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  1. this is me, except i go through with most of it and then revert to a previous time and pretend their deaths never happened
  2. Aright aright! @Magzimum, I've updated your entry. What an astounding rescue! I probably would've killed those kerbals trying to bring them home, both because i'm stupid, and because i'm stupid @Nantares, congratulations on completing the Dres Awareness challenge by lighting up Dres with deep-space relay comms, turning it into the comm hub of Kerbol! Sorry for the late replies all round, I can't lie and say I come here frequently, but I will try to keep some consistency
  3. Use this, plan encounters for anywhere! Well done! Shall I consider this your entry to the list or would you like to hold off until future expansion?
  4. gonna stick some wings and an engine to some fuel tanks and teleport it to that super-kerbin planet and fly around. maybe try to orbit.
  5. hellow am i clear for rapiers on modern kombat or am i limited to panthers/whiplashes?
  6. You'd be correct. The user below me is vibing very hard right now.
  7. Apologies for the delayed response, I don't come to the forum as often as I used to. Looks legal to me, and I'm the judge so it's whatever anyways It looks an interesting mod, wish I could play but my computer can hardly handle stock. I will however, give you full credit on an intricate exploration of a revamped Dres. Congrats to @Gordon Fecyk for completing the Dres Awareness challenge with a detailed and pleasing-to-follow exploration of Dres!
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