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  1. Can we stop the repurposed bovine waste train, please? We all know how the combat uniform will look like:
  2. You haven't been introduced to the rabbithole of Soviet entertainment references. It's a deep one. 77%+ Slavic, to be specific. The next group, Tatars, are very heavily Russified. Furthermore, across all Eastern Europe, ethnonationalism isn't as absolutely politically taboo, even if most forms of its expression invite jailtime. The generations currently in power in Russia were witness to a series of overt, rapid, and negative changes, so opposition to any change sells very well. The deeper, fundamental differences are, however, far more extreme. Western societies are held together by the expectation of fair play, and equality before the law; this means people can rely more on non-hierarchical cooperation, and expect reciprocation of their altruism. But as soon as you go south or east of the Hajnal line, this is replaced with societal division. https://www.umass.edu/preferen/You Must Read This/herrmann-thoni-gachter.pdf The informal, fluid structures, like the civil society, no longer work; so people seek safety in tribalism and hierarchy. Rules no longer matter if you can afford to break them, while no good deed goes unpunished. And since the state is the ultimate street gang, as a rule, you end up with a society centered around its nation-state structures. Because this is where power, and hence safety, is. And the kicker: the societal trust in the West too is falling apart.
  3. @Zorg, that did it. Should teach me to prune all the potential loose ends. Thanks!
  4. I did my absolute best to prune Ven's pack down to the handful of .cfgs I needed. As far as I can see, it shouldn't make any alterations to the Reliant.
  5. Should all be in here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmlSZuL0ax7C6Aj5J5BSvVB3EBxS?e=lVFf40
  6. This is quite indicative of the degree of 'adultness' of the children involved. Sadly, US students are known to be profligate and waste their rather expensive time at college, if not misspend the actual money allocated by their parents for college. This is aggravated by the popular depictions of colleges as dens of vice and villainy, and the children being basically out of their parents' reach for the first time in their lives. From an ethical standpoint, In terms of the actual technology being used, Kaspersky are not thrilled by the amount of leaks in those apps: https://securelist.com/beware-of-stalkerware/90264/
  7. Greetings, @Zorg. I've recently updated from Realplume 11.2 and configs 1.3.1 to configs 3.0.1 (backwards-compatible zip) and the enclosed dependencies, while using ReStock 1.4 and KSP 1.7.3. I did so to escape the glitchy plume of the Reliant in the old version, as was widely reported in the previous, locked thread. Instead, I've stumbled into two issues. One, Swivel and Poodle seem to be manifesting large, high-altitude plumes with exhaust reflux at sea level. Two, a component of the Reliant's exhaust is off-center. Since I updated to escape a reliant glitch, do understand my frustration See enclosed album: https://imgur.com/a/eg0hEUo
  8. OneWeb finally gets special waiver allowing it to launch out of Baikonur and Vostochnyi with participation of military personnel despite prior security objections. First payload has been flown to Baikonur, due for launch in January 2020.
  9. I think I'm in the same contrarian boat as the OP. We can't have a good, reliable answer until after maybe a year from now - and even then we'll have to settle for second-hand "leaks". For now, we know a Star Wars movie is scheduled to come out on Christmas of 2021. The profitability of SW is in rather steep decline, Episode IX hasn't broken past one billion and is unlikely to, even though theoretically it should have outperformed TLJ. Without good 'core' sales they can't expect to make it big on merch and Galaxy's Edge - which is said to have taken a ridiculous amount of money to build. Ancillaries like the Mandalorian are an option, but how many non-fans are going to get interested? We don't know - caught in the fallout of the TLJ controversy, Solo isn't representative ...but probably not that many. And finally, SE video-games are now more tied to the movies than ever before. Disney have handled SW poorly - you can fight to the death over the particulars, but the results cannot be argued with. They've disillusioned the returning fans, and they failed to capture a new broad audience - especially in China. The rational step for them now is to cut their losses and pit the property on the backburner for at least a decade. ...Unless another insane contract is involved and they must churn films a la Fantastic Four. After all, there are rumours they're killing OT characters to avoid paying Lucas royalties - just like the new Trek must be at least '25% different' from the original, hence it's not really set in the original, non-Kelvin (JJ movies) timeline, but consciously only maintains continuity in very broad strokes.
  10. Big Padalka interview. He's not a fan of Fyodor, very dismissive of recent 'achievements' - indirectly casting shade on the shift in the industry in the 'naughts - and thinks Russia desperately needs to at least somewhat piggyback in the upcoming space boom. https://ria.ru/20191230/1563002068.html
  11. The diameter is 38 times square root of blast energy in kilotons, according to one random source. Depth is 7-10 times smaller than the diameter - hemispherical craters are physically near-impossible. Nukemap et al should have documentation for their models that might help you out with more elaborate formulae.
  12. Roscosmos celebrates a launch-failure-free year. ...for the first time in sixteen years.