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  1. Also, PDU for some reason is subject to efficiency calculations. I think I had it produce as much EC/s as a 3.75m nuke reactor.
  2. You need to first sift the dirt with a sifter, then crush gypsum using a crusher to get fertilizer. Is dirt going down when you power up the sifter? Which converter are you using on it?
  3. I guess it will happen in the Near Future
  4. I have a possible bug to report. Kolonists and other MKS specialists cost the same as core professions. According to the options menu, they should only cost 1k per Kerbal. I've checked the "alternate cost for kolonists" option in the difficulty menu. Anyone else encountered this bug?
  5. I think it makes Eve easier to launch from, since you escape the atmosphere faster.
  6. Really? Well I guess it makes sense. What's the pressure on the surface then?
  7. Just 55km, how realistic is that? Eve has much more atmosphere than Kerbin, it should be higher than that.
  8. If you do it high up (40 km or so, stock atmo), it won't cause any issues. And I'm talking about reaally heavy and long weights, where everything else fails. For smaller landers you have many more options.
  9. That's the point, you dont need to stay stable. If it's a long and heavy payload (99% of my Eve landers), then build a huge fairing around it and include 2 inflatable heatshields to both sides (or 1 heatshield and a bulge on the fairing, as on my pic). Then it'll stablilze going sideways in the atmosphere while spinning. You don't need any SAS or fins for this. The Gs will be high, but not catastrophically high. Trust me, I made a self-sufficient base on Eve with a single ludicrous lander (forgive me Roverdude).
  10. The trick is to: A) make it really big, B) make it go sideways in the atmosphere, and C) drop as much speed with engines before reentry as possible (up to 1000m/s from low orbit). Then it works.
  11. My way of dropping big stuff on Eve: Dropping huge stuff on Eve (exerything outside the fairing is ditched): With huge drop masses ( >100t) fins won't cut it. They just explode, just like the inflatable heatshield. Only the fairing seems to work OK, and even then you need to build it right.
  12. Oh no, please don't abandon MkIV, it's such a great mod! There aren't many balanced wide-body spaceplane mods around, and MkIV is the best. What's the problem with it?
  13. Local logistics makes it trivial. Unless, of course, you want to transfer machinery or uranium, but even then it isn't much of a problem anyway.
  14. That's why I wrote "As of right now". I know the reasons behind the shift of official support from EL to GC.