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  1. Bro, overengineering is my jam. And to me, going to Duna, Moho, AND Dres in the span of 3 months of getting the game is insanity. I've been here for about 4 years now, and I still have never been to any planet (and back) with a small exception of Dres. I'm expecting some wonderful things from you
  2. It's been a rough few days for me, so I'm sorry for the delay. Congratulations to @Robonoise for completing the Dres Awareness challenge with a residential outpost on Dres! Your entry will be posted in the OP momentarily.
  3. If it's just for extra launch difficulty off Kerbin for bragging rights, I don't see why not. Very nice indeed. I'll take it this is your submission then?
  4. Granted. you are now permanently under the influence of any psychoactive drug of your choice, excluding (nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine). Do note, it is in whatever dosage is enough for near ego-death. I wish Alaska was part of Canada (or just the panhandle bit)
  5. 7.89/10 Known you for a bit, one of the few users I can still recognize
  6. Banned for disturbing ancient relics.