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  1. It seems that I'm unable to complete the EA-1941 contract by recovering science in a probe core while playing with Kerbalism. Is this my mistake or is this expected behaviour? This is amazing contract pack for me as I'm into historical play style and if there's nothing I can do to fix this I'll remove Kerbalism. Just wanted to ask before going forward. Sorry if this has been already answered.
  2. Hey guys! My KSP version stops launching on Coatl Aerospace/ProbesPlus/Parts/Telescopes/explorer_solar/ca_explorer_solar and when looking for the file manually I am unable to locate it. Any ideas how to fix this? I can provide log if needed.
  3. Thank you for taking over and improving the mod. This one is absolutely must have for all my KSP careers.
  4. With the Corona I will finally be able to start my new 'history of spaceflight' career. I can't thank you enough!
  5. New Redstone looks amazing. Nice work out there. Is there a room in your new Sergeant stack for the spinning decoupler I saw previously in the development branch? It would be cool to have early US probes spin stabilized.
  6. Found the problem and you are right. Mandatory RCS cut all the control from cockpits therefore there was no controllable flight.
  7. Amazing pack for deep careers I like to play. Quick question: is there a way to expand this pack with Whitecat106's missions without breaking something? Really want to play Apollo and other contracts.
  8. Absolutely essential mod for me! Need some help with helicopters though. My babies confuse their controls - pressing W makes them move sideways (diagonally). However lift looks pretty stable. The same problem with crafts from author's KerbalX hangar.
  9. Hey guys! What .cfg file I need to edit to get rid of "Analyzing in a Lab" feature?
  10. Shortly after launch at the altitude of 2000-2100m I'm losing control not only of my rocket but of my game as well. Stages disappers, RemoteTech loses connection, keyboard stops working and picture degrades to 4-10 FPS. Though, the rocket continues to fly without any thrust but with persistent speed. Due to keyboard shutdow (in game) I am unable to revert the flight, so the only way to stop this mess is process killing. I'm using a lot of mods, so I'm ready to provide any additional information along with the screenshots if needed.
  11. Hey guys! Do someone have custom MM patch for integration of RemoteTech in probes and antennas of this awesome mod. I guess something messed up in mod configs, and many of probe cores and antennas doesn't contain RT modules. Thanks!
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