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  1. Just try it, if it doesn;t work then it doesn't work. It's less work than asking it here.
  2. KSP 1.3.1? All the folders installed? (sstu, tu_unlimited, comm. resource pack, kspwheel and optionally sstu_pbr) ? Logs?
  3. Is this the way to use the Saddle Truss, or am I just being autistic? I can't get a tank in there any other way for some reason.
  4. [1.3.1] Real Solar System v13.0 [02 Apr 2018]

    Gotcha on the link. Running the RSS 1.3.1 update and Scatterer 0324 right now. Wasn't sure RSSVE would work as it's still labeled 1.2.2 and the topic was closed. Thanks for the tip, I will try out that combination.
  5. [1.3.1] Real Solar System v13.0 [02 Apr 2018]

    @Theysen The Kerbin 365 (3.2x planets, 6.4x orbital distances) mod has not been update for ages ( I think since 1.1) and the link no longer works. Perhaps remove it? As the RSSVE thread is closed; is there anyone running EVE on RSS in the new 1.3.1 RSS install perhaps?
  6. NB: Smooth as butter now with MemGraph and heap-padding active. Haven't tried ScanSat/KAC yet, kind of afraid to jinx it for now
  7. I stil think Sarbian, you and several other modders should make your own game Really. The more I play KSP, the more frustrated I get at all the work-arounds and stuff we have to put up with. All I want to do is build up an infrastructure and not have the game lag, freeze, explode ships, kraken, bend, bounce planetary bases into oblivion, crash or completely corrupt my save-games; is that too much to ask?
  8. @steve_v Thanks for that tip, running it now. Nothing really strange to see in terms of spikes though. I removed KAC and ScanSat, which seems to have reduced theproblem enormously. The KSC view has the stutter for the first few seconds but then smooths out, like something is being loaded in fragments at every secondmark. Really weird behavior. @Dafni I've tried removing MJ on my install but didn't see any improvements, nbot sure if it's a random thing or maybe some mods conflicting with each other to amplify the stutter. I'm grasping at straws as well.
  9. I noticed this in a modded install of 1.3.1 and got so annoyed with it that I actually stopped playing. The game sees a lag spike every second whre the entire game freezes for 1/10 of a second or so, making it very jerky and super annoying. As I thought it was one of the mods I tried removing all the mods and running it stock, but even there I notice this effect although much less pronounced (barely visible, but there), it seems to get worse when you add more mods. I had some hope a fresh install of 1.4.2 would solve this, but it shows the exact same behavior: The performance monitor shows a spike to 278fps but it's rather a dip to 0fps. I normally run 60Hz vsync as my monitor will only handle 60Hz, but the test above was to see if not using vsync would make any difference (it doesn't). I'm running a 4790K (4x4GHz), 16GB, Samsung SSDs with a GTX970 factory OC at 3440x1440. I doubt the PC could be the issue. Also running KSP in 64bit mode. Has anyone seen similar behavior in KSP and know a way to fix it? NB: I notice Kerbal Alarm Clock and ScanSat greatly increase this behavior, but as it is there in a stock install, I'm not sure it's entirely related to these mods.
  10. Are you running stock or rss in that screenshot?
  11. Mage, could you add this to the SSTU and/or TU first post so it is easier to find and more obvious? I just scoured through 20 pages to find this so I could test a 1.4.x install
  12. [1.4.1] Mark One Laboratory Extensions (M.O.L.E.)

    I have an issue where stations with the BOW (I don't have any other vessels with MOLE parts yet to be honest so not sure if it is the BOW or the mod in general) where when I try to switch to the station, it will no longer switch, save or exit to the space center. I need to alt-F4 to get out of the game again. The issue seems to corrupt the save file as after the first issue in a new career, every next time I restart the game and switch the same thing happens. Log included below, here is an excerpt. Running KSP 1.3.1 and MOLE 1.10.2 Download log file KSP did not generate and output.log file for some reason (checked x64Data folder). Nevermind, I deleted MOLE and started a new career again. One of the mods to steer clear of in the future.
  13. Show-off!!!! I am actually waiting for a stable release for 1.4.x first before even attempting to install any mods into it. 1.3.1 is doing fine for now