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  1. sh1pman

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    “Dmitry, see this 100 ton particle beam? We want it in space. Here’s moneys.”
  2. One of the very few “KSP loadings” NOT about part revamps, and we somehow got a multi-page argument about part revamps... What’s even more unusual, this time it’s not because @passinglurker is roasting the devs for how bad the revamps are.
  3. sh1pman

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Not again, it's 100+ tons BECAUSE of this change. Elon didn't talk about it at Dear Moon presentation, but knew about the changes. That plus no vacuum Raptors reduced the payload from 150 to 100t.
  4. Also has two combustion chambers instead of one. The only shared thing is a turbopump.
  5. Fuel gauge makes driving way too easy!
  6. sh1pman

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Well, I can only see the brightest stars from where I live, like Altair, etc. Terrible light pollution...
  7. Great! Finally! Now... You know what else will be extremely handy if Jeb wants to go to Duna? ... You know what it is. It involves transfer windows and planning.
  8. sh1pman

    A KSP Loading... Preview: Helmet Removal

    Because it’s an old stock craft, and it kept some old parts that are different to new ones (e.g. decouplers and possibly Hammer SRBs).
  9. sh1pman

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I never get used to how frickin’ huge that thing is.
  10. sh1pman

    A KSP Loading... Preview: Helmet Removal

    Also: what’s up with those Hammer SRBs? They look... like a cross between old style and new style.
  11. sh1pman

    A KSP Loading... Preview: Helmet Removal

    I wasn’t 100% sure that it wasn’t a mod. In fact, I was certain that it was a mod. Well then. How’s that for a Christmas present?
  12. sh1pman

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I dunno. They can replace the electronics, flush the fuel lines, maybe static fire it, see what happens. If all is ok, use it for maxQ abort test.
  13. sh1pman

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    Ukrainian tanks, Russian engine, assembled in USA, launched in international waters. “Russian rocket”...