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  1. A simplistic explanation is that Soyuz-2.1b and Soyuz-2.1v can be launched from Plesetsk, which is all-military. I'm also not sure if military QA is carried out on all production at Progress and Khrunichev/Polyot by default, therefore requiring a Space Troops index (GUKOS took over indexing space hardware from GRAU long ago... each branch actually had its own index system and authority). Using several years of active posting on r/space as a more representative sample, I believe that the intersection between "militarists" (military buffs?) and "space fans" is fairly rare. This is perhaps best indicated by how many people believe the Outer Space Treaty bans all weapons in space, or that the US ASAT missile was the first ASAT. I believe that there are several clusters of knowledge (e.g. classic Earth-based warfare centered on guns and tanks, planetology and exoplanetology, and current or near-future spaceflight with realistic physics) that most people have trouble integrating. Heck, it's rare for "militarists" to have a comprehensive interest outside a particular domain (air, land, sea) or era. This sounds a bit self-gratifying, but I am well aware I know only "a little bit of everything" and just don't feel like diving deep into the quantitative nitty-gritty.
  2. https://www-kommersant-ru.translate.goog/doc/3821890?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=ru&_x_tr_pto=nui I don't think we should broach the topic any further. All I can say is that I've trained Yandex to pepper me with truly fascinating Kommersant History articles like this one.
  3. Well, to be fair, until this or Nudol aren't confirmed to be road-mobile (and the one claim of spotting Nudol TELs "in the wild" at Plesetsk has been withdrawn as tanker truck) they'd constitute a part of the Soviet treaty allowance for a single emplaced ABM array. Russia's still sort of complies with the treaty, since A-235 will still be centered around Moscow, and the various tactical ABM systems like the S-300V (and therefore the S-500) don't count. Dedicated counterspace use of these exoatmospheric ABMs isn't immediately obvious. Could be they're just concerned with silo vulnerability - one of the 53T6 batteries can be seen from the parking lot of a hardware store and is surrounded by dachas on all other sides, that's not exactly good physical security, let alone opsec.
  4. Wonder how low this one's going to score, and whether Katee Sachoff looks older because her niche fame is carrying the series.
  5. Dilemmas, dilemmas 540 m 3544 steps Three people took the elevator up and didn't make it down
  6. And another. Glad to see intense Kirovposting and Flanjerposting are beginning to impact routine US military operations. Remember when we thought those guys were cool?
  7. Sounds like a complete and utter overreaction to a routine engine check. What, did other such tests not change the orientation?
  8. Coilguns are for situations where you don't have any volatiles. It's simple as that. You can't "refine" a volatile out of dry rock.
  9. 28 cm DKM 44 auf Panther Langholzprinzip
  10. Decades' worth of existing ammo stockpiles. Yeah, the costs are pretty insane.
  11. The US seem to be giving up on having common rounds. Pretty sure SIG isn't going to deliver the SAW part of the kit because the Army wants caseless machine gun ammo.
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