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  1. The cfg options for ports were removed from everything but the two hubs, so there should not even be a GUI option for them anymore?
  2. You hardly need the large one unless you have them on stations. Vessels that need to retract them tend to be landers, and they don't require much charge to warrant the large panels. If you feel strongly about it, you can always change the cfg file or make MM patch for it.
  3. My color presets file replaces the existing one, it works fine as I have several other people using it besides myself. Maybe if you have it as duplicate it could cause issues; havne't tried that tbh? Anyway, just use a clean install like Mage said, no other mods that affect SSTU like my JPL patches just to be sure. But I think it's RO that has an SSTU patch that is out of date. RO supports up to KSP 1.2.x iirc. BTW, if you are using my recoloring presets, you will need KSP1.3.1 and the corresponding SSTU version. Not sure what version you have as you are running RO.
  4. Electrocutor's Thread

    Try removing all the SSTU directories and do a fresh install. Also make sure you have Community Resource Pack installed as well.
  5. Electrocutor's Thread

    The MFT-A is already available in the second node I think, it just unlocks larger diameters when you progress up the tree. After you place the part, you can go into the GUI and change all the paramters like length/diameter/tank type/nose/mount/etc.
  6. [1.2.x] [1.3.x] Jimbodiah's Patch Laboratory

    v1.7.2 released, once the Spacedock site is up again. - Fixed issue with 2.5m Orion SM fairing exploding (thanks to drhay53)
  7. In the new Beta16 release for Probes+ there is a patch added for this functionality.
  8. Electrocutor's Thread

    Every part in SSTU is scalable and configurable in many ways. The MFT tank has so many possible itterations that even Mage has a hard time calculating all the possibilities
  9. Who doesn't like spaghetti?! I fixed the issue and also added JPL as the manufacturer so it wil no longer show up with sstu parts. I made this 2.5m clone to get an alternate 3-man CSM combination, but never really used it beyond the capsule itself up to this point.
  10. [1.2.x] [1.3.x] Jimbodiah's Patch Laboratory

    OMG, you are amazing!!! Thank you!!! I will fix it andadd it to a new release soon.
  11. Any chance of an SSTU clamshell for PF somewhere down the line? Selectable shape (egg, straight, vulcan,...) and recoloring? One of the few parts that are really missing and now that PF/PP aren't supported anymore (iirc), very welcome
  12. Not sure, I think they remained silverish. I'm still waiting for a prodcedural version from SSTU that allows the recoloring and the changing of the shape so we only need one clamshell hint hint @Mage This was an issue on Github. I think I solved it by changing the dynamic pressure in the cfg file after Mage gave me that tip, not sure if it was followed up on in new releases. There is a region where it is safe to open but too high, then when it get's lower the pressure rises again making it unsafe. Check if this is what you are seeing as well.
  13. Electrocutor's Thread

    Use SSTU!
  14. If you have 1.3.0, then why not just update for 1.3.1? All mods that worked for 1.3.0 have been updated for 1.3.1. Same with 1.2 players basically, no reason not to update. The only mod that doesn't support 1.3 is RSS/RO, and that works just fine with the small patch they posted (been running it since 1.3.0).
  15. I spend more time in the VAB than actually flying the things I build Building and making it look good is most of the fun for me, especially now with the recoloring.