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  1. Granted, you now work at National Archives of South Africa. I wish I had a dog.
  2. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Found it on Facebook.
  3. KSP Weekly: A Private Space Race

    The real ones have long and uniform truncated cones in the middle. They can be loosely approximated with just cones. KSP ones look more curved and are fatter a little bit. They also don’t seem to have cylindrical sections on the bottom.
  4. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    The paint may suffer from heavy UV irradiation where there is no ozone layer to protect it from decomposing. Even supercar paint may not be designed to withstand cosmic levels of UV-C, which is normally completely absorbed by the atmosphere.
  5. KSP Weekly: A Private Space Race

    How big is FL-C1000?
  6. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I feel like I’m slowly becoming a launch addict.
  7. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Not so sure about millions of years in space. Eventually it's going to get an encounter with either Earth or Mars.
  8. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Hmm, it’s been a month without any new FH delays. This is suspicious. What are they up to?
  9. I wouldn’t be so sure about that. I have an i7-4790k, gtx1070 and 16 gigs of RAM, and I have serious issues running the game at acceptable framerates. I have GPP (with Kopernicus), EVE and Scatterer installed, and sometimes I get framerates as low as 10 fps with 60-part MKS surface bases. In stock game I can have 500-part vessels and stable 60 fps. Mods can really destroy the game performance.
  10. KSP Weekly: Longest Stay on the Moon

    That's what I'm getting from it. Making new rocket parts consistent with old ugly ones. Consistency isn't always good.
  11. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    A lot less of what?