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  1. Not familiar with waterfall plumes, but there is a patch included with the mod for Real Plumes.
  2. SSRSS was really awesome: do the RSS bit but not take ages to get anywhere. Also really detailed surfaces due to using the same textures on 1/10 the size spheres Too bad it was abandoned and never picked up by anyone. I wish KSP had a setting to use kerbol or a 1/10 rss version out of the box.
  3. ShadowMage is busy in real life. And I think he also got a bit tired of KSP updating every other month and needing to redo the mod each time. A final KSP 1.x release might be a good point to do a final update of the mod(s) at some point though I'm running 1.11 RSS right now, hoping 1.12 will work with SSTU and RSS as well, that would make a nice send-off.
  4. @KerbMav Only isp/thrust. This is a super simple patch to get you going with a bare RSS install and stock/modded parts without needing SMURFF or RO. Changing mass would be something for RO or else would be so much work you might as well use SMURFF/RO.
  5. You yourself asked to post logs and even linked to the latest version of xScience here in this topic.
  6. This question is about [x]Science but originated about a question earlier which of these two mods would work with 1.11
  7. Hi Guru, Tried reinstalling several times. Besides copying the gamedata files and the dependencies, I don't see what I could be doing wrong. Have not played since thursday either. Here's another link to the file: http://dasher.nl/kerbal/Player.zip And a screenshot of my gamedata folder http://dasher.nl/kerbal/screen.jpg jim
  8. Guru, with all the mods you keep going, do you even have time for work/sleep anymore?
  9. I just tried xScience with the depencies, but all the buttons are grey and no text appears. Is it the latest one on github? (as 1.11 is not supported yet, any help to send logs and screeny?)
  10. This is a deeply philosophical issue that we need to discuss, the fabrik of space-time itself is slowly unraveling... Everyone knows "Bill the Science Guy" and "Bob the Builder" from our beloved kelevision programs... So why on Kerbin, I ask you, is Bob a scientist and Bill an engineer? To maintain stability in the universe, I propose a name change to bring piece and mind to all kerbalkind.
  11. Guru. I see you maintain both Science Alert and [x]Science. Which of thse two has the best chance of working on 1.11 ? Lief just isn't the same without these mods
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