Sharknado-Superstorm-Omega?
  3. Hey, I've decided that I only want the science portion of Kerbalism. So, I've turned off all the other options in the config file and set the profile to "none". Is it normal for this to be spamming null pointer exceptions? My guess is that the .dll looks for all the resources, but because it can't find them from the profile, it throws an exception. Would this be correct? (Filename: Line: -1) ArgumentNullException: Argument cannot be null. Parameter name: key at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[System.String,KERBALISM.resource_info].TryGetValue (System.String key, KERBALIS
  4. Is there a possible incompatibility with some mods? I don't have access to my GameData folder at the moment, but I'm on 1.3.1 and if I install it from CKAN, my normally (relatively) stable game starts crashing on random scene changes. When I'm off of work I can post the mods I have. When it does crash, the output_log just abruptly ends without a normal stack trace or anything. If the output_log would still help, I can pretty easily replicate it and send that your way as well. Sorry if this has been asked/mentioned before, and thanks ahead of time!
  5. That's not how it works. They already have your IP address because you're using it to rage on these forums. It genuinely seems like you don't understand how the internet and IP addresses work. You don't need to type it in. It's all automatic. You simply connecting to the internet means you've given your IP Address out.
  6. Yes. Because you gave it to them. Easily. Your GPS coordinates are generally linked to IP address. They get that by you connecting to their servers. It's required information for this thing called the INTERNET to work. Gender and DOB they would not get without you filling that information out.
  7. I understand that. But how are they going to get this information if you don't fill it out through one of their programs/websites? Digging through the files on your computer for sensitive information is generally frowned upon. By... like.. governments and stuff.
  8. If you WILLINGLY give it to them by filling out boxes for stuff through them, how is that against your knowledge?
  9. I have been running 6.4x for a little bit now, and I often find that the BDB engines are much less useful than others that I have in my (rather large) mod list. I didn't know that about the Saturn rescale, I'll load that up and see how it works for me. Thanks.
  10. I'm not sure if this has been asked/answered before, but how would one go about balancing BDB for use in a 6.4x rescale? I'd like to keep the diameters of the rockets the same and also use SMURFF, so I believe all that would need some balancing is TWR of the engines and possibly ISP to not entirely be outclassed by Contares/Tantares/RealEngines.
  11. I see several problems in this thread. There's a lot of speculation. A lot of fear mongering. I have yet to read anywhere where it says T2 will sell your information to third parties. Just that it will collect the data sent and use it in response to requests that you make. And if you do something illegal, you forfeit your privacy. I could've glossed over something, though. There seems to be a lot of posts from a small number of people. This, in itself, is not a problem, but those that are freaking out wanting T2 to do something about it are not really achieving the effect of "representin
  12. I'm at work, so can't look into the .zip at the moment. As such, a few questions: 1. What version of Kopernicus is this for? 2. I see that KS3P is included, is this a requirement or just a visual preference? I tried it and felt like it made the game too dark for my tastes. 3. Is this a stock system replacer? I believe I saw it mentioned before that it was and plans for a "Secondary" config were in the works. Thanks!
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