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  1. Not sure on stock systems anymore, but I thing I used to do a 35km for re-entry. I tend to play RSS only now and use 62km there for high velocity returns or 55km for LEO.
  2. Ha, I kow what you mean, that is what I have done as well I only use them as retrorockets.
  3. When I've seen this behavior before on the MUS while testing it is caused by an error in resource definitions for the tank. The alt=f12 log should also should a bunch of errors in this case.
  4. LEO is about the gentlest situation you could have, so that would be a Light in my eyes, and maybe a Mars return as Heavy.
  5. There has been something up with the heatshield resource usage for a while (I think since 1.3), as I need heavy/extra heavy shields for moon trips. I just turn the settings downs to 60% as I've not found time to adjust the heatshield curves.
  6. Related to that subject; is there currently a way to select the coordinates of the KSC launchpad for a landing target?
  7. 1st post? Place the SSTU + CRP folder along with modulemanager.dll into your GameData folder.
  8. [1.22, 1.3] OPT_USI v1.3.0

    Why not make a PR for it at OPT, that way it will be integrated with the mod itself.
  9. Hey, I use PF exclusively for fairings, don't get me wrong, but that was not the point I was after: mods adding better versions to what squad came up with. What I am after is that they fix stuff that got broken going from 1.2.2 to 1.3.0 and mods now popping up to do squad's work on this part.
  10. I think we had a full eclipse here (europe) about 15 years ago. Really worth the trip as it's ussually a once in a lifetime thing.
  11. Do you work (catching smurffs ), or are you just quoting something off of google? Because I must have worked in a utopian world the last 20 years then as I've always delivered quality software at a healthy profit. Yes, there is a definite balance cq compromise, but quality and profit are not mutually exclusive, contrary to what you believe. If this is really what you are experiencing, I'd seriously advise a career change. NB: "Free market" works both ways, as your customer will shop elsewhere if you rip him off. Squad needs to monetize their game more, and maybe paid DLC is one way to get more funds to improve the game. Squad does not strike me to be like the con-men at say WartGaming where the bottom line is all there is, so I have hope in them. They just need to pick up the ball a bit more and not leave everything to modders. Ghe, maybe microtransactions for 100m/s of extra dV during a launch/landing when you miscalculated.
  12. Quality and revenue should go hand-in-hand. I love this game, would gladly spend money on it if I knew it would improve the quality. Re saves: Anytime I get to have stations around 4-5 planets and 20-25 ships in transit/orbit somewhere, the entire games glitches out with it's physics when you focus in on a ship. I get freezes every 10-15 seconds as if the game is constantly loading big files, and ships just start shaking until they explode when a new craft is loaded in. As long as I only have a few ships in the game everything is fine, but setting up stations and infrastructure is just not-done in this game. I've had this since I started playing in 1.0.3 iirc; this game just does not like large setups which makes me rage-quit every time. Each new version I have the hope things have improved, but they are only getting worse.
  13. That is just an improvement upon stock parts. I've basically pruned (almost) every stock part for better parts from mods. But what I mean is basic functions that were present in previous versions, but that got destroyed on new releases. Right now I can't target any vessels (or it's a serious pita to try to) because all other ships disappear from the map view when you zoom in. Then the fact that targeted vessels are no longer highlighted and no distance info available, drills can no longer be activated through action groups... I'm sure i can come up with some more.... 1.3.0 cocked up more than it fixed, as if we were all waiting for a polish translation at the cost of these functions. Now the historical stuff that no one is waiting for (we have mods, we have everything they can think of and more). Not even going into the broken system of the one huge text file for all the save game info that makes big saves impossible to play without stuff blowing up for no reason. Heck, that's not important, let's just focus on the basics for now. I'm all for the paid DLC idea to raise some extra money if that will help out, but they have to solve bugs before adding new features that only a hand full of people want. The game is moving backwards instead of forwards. Next we'll lose the altimeter because we need cyrillic characters more than that useless thing at the top (I still don't get why the altimeter is at the top and the speed on the navball at the bottom, but hey, logic is relative).
  14. The two issues I listed yeah, but it's more in general why mods need to fix bugs. And I don't mean mods that add new parts, but that actually fix stock things that have always worked before but get botched in a new release and never get fixed again. I think 90% or more of the people that get directed towards the bug tracker get put off by the hassles of reporting something through that system, and if they do get through it then most of the time the thing gets closed for no reason anyway. I know I find that system futile as can be. It's like they release a new version and go on vacation, never mind any bugs or decent testing, just release an upgrade and good luck with it.