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  1. Honestly speaking there is no chance in a frozen-over hellscape that I will ever take this font seriously, even as a joke. smh
  2. Seems you did, and I missed it! Thanks pal! Further congrats to @GRS for giving Dres a new moon named Spade! Cheers mate, updating board.!
  3. Hot dang those are some purdy moons! Congratulations to @Spacenerd Kerman and @Eriksonn for literally making moons and a ring to show love for Dres! Always appreciated to see classic manned missions on a large scale! Congratulations to @SecondChance for a decently-sized full-scale mission to Dres with a relay network, station, and lander! A Kerbal of science I see! Congratulations to @GRS for studying the heck outta Dres and garnering 30 thousand science points! Seems you know our planetary friend a lot better now Sorry for such a late reply everyone. Updating the board now!
  4. You can't see my face, but i'm doing a double-eyebrow raise with my eyes squinted. I haven't actaully played this game in a while, so I know nothing of the best startegies. But I wish you the best in the name of Dres!