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  1. No, but I needed a time off with BDA. I don't like how missiles behave, maybe we should stick to gunfights, I don't know. Thanks, please go ahead.
  2. ♪♫♬ Highway to the dangerzone. ♪♫♬
  3. Let me guess, you will take my breath away.
  4. Thanks, never seen them this close before. You did didn't you, in a negative G dive ?
  5. "What is your pleasure, sir ?"
  6. I might have put some filters over your design... Like it ?
  7. Thanks for the new camo @qzgy
  8. Opened Pandora's box in KSP ?
  9. Lament Configuration * For your own safety this craftfile is not included...'s_box
  10. "What is your pleasure ?"