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  1. How would you address something that would Reparent the Kerbol System, such as Galactic Neighborhood and the like, it no longer displays the planets in your system as hidden. Is there some configuration for this? Also, I'm having -serious- overheating issues with the telescope.
  2. I don't seem to be able to transmit any data regardless of connection, is this a known issue with the new 1.0.5 version?
  3. Scatterer is causing the black sky issue even when EVE and Kopernicus have been removed, is there some configuration option to fix this? It starts up fine and looks correct for a moment, and then the screen stops for a second or two and then switches to black sky.
  4. I have a very minor grievance with this. The transition of Clouds from dark to light and vice versa is very weird looking and warped. Is there a config change one can make to address this?
  5. Does anyone know how to shut off these incredibly loud and annoying beeping noises the more recent update introduced when transmitting data? It nearly ruptured my eardrums and I don't know how to turn them down or off.
  6. I don't mean to sound rude but seriously, if I have to use the prebuilt craft to get around an issue in the mod, then it doesn't work fine. But given that there's no current support on the mod, that's sort of a moot point anyways. So I suppose you're right and I'll just use the prebuilt ones.
  7. The attachment points for the engines and cargo are flipped 180 degrees so you can't attach stuff to the modules.
  8. Issues I've found with this mod: I don't feel the aerodynamics of the parts are being calculated correctly if at all, the Ranger can make hairpin turns without stalling or losing control, it doesn't feel like it's fighting against the air at all. Is this mod intended to be used with FAR or is it stock compatible in the case that it's not intended for use with FAR? The Engines' Textures for the Endurance are all 100% White.
  9. The Ranger's Aerodynamics are totally weird, it flies like it's not affected by the air at all. Is this something that's known?
  10. Well I mean this is a Kopernicus Reparenting issue so I'm not sure what good that will do? In any case I don't have the log anymore and the mod list is quite long if you still want it.
  11. Do we know if there are any timetables for the Kopernicus reparenting issues to be addressed? I'm getting major graphical glitches from trying to run this despite how much I want to, minorly I'm getting major Z-Fighting on the building textures for the KSS, like there's two copies of the same building in the same place. I'm not sure what the deal with that is. And then there was one where I'm on Kerbin, looking at Kerbin floating on the horizon.