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  1. At this point it's a Catch 22. Roscosmos is corrupt through and through, but they can't get anything done if they keep cleaning house.
  2. I just highly doubt that medical titanium plate is thick enough to be bulletproof.
  3. Broke: icebreaker Woke: If the station is sufficiently tall, it becomes a terrestrial building.
  4. Reactors don't float. We know that very reliably because, for early icebreakers, the Soviet refueling procedure was to use detcord to blow up the bottom underneath all three reactors, sending them to the bottom, and then replace them with new ones at the yard.
  5. http://toughsf.blogspot.com/2019/09/nter-nuclear-thermal-electric-rocket.html?m=1 Pinging @MatterBeam
  6. Something like this is becoming an option on ships with "integrated" powerplants like the Zumwalt-class or many cruise liners: all engine power is converted to electricity and fed into the ship's power grid.
  7. Hm. I think we should go the oblique way. You see, some radio waves are actually quite sensitive to atmospheric moisture, but we've long since learnt to solve that problem. The Soviets worked on using ionized particles in air or vacuum as a short-term shield against radar and lasers. If you're somehow able to arrange for carbon nanoparticles, you might have a workable "stealth planet". https://www.thespacereview.com/article/3536/1
  8. https://science.sciencemag.org/content/369/6511/1626 So, were the Norse the wisest of us all?
  9. A hundred of very old Rosatom slides on the nuclear tug project: https://mypresentation.ru/presentation/1569929754_sozdanie-transportnoenergeticheskogo-modulya-na-osnove-yadernoj-energodvigatelnoj-ustanovki-megavattnogo-klassa
  10. Moscow's second wave has led to the autumn school holidays getting doubled https://www.mos.ru/authority/documents/doc/44679220/ I think the kids might get the wrong idea...
  11. Introducing the Power Accumulator from Surviving Mars: It starts off flat with the ground and rises as it charges. It takes concrete to build. It is far more realistic than the super-dehumidifiers (Moisture Farms) that I've nicknamed Thunderf00t's Lament.
  12. Investigators usually have the good sense not to disturb a scene. Meanwhile, I have an orange paw in my ham sandwich every morning.
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