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  1. Kerbal Space Program 1.3.1 is live!

    @melomandasaqui So you don't see the following in your list of KSP Betas on Steam? What version are you trying to go back to?
  2. @Nertea Amazing work on the new parts. I think they look even better than the originals. I particularly like the new hatches. While playing around with the new parts I noticed a minor issue with the new crew tubes. The end caps on the PTD-1 and PTD-2 crew tubes aren't quite flush with the tube bodies, and you can see through the part at both ends. I thought I'd mention it in case you weren't aware of it.
  3. Realism Overhaul Discussion Thread

    @tseitsei89 I created the following module manager config to tag engines so that I could filter by fuel type in the editors. It doesn't cover all the fuel types but just the main ones I tend to use. There are two entries for each fuel type: one for engines with engine configs and one for engines without them. You can then filter engines by typing something like, for example, "engine methane" into the filter box to find all engines that do, or are capable of using, methane. You can add support for more fuel types by adding more entries and setting the PROPELLANT type and @tags to the fuel type you want to make searchable.
  4. KSP Challenge: Eve Speed Challenge!

    @Red Shirt You could do something like this: Determine about how long you want the whole trip to last. Say 120 days. About half of this will be Kerbin to Eve and the other half Eve back to Kerbin. Using the Transfer Window Planner, work backwards finding the transfer from Eve to Kerbin first. Look for a transfer with a trip duration of 60 days using the least amount of fuel for that duration. Make a note of the departure date, delta V requirements, and other parameters. Then using the Transfer Window Planner again, find a transfer from Kerbin to Eve with a trip duration of exactly 60 days which arrives on your Eve departure date. Make a note of the departure date, delta V requirements, and other parameters. ** Note that at least one or both of the transfers will require more, possibly significantly more, delta V than the ideal lowest fuel transfers. You'll probably want to plan on having at least 4 km/s - 5 km/s of delta V available for each transfer for a total of not less than 10 km/s. You might be able to get away with only needing the "fly by" delta V for the return trip from Eve to Kerbin, but you will need to reduce speed considerably to round Eve, then perform a second burn before leaving Eve to setup your transfer back to Kerbin. Rounding Eve as close as you can may reduce your overall delta V requirements. Aerobraking at Eve to reduce speed is also a possible option to reduce delta V. Of course the more you lower your desired overall trip time the more delta V it will cost you. Expect all of your burns will likely be in the 1,000's of delta V and perhaps 5 or more minutes in duration and plan your TWR accordingly.
  5. KSP Challenge: The Atari Challenge!

    @Badie Have badges gone out for this challenge yet? I haven't heard anything.
  6. KSP Challenge: Eve Speed Challenge!

    I think we should continue to allow mods that don't alter the game play. Lets focus on the challenge itself and not things like having to manually calculate the delta V of each stage by hand iteratively while designing a rocket. After all, these challenges are meant to be fun right?
  7. KSP Challenge: Eve Speed Challenge!

    Ok, so I'm a little confused with all the changing mod requirements. I think we need a baseline of what is or is not allowed for all challenges. I doubt everyone, and I certainly don't, want to be continuously creating new installs or installing/uninstalling mods every other week for this. I already have way too many of them as it is... So my first attempt is with the same install that I've used to do every other challenge so far. I time warped quite a ways until the initial transfer window but the relative game time should be around 140 days. Are albums broken again?
  8. @Geonovast I believe F5 saves your game using a fixed filename, IIRC, but I don't recall what it was. I haven't used just F5 in quite a long time. In contrast, Alt+F5 creates numbered saves by default but pops up a window that allows you to change file name if you want. So if you didn't change the default names it would create files like: Quicksave.sfs Quicksave #2.sfs Quicksave #3.sfs Additionally, Alt+F9 allows you to choose which saved game file you want to load.
  9. Have you altered any of the settings in Trajectories? Certain things like disabling the Cache option can seriously ramp up CPU usage. Perhaps try removing the entire Trajectories folder and reinstalling it to reset all of its settings.
  10. [1.2] Real Solar System v12.0 Dec 8

    @Julien_kerman If by that you mean you have nothing but a black screen visible, I had the same problem when I forgot to install the textures. Did you install one of the three (3) available Real Solar System Texture packs? (2048x1024, 4096x2048, or 8192x4096) If not then head back to the first post of this thread and scroll down to TEXTURE INSTALLATION where you will see the texture repository link. If I recall correctly, your GameData folder should have a folder in it called "RSS-Textures" if you have them installed.
  11. Small Rocket Design

    @Nik75 You seem to have cut some corners there. You are missing your required solar panel, and I doubt that pod would survive a direct return from Minmus on normal mode without a heat shield. Also, your remaining delta V in orbit sounds a few hundred m/s too low to reach Minmus, pull into orbit, land, take back off, and perform a direct return to Kerbin. Have you actually performed the mission on normal mode using this craft? I'd be interested in seeing some albums from others that have done it.
  12. Anyone seen @boolybooly recently? It's been about 3 weeks now.
  13. KSP Challenge: The Atari Challenge!

    Well that was a completely new experience, sort of like watching grass grow. Getting to the asteroids wasn't so bad but moving them was painful. I must have completely restarted three times, and the screenshots are so disjointed that I'm just going to show the final shot. I'm not even sure they are all from the same attempt. Frankly, I'm just happy I managed to do it at all. These were both class C asteroids, although I ended up mining the crap out of them getting them back to Kerbin. The final mass/score was about 110 tons. As an aside, the Convert-O-Tron 125 is the slowest, crappiest converter I've ever had the privilege of never wanting to use ever again.
  14. Small Rocket Design

    @Nik75 I originally started the design with all liquid fuels. The limits are so restrictive that I was running into problems with part count, mass, or the ability to reach orbit with every design. I eventually came to the conclusion that the ion was capable, and probably the only, engine that could really power the upper stage and keep it light enough that the lower stage could get it into orbit. Powering The Ion Engine The ion needs about 55% - 60% thrust to have the TWR necessary to land or lift off from Minmus under power. This created a bit of a conundrum because it requires around 6 EC/s or better to reach that thrust and there is only a limited selection of solar panels to choose from. To keep the solar panel count down and always have full sun to power the ion they needed to be sun tracking panels which generate at least a 6 EC/s combined. Ideally I would want closer to 10 EC/s combined for full power and to have some breathing room. I would want a pair of solar panels to keep the ship balanced and the part count low. OX-4L, SP-L 1x6 Very lightweight but only 1.6 EC/s each. A pair of these would only be enough to run the ion at 33%. OX-4W, SP-W 3x2 Very lightweight but only 1.6 EC/s each. A pair of these would only be enough to run the ion at 33%. OX-STAT Very lightweight but only 0.3 EC/s each. Not a sun tracking solar panel. OX-STAT-XL Very lightweight. Improved at 2.8 EC/s but still not enough with a pair of them. Also not a sun tracking panel. PN-NUK Not a solar panel, but I considered it anyway. Only 0.8 EC/s. Doesn't need to be sun tracking, but it is rather expensive. Fuel Cell Also not a solar panel. Only 1.5 EC/s. Same problem as the solar panels though; I would need too many of them. Fuel Cell Array Again, not a solar panel but 18 EC/s. Plenty of electric charge but 240 kg each and I would need two to balance the ship. Also doesn't meet the challenge requirements. They would work though and actually weight slightly less than the Gigantors but are very bulky which could be a problem. That leaves me with the Gigantor XL Solar Array with 48 EC/s combined change rate with sun tracking capability and weighing in at 300 kg each. A bit heavy for such a small rocket but there really wasn't much of a choice to stay within the part limits. Also rather large compared to the rest of the upper stage. I had to slide them upwards to so that they wouldn't hit the ground when landed. Because of the concern that the solar panels might strike the ground when landing, I added a Z-1K Rechargeable Battery so that the panels could be retracted about 10 seconds before landing in case something went awry. The panels were also retracted for the first 10 - 15 seconds during lift off to avoid damage from ground strikes. Shame I couldn't use Near Future Solar's 5 EC/s or 7 EC/s panels because those would probably have been perfect for this. Alternative Engines There are a couple different possible engines I considered for the upper stage. The upper stage needed to be as light and efficient as possible not only for the deltaV needed but also because it heavily affects the lower stage's ability to get it into orbit. I ruled out radial engines because of part count and low efficiency. I ended up with two possible candidates: 48-7S "Spark" Liquid Fuel Engine This engine would normally be great for a small upper stage with a specific impulse of 320s, 20 kN of thrust, and weighing in at 100 kg. This would need a much larger fuel tank to achieve the minimum delta V requirements for the mission. Even with a FL-T400 tank the engine would fall about 500 m/s short of the 2,700+ m/s required. Additionally it raised the overall weight of the rocket and upper stage by almost 1.5 tons! The lower stage is already struggling to put the ion into orbit and the extra weight would likely kill it. LV-909 "Terrier" Liquid Fuel Engine I love this little engine but it is hard to afford 0.5 ton with only an 11 ton limit. Very good specific impulse of 345s and even better thrust at 60 kN. However it suffers from the same fuel requirements as the Spark requiring at least an FL-T400 to supply the delta V needed. Unfortunately even with better Isp, the extra engine weight for the tiny upper stage causes it to fall over 600 m/s short of the delta V needed. It would also bring the upper stage to 4.3 tons and the whole rocket to 10.85 tons. It needs more fuel but there simply isn't enough of the weight limit left for it. Other Considerations I also tried all liquid fuel lower stage but they simply weren't efficient enough or couldn't bring enough fuel due to the weight or part limits. I also considered solid rocket boosters but there are so few and are relatively heavy and have low efficiency. Final Thoughts I ended up going with a hybrid rocket / space plane concept to get the efficiency of the air breathing engines at low altitude while still being able to function as a rocket in the upper atmosphere with a single engine. I chose the ion engine for the upper stage for the exceptional delta V and the light weight of the fuels and engine, and because anything heavier would simply have not made it to orbit.
  15. Small Rocket Design

    14 parts and weighs in at 9,040 kg (9.04 t). You really have to nail the ascent profile or it won't make orbit. Fortunately the fairings in 1.3 played nice and didn't explode or destroy my solar panels. Still had around 1,900 m/s left on the ion engine. I should have used that to bleed off some energy before re-entry. Came within 2% of exploding the capsule. So yeah. It's possible. Barely.