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  1. It often has an impact on gameplay, making it more grindy to stimulate players to purchase time-savers and stuff like that.
  2. Methane/LOX engine RD-169 for Amur-SPG rocket is designed to support up to 300 ignitions, 3 per flight.
  3. There’s also one in the background, with launch escape system installed.
  4. Reminds me of SLS. Overpriced non-reusable rocket that’s no better than its predecessor, delayed by many years, outdated and obsolete by the time of its first launch. The thing I hate the most about it is that good engineers are wasting their lives on a bad project.
  5. They also have to run through the heat shield on the belly side. Might cause some difficulties.
  6. “Continues to weaponize space?” But it’s a direct ascent anti-satellite missile. They should’ve said “continues to weaponize ground”. If I’m getting a gun to shoot ducks, I’m not weaponizing ducks!
  7. Although, 55t is not a lot of mass for a nuclear tug. They should've gone for a bigger one, e.g. 125t+ and use a Don rocket to launch it.
  8. First mission is scheduled to launch in 2030 to Venus, with a stop at the Moon (visit the Gateway?). If it was up to me, its first mission would be to intercept a certain red Tesla roadster, catch it with a net and bring back to Earth orbit.
  9. (I’ll get banned for this, but couldn’t resist) Also: Russia Begins Development of Nuclear Tug for Flights to Moon, Jupiter, Venus MOSCOW, (Sputnik) - Roscosmos has signed a contract worth 4.2 billion rubles ($57.5 million) for the preliminary design of nuclear space tug Nuklon for flights to the Moon, Jupiter and Venus, according to the materials of the state corporation published on the public procurement website. The contract between Roskosmos and the St. Petersburg design bureau Arsenal for the "development of a preliminary design for the creation of a space system wi
  10. Is that a bad thing? I mean, if Russia signs the Accords, it can also militarize its half of the Moon as well!
  11. So where did the green come from, what do you think? Was it copper from fuel channels inside engine bells?
  12. True if it’s burnt at or near stoichiometric ratio or with excess of oxygen. But if there’s a great excess of fuel (as in a fuel preburner), that’s a different story.
  13. It probably never reached the speed at which they were supposed to extend.
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