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  1. Racescort666

    SpaceX DM1 & In flight abort test this fall?

    They also have a Kerosene LR 87 there.
  2. Racescort666

    Thoughts on a Cryogenic & hyperbolic's for engines?

    So I was interested in bulk densities for the fuels listed (based on common mixture ratios): Hydrolox: 361 kg/m3 Metholox: 864 kg/m3 Kerolox: 1033 kg/m3 A50/NTO: 1202 kg/m3 I wasn't able to find a good density for solid rocket fuel.
  3. https://spacenews.com/boeing-delays-starliner-uncrewed-test-flight-after-abort-engine-test-problem/
  4. Racescort666

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    To add some perspective, I estimate the F9 upper stage to have 1.7X the dV of a Centaur for the same payload. Falcon 9 and Atlas V fly very different flight profiles though.
  5. Yes, the dV was calculated with an atmospheric nozzle. In the link that @Ultimate Steve posted, the author estimates dV to be in the 4100 m/s range with a vacuum optimized nozzle. There was another blog that did most of the estimation on the engine performance. I'll have to read back up on my rocket engine design to give a good estimate on what I think the BE-3U performance will be. It sounds like 440 s is the best ballpark.
  6. Racescort666

    JWST: it's done!

    That's an interesting idea but applying this across all government contracts is (in my opinion) unduly unfair to the contractors. There is a high likelihood that the people who work on NASA projects are completely different from the people who work on USAF projects even if they are doing something similar. This is especially true in the bigger companies like Northrop Grumman or Lockheed or Boeing. Military and Civilian projects are usually separated into different groups and the first manager that both groups have in common could be as high as the CEO. Effectively, they're different companies so rating them as if they're the same isn't really comparing apples to apples. That being said, the committee is holding the CEO responsible for the failure of this particular project. To your point Tater, it would make sense in this case.
  7. Racescort666

    JWST: it's done!

    They are tearing NG apart. Wow. Reading through Jeff Foust's feed is brutal.
  8. Can you send me a link? If they've got information on the BE-3 I'd like to cross check it against my spreadsheet predicting the performance of New Glenn.
  9. Racescort666

    JWST: it's done!

    O_o this is basic engineering practice. Didn't specify the torque? That's the first question my techs ask when we have them bolt stuff together along with "do we use new fasteners or reuse the old ones?" (The answer is: use new ones, btw.) Or at the very least use one of these:
  10. Racescort666

    ULA launch thread

    There's a bit of perspective trickery going on there but yeah, Centaur is only 3 m in diameter. 4-5 people could probably put their arms all the way around it like some kind of rocket group hug.
  11. Racescort666

    For Questions That Don't Merit Their Own Thread

    Also, there would be no atmosphere for the engine to run on.
  12. To go along with unofficial stats, the booster Mach number I estimate to be 3.8. It was going ~2600mph at 100,000 ft ASL.
  13. Racescort666

    DARPA selects Boeing to work on XS-1

    Much easier said than done but even in the last 10 years our tools for analyzing and designing composites have improved significantly. It usually takes a very involved effort to refine and optimize a design. However, this can be helped by optimizer software which, again, has gotten better in recent years. A good composite design is no small task.