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  1. Something was venting from the cooling pipe, and an icicle could be seen forming. Norminal?
  2. I heard DPRK doesn't have good launch azimuths... Rockets have to fly over Japan, not great. Not an easy problem to solve, unless you have a floating launch platform or something like that. Oh wait.
  3. All you need to counter this is a strong magnetosphere. But a moon is unlikely to have it, so it must be orbiting close enough to its parent gas giant that has magnetosphere. Preferably not inside a radiation belt, but thick atmosphere can help with that.
  4. I have some of his merch. “Buran” T-shirt, F1 engine T-shirt and a set of grid fin-shaped drink coasters.
  5. No, and I have no idea why this is gettin brought up repeatedly. It’s evolving in a completely different direction than Shuttle. ITS-2016 and BFR-2017 looked more like a Shuttle than the current Starship design.
  6. Rogozin’s cosmic wealth. (with English subtitles) (mildly political, but quite relevant)
  7. Missile carriers can be cruise missiles. Missile-ception. They'll be fine. Because "the likelihood of legislative changes is high, since it would be “wrong” to drive enterprises into a debt hole".
  8. RC Dozers doing a little moonscaping project in preparation for Artemis landing? Maybe even paint a giant X in the center?
  9. Sounds about right. But wouldn’t SpaceX want to pursue a secondary mission as well?
  10. So how many refillings does it need to land 100t on the Moon and return? Must be around 6-7 in GTO, right?
  11. Right, who needs a complex pre-cooler when the engine itself is supposed to be expendable?
  12. Roscosmos filed a patent for a combined cycle engine for... spaceplanes? Hypersonic air launch motherships?