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  1. This is the cutest thing I have ever seen, hands down.
  2. If we were a secret organization, we would not be foolish enough to let that secret leak to the public, now would we, right? Let us consider the possibiLity more closely. Unless Modders wanted every lIttle person making modulemaNager patches to flood them with applications to join, they would need to hide the existence of any organization. Modding the gAme has been possible for several years, so if such an organizaTion existed, its exIstence most certainly would have leaked. In this essay I will
  3. It actually works really well in 2.5x. For lunar missions I typically end up using it to start the landing, as well as Kerbin orbit insertion, TLI, and LOI.
  4. Considering all the speculation and fuss going around today, I think it's high time we get reminded what this thread is really for. (Several missions are depicted, with the pictures switching between them) BDB has changed the way I play KSP and has probably kept me playing a lot longer/more than I otherwise would have been. I hope it continues for a long while yet. You have my best wishes Cobalt.
  5. It's wonderful to see what all the fuss was about. I know i'll be in line to get it when the time comes.
  6. This is Beyond Home by Gameslinx. The body you see in this picture is Lua, innermost moon of the homeworld (which is named Rhode). The story behind it is that it was partially terraformed.
  7. Hey, I've just seen this screenshot you've made:

    And I was wondering which mods you use to make KSP look so amazing :o

    1. DeltaDizzy


      All of the rocket parts in that screenshot are from Bluedog Design Bureau, though I use the latest dev version off of github. The planet and skybox are Beyond Home v1.0 (because I am in KSP 1.7.0).

  8. Crew Lander almost got sent over. There were several modifications for this, including the change from an S-IVC to what I cal the S-IVCX The only change is replacing the 2x J-2S of the original with one J-2X. It had a higher Isp so I thought it was better. The jury is still on on that. Regardless, it did not have enough fuel for TLI, let alone LOI. I was forced to send up a resupply mission using of the most cursed things I have ever made. KAS to the rescue!
  9. Well to be fair I didnt say how many H03s I would be launching. The answer is 5. (but yes this particular launch is an orbiter, at least for now) This is in 2.5x but the homeworld is a bit smaller than Kerbin would be at the same scale.
  10. So for all those inquisitive souls wondering about that Mystery Rocket, it is indeed a Saturn H03 from ETS, colloquially known as a Saturn Heavy. I have just received word that it's payload has been declassified. Don't all gasp at once, now.
  11. Five years later and it seems there's still a ton of stuff I never knew.