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  1. (aside from the OP not being absent as in this case obviously) how do you usually decide? Just out of curiosity...
  2. Well it's a great choice for your first "bigger" mod, I wish you lots of fun with it. But I'd say take it easy for now, select from the vast repository of suggested mods on the first page of this thread and get going. Don't overdo it for now, most of the stuff you'll want to have additionally later can be added without trouble to an existing career. This mod plus maybe some of the "Near Future..." stuff will entertain you for weeks
  3. Hi everyone, this is one of my first support requests so please do advise me if I can do better. But really it's also a more general question. Here goes: What exactly are ModuleManager warnings and errors, what do they indicate, are they problematic or do they worsen startup time? What can I do when I see "patches applied, found X warnings"? Log: http://s000.tinyupload.com/download.php?file_id=60425537397745288702&t=6042553739774528870266955 I'm running KSP 1.5.1 and my mods are as follows:
  4. ... Which will drive some people to write angry tweets/posts about Take 2 and monetisation, guaranteed
  5. Hm but why would it? If you get a masters degree, you still have your bachelors degree from before, right? If a Kerbel achieves something, isn't it logical that there was a list of smaller things leading up to it?
  6. That's good. I kind of... Just like Patreon better. So hey, there we go
  7. Hm did you just link me to linuxgurugamer instead of nightingale or am I too incompetent? I'll check again in the evening on the home computer, I think the mobile page is giving me some trouble here too (nightingale doesn't even have a sig here in my mobile browser) Edit: nevermind found him with the Patreon app, NO clue how I could've overlooked that... All that remains to find out is which platform modders favor and which cut less money
  8. Daaamn nice! Nightingale do you have a Patreon account? Your PayPal donate button seems to take a hefty fee. I don't know how much Patreon takes, do you have a feeling / preference? Don't worry, You're gettin some either way
  9. Hi @nightingaleI don't know if this has been mentioned anywhere but I saw in another thread that you want to do a Strategia release soon so maybe you have a chance for a quick fix: The "max number of active strategies" in the KSC scene is always off by one for me. It says max allowed 2 in level 1 (the truth is 1), then max allows 3 when you hover over the upgrade button (the truth is 2) and so on It's a small thing of course Thank you SO MUCH for this mod, the strategy building is often the FIRST one that I upgrade in my last couple of careers, it used to be always the last
  10. Thank you very much, trying it right now! Edit: if I add Research Bodies to a running career, can I "re-hide" planets I've not been to yet? The dfficulty menu does not offer the starting difficulty anymore
  11. From reading this thread I hope this is the right way to report such problems, so I'll just go ahead: That's the old version, @linuxgurugamer has taken over here:
  12. Jeeez I think I use 8-10 mods from you now, gotta increase that Patreon pledge...
  13. @linuxgurugamer are you now maintaining this in some separate post that I was too blind to find?
  14. Yes thanks for the info! I guess if the release has the right version number and is indexed by ckan most people won't care too much about the thread title, right?