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  1. No, I did it independently of that. Someone had the same idea. Speaking of which, one of my IRL friends, who also plays KSP, did this: *A standard BDArmory fighter jet flying over an ocean* NARRATION: The K-57 Hummingbird is a capable fighter, able to intercept and destroy most aircraft with ease. It has high thrust, excellent fuel efficiency, is very maneuverable... *Zooms out* *Jool looms large in the sky* NARRATION: And it has an EXTREMELY long range.
  2. I'm back! Speaking of the whole "fake space program" thing... I once retextured a 2x2 panel so it had the Mun's surface and a lander on it. I then posed a Kerbal in front of it... On Duna!
  4. Haumea has rings

    "With this exciting new astronomical discovery, our triaxial ellipsoid friend among the dwarf planets has come to make a speech. GIVE IT UP FOR EVERYONE'S FOURTH FAVORITE DWARF PLANET, HAUMEA!!!"
  5. Well, Saint Jeb has a new friend! That's a win in my book!
  6. We need to go to Laythe! Land on it! Take samples! Analyze the life! Drill into the surface and scare the s**t out of some poor Laythean in his/her burrow!
  7. They have the same last name! VAL COULD BE YOUR SISTER, JEB, YOU SICK, SICK KERBAL!
  8. Will BARIS' torture never end?! WHAT MUST WE DO?! Should we bring in Danny2462? Blow up the planet? Sacrifice the remaining Orange Suits? WHAT?! --- Kerbal News Network: News Happens - Or Not "The utter collapse of the Wonka snack factory continues to impact the daily lives of Kerbals worldwide. Luckily, a new company, Koylent, has started production of their Koylent Green snack. However, there have been reports of Kerbals mysteriously vanishing near the Koylent factory. We talked to detective Sherlock Kerman for his take on the disappearances." SHERLOCK: "This here case is mighty suspicious-" REPORTER: "Aren't you supposed to be British?" SHERLOCK: "That there accent's copyrighted!" REPORTER: "Oh-kay..." SHERLOCK: "As I was sayin', that there missin' Kerbals case is mighty suspicious. I m'self think it could be foul play from that there Koylent comp'ny." REPORTER: "Care to elaborate?" KOYLENT EXECUTIVE: *Hands Sherlock wad of cash* SHERLOCK: "As I was sayin', it's not s'picious at all! Nothin' fishy 'round those parts!" REPORTER: "What? But you just said-" SHERLOCK: "That nothin' out of the ord'nary's goin' on!"
  9. Y'Know, we might want to sacrifice something to BARIS to make the missions go better. I'm running out of family members. Any ideas?
  10. The Platypus is worthy of its name! One question: Can it fight evil like its namesake?
  11. Kerbal News Network: News Happens - Or Not "The Wonka factory lies in ruins tonight after the ill-fated tour. Many Kerbals have taken to rioting in the streets, proclaiming that the cutoff of snacks until the factory is rebuilt signifies the End Times. This reporter is inclined to agree." *in background* "I'm gonna start looting!" "The Gardeners of the four sprouts that were severely injured have filed a massive lawsuit against Wonka Kerman and Wonka Snacks, Inc. Representing them in court is none other than Phoenix Kerman: Ace Attorney. We now go live to Inferior Court..."