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  1. Mission requirements; One mobile rover-base to stay on Titan One orbital station to orbit Titan 4 Satellites to orbit around Titan and create communication coverage on Titan One rocket to be sent and landed on Titan for crew to get back to the Titan orbit after mission ended Orbit station is getting ready to go Everything seems nice so far! See you later, Earth Needs so much DeltaV, hopefully second stage will do the job Crew looks at Earth last time for a long time period. Rescue rocket to be sent to Titan Rescue rocket's second stage Catch ya! All 4 rockets run to Saturn side by side Nearly 1 year passed after leaving Earth's orbit Crew seems happy Biiig big space, but not empty at all Here is Saturn! After 7 long years, we are close to reach Saturn. Making maneuvras to reach Titan. Rocket that carries Rover-Base, is fixing it's direction towards Titan Fixing other rockets' orbits (Orbital Station, Rescue Rocket, Satellites) Cool shot from Rescue Rocket carrier Rocket, making correction burn Orbital Station's carrier rocket is the first rocket out of 4 rockets who arrived Titan Orbit first! Time to orbit Titan A cool shot from orbital station's cockpit A rocket that carries satellites arrived! Time to orbit A rocket that carries rescue rocket arrived as well! Putting satellites on orbit A rocket that carries mobile rover-base arrived Titan's orbit as well That's it boys, rover is going down on Titan, right now! Flying car weeeeee Weird glitches. Well ksp version 1.3, RSS version 1.2.2, scatterer version 0.300 soo.. i expect glitches What are they o.O Are there trees on Titan? They are getting smaler when we gets closer.. Time to chute It was a VERY VERY SLOW trip, we are getting there boi! And rover is landed There is no crew yet on rover, but luckily it has it's own control computer! And i found a rock! First time i saw a rock on Titan ever on KSP Btw i broke my antenna.. That's how rover gets electricity (There is very little sun-light together with 8 days long night time, so nuclear activity was the best choice..) I didn't plan to bring Engineer down here, but to fix this antenna, i would change my plan Meanwhile in orbital station, crew is getting ready for leaving station to go on Titan's surface I use Alcor pod as a lander pod For one reason, i cannot move kerbals within parts so i needed to EVA mission to exchange my crew (because i need one Engineer down there to repair antenna so plans are changed!) Jeb's crews, Lisman and Dedorf ladies, they look happy. Station's crew looks meh Making preparations for leaving station Time to go! Maneuvras.. Btw that black bottom is not a heat shield, it is a fuel tank. Titan's atmosphere is like a pillow, so you don't actually need a heat shield unless you plan to direct hit on Titan with 20k DeltaV. Okay enough talking Crew looks incredibly happy This would make the job Or not... 55km off of the target Chutes.. It takes forever to land. I cannot move Kerbals one by one to the rover, so it makes more sense to mov rover to crew! After literally one hour, rover-base finally reached the crew! Lets get into your new house for few years, kerbals I don't like the geography, i want to park my rover-base next to one lake (methane lake). 120km to go. Reached the area where rover-base landed on (55km back). Separate part can be seen on the ground which separated chute and rover. 65km more to go. Glitch, if you fall down, you ded (fell one time) Finally i found one cute methane lake after 120km (took 2 hours), parked next to it Crew deserves to get one break to hang out (btw somehow engineer couldnt repair antenna, anyone know why? instead i mistakenly exploded it ) Night time on Titan 90 degree top angle from the rover, amazing view Sky from rover's cockpit See you in next mission while my kerbals hanging out! Next mission will be landing rescue rocket on Titan from Titan's orbit, and then carrying crew to the orbit station.
  2. That is because scatterer 1.3. use Scatterer version 0.0300 (thanks to Observe for sharing link) and problem will be fixed. At least that is how i fixed. edit: Click on "changelog" in the website, then scrool down and download the correct version.
  3. Sir, how can we disable Scatterer ocean shaders?
  4. Hello! Is there an option for always showing name texts of the planets/moons in every distance, even when mouse is not over?
  5. I watched one video about Trappist-1 system, the guy said that "if planets don't have any magnetosphere, they possibly lost all the water and atmosphere by now". If that is true, which planet could have bigger iron mass/total mass ratio? I checked universe sandbox 2 and all planets have tiny iron core
  6. It took few days to arrive there, not half a million years with thousands of generations I still think that it would be more fair to let the guy who will land on there to name them in first place. Heck, he would get independence from Earth anyway, who could stop him 40 light years away
  7. Trappist-1 codes are enough though. Imagine that your grand-grand-grand-grand-grand..... father left earth 200.000 years ago, after thousands of generations you finally arrive to the Trappist-1 System, you made very very hard maneuvras and land on the best planet in those. You actually discovered liquid water seas and athmosphere.. But you cannot name it bcs some guy in his chair already named it! it would feel suck lol
  8. I think we should let the first astronaut who will actually land on those planets to name them
  9. I wonder about how stabil their orbits are. They have gravity of between 0.5earth to 1.0earth while distance between two neighbor planets falls less than 600.000 km when their orbits' closest aproach happens. Very strong gravity, very short orbits, very weak Star.. could one planet throw other one to the some different orbit? AFAIK distance between Earth-Moon is something like 384.000 km They are really close
  10. [1.2] Real Solar System v12.0 Dec 8

    I dont know where to ask, so i will throw it here.. Can someone make an addon for RSS mod that adds Trappist-1 star system? I am so hyped for Trappist-1
  11. "Switch To" Problem

    Yes, it was so weird Thank you guys, when i restart the game it fixed itself (i couldnt fix it in-game options), if someone faces with similar problem, just close the game and start it again
  12. I don't know what happened, but right now when i click on something, i automatically switch to that object that i clicked on with mouse. How can i disable it? I cannot even detach objects anymore
  13. Mission 1: Research Program Mission Explanation: Titan Land Base has only one researcher, but laburatory needs two researchers to reach it's full capacity. Mission Target: Send one Dream Chaser from Titan Orbit Station to Titan Land Base, land Dream Chaser on runway, fill Dream Chaser's fuel depot, put researcher into laboratory. Night landing mission. Titan Land Base Time to leave Orbit Station Maneuvra Saturn looks so cool 350k Titan atmosphere is like a pillow, 200k 120k, fixing velocity with rcs Catch ya! Falling onto target It's getting darker, lights on 35k Cockpit view Bardo Kerman looks so happy Thereee is the runway landed Because of low gravity, we can jump very high! Mission completed