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  1. Yea, I mentioned that too, on the previous page. Was it a translation bug or a misinterpretation bug?
  2. I was speaking about the rocket, not the spacecraft.
  3. Never. It’s getting pushed back two years every two years. The current date is 2022. @NSEP it’s not even a paper phase, lol. Fantasy phase more like.
  4. Sure, it can always get worse. Like it's been getting worse for the last 27 years.
  5. Soviet space program was an inspiring story, Russian one isn't. It's been recycling Soviet legacy since the dissolution of USSR, kinda like primitives digging up artifacts of a dead civilization. All the great things, like Buran shuttle, Energia rocket (up to 200t to low orbit, reusable boosters) and spirit of space exploration are gone. That's why I don't care much about Russian space program, and announcements like the one Putin did make me laugh.
  6. Well, right now it's a downward spiral for Russian space industry. New projects have ~90% chance of being cancelled in 2-3 years time. Terrible management and quality control, corruption, laughable salaries and aging Soviet-era personnel. And on top of all that - lack of political will for space exploration. I won't be surprised if in a decade or two Russia loses its access to space altogether.
  7. Sure, Proton + Briz can get a light probe to Mars. Manned mission though - not in our lifetime.
  8. Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    Or moving the rocket to another launch pad and forgetting to update the flight computer firmware. Every time it's something new and hilarious. No reliability to speak of.
  9. @Snark even without the historical argument, the Wolfhound is OP. It’s better than Poodle in every way. Something needs to be done.
  10. Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    I’m surprised they could secure anything at all. SpaceX ran out of rockets?
  11. Even atomic bears are not as ridiculous as Russian Mars mission.,_Krasnoyarsk_Krai
  12. SpaceX BFR Discussion.

    I think BFR should be renamed to “T. Rex”.
  13. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA ... Sorry. Seriously though. Don’t believe that guy. Russia has no launch vehicle for Mars mission, no hab module, no capsule, no SM for it, and no money to build it all. Never going to happen. Not in 40 years time for sure. It’s just a regular stupid bragging aimed at people who know literally nothing about the state the Russian space industry is in. ——— BTW, he said that 2019 was proposed for an unmanned Moon landing (Luna-25), not for Mars mission. Just google what he actually said. There was a translation bug it seems.
  14. MH contains some very useful quality-of-life parts that aren't OP at all, like engine plates, structural tubes, 5m fuel tanks and command pods. They are well balanced with stock, too. If MH engines are OP, then I think they specifically can be considered "modded", while everything else can pass as stock.
  15. It's methalox, so I'd say it's somewhere between 350 and 370s.