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  1. I get that you're probably only half serious, but that is absolutely impossible, you would never be allowed (nor should you) to profit commercially from somebody else's intellectual property / copyrighted software like that
  2. No, it will work fine as long as you don't install too many visual overhauls (a lot of which have RO configs). My low end pc has always handled planet packs fine. If you have more detailed questions it might be more helpful to ask in the specific planet pack / overhaul thread instead of here Also, it will be some time until everybody has caught up, why not start with a 1.7 save an have some fun right now
  3. Just a quick hint, you could update the big black text in the OP here in the thread, it still advertises 1.6 and 1.7 compatibility only
  4. Jup I can confirm that one. Love your investigation into the save file! I always just quick loaded and did the EVA manually, then continued on my marry way
  5. Could you start another new career save in parallel and test that again? Maybe the problem comes from installing after the contracts were already active?
  6. I can not confirm that, just having deployed one of those yesterday evening on 1.8.1 with ScanSat 18.14 Maybe you have some other mods that interact with animations?
  7. Wow that sounds great! It could be interpreted as a little bit "cheaty" right, because for instance a thermometer needs to be collected before it can run again, and the crew report now doesn't? I guess you err more on the side of "gameplay fun" instead of "stock-ness" in that sense, right? I think I agree with that, will install tonight after work
  8. Hi @DMagic, I really appreciate your work, could you please let me know where I can send you a couple of bucks? I didn't find you on Patreon, you don't have a donate button in your mod threads and I didn't find the word "donate" in your topics via the forum search
  9. Weird, I don't have that with most current beta on 1.8.1 what other graphics mods are you using? Maybe your eve or scatterer config are off? Planetshine also recently updated, do you have the newest version? You could uninstall one by one to find the culprit
  10. For me the current 1.8.0 version works fine in 1.8.1, I have kerbin, minmus and eve mapped with no troubles Just set your CKAN (if you have that) to 1.8 version acceptance and you're good to go
  11. Nope, works for me using the newest github version. Maybe you have conflicting mods that do something to the GUI, or that rebind the alt+3 to themselves?
  12. @RoboRay Agreed, well said. Let me just add that I was not necessarily advocating for diameter progression, but simply for difficulty progression. The Pollux is just mega-OP at the point I was at
  13. Hello @SpinkAkron, I'd like to make a suggestion for the tech tree. In my current playthrough, I was a bit surprised to suddenly get the new "Pollux", which is an 1,875m solid booster from the... Making History I think... DLC. It sits in "Heavy Rocketry", together with the thumper, which is a bit out of place I think It looked really funny when I was recently struggling to get a craft off the ground and thought "hey, let's slap two SRBs on", and the first one I clicked suddenly occupiued the whole screen and was bigger than the rest of my craft I think letting players struggle with 1.25 a bit is really important, and as such the Pollux comes too early, it's like cheating at that moment, because it can get anything off the ground and almost into orbit by itself at that point
  14. Just out of curiosity: what do you mean by that? Rush, because the version is so good? Or because it came out so soon after 1.8.0? Many thanks for the update anyhow
  15. I thought KS3P already had a low performance footprint already? <- This emoji looks grumpier then I intended the question. Just being curious