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  1. Does anyone have a 2.5 or 3.5 scale config they are willing to share? EDIT: Anyone have this weird bug on 1.9.1?
  2. Incase you are not aware, that middle fuel tank piece is using a different kind of LH2 then the round caps.
  3. Side note: I cannot believe people are asking for compatibility patches for other planet packs with this mod....
  4. I just found this mod after reading about KSP2s delay, again. Hopefully this will be released before then because I am ready to go interstellar.
  5. Any reason why the texts just reset and stretch out every time I launch the craft?
  6. Anyone having flashing lights on the dark side of Kerbin?
  7. Any chance you could add in a button that would allow us to add transfer window times to our Kerbal Alarm Clock lists? Is a bit tedious manually entering the time.
  8. Any reason why I am getting these city lights (feces stain) over Rhode?
  9. Awesome, thanks! I would do it myself but don't know how so much appreciated! EDIT: This will work out better than me just hiding the containers inside the ATV
  10. Any chance we could get a life support mod to be compatible with this? (TACLS Preferably ) I've always loved the ATV and would love to make use of it!
  11. -snip- Oh god EDIT: Fixed my problem with the giant black square. Another question though: I really would like to visit the Kerbol system. But waiting 100 years isn't the greatest thing to do, so I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for mods that are good for this mod. I guess something with propulsion or a warp drive. I don't really wanna just teleport there though, I still want it to take some time.
  12. Uninstalled the mod because of the issue. Pretty sure I've only played on 1.8.1 and 1.9.1.
  13. Clean install, verified, JNSQ and your latest release
  14. I'll try a reinstall right now and see if it fixes it.
  15. I've restarted a new save each time just to check. Could you link me the "stable" 1.9.1 if its not a bother? Wondering If I am downloading the wrong one.
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