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  1. Anything I open would pop away outside the screen. I actually solved it by installing a mod with Popup Blocker. Go figure.
  2. Running 1.12.3 and pretty much any mechjeb version I try (2.13 to latest stable release) all have the mechjeb menu locked into the top left corner of the screen an no options in the window other than "custom window settings". I think I had a 1.12.1 setup without this issue. Am I doing something wrong? I've seen the same issue reported when googling it, but can't find a solution. edit: found the github issue about this, but am not running Click Through Blocker. Any other mods that cause this issue?
  3. I see that there are new versions to all the RSS dependencies, anyone know the latest stable setup for RSS in KSP v1.12.3? RSS v19.0.2.0 RSS Textures v18.3 Kopernicus 1.12.1-138 ? RSSDateTime v1.12.1 ? KSCSwitcher ?| It seems to work...
  4. The new ones look like fan-art renders or something. There is a disconnect in me with what I see for 2.0 kerbals.
  5. I tried adding it from the CRP mod which is already used through a MM patch, but for some reason it will not take it through patches so I added them directly in my install's sstu files for the tanks.
  6. @Gordon Dry I tuned it so a Delta IV Heavy made with SSTU parts would make it into orbit with the Orion + SM to sort of reflect real world performance. You can tune it to your own liking ofcourse. As it is a super simple way to get stock scaled parts into orbit using a bare RSS install, no considerations are made for dry-masses etc, so you might have different results with different mods. @Russekof71 You should be able to make it work even at 1.0 funds settings but it will take more missions to create a buffer as you need larger/more tanks for RSS. You could increase the fund rewards to 1.2 or higher in the settings and get new contracts.
  7. Not familiar with waterfall plumes, but there is a patch included with the mod for Real Plumes.
  8. SSRSS was really awesome: do the RSS bit but not take ages to get anywhere. Also really detailed surfaces due to using the same textures on 1/10 the size spheres Too bad it was abandoned and never picked up by anyone. I wish KSP had a setting to use kerbol or a 1/10 rss version out of the box.
  9. ShadowMage is busy in real life. And I think he also got a bit tired of KSP updating every other month and needing to redo the mod each time. A final KSP 1.x release might be a good point to do a final update of the mod(s) at some point though I'm running 1.11 RSS right now, hoping 1.12 will work with SSTU and RSS as well, that would make a nice send-off.
  10. @KerbMav Only isp/thrust. This is a super simple patch to get you going with a bare RSS install and stock/modded parts without needing SMURFF or RO. Changing mass would be something for RO or else would be so much work you might as well use SMURFF/RO.
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