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  1. Bad idea to wreck the thing that has your own cosmonauts on it.
  2. Is that a “skill”, working in crunch conditions? IMO, stress tolerance is more of a personality trait than a skill. In my experience, regardless of skill level and expertise, some people will start freaking out and having mental breaks, while others will be perfectly chill and composed, there’s no training that can fix that. And if SpaceX has 3 shifts working 24/7, that’s already pretty darn fast, without the need for putting extra stress on the people with harsh deadlines.
  3. Wow, thanks! I don’t often create new threads, I’ve made maybe 3 or 4 in total since I joined in 2015, so seeing my thread being mentioned in TOTM is a huge surprise! Maybe this is a sign that I should make more of them?
  4. From RT: Given that “Admiral Kuznetsov” is currently in repairs until 2022, what (and which country’s) aircraft carrier are they going to use as a practice target? Will the carrier crew be notified in advance, or will there be a surprise test?
  5. That can count as a “high-gee adventure” and cost extra fee for the tourists.
  6. No big deal, Progress can do that. Or Cygnus. Maybe Starship in the future.
  7. Atlas V uses different engines. Still can’t see how Antares engines relate to Bezos.
  8. Ok, remove CO2 but leave some of it nearby (in orbit). CO2 ice asteroids. Deorbit these asteroids when C is needed for plants.
  9. First remove CO2, then bring water. Use some water to make hydrogen.
  10. Mine Europa for water ice, it has twice as much water as Earth.
  11. At 8:00 in the OP video they propose to use another set of mirrors to create an artificial day-night cycle. Spinning the planet up is a task on a completely different technological level than the rest of techniques mentioned in the video.
  12. https://tass.com/science/1312021 That’s well within physics range!
  13. Put a magnetic satellite in L1 point between Sun and Venus, it will protect the planet. When we can build planet-size mirrors to cool Venus, magnetic satellites will be trivial. https://phys.org/news/2017-03-nasa-magnetic-shield-mars-atmosphere.html
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