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  1. Nobody: Absolutely nobody: [culprit behind paywall]:
  2. 4.6x energy expenditure to push it, significant losses (20-30%). But sinze it's a Gazprom study they still deem it acceptable )
  3. In the wake of April's climate summit, the Russian oil and gas bigwigs have discovered the existence of the gas "hydrogen", and are plugging it everywhere. One of the several ideas they've had thus far is using the piplines currently exporting (effectively) methane to export hydrogen, produced through environmentally palatable means (e.g. pyrolysis and carbon capture using nuclear heat). My question is mostly a physics one: given the ridiculously low density of gaseous hydrogen (LH is likely out) can a sufficient amount of it be conveyed using extant infrastructure to provode for the same
  4. Well, it's not strictly necessary to concentrate it - you can just shine it at an ordinary solar powerplant.
  5. Reminds me of the UR-100 maritime rescue ICBM proposal. Hammers, nails, et cetera.
  6. Late Roman slaves could sue owners for mistreatment. Slavery is a big can of worms.
  7. This one isn't even considdred unethical. Interesting that you wouldn't mention coal, nuclear energy, and arms, the three categories that are being increasingly denied banking service (the lack of oil in that list is quite interesting).
  8. Yes, well, that's where the schizoid nature of "respectability" comes in.
  9. Exceptionally difficult. Much of the modern "free market" runs on respectability and reputation. These would cause a major hit to one very critical aspect of any megacorporation: its bank accounts. You can very easily get locked out of the world's financial system if you're seen as a PR nightmare, even if no government officially persecutes you - and with the rise of ESG et cetera the respectability considerations are beginning to outweigh the profit-making motive.
  10. Knowing what an actual mess post-Soviet Russian ideology is, I feel very careful about venturing into Chinese state ideology - especially as it seems to be in flux with an apparent rise in the role of the cult of personality, and all the schizoid mess of ideas that turning random quotes into scripture entails. However, most observers point to the CCP incorporating a strong nationalist and revanchist element into its rhetoric - not to the degree of racial supremacism posited by Juche, but still. There are certainly lines of thought under which China must act tough and expansionist in order to a
  11. Hilariously, a high-temperature dissociation effect means hydrogen deuteride has a marginally higher ISP.
  12. This assumes, however, that their target audience is the Anglophone space enthusiast community. "If we don't acknowledge a mistake, it never happened" works very well against a domestic audience, who will dismiss any claims of "this supposed mistake" with the aforementioned bias argument - whereas an admission would, indeed, be a loss of face. The CCP/mainland nationalist Chinese absolutely do, however, want to get to a point where this trick works on the international community - because they believe the US/"Collective West" has this privelege already, that part of being a superpower is
  13. Well, that's why they didn't launch it on dry land.
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