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  1. Also delete the PartDatabase.cfg file when installing new mods or updates.
  2. Please note that these are still only for 1.3.1 As soon as sstu is stable for 1.4.x I will convert them. You can try these, but no guarantees.
  3. @mechanicH Not sure on 1.4.x as I am not playing that yet with other mods, but works fine in 1.3.1. No doubt they will update it sooner or later. You could weld the parts on the trusses you made together into one part using the UbioZur Welding mod. Will save massively on part counts.
  4. Get "Cx Station Parts" and use that truss, only a few parts. I just use the saddle-truss modules, but I'm not too concerned about it looking like the real thing. I just want a station with big panels and that always ends up looking like the ISS for some reason
  5. @The-Doctor An extention that allows true reflections when using the metallic effect, plus also some parts have dedicated PBR textures like the heatshield and some of the capsules. Think mirror effect.
  6. Jimbodiah

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    The parts have very low thrusts to match the real world values. I think I have a patch to raise that to 2-3x as I am very impatient myself, but, yeah, it's supposed to be very low. The Apollo SM has more fuel and should be more than able to do it's intended lunar burns, but the rest is limited to rendezvous with the ISS from a lower orbit.
  7. Pretty fast, way faster than with any landing legs as they do not explode as there is no direct contact.
  8. The repulsors are awesome on landers Soft touch with them on, then switch them off to bring the lander to touch the ground.
  9. Well, at least you didn't show us a pink one...
  10. It's an API, not a mod. Read the first post. It even says so in the title. Don't use AV software. At best it reduces system performance 30-50% and when there is a new virus it will not be detected anyway. In 20 years I've never used active AV software, only occasional scans when I am not using the PC. AV is the biggest scam there is, as your super computer will run like a potato with them installed. Just don't go to "those sites" with your working PC, and don't click on any email links you don't know about. If your so gullible to belive you won 100K from a nigerian or some unknown contest, then maybe you deserve virusses
  11. I really wouldn't know why, they are perfectly usable as-is. And if you don't want to rescale and balance everything, just use the patch in my signature.
  12. @Sorabh As per first post and has been brought up many times:
  13. Jimbodiah

    [1.2.x] [1.3.x] Simple RSS Patch

    Remove NEEDS[RealSolarSystem]
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    Yeah, keep dreaming.