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  1. Lower-middle module with the arm is interesting. Spacecraft servicing platform?
  2. Did they find a way to build Sarmat without imported electronics?
  3. Extremely important for Mars colonization program.
  4. Good way to scare off any potential commercial customers forever. Also, I imagined space pirates differently….
  5. ESA officially suspended #ExoMars rover mission "acknowledged the present impossibility of carrying out the ongoing cooperation with Roscosmos". https://www.esa.int/Newsroom/Press_Releases/ExoMars_suspended
  6. Same as landing on the Moon in Starship in two years….
  7. The government will now likely start spending hundreds of billions of $ from central bank reserves and national wealth fund that were accumulated over the years. Until it’s out of cash, it’s worth fighting for a chunk of that cash.
  8. I bought a hoodie with Buran from Glavkosmos online store, so their commercial revenues are definitely not zero
  9. Rogozin: we need a space station Government: sorry no money Rogozin: we need a MILITARY space station Government: here’s everything you’ll ever need! It’s a clever tactic by Rogozin in a situation when commercial revenues of Roscosmos are near zero.
  10. And a rock bridge from mainland to Taiwan. For reasons.
  11. Breaking: Russia developing a scenario to bomb Pacific Ocean from space with hypersonic object. Can it be stopped?!
  12. Being in open space is not an excuse to break traditions.
  13. Vostochny is a bit too far north for ISS missions.
  14. Worst-case for who? Also, I don’t like the term “cutting away”. The term I’d use is “helping to organise a democratic referendum about the future of several territories during political instability”.
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