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  1. As far as I know yes, the parameters on the github link I posted above should be the difference concerning time. Basically 12 hour day and a 365 day year. Of course the planets are scaled up about 2.5x but I doubt that would effect time calcualation. Below is the copy-paste from my JNSQ_bodies.ini file if it helps you at all.
  2. @Arrowstar Would it be possible to add a custom time feature? It appears that the time options are Earth (24/365) or stock Kerbin (6/426). If using a mod such as JNSQ which changes the orbits it skews the time calculations making it difficult to easily read the plots without doing a separate calculation. If not possible for a complete custom entry for base Kerbin time to allow for variations using Sigma Dimensions and Kronometer, can we at least get a preset for JNSQ which resets Kerbin to a 11.967 sidereal day (12 hour day) and a 365 day year? I always love using this app and this would be a
  3. Been using your dev versions with JNSQ and have to say the results are incredible on 1.9.1. Thank you for your continued efforts!
  4. Just wanted to say that I'm absolutely thrilled with Kerbalism 3.1-dev. I started a new stockalike playthru with JNSQ and am currently on dev build 7211.
  5. @Galileo Just did as directed and still getting it. I moved my JNSQ folder back into GameData, deleted JebShop.cfg and JebShop.mu and still getting the physx error at the same point on launch. Here's a snippet of the log file showing the spam on my system. [ERR 09:50:32.834] [Physics.PhysX] ConvexHullBuilder::CreateTrianglesFromPolygons: convex hull has a polygon with less than 3 vertices! [ERR 09:50:32.893] [Physics.PhysX] Gu::ConvexMesh::loadConvexHull: convex hull init failed! Try to use the PxConvexFlag::eINFLATE_CONVEX flag. (see PxToolkit::createConvexMeshSafe) [ERR 09:50:32.951] F
  6. Getting the same issue as @MOPC. I noticed it last night when using the latest dev build (pre 0.8) on a heavily modded 1.7.3 install. On launch after climbing just a bit the log spam begins with a massive drop in performance to the point where it will cause an app hang. I removed JNSQ from the GameData folder and everything returns to normal. Conflict somewhere?
  7. Coming back to KSP after a long hiatus, glad to see RT still going strong. I have to admit however that I keep going back and forth with the current RT version and the stock CommNet with the constellation mod given the ability for spectrum allocations to differentiate the networks. Hoping RT2.x comes in the not too distant future. One of the issues I'm currently having is when running MandatoryRCS. Instead of tweaking the PID's further, can you allow a user configurable value for inertia and RCS burn much like MechJeb? In the MechJeb attitude settings I have use inertia and stop time set
  8. Using the experimental build #20181103.6 on a 1.5.1 modded install, I'm getting the following log spam and and the VAB build list isn't working. Interesting enough, it does display the SPH and R&D menus.
  9. @Beale Any updates to the problems reported by the last two posts? I'm having the same issues with the most current version and 1.3.1. Interestingly enough, if I remember where I left off and edit the file manually after closing KSP, the sequencing starts again as would be expected. It appears that the plug in is not writing any new data to the file, although it is updating the last modified time stamp.
  10. I've seen some odd behavior in my current save. For some reason the VAB assembly queues is only showing two rates, instead of multiple. Apparently its lost the additional queues. On the upgrades tab in KCT, it looks like I should be seeing the additional rates listed but they are blank. Is this an after effect of CustomBarnKit meddling?
  11. Was RemoteTech compatibility ever integrated into the baseline? If not, any chance to add a requirement for a valid connection to mission control via RT?
  12. Just following up from an earlier post. I love this mod with KCT on a new career save. It's really helping keeping the clutter down in the craft files since I'm using a block buy mentality in my spacecraft design. Definitely recommend using the name outside the brackets to differentiate between craft in the KCT construction queue. I know there was a desire to keep this mod lightweight and simple, but I offer a suggestion to expand the mod with a GUI for true program management. Would be great to have a log per program showing all vehicles, with launch date, cost, etc. That would finally
  13. A feature enhancement I'd like to see if possible would be an option to disable the circularization burn after reaching the programmed Ap. Alternatively, how about at least be able to set the coasting time before executing the next node? Very annoying that the craft immediately turns to the circularization burn node and burns up monopropellant if I am not quick enough to shut down the RCS or puts solar panels out of position or optimal charging. Even more elegant solution and feature enhancement I'd like to see for RT users would be to automatically add the circularization burn node to th
  14. I just tested this with KCT and indeed it does work with a catch. Since KCT basically saves the spacecraft in the persistence file until its ready to launch, the name is still bracketed in the KCT assembly queue. In other words, if you have [ComSat] and click build a couple times, you'll have multiple [ComSat] being built in the construction queue with no numbering. When you roll out to the pad and then hit the KCT launch button, the vehicle is then name appropriately as ComSat 1, ComSat 2, etc. I think this will be especially useful for block production when the design changes slightly.
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