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  1. @RocketFire9 I recall seeing mention of such a bug somewhere related to 1.11 yesterday, but I can't seem to find it. You might check the bug tracker to see if others have reported the issue. I have not experienced the problem myself. I can verify that I've seen solar panels which should start fully closed being instead partially open initially.
  2. @alien_wind I actually do not know because I have not been using drills with multiple separators since that time. The drills in the current release can way outperform any of my MPUs, so I am using the small automated drill with a single separator. Incidentally, the Governor slider on the drills and MPUs does not appear to be working. I like to be able to balance the drill's output with what the MPU is capable of processing.
  3. Seems to me backing a vehicle down a ramp at 2.4 m/s is rather fast. That's equivalent to 5.37 mph. A more appropriate speed for backing down a ramp I would think might be about 1 foot per second which is around 0.3 m/s. Try it at a speed under 1 m/s and see if it still happens. Have you checked to make sure they aren't already broken before you start backing out? Perhaps breaking during vehicle load or unpacking.
  4. @Snark Ordinarily, I would agree with you. However, since he's biome hopping, and therefore already on Duna, he is using what would otherwise be the fuel he needs to get back to orbit. He doesn't really have a choice but to mine on Duna. Plus it allows him to extend his biome hopping indefinitely until ready to leave. However, he could definitely stop by Ike on the way back to top off his tanks. Being on Ike at that point will also make the return to Kerbin cost less since he's already in a higher orbit with nearly full tanks once leaving Ike's SOI.
  5. You could also consider producing fuel in-situ (on site) if you plan to do much biome hopping. It would require a small drill, small ore tank, and the mini-isru.
  6. @AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures I'm not using RO, however, I am using RSSVE as well as many of the Real* mods and using SMURFF to adjust the mass fractions. All together I'm using more than 100+ mods, and as far as I can tell it is working perfectly. RO turned me off due to the exceedingly long time it takes to update. If I recall it was still on 1.2.x even after 1.4.x came out. It is possible REX might work if it is compatible with Kopernicus 1.4.3-2. I'm using all of the required dependencies in 1.4.3. I see no code in REX; just configs.
  7. @AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures That's odd because I've been using RealSolarSystem with 1.4.3 for quite some time now.
  8. This is actually a fairly well known technique. There is a resonant orbit calculator for the stock solar system and various other planet packs such as OPM, GPP, and Real Solar System. https://meyerweb.com/eric/ksp/resonant-orbits/
  9. @katateochi Very nice mod. Well done. I think the main thing I would like to see is your UI replace the one for the launchpad and runway. Currently I'm going to the VAB to launch all my craft because I prefer your UI. Very handy for my Mars mission as I have so many crafts, lifters, transfer stages, et. AL., and your mod makes it so much easier to keep it all organized. One minor problem though, it seems your Settings.cfg is invalidating the Module Manager Cache. I believe the usual way to fix this would be to put it in a PluginData folder so that Module Manager will ignore it.
  10. @Farm Buyer They haven't forgotten you. From the weekly today... "In other news, our friends at Blitworks are also hard at work on an upcoming patch for KSP Enhanced Edition. We will be revealing more information about this patch in the coming weeks, stay tuned."
  11. @allista One thing I have noticed is that Kit Res doesn't just appear conspicuously the same as the tonnage, but also that the kits required to build it always seems less than Kit Res suggests. There have even been times that Kit Res was more material kits than I had on-hand, and I was still able to finish building it with kits left over. Could it be that it is showing the amount of material kits already packed inside the box rather than the amount needed to build it? That would explain it being so close to the tonnage and also why the kits required to build it are less than stated.
  12. @Tyko I believe you can survive 15 days without Supplies so actually you have 21 days left. You can easily get to the Mun in about a day though.
  13. @FritzsFleas Yes. Quite a few times actually, and I've posted a patch to fix it until the next patch.
  14. Last time I looked the default is 2 hours.
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