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  1. You need to go to the github repository (there is a link in the first post on the thread) and download the "v1.7.0-Development" branch. Be warned that the parts are subject to change at any time and for any reason, so don't use it in a save you care about.
  2. How well does TOT work for planning multistep transfers to very inclined bodies? (like Ulysses if it was rendezvousing with a comet)
  3. The IVAs for it contain props provided by that. They are in a seperate mod because several of Nertea's mods reuse those props.
  4. Finally some good-looking aluminum-powered death sticks!
  5. To do that MKS needs to write the current/predicted power consumption (which one depends on whether you are in flight or the VAB) to a KSPField (that means some code additions are needed) and the rest can be in a config. Edit these values as needed. PARTMODULEHANDLER { // The name of the module name = <the module you want to add to the simulator> // The type of handler - can be Power or Heat type = Power // The name of the handler to use handlerModuleName = GenericFieldDataHandler // Is this shown in the UI at all? visible = true // Do we use solar distance attenuation? solarEfficiencyEffects = false // Is this module a producer by default? producer = false // Is this module a consumer by default? consumer = true // Does this item start off as active in the UI? Should canonically be true for constant sources/draws simulated = true // Does this item count as a continuous power source for the purpose of the UI? continuous = true HANDLER_CONFIG { // Field to poll in editor editorFieldName = <field to ask for power consumption> // Field to poll in flight flightFieldName = <field to ask for power consumption> // Multiply the output by these if you need to. Convention is that a consumer is negative. editorValueScalar = 1.0 flightValueScalar = 1.0 } }
  6. Follow this tutorial, it seems to cover everything: When you get to the coning part, using the CollisionFX repo.
  7. It depends on the mod, but if you can find it, deleting it should work.
  8. @VoidCosmos I couldn't help but notice that the GitHub repo consists of the License, Readme, and a single zip file. This goes against the point of Git, so I submitted a Pull Request to move the files out of the zip. (it also explains just why this is bad and recommends GitHub Desktop to make changing the state of the repo easier)
  9. To disable EVE all you have to do is uninstall it.