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  1. Okay, but half-human, half-what? Or would that be spoilering?
  2. That was brilliant, as usual! Great job, @Just Jim! Besides your own unique style, I honestly can't tell if I'm getting more vibes of Lovecraft, Gravity Falls, or Twilight Zone. Bravo, kerb! Wait, WHAT?!
  3. This looks really cool! Will there be an "After Kerbin" mod which takes place when Kerbol is a red giant?
  4. Progress is being made! The first supply shipments are arriving at Sarnus. First to arrive is the Eeloo base (or what will become the Eeloo base, at any rate). Stowed in the KIS inventories of the three Mule MLMs are all the parts needed to set up a base that can bootstrap to full operations. The next (and final, for now) supplies to arrive will be the MaterialKits and Equipment needed to set up the base.
  5. Why not use the kettledrum? "I never learned how to play it."
  6. I will investigate the Tellumo asteroid anomaly. INITIATE MASSIVE-SCALE TELLUMO EXPEDITION! *ka-ching* -10,000,000 Mort: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  7. "makes dub mistakes" "dub" Don't you mean dumb? PROVED YOUR POINT!
  8. Getting a little Lovecraftian, aren't we, @CatastrophicFailure? I can totally see the Kraken and Cthulhu being best friends!
  9. Guys... Take a look at this... I was innocently in the Tracking Station in my GPP Sandbox save, and look what I tracked! That asteroid is NOT where it should be... it would have encountered Niven or Tellumo and gotten knocked into a different orbit millions of years ago! And then I realized something else. This asteroid is on a near-perfect Hohmann Transfer trajectory from Tellumo to Niven. What if it's not an asteroid at all? What if it's a Niven probe? Is Tellumo really as devoid of sentient life as we thought?
  10. It's not impossible, Cheng. It's UNPOSSIBLE. For the record, the monolith was 1:4:9 (the squares of 1, 2, 3, the first three positive nonzero integers) Wait a minute... "THIS GALAXY IS GOING TO BURN! THE END IS NEAR! PREPARE YOURSELVES FOR THE FINAL HOURS OF THE ONLY WORLDS WE HAVE EVER KNOWN!" That's really cryptic. REALLY cryptic. That could only mean... No... That's impossible... Wait... Of course... CI'I CEDZ KZUBTH, JLH'B PF?
  11. I would tempt the zombies with my brain, and lead them into the nuclear explosion. Everyone dies.
  12. I managed to recover three of the missing screenshots! SarnusSCANSat-Computer(ID:SPI-OPSE/1A8): COMMAND RECEIVED: UPLOAD ALL PHOTOS DESIGNATED "SCREENSHOT"... SarnusSCANSat-Computer(ID:SPI-OPSE/1A8): BEGINNING UPLOAD... SarnusSCANSat-Computer(ID:SPI-OPSE/1A8): ERROR! UPLOAD FAILURE! --- The technician on duty at the Tracking Station looked at the readouts on his screen, and turned to his superior. "Sir, there's been some sort of error with the Screenshot photo uploads from Sarnus... Looks like a glitch, I'll get the computing division to take a look." "Did we get anything back?" "We get all the normal telemetry and science readouts. For some reason, the images are coming through garbled. I've managed to patch through three of them." A display screen switched from displaying probe trajectories around Sarnus to what at first appeared as static. The screen gradually got less pixelated as algorithms and image-enhancement systems worked overtime, and it soon resolved into an image. KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM ARCHIVE FOOTAGE SARNUS SCANSAT IN SARNUS ORBIT The screen switched to another image. KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM ARCHIVE FOOTAGE SARNUS SCANSAT IN NOMINAL OVOK SURVEY ORBIT KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM ARCHIVE FOOTAGE SARNUS SCANSAT IN NOMINAL EELOO SURVEY ORBIT
  13. Both probes have successfully arrived at Sarnus! Yay! But apparently the screenshots didn't save! Boo! As such, that's all I have .
  14. *Runs to ASP* (Apocalypse Survival Bunker) ETFKT AH BKH
  15. Well, that went well. We're going to need a reliable source of information to gain some intel on these Krakens. *Pulls out copy of The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy* *Flips to entry on Krakens* *Grabs towel* The Guide advises "running around screaming like a chicken with its head cut off, and praying to your deity/ies of choice" on the subject of dealing with Krakens.