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  1. Racescort666

    Great Shift - The Gram to Be Redefined

    Relevant Veritasium video (also very interesting if you’ve got 10 minutes to watch):
  2. Racescort666

    ULA launch thread

    Dual Engine Centaur arrived at the cape: Full gallery: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ulalaunch/sets/72157696741708550/with/31557912328/ I can't decide if I'm amazed at how small the Centaur is or how big it is compared to everyday things like a semi-truck. Like "huh, look how small it is, a regular truck can tow it down the road." or "It's the size of a semi-truck, that's huge." both at the same time.
  3. Is that an F150 for scale?
  4. Have they adjusted their payload yet? I have been under the impression that with the switch to hydrolox upper stage that they would see a pretty good bump in payload.
  5. Racescort666

    2mm hole in ISS

  6. Racescort666

    How to mark forum as unread

    Or as I found out the hard way, don't click this button. I wasn't sure if I should start a new thread on this feature but I figured it would be all right since there were a lot of people who were unaware of the "jump to first unread" function of the forum as well:
  7. Racescort666

    Blue Origin BE-4 liquid methane

    @sh1pman that’s what I figured. Surely whatever spec qualifies as “rocket grade liquid methane” is cheaper than RP-1 unless there is something we’ve missed.
  8. Racescort666

    Blue Origin BE-4 liquid methane

    WARNING HEARSAY AHEAD: I don’t remember where I heard but I have been under the impression that BO was running the BE-4 off of LNG rather than ”Liquid Methane”. This might largely be semantics but straight commercial liquid natural gas (which is mostly methane) has various contaminates that might cause problems for rocket engines. That being said, 1 DGE (diesel gallon equivalent) of LNG costs less than diesel and presumably RP-1 costs much more than diesel. For reference, a DGE is based on the energy of a gallon of commercial diesel fuel so per unit of energy, I would assume that LNG to be cheaper than RP-1.
  9. Racescort666

    Testing my knife

    You could try a different bevel angle too. I think 15-20 deg is common. With a shallower angle the edge doesn’t keep as well but I don’t mind that much because I find sharpening cathartic.
  10. Racescort666

    Testing my knife

    @p1t1o I see where your point of contention is and maybe that’s my fault for the hyperbole. One practice (not that I’m recommending it) is to check the sharpness by shaving the hair an your arm. (Not me pictured and this picture makes it look super sketchy) Keeping it as sharp as a razor would definitely be impractical however I do hone my knife basically every time I use it with a honing steel: I find it to cut noticeably better after being honed.
  11. Racescort666

    Testing my knife

    Why is that? Every chef I've heard talk about knives have all said they should be very sharp. Albeit, sharpness is kind of hard to quantify and there's probably diminishing returns to sharpness but what would be the downside? To each his own for a preferred tool. I personally never use wooden spoons but I use silicone spatulas for almost everything.
  12. Racescort666

    Testing my knife

    So I finally got around to buying a tri-stone and I spent some time sharpening my kitchen knife. I think I did a pretty good job getting her back from the brink of disappointing bluntness. Pro-tip: don’t whack your knife edge on a ceramic bowl, it takes a long time to grind the damage out. I do want to point out that when I sharpen my knives, they’re usually sharp enough to shave with when I’m done.
  13. Racescort666

    ULA launch thread

    ULA's Press release: https://www.ulalaunch.com/about/news-detail/2018/09/27/united-launch-alliance-building-rocket-of-the-future-with-industry-leading-strategic-partnerships
  14. The alternate name for the Titanic was named after you.
  15. Racescort666

    BFS GTO Kickstages (reusable)

    I mean... NASA has another HST* just laying around... *ok, not really but the similarities to KH-11 and the donated telescopes are supposedly substantial.