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  1. DDE

    NASA Commercial Crew Landers

    There’s a significant hazard of the grinding operation consuming a lot of energy. If not more than is being produced.
  2. It’s also a reference to a good game I had someone rather metal in mind. Melees between conventional, endoskeletal Terminators are a scenery-destroying utter bore because both combatants are effectively indestructible... not unlike medieval knights of the white plate era. I thought anout at least knocking some wires loose with something fairly low-tech.
  3. https://www.kommersant.ru/doc/3888428 Deputy chief of Baikonur assigned chief of Vostochnyi. Current chief of Vostochnyi assigned chief of Baikonur. Current chief of Baikonur quasi-demoted to oversee Zenit pad overhaul and Soyuz-5 development.
  4. How much armour penetration and beyond-armour effect could a thoroughly modern, dedicated war hammer have?
  5. DDE

    World Of Tanks, World Of Warships, War Thunder.... Etc.

    @Lo Var Lachland German DD T2-6 all have very interesting unique features, including turrets with unlimited rotation, 150 mm cannons, and, yeah, those nasty jouster torps.
  6. DDE

    World Of Tanks, World Of Warships, War Thunder.... Etc.

    German DDs with their forward-pointing single torp launchers set such situations up often. No mercy. No remorse.
  7. Design rejected. NSWR firing destroyed airport on departure.
  8. DDE

    NASA Commercial Crew Landers

    Your idea is bad because it doesn’t account for the 2024/2028 administration reverting to another Journey to Mars and requiring the LOP-G to become a staging ground for what used to be the DST. A Moon base would be less useful in that role, especially given how lunar ISRU isn't in the picture of most NASA DRAs. I think everyone in this thread has forgotten the context of the DSG proposal from a few years back: it was a compromise solution designed to adapt to differing requirements from differing administrations (while not properly committing to either goal). Never, never, never ever leave politics out of the picture.
  9. DDE

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Or after a Russian real estate company with a side business of car dealership. Or after an Italian newsreel producer... Hold Douglas’s beer, they were going to build a follow-up to the X-15 out of thorium.
  10. DDE

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Delivering real news is expensive and time-consuming, whereas the profit margins for news media are plummeting, so there’s no money to pay for serious sleuthing. Combine this with having to compete for shares and likes, and quality goes down the drain. Modern editorial policy favours speed and controversy; excessive pop-culture reporting is low-cost and satifies that. Unfortunately, bringing any outside money into play introduces the problem that whoever pays the piper calls the tune. [snip]?
  11. DDE

    Juno Arrival This Year!

    Radiation may object.
  12. DDE

    NASA Commercial Crew Landers

    Moscow air seems to do things. Like make you imagine a US-Russian lunar orbit station followed by, or even concurrent with, a Russian-ESA or all-Russian South Pole base.
  13. DDE

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Caterpillar treads. Probably to maximize load-bearing capacity.