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  1. LINK: https://kerbalx.com/Triop/Sportscar-Ibiza
  2. Not at all, the "I know" gif was ment to say I understand and also spend hours on building. It's just because it's a very old song that I said you might be to young to get the reference. There might be 1 or 2 changes made...
  3. I bet this little guy is going to be the star of the show...
  4. You might be to young to get this reference . . .
  5. I am secretly working on a James Bond car with a ejection seat... Don't tell anybody . . . Didn't you beat the record on the Kerbal 1 track a long time ago ?
  6. @Delay name = GooExperiment This unit was something one of our engineers came upon while dumpster divin-- Erm, while researching alternative applications for existing technologies. It's a sealed container which appears to be filled with a strange-looking substance. We couldn't reach in or break the canister open, but watching how the Goo behaves when subjected to different situations could be very educational. You have to read this twice to get it... SO TA-DAY, We went to the Dessert and had some fun.
  7. Well, my harddrive has lots of broken sectors and my PC keeps shutting down after a period of time. I need to buy a new harddrive... Game still works, but it's not reliable anymore. Dug up my old Elcano Bugger (It's on KerbalX) No tweakscale, but I did reconfiger the torque on the wheels, 85 m/s = about 300 kph.
  8. I'm on my slow laptop now, my PC harddrive just crashed and I hope I can save my PC by formatting the harddrive. I made a backup off my game on a usb drive, so I hope not to much is lost... This sucks, I hope to be back soon...
  9. Yes, and they also provide some power to my "engine" I love the old stuff.
  10. The car is mostly done, heading out to the track to try some different wheels.
  11. Today's Terrible Test: ~ What happens if you don't wear seatbelts ? YOU SURVIVE ! "Fly" safe. *DISCLAIMER: No woman who was driving got accused.
  12. Cool car, mine is a bit too short for a Fiero, but the front looks very simular. I've installed a engine and did some more body work and installed the seats. Also trying some paintjobs.
  13. Started working on a new car, this one has a new feature: pop-up headlights.
  14. Today, we've set a new record on the Kerbal 1 race track.
  15. O yeah, about that, tell that to Tamiya... Got a new record:
  16. All parts are so huge compared with the Kerbals, maybe if they also had 0,5m parts I would not have to use Tweakscale. I spend some more time tuning the Grasshopper and I'm very happy about how it handles now: I'm going to test the Grasshopper in the desert, driving it from the Dessert Airfield to the temple. TBC
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