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  1. Jimbodiah

    Ending 32-Bit Support with Update 1.5

    There was a 64bit version of XP. It's silly that there are still 32bit versions for the operating systems for the past 10 years as all the hardware has been 64bit for ages.
  2. Dont use 1.4 mods in 1.3. If you want 1.4 mods, just install 1.4.4 I'm running SSTU 7.39.149, MM 4.0.4 with probesplus 0.16 in a 1.3.1 RSS install and have never had issues. Never switched to 1.4.x yet and maybe never will?
  3. Use "The Janitor's Closet" mod to remove parts in-game you don't use. https://spacedock.info/mod/944/The Janitor's Closet
  4. Those might be photoshopped in... and can't you just make a part that looks like an astronaut? :))) I think in a really old version there was such a mod... Like 1.0.x somewhere.
  5. are they actually using KSP for their images now?
  6. I'm running DDR3 CL9 1600 or 1800, can't recall. Check some reviews on youtube about faster memory, as they all pretty much state that memory speed has next to no improvements. 2166 to 3600 was like 2-3% gain in performance. Just FYI before you spend a lot of money. BTW< I didn't buy the 1080ti for KSP, but for the other games like FO4/WOT that were running at 40-50Hz at 3440x1440 and my monitor not having any kind of g-sync functionality. Had hopes ofcourse that KSP would go higher, but nah I know this mod, made by this fella, that is geared towards reduced part count...
  7. I'm on the fence whether to spend my money on a new 120fps 3440 UW monitor to match my GPU for other games, or spend it on a new CPU/MB/MEM, but I think there is not much to be gained by going from my 4790K to a 8700K just for KSP. As there seems to be no solution for KSP that brings any advantage... BTW: MY frame rate are for when I am viewing my largest station around the earth. I tested it with my old GPU and the same scene with my new GPU. As a tip, instal MemGraph, removes a lot of the hickups/freezes aevery few seconds.
  8. Ok, did some digging. Physx is an nvidia feature, but is not supported by ksp and even only marginally supported by unity. So having a second gpu and running Physx will not give any advantage. Secondly, because of the craft consisting of seperate parts that gave joints, they are run on a single core. This means ksp does not optimize multicore processing if I read it correctly. It would seem the game itself (and/or unity) is the bottleneck here and this would explain why fps is directly related to partcount. Single core performance would be the biggest factor in fps.
  9. I checked memory usage just now, and KSP peaks at 10GB. Not sure if more memory will give any advantage. Re running physics on a second gpu... I have the GTX970 as a spare now, maybe that's an option. Not sure how to aproach that, will check into it. That's some crazy base you built there
  10. Hi Guys, Just splurged on a new graphics card as the new RTX2080 line is on it's way and the 1080Ti was on sale. I've been running KSP 1.3.1 in a nicely modded RSS install and am getting 37-39fps with a 4790K/16GB/EVO850/GTX970. After sticking in the GTX1080Ti I am getting the exact same FPS at 37-39. I've turned off V-sync in the nVidia panel, in the KSP settings and also raised max framerate for KSP from 60 to 180, but to no avail. I know KSP is heavily CPU reliant, but I was hoping to at least get a consistent 60fps :))) Could you guyzez post your specs here so I can get and idea of what frame-rates you are getting?
  11. I am running a heavily modded install at 35-37fps, not evne using scatterer/EVE etc. On both a GTX970 and a GTX1080Ti in a 4790K/16GB/EVO850 I get the exact same results. V-Sync turned off and max framerate set to 180 in ksp. The GPU is not so much the issue with KSP, the bottleneck is the PC or game engine as far as I can tell.