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  1. OMG 1.6.0 Seriously? I had just gathered most of my mods in 1.5.1
  2. Kind of tired of the endless KSP updates that bring little to nothing. I'm still playing 1.3.1 and wonder what benefits the player has actually noticed during all the updates since then vs the hassles to have all the modders stay up to date?
  3. Sorry to be a no-show... Playing Subnautica and ARK lately like it's an addiction. I need a stable 1.5.x SSTU before I will play again I think, not messing with 1.4 :))) My 1.3.1 still works fine.
  4. RCS and a small reaction wheel for orbittal stuff. Lifters only require a little gimballing, if it flips there is something wrong with your flying or maybe even a aerodymanic bus (stuff not shielded with fairings). Reaction wheels on a launcher are useless and should never be required.
  5. You don't need reaction wheels. The engine gimbals should take care of any vectoring you might need. Are you building VERY long rockets perhaps? Rockets flipping is usually a problem of not enough thrust or too much drag while turning, causing the rocket to flip. You could try some wings at the bottom (and top if that wasn't enough) to see if it's an aerodymic problem. Also press F12 to see the aerodynamic forces when it flips.
  6. Jimbodiah

    FPS > Hz?

    @Nightside If your monitor is capped at 60Hz, but your GPU can push a lot more, you could opt to increase all the quality setting to max instead. Pushing more frames will waste processing power like Mage said, and it might even cause other glitches. And yes, you can definitely see the difference between a 60Hz and a 120Hz monitor, let alone 240Hz on a 1080p. I just switched from a 60Hz to a 120Hz 3440x1440 and will never go back. Some games only push 80Hz at this resolution, but even that is still noticeable vs 60Hz. Running Fallout4 at 120Hz capped (boatload of manual settings in the files) which gives anything between 50-120Hz in-game. Add to that a high dpi mouse with low sensitivity settings and it makes for a much smoother experience (no use in KSP though). But beware... KSP is severely limited by itself, meaning that if you have more than a few dozen parts in a ship, frame rate will drop to under 40Hz even though you have the CPU and GPU to do a lot better. I recently went from a 4790K@4GHz to a 8086K@5Ghz and saw no change in fps on the same view of my station; stuck at 35-37fps. Dito when going from a GTX970 to a GTX1080Ti, or from 16Gb to 32GB of ram (even 1600 to 3200MHz). In short, hardware is only a bottleneck if you are running an outdated system. For everything else it is hindered by Unity and KSP itself, not the hardware. So in short: bump up graphics settings to the max and enjoy. No need to spit out more frames than the monitor can handle.
  7. Jimbodiah

    Is MechJeb hate still a thing?

    MechJeb is COOL!!! MechJeb is LIFE !!!!!!
  8. Jimbodiah

    [1.4.5] Real Solar System v13.1 [03 Sep 2018]

    SSRSS used to do that, plus include a lot of visual effects as well, but not sure that mod is still active.
  9. FFT is a WIP mod by Nertea with even more advanced engines (Fusion to Antimatter) with support parts like tanks/reactors etc. I still play a 1.3.1 save with that mod
  10. @sarbian Thanks for all the work you put in! I could not imagine playing KSP without MechJeb.
  11. Jimbodiah

    Ending 32-Bit Support with Update 1.5

    I doubt an airplane will run on Windows; that would give a new meaning to " your system crashing". Not even mentioning these systems are not meant to run KSP either, so bringing it up is kind of a moot point. For systems that are meant to play KSP, these have been 64-bit for most of the 21st century Dang. They skipped 1.5.0 and went straight for 1.5.1? Or did I miss something? (<yep, hotfix)
  12. Jimbodiah

    Ending 32-Bit Support with Update 1.5

    There was a 64bit version of XP. It's silly that there are still 32bit versions for the operating systems for the past 10 years as all the hardware has been 64bit for ages.
  13. Dont use 1.4 mods in 1.3. If you want 1.4 mods, just install 1.4.4 I'm running SSTU 7.39.149, MM 4.0.4 with probesplus 0.16 in a 1.3.1 RSS install and have never had issues. Never switched to 1.4.x yet and maybe never will?
  14. Use "The Janitor's Closet" mod to remove parts in-game you don't use. https://spacedock.info/mod/944/The Janitor's Closet