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  1. I regret to tell you I'm not back. I don't have a PC that can run the game anymore.
  2. Ok, I'm back, AND bored..... Please send link to a STOCK spaceship AND give me a proper destination...
  3. Today, I've re-opened the Kerbin Kantina
  4. Cool, what is it's speed on the dragstrip ? I have a 400 meter strip....
  5. A new lap record ! So I totally smashed the car.,..
  6. Today, I remembered how to insert a GIF
  7. Ok, didn't know that, pressing windows +g did not dissapoint, it actually works ! Thanks Bill !
  8. Remember the RAT PACK ? The Rat Pack where 8 stock cars that where designed to compete each other... They would challenge each other on the most wackey challenges you would ever see.... AND NOW THEY ARE BACK ! Introducing from left to right: - Black Mail - Boozer Bucket - Helter Skelter - Master Blaster - Panic Attack - Sledge Hammer - Trigger Happy - Trouble Maker TBC !
  9. I just set a new record on my street track, I bet with more practice I can set a time under a minute
  10. I want to make cars again....This was my last project, it's a AWD drift car that needs to be finished, cfg files on the wheels are enhanced off course, and it uses fuel to generate electric power. Driving this thing is crazy ! I need to look for some recording software soon and start putting some cool stuff on YouTube again
  11. Today, we race... Anybody else still has the Races mod installed ?
  12. Lol, what is that thing ? A giant speed-o-meter ?
  13. Not to0 bad, not to0 great... But nevertheless...I'm back
  14. "Bring back some cake for mom" Man, it feels good to be back...
  15. Nah, just some thing I've put together fast. Found some old stuff tho....Looks like I still had a backup of an old game... Broom Broom !
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