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  1. First Law disabled. Removing bandit.
  2. Stations shaking themselves to death is a well known “feature” in KSP, and it has nothing to do with autostruts. They may even help in some cases. It’s just that when a station (or any craft, really) becomes large and/or branched enough, with heavy parts (i.e. fuel tanks) on the ends connected to light parts in the middle (i.e. 6-way node), especially through multiple docking ports, sometimes a positive feedback loop forms, and parts of the station start shaking with increasing amplitude until something breaks off. There’s no way to know exactly when it will happen, sometimes it will happen when you just load a scene with the station. @PiGiCooL What can help: if it started shaking, there’s little you can do. Hitting timewarp will stop the shaking temporarily. What you want to do is rearranging the station parts. Undock some and redock them to other ports. It helped me a couple of times. As I said, autostruts may help, but there’s total randomness as to what modes on what parts you have to set them to. Play around with them, and when the shaking gets violent, hit timewarp on and off, and it will revert to shaking slowly giving you more time. If you have an earlier save before you docked something to the station, go back to it, and dock to some other port. If there’s no other port, I’m afraid there’s nothing you can do. Hopefully it helps. P.S. When building large stations, try to have heavy stuff in the middle and not too many branches and crossings.
  3. It would add a lot of depth to the colony gameplay. Build hydroponics, ice mines, fertilizer production, etc... Roverdude did it right with MKS.
  4. Yes. If the robot is in the descent module, he’ll be fine.
  5. Alexander Skvortsov’s crew. I think they will all be on the ship. Skvortsov, Morgan, Parmitano. Otherwise there will be a situation when there aren’t enough lifeboats on the station.
  6. Wow, that’s not good. Just heard about the docking failure. If they don’t get it right on the next try, Fedor is doomed.
  7. Absolutely, 100% agree, SpaceX is so insignificant, unoriginal and derivative that I’m really quite baffled as to why would someone even mention it here in the thread dedicated to such an innovative marvel of engineering which is SLS.
  8. Only the poles. And only if their orbital plane around Uranus is exactly perpendicular to the ecliptic plane, which it isn’t.
  9. What did this imposter do to the real F-850, we will never know.
  10. Maybe. Hard to tell. But I hope you’re right.
  11. Really? I didn’t see any clouds in the gameplay footage and screenshots.
  12. «Our focus will be to deliver solid, impactful content our fans will love to incorporate into their game” Solid and impactful microtransactions, is what I read from this