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  1. I'm on my slow laptop now, my PC harddrive just crashed and I hope I can save my PC by formatting the harddrive. I made a backup off my game on a usb drive, so I hope not to much is lost... This sucks, I hope to be back soon...
  2. Yes, and they also provide some power to my "engine" I love the old stuff.
  3. The car is mostly done, heading out to the track to try some different wheels.
  4. Today's Terrible Test: ~ What happens if you don't wear seatbelts ? YOU SURVIVE ! "Fly" safe. *DISCLAIMER: No woman who was driving got accused.
  5. Cool car, mine is a bit too short for a Fiero, but the front looks very simular. I've installed a engine and did some more body work and installed the seats. Also trying some paintjobs.
  6. Started working on a new car, this one has a new feature: pop-up headlights.
  7. Temple Rally I'm getting closer !
  8. Today, we've set a new record on the Kerbal 1 race track.
  9. O yeah, about that, tell that to Tamiya... Got a new record:
  10. All parts are so huge compared with the Kerbals, maybe if they also had 0,5m parts I would not have to use Tweakscale. I spend some more time tuning the Grasshopper and I'm very happy about how it handles now: I'm going to test the Grasshopper in the desert, driving it from the Dessert Airfield to the temple. TBC
  11. Today, Jeb found the fireworks we bought for new year....
  12. I don't care, I just love that now that I've started using TweakScale I can build things I couldn't before. I'm having a blast with that mod. But FYI, I just got back from a mission using ZERO TweakScale. MISSION: - Take off from Dessert Airfield - Fly to the Jebi Temple - Plant a flag - Return home.
  13. You know I had to do this . . .