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  1. DDE

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    It’s a bit of a stretch. The best we have is two publications by The Telegraph, a decade apart, claiming it’s “in early development”.
  2. Provisional near-GSO. It’s not a thing that exists, so, no. Makeyev for the mear future is fully occupied with Sarmat deployment.
  3. DDE

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    You can’t have unrealistic spacesuits if you don’t have spacesuits. Let me put it this way: most bulletproof vests are easily stabbed through by knives. Similarily, counter-hypervelocity Whipple shielding is worthless against low supersonic projectiles loke bullets. Basically, anti-meteoroid armour is built to handle an entirely different velocity range, where projectiles are reduced to plasma on *any* inpact and homogenous armour makes no sense - while the opposite is true for bullets.
  4. Gee, wasn’t it beeping for a while? I thought only the ion engines were out.
  5. DDE

    Yuri’s night

    Belated but related: the space-themed exposition, complete with Gagarin's pod, has reopened at VDNKh. It's half-empty, not all of the exhibits have tags, AND THE MARS-3 ROVER DEPLOYMENT ARM IS SHOVED OUT OF VIEW... but it's still better than the electronics bazaar that used to be there. The whole of VDNKh is a construction zone, though. Avoid it.
  6. DDE

    NASA SLS/Orion/Payloads

    Apparently, Russia has signalled its willingness to tie its dual lunar orbit rendezvous achitecture to the LOP-G. For no apparent reason.
  7. To spare a click and cut down on clickbait, Russian satellite electronics are 70% imported, and this is a vulnerability. Full stop.
  8. DDE

    The Debate of Solid vs Liquid

    Performance justifies all. Energomash developed the RD-503 as an upgraded first-stage motor for Sineva. It's the one Soviet engine I know of that was built for chlorine pentafluoride.
  9. Well... The thing is, the Sarmat must squeeze into the old Voevoda launch silos as a cost-saving measure. Solid missiles are bigger pound-for-pound, so instead they used Makeyev, who specialize in extremely space-efficient SLMBs: And NOBODY has managed to get hybrids to work in a military capacity. Reportedly an RD-264 derivative. It's designed to work with the mortar ejection. Here's a non-reposted video: You can count the nozzles. Also, because someone asked, keep in mind that R-36 was two-stage as well.
  10. DDE

    The Debate of Solid vs Liquid

    Curiously, RMI was asked to develop a drop-in hydrazine-NTO replacement for the solid motor on the Sparrow III missile, and they succeeded. They did end up with the design scrapped (because Thiokol finally made a freeze-proof design), although they managed to get the Bullpup fielded instead. One thing that you lot have all missed is the matter of size. Liquid fuel means less size per dV, and it's possible to squeeze tankage into every part of the missile imaginable. This is why Makeyev, the Soviet SLBM guys, are liquid fuel fanatics. That one time they were forced to do a solid-fuel missile, they still came up with a liquid second stage; the other time, the result was the Typhoon submarine and its greatly maligned monster missiles; so for the highly cntroversial Bulava, they had to be booted in favour of the Topol developers, who specialize exclusively in solids. Instead, they were to design the Sarmat, and guess what that thing uses:
  11. And it shouldn't. Aerospikes typically steer by differential throttling of thrust cells. The exhaust should gimbal, the engine shouldn't.
  12. DDE

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    Then they are unworthy of the MCRN. https://youtu.be/aaOuUP3i_J4?t=1597
  13. Would that be Aerospike.mu, AerospikeDiff, AerospikeLUM or AerospikeNRM?
  14. DDE

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    It's costly in terms of personnel, risky, and difficult to integrate into your own fleet. Anything Zumwalt is a bad idea. *ba-dum-tss* I'll see myself out.
  15. I think antialiasing is down to 2x, but on. Could explain other peculiar effects that I tried to combat with V-sync.