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  1. I was just scrolling through mods contemplating starting a new game of KSP for the first time in years and I saw you have kept this up to date all this time, thanks @linuxgurugamer you are a legend
  2. Unfortunately my hard drive died a while back and I didn't have a back up so all my old models are gone sorry bout that Edit : Is it not possible to use this to import the .mu into blender and grab the model that way?
  3. Glad to see you continuing this on, I was surprised when I decided to give KSP a go again, went on CKAN and saw my old mod revived and still kicking, thanks for your hard work for the community Linuxgurugamer! I don't have time to maintain mods any more so your work is greatly appreciated
  4. Hello, I recently started a new Realism Overhaul career since everything has been updated (thanks to all the modders involved honestly your work has been amazing!) but unfortunately I have run into a problem with FAR, or FAR conflicting with one of the mods at the very least, which causes rockets to... go insane on the launch pad, they fly around effected by phantom forces and tear themselves apart, if they are attached to a launch clamp then they float upwards slowly until they are above the launch clamp and THEN start getting hit by the phantom forces. screenshot of the debug log is here: and the output.log is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/v8m7daj17p64r8d/output_log.txt?dl=0 I tried deleting FAR, reloaded the game up and everything worked absolutely fine, closed it down again, added a fresh download of FAR, loaded it up and the same problem persisted from before. I am beginning to suspect, based on some of the discussion in earlier pages, that it is because I was using tweakscaled fins, this is because "Transform error in Basic Fin" is spammed quite a lot part way through the output log. I hope that's enough information for you If you require any more just ask, I will try using non tweakscaled parts and see if that fixes the problem and report back. EDIT: Yes I can confirm that the problem only exists with tweakscaled aero parts, it works absolutely fine the rest of the time.
  5. ^That right there was incredible weird and annoying, I think I'll have to report that as a forum glitch...^ anyway, on to the post I was trying to make! For some reason since installing this and its dependencies to my Realism Overhaul game I am unable to launch vessels, they just spin around from crazy phantom forces and the debug log looks like this: The output log is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/v8m7daj17p64r8d/output_log.txt?dl=0 It looks like Ferram and RealHeat (Mostly RealHeat) are throwing a lot of exceptions... I have no idea what is going on though I've never had this before, the ships just zip around from phantom forces and the Kraken noise is made. EDIT: Ok removing Ferram completely fixed the problem, I am now going to try to redownload and add Ferram to see if it breaks again or just works fine.
  6. the second link actually works, but it is linked to a website which is banned on this forum so the name of the actual website and the .com has been removed.
  7. thanks for all your hard work! Yes having removed KSCSwitcher did indeed fix the issue to that is where the problem lies. On a side note, apart from every single part claiming to not be supported by RP-0, it actually seems to work perfectly...
  8. Oh god thats embarrasing I forgot I was testing RP-0 out in 1.1 since it is almost entirely MM Configs. so yes it was a full RO+ RP-0 game. I just installed the development build from Github and replaced the other version for it and didn't get any of the complaints, RP-0 seems mostly working as well but I got a crash to desktop after a couple of minutes before I got to test things out properly, so there are certainly some stability issues.
  9. hello! Thanks for your update to 1.1, unfortunately upon starting up KSP for the first time since adding KCT I got an error message telling me something had gone wrong and the game was likely to be unplayable, the output log is below: Output Log
  10. Thank you so much for all your hard work, this is such an incredible piece of work you have all worked to put together and it increases my enjoyment of this game by a huge amount. You are all heroes in my eyes!
  11. Helloo, for some reason this is what the FR-Kourou launch site looks like for me, this has been the case of previous installs of RSS I've had I just always forgot to report it in the past. I was wondering if other people have this problem or if there is a way to fix it? I know on Scott Manleys current videos he is launching everything from Kourou and his doesn't look like this so is this some weird bug only I'm experiencing or is there a way to make it stop perhaps?
  12. I realize in hindsight that there is a 4th variable: It was an UbioZur Welded part, but the weldment, craft file and output.log are all here in this zip file http://www34.zippyshare.com/v/oVj8Nh9S/file.html for you hope it helps!
  13. Hey! Loving the update, being able to spawn craft that quickly is such an amazing thing! I appear to have come across a bug with it though, I moved a vessel a long way away from the KSC, put it down, then spawned an aircraft next to it, picked that up and moved it back to the KSC, and then noticed a whole lot of lag, opened up the debug menu and was getting spammed with an error saying "Untitled Space Craft Unloaded", I'll paste the log version of it here: But when I flew back toward the vessel it had failed to unload, I could see it in my targeting pod even when about 30km away, then it disappeared as I got into normal load distance. I'm not sure if it is this or just a bug with BD Armory, or a bug with B9 since it is mentioned there (but I don't see why it would have anything to do with vessels loading/unloading) but I thought I'd post it here since this was the only thing I've changed about my install and it happened shortly afterwards. Please tell me if you need the whole log, I'll have to upload a .txt somewhere as it is too big for pastebin and other websites like that.
  14. Working on a Survey Scanner similar to the stock one today, I'm going to change the current scanner to a narrow band one and have this as the survey scanner. After that I'll make a 6 way section (I think I'm going to make it another probe core since that makes the most sense to me as it'll be a core section of the satellite) and then do some final balancing and working on engine FX before putting out a release on the actual Releases thread.
  15. lol thanks, It looks just like kerbalstuff so in my mind I was just updating the mod and didn't think about having to publish it haha, should all be working now
  16. http://spacedock.info/mod/326/The%20SSR%20MicroSat:%200.35m%20Probe%20Parts New release! V0.96, Please download away, I'm sure I'll have to be uploading a 0.96.1 soon enough because that always happens but for the moment this is the most up to date version (still haven't updated inside/outside thermo parameters yet though) hahahaha I just realised the two latest parts have their textures as MBMs not DSS's, I'm not going to do an update just to change that though but I'll make sure its fixed for the next release (its tradition that this happens now it seems)
  17. Theres a lil sneak preview, I just need to get everything balanced (it has way too much Δv at the moment) and then I'll post an update onto spacedock
  18. Ok guys I know I said before I'd get back to it and didn't manage to due to real life getting in the way, but I've just dug out that old liquid fuel engine (annoyingly I've lost the finished .mu and the in progress .cfg so I'll have to re-export from blender and redo it in unity and rewrite the file but that shouldn't be too hard). I think I'll throw together a deployable omni since that should be pretty easy, and probably a 6 way block & other res scanner a bit further down the line, but I can't promise to get much more than that done any time soon. Once I've done that I'm just going to create a thread in releases and leave it for a while, but once I've got this liquid fuel engine up and running I'll put a new version on spacedock.info for you all thanks for the support and sorry I've been so absent! Edit: ok this was faster than I expected to update you guys (I only just posted this) but A MIRACLE HAPPENED! I sorted the engine out in unity, guessed at the locations for FX and nodes, put it into the game and EVERYTHING WORKED FIRST TIME! this is a miracle for me it normally takes so many tried to get things working properly, I just need to sort the fuel tank out and you'll have an update on spacedock this evening hopefully
  19. This makes me really sad. But I feel it's a bit odd that he says it was a thankless task and people never appreciated his work when there never even seemed to be a way to tell him we appreciated it. I never knew his name/screen name, it wasn't anywhere on the site, the site didn't provide any method of saying thanks like a forum or chat. I really loved that website and the work he did for it but I feel like if you stay in near total anonymity it's only natural that people aren't going to show you their appreciation for what you do, because they can't.
  20. I have come out of a long time of hibernation on this forum to tell you this is by far the best parts pack I have ever seen for KSP, the quality is incredible and the customization options are everything I ever dreamed of. Honestly I love making realistic looking rockets and this pack makes it a whole lot easier and not only do they look realistic they look BEAUTIFUL at the same time! thank you so so much for all the incredible work you have put in to this!
  21. The design phase of the Banzai MkII or whatever I'm going to call it has begun, going to use USI Freight Transport parts, building a Recreation Room in the hanger, IT FLOATS SO BEAUTIFULLY! I love the new buoyancy! I will be heavily Welding parts to reduce part count, it currently stands at 50, but the time I'm done I want it to be a sub 20 part craft so I can keep scatterer and EVE and make my journey prettier
  22. Oh wow I didn't expect 1.0.5 so quickly! Setting up an Elcano copy of the game now and seeing what the update has brought us! Excited to get back on an adventure
  23. Hello, I have been trying to get this to work on Ubuntu 15.04 in RSS here and there over the last couple of days and every time I try to load up the game after adding it it doesn't seem to actually load scatterer, but the framerate drops to about 1 frame every 3 seconds. My computer has always run it fine in the past on Windows so I was wondering if it was something to do with Linux? This was one of my favourite mods to use when I played on windows and I was hoping it would run even smoother on Linux in 64bit but as I have been learning the more I use Linux nothing ever works right out the box, there's always some silly difficulty to be encountered! So yes I was wondering if anyone else is running Linux and if it works perfectly for you or not? Otherwise it could just be that RSS+Scatterer is too much for my computer, but I'd rather explore other possibilities first because it just doesn't feel right without this mod! Edit: well I just loaded scatterer onto a fresh install of stock KSP and it worked no problems so I guess it is something to do with it not playing ball with RSS (I forgot to mention but I did extract the RSS compatability after the main Scatterer files) I still don't know if it's fixable or down to my computer not being able to handle it though
  24. Thanks for the input! A Larger Omni is definitely on the books, I really like your idea for it so I will look into making something like that over the coming days. Originally the actual main MicroSat body was a 6way block but I removed the nodes because it was so cluttered, but a dedicated piece might work, I really have to look back over all the parts it's been months since I really got stuck in with them. And the other scanner was always a plan to make I just got really frustrated finding a design i liked, maybe your suggestion of just changing the colour, maybe I'll add a little extra something too, would be a better idea. (animating things and having them work how you want in KSP can be a real pain) I had, I am getting back into KSP more and more (though largely RSS Realism Overhaul as opposed to stock) and I think once 1.0.5 is released I will update all the parts (new heating will require some changes I'm sure), I'll try to find the new ones I was part way through working on scattered around my horrendous computer filing system (I have no respect for folder names and it comes back to bite me more often than I'd like) and really get started over the coming week. It's really nice to come back to this after so long and see some people still here asking after it, really motivates me to get this done and out into the actual Releases forum.
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