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  1. Commercial availability. SpaceX is not selling their Raptor to anyone else.
  2. I think that we will see a lot of lithobraking. Landing flip is probably the hardest manoeuvre they’ve ever done with Falcon or Startship.
  3. I thought that landing from circular polar orbit should cost about the same regardless of landing spot.
  4. Is landing on equator easier than South Pole? I don’t quite get it, why would they change the landing site?
  5. Is there anything stopping them from turning SN5 and 6 into proper Starships with fins, nose cones and many engines? They can fly, so why not?
  6. What are they going to do with SN5 and SN6? More short hops or retire?
  7. Can they build Raptors as fast as they’re building new Starships?
  8. If we really want to improve the existing food crops, it has to be done outside of corporate labs and without corporate funding. Possibly against certain corporations’ interests even. Crowdfunded GMO lab? I’d apply to that!
  9. Things that KSP doesn’t teach: IRL you can buy several heavy-lift orbital rockets for the price of one SRB.
  10. TWR of 200 is even higher than Merlin, wow.
  11. This whole Neuralink thing reminded me strongly of another game: It has Neuromods that you install into your brain. They rewire the connectome to instantly learn new skills such as speaking foreign languages, playing the piano like a world-known maestro, and potentially much more. It also has some of the most stylish art I’ve seen in games:
  12. Or zap your brain whenever you try to listen to music without paying for it first.
  13. Rogozin will ask for 150 billion ₽ increase in funding for Roscosmos, 1.4 trillion ₽ total (20B $). I love the picture.