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  1. 你好,有关阁下组员,B站用户 飞若仙 (已将我拉入黑名单)的专栏及若干行为,我有不少不甚了解或存在疑问的地方,我希望能得到你——也就是组长的说明或解释。 我的B站账号为 Duck1998;贴吧ID为 tigerduck98,18年底成为坎巴拉太空计划吧管理。 1. 专栏《关于B站up主 ReachStar 抨击的回应》 能否提供相关的记录或指认“贴吧的大佬”是谁,如确认属实我将在吧务组提议严肃处理此事。 Squad/TakeTwo 并没有“购买”贴吧使其成为官方游戏贴吧的行为,坎巴拉太空计划吧也从未以“官方”宣传过,能否转达给贵组成员? 2. 专栏《关于B站up主 M31的夜空 抨击的回应》 能否提供相关的证据,越详细越好?如果不能,这相当于对参与这次事件的各位 up 主的诬陷和造谣。 我个人无意就贵组“整合包收费与否”公开发表意见,只为这段“生态系统”言论感到不平。 如果这段言论确实为造谣,我要求这位组员 飞若仙 针对这段言论在B站对涉及到的up主公开发表道歉。 “涉及到的up主”包括但不限于 ReachStar、M31的夜空 以及我本人 3. 专栏《对于万户组(阁)各问题的最终回复》 我于2月29日下午针对「2」中问题,发表了如下评论,很快遭到了删除。
  2. Just helped someone else with exactly same issue under KSP 1.9.0. Only affect KSP 1.8+. Win7 64bit & timezone is GMT+8 too. Fixed by changing the timezone. So is this a Unity bug?
  3. For those who failed to launch the game after latest AP+ installation, upgrade the Firespitter plugin to latest from https://snjo.github.io/
  4. BUG REPORT At AirplanePlusTweakscale, line 835, duplicated patch node for S2Structural. It causes fatal warning when playing with latest working fork of TweakScale. Can be fixed by deleting the patch node from line 835 to 841. KSP.log MMCfgOutput for \AirplanePlus\Parts\Structure and Fuel\size2structural\part.cfg
  5. Thanks for this great software! Feature suggestion: Localization support Symbol link for Squad & SquadExpansion folders - just found https://github.com/amd989/Symlinker which might help
  6. DX11 issue comes back in v2.1.0, plz fix screenshots of clean install, KSP 1.3.1, force dx11 Kopernicus 1.3.1-7 with SVT v2.1.0 Kopernicus 1.3.1-3 with SVT v2.0.9, no visual glitch
  7. [1.2.2] Ferram Aerospace Research this mod have updated to 1.2.2 location: outdated mods - realism gameplay mods
  8. Just completed my translation at here, really a big work
  9. Will there be localization support for KSP 1.3.0 version? I'm currently working on Chinese translation of ALL engines in AJE, including title, manufacturer and description. It is done by modulemanager cfg I think translation can help users clearly know more about the engines
  10. Krakenfour: I managed to reproduce to bug 6.4x Kerbol system, with modified mk1 pod With 4x warp the skin temperature is significantly higher than 1x
  11. Starwaster: Thanks for your advice. I change the reentry to Pe 30km with NathanKell's RO physics.cfg and it works fine. However it still only burns 1/4 of Ablator, maybe a steeper angle is needed:) NathanKell: Thanks for your Physics.cfg, it works fine. Which line should I edit if I want a bit hotter reentry? Here's the result with RO_Physics.cfg and steeper reentry Seems that it's a bit cooler for 6.4x Ap:200km Pe:30km MK1-2Pod MK1Pod
  12. I tried 6.4x Kerbin LKO reentry and here's the result. Ap:200km Pe:55km with FAR MK1-2 Pod (with modified stockalike DRE heatshield) MK1 Pod (I modified the .cfg to make it have a stock 1.25m heatshield) It seems that the ablator burned up too fast:(It only burns 1/4 of AblativeShielding in KSP1.0.2 with DRE and FAR Any suggestions to modify Physics.cfg?I want it to burn slower as DRE does
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