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  1. It was developed for use on a spyplane but was planned to be uprated as Pratt and Whitney's SSME entry.
  2. Chinese stuff is one of the most under-represented areas in KSP Modding so it'll be great to have a high-quality Long March mod!
  3. OPSEK can be largely (if not completely) made with Tantares, as it's essentially just the Russian Orbital Segment on its own. I don't know much about LOS, but with the number of generic station parts it has I would be surprised if you can't use Tantares to build LOS as well.
  4. I don't know of any IntelliJ/JetBrains plugins, but Sublime Text and Atom both have KSP CFG plugins.
  5. I'd really like if you kept doing these little mini-updates while saving big stuff for the dev diaries, but this all looks so neat! I am wondering how easy it will be to create a matte look on the parts though.
  6. At least for me, KSP 2 being polished, stable, and well-rounded is worth the wait.
  7. I've heard both, but it really depends on who is doing it.
  8. Just a heads up, it's better to edit new comments into previous posts than to make a bunch of posts at close to the same time.
  9. A soft deprecation is just making the parts inaccessible from in-game (like removing them from the tech tree and the editor part lists). The parts are still loaded, so existing crafts still work fine. Hard-deprecation is when the files themselves are deleted from the mod distribution, breaking any crafts that use those parts. Generally soft-deprecation happens first to give players a chance to retire anything using those parts before they are hard-deprecated.
  10. Tech Tag Foundation Background For some time now, @KerbalKore and I have been working on a pseudo-historical tech tree (named CWPT) , with parallel American, Soviet, and European branches. The vast majority of the US branch uses Bluedog Design Bureau. However, BDB has several hundred parts, and configuring each one individually would be a mammoth undertaking. In light of this, we decided to instead 'tag' every part, thus allowing us to use tags to group parts and greatly lessen the workload. Soon enough, I realized this could also be helpful for other tech trees wanting to incorpor
  11. At long last, the FFT Pantheon is complete (except for FFT itself).
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