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  1. Hopefully we’ll see more spaceplanes flying within our lifetime. Only, they need somewhere to fly to. Using a spaceplane for Moon landings would be inefficient, same with transit between stations in space. So, their main use case is trips between Earth and LEO. Therefore, if there’s a need for large LEO stations, spaceplanes will be very useful. I like spaceplanes for these missions more than Starship because of their ability to do unpowered landing and lower G forces during reentry.
  2. ⚡️Cosmonaut Oleg Artemiev returns from outer space to the ISS due to battery problems, he may lose connection - broadcast
  3. The word “deserved” I’d dispute, the rest is not wrong.
  4. The new director is much more boring.
  5. Putin dismissed Dmitry Rogozin from the post of General Director of the State Corporation "Roscosmos" Deputy Prime Minister for Defense Industry Borisov relieved of his post Borisov replaced Rogozin at the head of Roskosmos TBH, I’m a little bit sad
  6. Not looking great for the unnamed district
  7. Shading of what, the ship? Like with a giant sun umbrella?
  8. Also, the ground itself gets boiling hot during the lunar day, so the radiators will need to be properly insulated. Does it make sense to find a permanently shaded ditch nearby and bury the coolant pipes underground there?
  9. Was thinking about Moonship lander. Is there any info about how SpaceX is going to deal with heating issues? The ship is going to be sitting in constant sunlight for weeks. In a vacuum. Without some kind of active cooling the cabin will turn into a hot sauna very quickly.
  10. It's editing. Also, the inscription on the fairing reads "Russia does not abandon its own!". That's an... interesting choice of a phrase to write on a fairing that you throw away.
  11. They should check around SLS somewhere for a few spare billions
  12. New Roscosmos HQ in the scenic riverside location in Moscow. Why? Because it’s funded entirely out of the city budget.
  13. Lower-middle module with the arm is interesting. Spacecraft servicing platform?
  14. Did they find a way to build Sarmat without imported electronics?
  15. Extremely important for Mars colonization program.
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