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  1. Where I live I get ~99% Coverage. So Im going to carbondale to get the extra 1%
  2. I just stuck one of @cratercracker's drawings through it. Also one of mine:
  3. lmao lmaox75 I fell victim to global warming
  4. I've been told thy're for low flaying aircraft. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. My avatar is a giveaway
  6. So, who wants to translate my planet mod into russian?


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    2. SamBelanger


      Google Translate This is the most important tool :/

    3. DeltaDizzy


      Just wait. They will come.

    4. SamBelanger
  7. I feel the same way. As for the complaint, my dumb handwriting! I feel the same way. As for the complaint, my dumb handwriting! Now Windows Movie Maker is unavailible for Windows 10.
  8. Ignore my previous question. I am trying to use The KittopiaTech Atmosphere Editor and GUI files as a placeholder until I can get something else going. When I try to attach UIController.cs to a GameObject in Unity, it pops up an error saying I need to resolve compile errors. When i go into Visual Studio, There are no errors.
  9. Oh yes, tis was an Ego Boost yesterday!(not for me)
  10. Stock+ven+AVP repackaged in 1.3:
  11. I hereby declare August 13th(Just so you know, I'm a stone cold Atheist) a personal day of rest, so I can come to terms with how much I hate Bob Iger.
  12. (As if that hasn't been used before) We'll fire hiM! Waiter, theres crushing depression in my soup.
  13. Hi! Billy Mays here for the Terrible UV Map! Told you.