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  1. Got a new bug, couldn't find anything about it in the thread. The underwater parts look gray when I look at them from the air, and above-water parts look gray when I look at them from underwater respectively (see screenshots). Not a bug report per se, just wondering if anyone's encountered the same bug. I'm running 1.9.1, DX11, AMD GPU, in terms of mods - EVE and Scatterer from this thread, Spectra, RealPlume and dependencies, PlanetShine, DistantObjectEnhancement. UPDATE: I have been unable to pinpoint the cause of the bug, however a complete reinstallation of all mods and the
  2. Against all odds the mod worked on 1.9! However, I wouldn't be writing here if it all went smoothly. There is only one slight problem... The ramps are supposed to be sort of closed, but it only closes one ramp when I hit the "close" button in the pop-up menu. Any way to fix this?
  3. Felt cute, might deliver some democracy later
  4. We heard you like engines so we put the engines all around your hatch so you'd see some engines as you climb to start some engines.
  5. Today I did something rather weird if I dare say so myself
  6. You mean the flyby at 1:34? Basically a Camera Tools stationary camera with initial orbital velocity as reference frame and a small kick with the engines to get slow movement, IIRC. The first shot is much simpler - dogfight camera with the ship as a secondary target.
  7. Normally I get similar performance even with barely-working on 1.9 Scatterer. However, for some reason the ship causes absolutely massive lag. With all the other featured crafts FPS is ok, but when filming a ship... I don't wanna relive it.
  8. You're right, of course. It would be more appropriate to speak of FPM (frames per minute) than FPS
  9. I didn't. The footage is sped up up to 600% in some scenes. I will refrain from disclosing my FPS, or else you might very well think I'm masochistic For mods see video description, please.
  10. Yeah, spaceflight is cool, but have you tried the all-new 1953 convertible?
  11. A little something for all the Kerbals busy doing some real honest space truckin'...
  12. @linuxgurugamer, 1.6 is out. How bad is it? I mean, is there a possibility this mod will be revived anytime soon with all the problems taken into consideration? I understand, this it is low priority, we all have a real life and stuff, but it would be a great pleasure to see this mod in action again.
  13. Could you upload this mod + appropriate SmokeScreen, so I could try exactly your setup? I have removed all mods from GameData except these two, yet still it does not work and I'm experiencing severe framedrop.
  14. Yes, version for 1.4. The particles simply do not appear; the part itself, however, works fine.
  15. Thank you for such a great mod! I am afraid, however, that this mod does not work for me in 1.6.0. Perhaps I have made yet another terribly stupid mistake, but maybe something really went wrong. Could you check if it is working for you?
  16. I was, that's why I tried VaporVent in the first place. Thank you and @linuxgurugamer, I shall look into CoolRockets and RealPlume, since they both seem to work on 1.5.1. This `Ant` engine will at least be of some use...
  17. It works, in a way. Sadly, when my ship reaches speed of approximately 13 m/s, particles do not appear anymore and I want them to remain because I am trying to make some sort of colored trails. Editing part.cfg does not fix this. Could there be another option?
  18. I wonder if it is possible to make particles remain, even when the craft is moving. Is there a way?
  19. Aww, such a pity. Thank you. I remember that the grass on Kerbin was producing some brown dust, while the texture was green. Maybe there is a way to somehow trick this script and have red dust on, say, yellow or something?
  20. I am trying to change the dust colour, but the colour remains mostly white with only subtle glow of colour on the rim of the texture, no matter what I do - whether I edit particle texture from KSPWheel or config files of KerbalFoundries. If anyone knows a way of doing some cool red dust, please, give me an advice, I will be very grateful.
  21. I wanted to replace the textures of ice caps on Kerbin and found it unexpectedly difficult. I believe there must be a rather simple solution, which I have failed to find. Could someone give me an advice, please?
  22. I've got some odd flickering issue with triangle panels. Squares are fine though. Any ideas on what is causing it?
  23. Thank you! I moved cloud layer a little higher, so it doesn't clip with ground on sea level and everything looks just great!
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