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  1. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Yet... The point remains that something will have to land on an unimproved surface.
  2. For Questions That Don't Merit Their Own Thread

    One of the drivers for solid rockets was the US Navy wasn't real excited about hypergolic fuels on submarines. They wanted something that was storable and fairly safe to store. The Soviet Navy appears to not have this same requirement because a cursory search reveals that most of their submarine launched ballistic missiles are all liquid fueled. The US spent a lot of time and money getting usable SRMs to a point where the Navy was comfortable with them and as a byproduct, they also made it into orbital launch vehicles as well. Titan has optional SRBs for the Titan IIIC, IIID, IIIE, 34D, and IV and only the SRBs fire at liftoff with the main engine firing after liftoff.
  3. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    There was literally no mention of P2P in that article which was already very speculative to begin with. I suspect that Shotwell is on track with the Air Force being interested in having a gigantic rocket to play with and launch new payloads on: And the fact that they have already received funding for Raptor development that has the following verbiage specifically mentioning EELV: https://www.defense.gov/News/Contracts/Contract-View/Article/1348379/ So Raptor being complete by April 20th of next year sounds exciting. Also, in regard to other SpaceX happenings, what's the deal with the fairings? I don't see this holding up FH static fire but I'm hoping with fingers crossed that they launch when I'm down in Florida for New Years.
  4. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Don't forget about the deliberate misinformation campaign during the F-117 operations: https://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/the-f-117-stealth-fighter-program-actually-had-a-klingo-1759842067
  5. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    This isn't really the place to discuss it but I suspect the semi unveil will be rather underwhelming. If I had to guess, it will be a 62k GVWR truck with 2500-4000 lbs of batteries if they stick with the 200-300 mile range target. It will probably be intended for city delivery or regional haul since line haul trucks generally need more range than that and a 4+ hour charge time for that much battery will likely be unacceptable downtime for a line haul truck.
  6. Dream Chaser to launch on Atlas V

    Looks like they were having a bit of a shimmy from the left gear around 2:00
  7. Random Science Facts Thread!

    I had to look this up and it was something that was mentioned in a PBS special that came out recently. http://www.businessinsider.com/voyager-kitchen-aluminum-wrap-radiation-short-circuit-2017-9
  8. Random Science Facts Thread!

    Kind of related to concrete/cement/steel rebar: carbon fiber composites are extremely susceptible to galvanic corrosion. Without protection, aluminum inserts degrade very quickly. http://www.boeing.com/commercial/aeromagazine/aero_07/corrosn.html
  9. For Questions That Don't Merit Their Own Thread

    I think maybe the better question is: what is the power requirement when you cross over from an RTG (decay or criticality) to something like a closed cycle gas turbine (brayton cycle) power generator. RTGs still require a temperature differential and I'd imagine that the thermodynamic efficiency is better than the conversion efficiency of RTGs.
  10. Dream Chaser to launch on Atlas V

    Keep in mind, Centaur was used on Titan which lifted some pretty big payloads. Also, ULA has the final say in that.
  11. Orbital ATK launch and discussion thread

    This thread could be merged into an Orbital ATK thread: Orbital ATK doesn't launch that much but we've got separate threads for activity regarding ULA, SpaceX, and Blue Origin. As far as thread stealing, it's all the same to me. I was just trying to spread the word to whoever was interested.
  12. It's not necessarily the vehicle that's the problem but the payload that is sometimes not designed to be held at 1g lateral.
  13. Orbital ATK launch and discussion thread

    Good call. I thought about starting an Orbital ATK thread for the Minotaur C launch last week.
  14. It's the conning tower on the USS Iowa. Basically, it's where the Captain and high ranking officers go during a battle to give orders and not get killed if they get hit with a shell. Usually the conning tower is the most heavily armored part of a combat ship. Edit: that might actually be the USS New Jersey but it's still an Iowa class battleship.
  15. It's not like ships have never been designed with bomb proof rooms.