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  1. Feels like it has been forever since I've seen this mod. Can't wait for the Soyuz update!
  2. Yea its the part you have to add from the mod I linked. Looks very similar.
  3. If I'm not mistaken, it looks like a part from a mod that lets you control the rover how they do IRL. Like it will go around on its own while you do other things. If I am right, I believe this is the mod:
  4. Anyone else having an issue with right clicking with Lunokhod? I can't use the solar panel either. Log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9k5ihn474vthi4z/Player.log?dl=0 Update: I have no idea whats going on now lol. From what I can see it is only TantaresSP that's acting like this. Gif Below: https://imgur.com/a/TZhZ3nN
  5. Oh, how does that relate with mechjeb tho? Maybe I am too stupid to get the joke.
  6. Pretty sure they're included. Look at the pics with the heat shield not attached.
  7. Ah, that'll do it/help too, thanks did not think about this! Yes I understand! I hate being that guy annoying a developer, but I thought it was just something that needed attention. I am not sure how I can help, but removing the oxidizer from the big tank improved the performance immensely. Prior to the change I could not even make it into orbit, after the change I could make a 100x100km orbit. The user I quoted above you helped out a lot.
  8. Above is before I drained the oxidizer from the big tank. (With boosters and a remote control unit) Below is after draining the oxidizer from the big tank. So overall it appears to have improved the craft significantly. Perhaps this is all it is.
  9. Not sure, I'll wait for a response from roger. I am sure he is busy or taking a break after posting this.
  10. I understand they're from BDB so then perhaps its the parts in the mod themselves? Regardless, it just seems like the craft doesn't have enough thrust. I am launching it with just a remote control unit on it, yet it has a very slow/hard launch. Even with mechjeb, I cannot even reach 100km orbit in JNSQ.
  11. Love the mod! Will be great use for my super heavy rocket collection. Side note: I believe there needs to be some configurating for the mods engines. The model looks great with the engine skirt, but the actual engine performance is pretty underwhelming. Perhaps a large boost in thrust is in order?
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