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  1. Gonna try this out tomorrow, looks very useful!
  2. Love the latest update! Can't wait for the future of this mod. Glad to hear about possible constellation parts. If I could put in a suggestion, possibly a lander if there was one being considered? I feel like the Altair lander was but not sure...
  3. I believe Dylan is pretty busy as of late so it'll be a while before we see this. Idk how but he makes some amazing looking mods!
  4. The CKCP tested one of their super heavy launch vehicles today! The Chernobog-S12! The payload was the Avangard Station Science Module. Here are some pictures below: So some bad news with a sprinkle of good news: Something happened with my save and has caused some issues for me that I cannot be bothered to mess/fix right now. So for now this mission report will be on pause and hopefully in the future I can restart it again. Being in college doesn't help either. I have most of the craft saved so I can always just resume later. Tantares and some other mods would probably be upda
  5. Does anyone else have this issue with EVE? I've tried just disabling city lights in the config menu and it doesn't seem to do anything or help. Any help would be appreciated!
  6. The CKCP had another launch today! Todays payload was a prototype for future planetary orbiters to help make new discoveries! To help save some time, effort and money, the CKCP offered a contract to the neighboring country and their space agency the IKRO. The launch was successful, and only had a small issue during payload deployment. One of the solar panels was ripped off during payload deployment so science on the craft has been hampered. Not to worry though! The CKCP is always using each launch to enhance future payloads/rockets and fix any problems. Screenshots below (couldn't u
  7. It seems like you have a lot on your plate already for this mod and others! These are the only things I could think of off the bat so sorry if you already have plans to make them or not to: The OPSEK station that was cancelled (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orbital_Piloted_Assembly_and_Experiment_Complex) There is apparently a design for a lunar station (LOS), might be easier then the above one https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lunar_Orbital_Station Future spacecraft (crewed resuppliers etc.) I guess for a final idea, maybe a probe or 2 for each update? Not sure of an
  8. I believe its already bundled with Tantares latest release. If not download the github version. I remember there being new plumes supported by waterfall in the Energia update.
  9. Yes! I believe waterfall is a requirement anyways with it. Theres some waterfall patches for tantares too that look really good!
  10. Yes they do! Also, it is the Angara A5! From https://github.com/EStreetRockets/Eisenhower-Astronautics. Just went with what EStreet named his rockets because I am not that creative. Also this was gonna be an American game, but I really wanted to mess with Tantares and others because they're a bit more alien to me. When KSRSS updates I will probably do an American version!
  11. So glad for the release! Cant wait for the future updates!
  12. With the success of the Youngstown A1 rocket, the CKCP has made the move to approve more funding for the rocket design and use it for future manned and unmanned launches. The CKCP has decided to use one of the variants of the Youngstown rocket for the main vehicle of manned transport, the MTS! To test their MTS, the launch used the Youngstown A5 rocket. This test proved to be a partial success, everything went perfectly except for reentry. The MTS suffered an antenna issue in flight after the very intense and heated reentry. Luckily the MTS's onboard computer was able to
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