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  1. @CobaltWolf Have a weird request. I can't get the Blender .mu import tool to work. I was trying to import the antenna models in order to measure the dishes to get an exact, or at least an approximation of their size in order to build RealAntennas configs. RA just needs to know the dish size in meters and does all the math itself. Do you know or have a listing of how big the dishes are in BDB? I'm updating them as they come up in my current career and right now up to Gemini. I'm trying to find the real world specs but am having no luck for many, especially some of the probe antennas. For example I was looking at all sorts of JPL documentation from the 60's the other day trying to get the exact size of the Ranger antenna and couldn't find it anywhere. I can't do anything but guess on balance for the omni's, but dishes might be able to be added pretty quickly given that we know the size to the parabolic dish on each model.
  2. That is absolutely incredible! Miller would approve EDIT: HOW am I just finding this now... Someone here on the forums make this?? Bravo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suLqHEaN86I&ab_channel=Eraesr
  3. Sounds like the protomolecule to me... Finally a mod to make a Kerbalized Phoebe Station
  4. So if using the commnet subsystem its either all or nothing from the backend code? Well that wasn't very nice of them. I'm guessing other mods like Kerbinside and RealAntennas get around that by effectively replacing the commnet system with their own?
  5. EDIT: Alright, I rechecked the math and found I fatfingered the Z value. Looks to be working fine now. Here are the values I used. I didn't touch the ASL values yet though.
  6. @OhioBob I was hoping you could help me out with relocating the KSC. I can't for the life of me remember how to do that via a ModuleManager patch as its been several years since I've fooled around with that. I was thinking of using @panarchist's Toast for an inclined JNSQ but would also want to reposition to the KSC to northern most point on its current continent to the northwest on a nice coastal position a la the real world Cape at 28.6 north. Just need to reposition the KSC and flatten the area a little bit. at least I hope thats all.
  7. You got it. For anyone else out there having similar issues, you'll need to grab @R-T-B's temporary update to Kronometer. Was having all sorts of weird issues on 1.12.x with mods not working properly until I grabbed that.
  8. I was looking at the Kerbalism/BDB compatibility patch and had a question on the early probe cores. How was the built-in solar panel charging set? Assuming based on real-world parameters? Reason I ask is because when using Kerbalism, turning on the built in science experiment exceeds the available power generated due to the spherical panels thus making the early cores pretty much useless for science gathering. So was thinking about how to balance the generation and consumption values for the early cores. The problem is on the Kerbalism side not BDB, but just figured I'd ask the group here as well.
  9. Was there ever an acceptable resolution for use cases with KK additions and rescaled systems with SigmaDimensions? @Sigma88, is KKtoSD still a thing here for this newly updated version?
  10. Appreciate the info gentlemen. MJ#1092 PVG has been working wonderfully on all BDB thus far except the Titans on my end since it won't even enable PVG guidance sitting on the pad. So definitely something between the dev versions and the lastest versions of the BDB Titans. I also should have mentioned I'm on 1.12.1 not 11.2. Might make a difference or not... Overall though, PVG for ascent guidance on BDB rockets on rescaled systems is the only way to fly!
  11. What version are you running? Are you using the latest stable? I'm on the 1092 dev build, but if this problem is not present on the last stable then I'll roll back to that. https://github.com/KSP-RO/RP-0/wiki/TroubleshootingMechJebPVG
  12. Tracking this question from the other day since I was curious about this also. I just tried doing as suggested on a modified cnc_settings.cfg file where I delete all the stock ground station sites, save for two custom entries. I started a new game to test, and indeed when clicking off extra ground stations, only KSC still appears. However, when turning this feature back on everything, including the stock sites (ie Baikerbanur, etc) return. I checked the persistent file and all those entries were added despite not being included in the cnc_settings file. It appears that the game is still inserting the ground station sites as 'extras' along with any defined in cnc_settings file. Is it possible to add a GUI option in the game settings for CNC to override any and all stock groundstations and only use what is defined in cnc_settings?
  13. Can someone do me a favor and confirm something screwy with MechJeb v1092? I'm getting a weird PVG ascent guidance system failure when using the Titan I and Titan II launchers. I reported it on that thread but trying to isolate the problem. Steps to replicate: Create a Titan II At launch pad, confirm Mechjeb ascent guidance parameters and set guidance mode to PVG Engage autopilot The status should flash like it tried to compute something and then return to "Status: Finished" In the logs it appeared to stop at the Titan second stage interstage and engine, so not sure if there is something it doesn't like in the configs?
  14. @linuxgurugamer Since I know you are bored and don't have much to do (), is there any chance you can add a directory tree listing when displaying loaded music when editing playlists? Right now it just scoops up everything into one very big long list, including Chatterer sounds. Would be nice to drill down to a specific folder of music instead of having to find the one song you are looking for thru hundreds of entries. EDIT: By the way, for anyone looking for some additional music to add to their KSP experience, I highly recommend grabbing the Elite Dangerous soundtrack.
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