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  1. sh1pman

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    Might look like this:
  2. sh1pman

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    Some highlights from Rogozin’s interview to TASS: Russia to develop super-heavy rocket as reusable spacecraft Second launch pad at Vostochny spaceport may take 45 months to build Roscosmos chief specifies timeframe for Russian lunar program’s launch Research module Nauka to be launched to ISS in November 2019
  3. sh1pman

    SpaceX moon landing.

    Expendable or reusable launches?
  4. sh1pman

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    ISS spacewalk livestream:
  5. sh1pman

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Well, there's finally a use for LOP-G - being a fuel depot for skycrane.
  6. sh1pman

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Yea, that landing is probably just some artist’s imagination. It’s only supposed to be able to reach lunar orbit and return, but not land on the surface. (But honestly, I think it’ll be canceled and will never fly, but that’s another story).
  7. sh1pman

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Yea, until BFR starts flying. It'll have proper bathrooms and showers and everything.
  8. sh1pman

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Soyuz has 3 times more habitable volume than Gemini, or 2 times more per person (7.5m^3 vs 2.5m^3). Crew Dragon has something like 10 m^3 of pressurized volume, no idea how much of it is “habitable”, but let’s say all of it. Then with 4 person crew it will have the same volume per person as Soyuz, and less with larger crew.
  9. sh1pman

    "Rokkit Syense" in CW's "The 100"

    @sevenperforce Its funny that they didn’t even need to hire a rocket scientist to get it all right. Average KSP player would be enough to polish most if not all of these ridiculous moments.
  10. sh1pman

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    FH is only considered for resupply missions
  11. sh1pman

    "Rokkit Syense" in CW's "The 100"

    How do these stations even dock? Are they designed specifically to do it? It’s kinda unrealistic unless they were initially placed into almost the same orbit with precisely equal inclination and longitude of ascending node. Otherwise we’re in the territory of OP thrusters and fuels, and I don’t buy it.
  12. sh1pman

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Cmon, everything related to Crew Dragon is interesting!
  13. How do they compare Isp-wise?
  14. sh1pman

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Badassasaurus Rex
  15. It’s really loud. “...and deliver our customers to orbit” Literally?