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  1. Working on 1.8.1 version of this pack. It will be stripped down quite a bit as almost all the SSTU parts/tweaks need rewriting. I will add them as they progress.
  2. Ah yeah, I have to set volume=25000 now instead of volume=0 as per KSP1.3.1
  3. I've added a container to a hab but it is not showing up in the vab, does the cos part need to have a volume defined somehow? I could make a placeholder with a rescaled engine and a new fuel type. Been thinking of methalox myself for my own gameplay. Might just rescale the 1D(V). What's the fuel mixture of methane vs lox?
  4. Does anyone have TU patches for the NearFuture mods that work on 1.8?
  5. Looks like he is trying to do the same I did with the COS modules: Make a cargo version. I still need to see how that works in 1.8 so I can update all my 1.3 patches.
  6. These will indeed not work. I made an installation for KSP 1.8.1 but have not done any of these craft to be honest.
  7. GSF? @JadeOfMaar So it's related to these other mods? Maybe I can disable the sun flares in those to see if they are interfering.
  8. AH thanks!! And the question is still relevant: Anyone know a mod that still works in 1.8.1 ?
  9. Might be EVE/RSSVE getting in the way. In map view it seems to work more often than in regular view using Sunflares of Maar. Looks cool when is does work though.
  10. I think that isn't working at the moment, at least I just get a white dot with no real lightsource using just Scatterer. Found the old Maar mod, but that only works 50% of the times I start KSP up.
  11. Playing RSSVE/Scatterer and kind of disappointed by the sun, it's just a white dot in the sky and you wouldn't know it was the sun if it wasn't bigger than the other stars. Is there any mod currently for 1.8.1 that adds better sun light and/or flares? I use to have some mods in the 1.3.1 days, but it seems there is not a lot around anymore.
  12. Trying to find an RSSVE version that will work on KSP 1.8.1 with RSS 18.0. Found a reply somewhere saying the 1.7.3 version still works and saw someone above mention it as well, so I downloaded that from here https://github.com/KSP-RO/RSSVE/releases but it says on startup that the mod is not compatibly with the current version of Unity. Using the EVE version https://github.com/WazWaz/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements/releases Any tips to get this running? [edit] Hah, I think the game heard me and got scared. It works after a other startup of the game. Go figure. I'll leave this up in case someone else is looking for the information.
  13. Realplume Stock is mod that has SS/RP plus some configs to add it to stock parts as well. If you install that you get RP needed for SSTU but also get it added to stock parts. It's how I run the mod (1.8.1) at the moment and it works just fine for SSTU as well. I've not tested all the engines though.