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  1. Example, but I'll need a shuttle (plane/boat) to cross these locations. Amphibious hey... I like that idea but it is hard to do...
  2. So I want to drive/sail around Kerbin, a bit like the Elcano Challenge. Any idea's for a route ? I don't mind driving + sailing. I want to do this all without mods, but I have to be creative about it. Like building crafts that can fly other crafts to another location and stuf. Please feel free to draw a route on the map I have here and let me know how I/you should would/do it.
  3. I'm thinking about doing The Elcano Challenge, driving all the way around Kerbin without mods. I might need to remake this craft again, I never put it on KerbalX...
  4. Thank you for the advice, but I just came home with this:
  5. Today I had enough about steering the controls with a keyboard and mouse. I'm buying a controller tomorrow.... Any suggestions ?
  6. But this time from South to North.... Vanilla. Would you like to see that ?
  7. Ok, I'm still trying to figure this out (again), but I think the gravity points should be here, this works amazing when it comes to stability. I haven't played this game for a loooong time so I'm learning again... I believe these setting will give a rover more downforce.
  8. I made something like that once:
  9. Well, the question is in the title. Is it a gravity thing ? Is there something I can do about it ? (without mods)
  10. I've started racing again, looks like I need a lot of practice...
  11. Today Jeb was acting stupid... Again.
  12. Today I finished the Temple Rally Challenge !
  13. I did it ! I made it ! in 21 minutes and 12 seconds.
  14. Fly to the desert runway temple and place a flag. Load a rallycar on the desert runway and drive to the temple flag location. Mods may be used, but no damage control of any kind. fastest car who gets to the temple flag wins. Find the best path to get there, if you crash you lose.
  15. Today I found my old (modded) KSP game and my all my crafts ! Like my KOONICORN ! ( RIP Ken Block ) I still need a lot to learn again, it's been so long...
  16. Today was mostly learning again how to build craft. It's going pretty okay, It's slowly coming back to me. Tommorow I want to build some rovers... Playing sandbox with the original game, so no mods for now.
  17. Today I've started re-learning how to play this game after being away for 3 years. Made my first jet and video. I'm still a bit rusty.... EDIT: Oops, I thought I posted this in the "What did you do in KSP today" topic..Sorry.
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