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  1. Ah, you missed a key feature. The Orion drive units are CASABA-HOWITZER shaped nuclear charges firing a blast of hypervelocity tungsten plasma in a cone about 22⁰ wide, aimed at the launching spacecraft.
  2. Mine-resistance ambush-protected vehicles are designed with the titular purposes in mind, complete with a V-shaped hull and as much distance between the wheels and the backsides of the passengers as possible. This makes them rather top-heavy and flip-prone. Because of that, they get training wheels.
  3. Germans are said to get hit with the same sorr of dissonance. Foreign speakers learn the idealized Hochdeutsch and lack the usual regional accents. Ended up getting a whopping 17 years, starting with first grade and continuing all the way through Masters'. However, I slacked off and very rarely got technical, learning much of the language through sheer emulation of consumed media (hence I'm quite mum on the whole phonetics discussion). The result is some puzzling mixture of American and British, topped by the very detectable Russian accent (especially if I've just "switched gears")... and the general slurriness and excessive speed.
  4. Centaur-Anything is valid with a proper "corset". After all, all the design work on Shuttle-Centaur was complete.
  5. RL-10 is good, baloon tanks are light. Why mess with perfection? And all things considered, your question might not be too far out there.
  6. Now, if you would allow me to direct your attention to the draft 2023 federal budget right here: https://sozd.duma.gov.ru/bill/201614-8 According to Annex 12 (out of the 592 files bundled in with the draft, jeez), page 1904, Roscosmos is allocated 236 bln RUB, vis a vis 191 bln RUB for 2022. https://spending.gov.ru/budget/grbs/730/ Some say Borisov only took the job on the condition that "his pie" got 30% bigger...
  7. It's so shut off it's been flooding us with unprecedented amounts of cash (the significant difference between Russian and global rouble-dollar exchange rate was one sign), and OPEC+ is negotiating another supply squeeze deal right in the face of preparations for the vaunted 'price cap' (which is already getting so many caveats added it's going to be a complete joke - simultaneously decreeing that third-party processed Russian oil isn't subject to restrictions and vowing not to sanction violators of the price cap). Treating either combatant in this war as a house of cards about to collapse has proven to be an abysmal approach.
  8. "Stellaris is the only game where something like this makes sense." "or when watching two possums in a trailer park" Banging it as loud as you can! my sides
  9. I think the key question there is whether these phalanges can be... actuated.
  10. 65th anniversary of Sputnik, and the Ministry of Defence decides to slop6in that it "conducts experiments with other nations' satellites in orbit". https://ria.ru/20221004/rossiya-1821306516.html?utm_source=yxnews&utm_medium=mobile
  11. Is Elon Errolovich really that excited about Dmitry Olegovich's likely imminent new job?
  12. It hasn't been. But then nor have there ever been a true spaceplane combat sortie mission. Yet.
  13. Well, for starters, the sign of a car inexplicitly starting to creep across the parking lot is going to get quite a few jaws to drop. Plus, the first thing I think of at the sight of that thing is a trip to the impound lot.
  14. Bit of a marginal but honest question, but I've stumbled upon the scene of a major thrashing Ian has given to the aircraft at North Perry, FL. https://yuripasholok.livejournal.com/13963724.html Wouldn't people either keep their aircraft away from the capital state of hurricanes for the hurricane season, or be close enough to bolter out of there at the first sign of trouble?
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