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  1. You know what would be a perfect planet pack for the next Circus series? Whirligig World. Challenging? Check. Actual reason for the Kerbals to live underground? Check. Lots of planets to explore? Check. Beautiful visuals? Check.
  2. Wow, it's been a while since I last posted here! Anyways, Mars 2020's launch is coming up, and NASA seems pretty serious about wanting to return collected samples. They haven't actually announced a plan for returning the samples yet, so it's up to us to speculate . As fellow KSP players, you guys have some experience with orbital mechanics, so I was wondering what you guys think the best way to do an unmanned Mars sample return is? Potential considerations: -Cost -Mass of samples that can be returned -Mission duration -Reliability & Redundancy
  3. WAIT JUST A SECOND! The Kraken Drive... Yes... A reactionless drive unit! Put about four of them on an axle so that they spin it around, turn it on, and eventually, it'll be spinning fast enough that it will produce more energy (if it's hooked up to a generator) than it consumes! PERPETUAL MOTION! A perpetual motion machine can keep you alive past Heat Death! GIVE A KRAKEN DRIVE TO THE INVADERS! THEY WON'T NEED TO INVADE!
  4. Well... that happened. The K in K-Drive obviously stands for Kraken. We should definitely tell the humans. If anyone knows how to fight a war, it's them.
  5. "Rest assured, there is a perfectly logical explanation for all of this." --- Bartdon kept track of his towel to Mars and back? Aside from being a BadS, Bartdon Kerman is ONE HOOPY FROOD!
  6. That. Was. Amazing. My only complaint is that the aliens look like My Little Pony characters, but if that's the only mod for it, I suppose it's unavoidable... DEATH TO MY LITTLE PONY!
  7. CONTEXT: He's working on a planet-glassing superweapon for the Kerbal Future mod (which I also work on, so I know Stuff™).
  8. This is actually not true. My first counter-example: Homo sapiens sapiens
  9. I never update this! WHY AM I A NARWHALZ-LEVEL PROCRASTINATOR?! I'll finish this eventually.
  10. Huh. I could've sworn I read that it was a brown dwarf in a science book somewhere... Ah, well. Learn something new (or old, in this case) every day!
  11. As it is wont to do if Kerbals are involved in any way .
  12. The largest planet in the Sol system is Saturn, because Jupiter is so large, it's technically a very small brown dwarf. This makes Titan the largest moon in the Sol system, while the Galilean moons are small planets.
  13. "If you don't have the tool you need, create the tool you need!" -The Code Of The Modders, Section 3A, Paragraph 5
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