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  1. YAh tha's hot, that's real hot! I love (I'm gonna call it a carnival) carnivals! Especially on Dres! Congrats to @dvader for completing the Dres Awareness challenge by sending a party, literally, of science to and back from Dres! Simple concept, simply beautiful. Congrats to @XeNoCaTZ for completing the Dres Awareness challenge by wrapping Dres in comms. satellites! Board to be updated soon. Sidenote: I haven't been very actively lately, as can be seen, so I do apologize for anyone with pending entries. I'll try and come on more often, but I can't say for sure about anything currently.
  2. Seems promising.. Entry updated. A double trip, pretty neat mate
  3. And with that,... Congratulations to @Geonovast for forcing Kerbin to give Dres a big ol' hug!
  4. Hell ya brotha! Did you want a spot on our arbitrary list?
  5. Yo, did you actually mod Dres and Duna into Kerbin orbit?
  6. Can't wait to see it! Ah it's all good mate, I used to edit videos here and there and know how much of a pain it is. As long as I see and understand whats happening
  7. Ah ah ah. That's no way to go about this. There will be no offending of anyone here Two hundred Kerbal return trip... very nice. Do I smell an update to your entry? Yep, I do. Congrats to GRS for extending their Dres Awareness mission with a two HUNDRED kerbal return trip!
  8. By god. Oh my oh my. You weren't kidding when you said "colonise the crap outta Dres" That's no colony good sir, that's fully functioning city. Congratulations to @Torn4dO for turning Dres into a second bastion of Kerbalkind with an asteroid minner, multiple varied relays and sub vessals with many tasks in orbit; and with a science outpost, three landers, a HOTEL, and THIRTEEN rovers of 6 varied designs. Good god man, it's, it's beautiful! I can't wait to see what you do with Moho! Nice nice! Did you want me to update your entry on the board?
  9. SpaceplaneAddict

    A farewell is necessary!

    Major L to the community. But what matters here most is that I wish all the greatest success for you in the future. Thank you for your time here, and... We'll miss you. Good luck mon ami!
  10. Fantastic first episode! However, it's just 4 satellites, so I feel it's a bit underwhelming. I'd love to see an Episode 2 to one-up this though! If it sounds insane, then yes
  11. I think that's pretty aware. Congratulations to @GRS for completing the Dres Awareness Challenge with a MASSIVE 21 Satellite Network around our favourite Dres! @Aquaticfantastic Nice plan, can't wait to see it in action!
  12. Just saying, you should follow the "Dres Awareness Challenge" thread, so you can be aware of new entries, there are two or maybe more unconfirmed entries (mine is one of them), by following the thread, you can remain active there, and ask Sanic to do the same so he can remain active there too, it works by sending notifications

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    2. GRS


      followed yet ? because i see the admin of Jool 5 challenge following his own thread

    3. SpaceplaneAddict


      very very, no worries

    4. GRS


      now there's someone asking about his possible entry, that he's planning, check the Dres Awareness now.

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