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  1. I have a station I'd like to submit, but I can't import the file. I see the Insert Image thingy, and put in the file, but it didn't show up on preview. Any tips?
  2. Ok, I didn't know there was a policy about it! Whoops...
  3. Any release scheduled? And by that, all I need is a "this month," "next month," or "quite some time" - - - Updated - - - Oh, and is that a reference to The Martian?
  4. This and OPM... two best mods not just for planets, but over EVERYTHING!! Stock-alike textures, descriptions, configurations oh my! Well done to you and Agustus! One thing I'd like, make the moons of gas giants tidally locked, just for me...
  5. I'm gonna wait until more gets added. Looking forward to it! - - - Updated - - - I'm gonna wait until more gets added. Looking forward to it!
  6. Well, think of all the mods that add clouds. They're just as useful, but look at their popularity. Or I'm just an idiot...
  7. So, about the retro Kerbin... Perhaps you can make a planet called "Nibrek," the reverse spelling of Kerbin, and give it the exact orbital parameters as the current Kerbin. Except you put it on the opposite side of Kerbol for an interesting journey to it.
  8. You need replica parts from the Hermes (The Martian movie) to satisfy me!
  9. Now to REALLY make it like the Mun, just make the mass the same as the one in game (like 1.923E+17kg or something)!
  10. I know those already exist, but here's what I'm saying. Instead of doing double of Kerbin size, Keeping it a 1g, and increasing delta-v for orbit and beyond, Increase Kerbin's size, make mass on par with said size, so delta-v req. are the same, but with a bigger, better Kerbin. As I said, easier done than said.
  11. The concept for the mod: You can make a mod that re-scales the planets in an ascetic format. Yes, it sounds confusing, but here's an example: You increase Kerbin's size to, say, the size of Mars. But instead of keeping the gravity at 1g, like some planet re-scale mods, make it to realistic scale (~0.3g). This way, the orbital velocity/the delta-v for LKO is the same a stock, but with Kerbin being much bigger and having low gravity. I know, it's easier done than said, so feel free to ask questions!
  12. Could you make a list of incompatible mods? It's not working with me, and I don't want to spent 2 hours looking through all my mods to find which one(s) dosen't work.
  13. A really nice mod for only adding 3 parts in my opinion. One recommendation from me: Make the names look more stock, i.g. "PB-NUK 'Candle' Radioisotope Rocket," not "KANDL Radioisotope Rocket."
  14. Well, that isn't the case for me, sadly. Many of my ships' parts are invisible now, breaking my saves However, I don't care. I was actually planning to restart my career save anyway.
  15. There appears to be some glitch with the mod. If you accept the contract for the planet (i.e. Explore Sarnus), leaving mission control will delete the contract, making going to the planets useless for money/reputation. Hopefully the guys can fix this soon.
  16. Install the HyperEdit mod and you can change the orbits of Kerbin or ANY object
  17. In the Mod file, there is a "settings.cfg" file and there is, in that, a "SignalDelayEnabled" setting you can disable.
  18. Really Awesome mod, but on major flaw I saw: If you reload a save that previously didn't have this, unmanned (apparently not manned) spacecraft can't function and glitch out . Hopefully you can fix this at some point
  19. a: Yes, I have gotten contracts for heading out to these planets, which I wasn't sure of either. b: No, Urlum isn't rotated 90 degrees (you can't do that in the game) but you can reverse rotation altogether - - - Updated - - - 9.75/10! Just improve Hale's SOI, currently to small to capture. Otherwise, it's the single best mod for KSP I've seen!!
  20. I would recommend some uniqueness in the planets, they all seem too plain in shape, to broad in color. Nice mod nonetheless.