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  1. DDE

    The end of NASA

    And ten times smaller. Colour me shocked.
  2. @razark@Ultimate Steve Mir-era Soyuz ships have switched to an ODU architecture: like the Buran, it feeds the RCS and the main thruster(s) from the same tankage of (in Soyuz's case, UDMH-NTO, while Buran used syntin-lOx).This helps remove the need for the elaborate dual-nozzle backup UDMH-NTO engine and replace it with prograde RCS thrusters.
  3. DDE

    KSP compared to a real Soyuz control panel

    Alright, let's start with the basics. Soviets were MechJeb fans, so the only think the crew didi during abort is engage ballistic reentry mode. The two sticks are for orientation and translation RCS thrusters. There is zero visibility ahead - they've only recently added a blister o the orbital module. Therefore, the Soyuz is flown through a periscope displayed on the circular screen. I'd share some clips from Salyut-7, otherwise known as Soyuz-T-13 porn, but it looks like they're only found in the darker corners of the Russian web.
  4. The plan is to reuse Nauka on a post-ISS Russian station.
  5. It IS a dead ringer for the Kontakt missile, and I've heard not-entirely-substantiated things about that project being alive. That makes at least four Russian ASATs in play (Kontakt, Nudol/Rudolph, Nivelir, Burevestnik). https://forum.nasaspaceflight.com/index.php?topic=45734.0
  6. @wumpus, the UR-700 and Energia did not exist concurrently. AFAIK Glushko inherited the N-1 and spent some time before killing it. But by then UR-700 was entirely dead, partly because the first-stage, oxidizer-rich full-flow staged combustion engine, RD-270, was having serious trouble. This meant a gap of six years between one project dying and the other being conceptualized.
  7. There are missiles. And then there are huge missiles. Ganked-up translation. He was referring to the "rocket LEGO" school of design. All mock-ups feature the Soyuz-5 now.
  8. The recent certification of the Falcon Heavy for military launches might help. The fun thing is that the way the Pentagon seems to think today, they have license to counter potential, future threats. Which is satisfyingly vague. Hang on, I have a "taxation is theft" meme for that. Now, before the thread is nuked... well, what's wrong with patenting the wheel and shaking down every bike manufacturer on the planet? Global enforcement of US national (and, lately, EU supranational) law is an unfortunate but common trend.
  9. Moonshot by 2030. Moon base. Missions to Mars. Jupiter moon lander probes. Own station in Earth orbit. Bits of the LOP-G. Bits of the Chinese station. None of those sufficiently funded. Those are beyond rumours. But remember when the Foreign Intelligence Service chief just jumped on a redeye to DC to meet with Pompeo? I 'member. "Better" news. Khrunichev will shut down the Moscow site entirely after completing its current Proton orders, and try to sell the real estate to plug the hole in its finance. That's it for the Proton, supposedly.
  10. Sorry, I've given up on KSP for now. That weekend spent modding made me physically ill the next Monday.
  11. DDE

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    It’s a bit of a stretch. The best we have is two publications by The Telegraph, a decade apart, claiming it’s “in early development”.
  12. Provisional near-GSO. It’s not a thing that exists, so, no. Makeyev for the mear future is fully occupied with Sarmat deployment.
  13. DDE

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    You can’t have unrealistic spacesuits if you don’t have spacesuits. Let me put it this way: most bulletproof vests are easily stabbed through by knives. Similarily, counter-hypervelocity Whipple shielding is worthless against low supersonic projectiles loke bullets. Basically, anti-meteoroid armour is built to handle an entirely different velocity range, where projectiles are reduced to plasma on *any* inpact and homogenous armour makes no sense - while the opposite is true for bullets.
  14. Gee, wasn’t it beeping for a while? I thought only the ion engines were out.