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  1. Well now that I've figured out a method things should go a lot quicker! All I'm wondering now is if it's possible to give antennae partupgrades...
  2. =========================================================== A quick antenna update: Unless someone can pull a nice equation or two out of a hat, i will be going with the whole-orbit method of antenna balancing. (whatever the missions target planet is, the DSN can reach everywhere in the planet's orbit) In accordance with this, the ranger dish will be getting checks notes 3.15x more powerful.
  3. Hello all! I am currently working on rebalancing all BDB antennas and would like some user input. Would you prefer it if historical antennas for interplanetary missions (e.g. Mariner, Helios, Apollo Venus Flyby, etc.) covered ALL of the target planet's orbit or only enough to complete the mission as it happened IRL? <-- Vote here
  4. Not the Delta 6000 we deserved, but the one we needed. Hate me all you want but i'm right.
  5. The liquid stage was a Redstone with two Restock+ Torches for propulsion. I still failed the contract. If that isnt an orbit I dont know what is...
  6. "Vega-Able" may have been a typo earlier for @CobaltWolf, but it seems my subconscious ran with it... As it turns out, it spun out of control once the first stage burned out. (10-ish km) I have added a liquid stage to the bottom and lots of fins.
  7. For a Delta IV, the wiki has a page on it. So does SLS. As for Atlas V Heavy, there isnt a page on it but I think you just follow the same rough process as a Delta IV Heavy.