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  1. It's a cinematic trailer, not based on actual gameplay. They may use the same models, but the rendering is much smoother, faster and more detailed than anything we will ever see in-game. It's there to lure in people; if it looks like actual 15-20fps gameplay, no one will buy it.
  2. If KSP offers it, we will not be dependant on modders needing to update it on every KSP version release like we are now. SSRSS has been killed off several times due to this, and the guys from RSS need to keep updating it to be able to play a new version of KSP. So if KSP can integrate it into their game, it would mean a lot less hassles for modders and players alike.
  3. Be aware that the trailer is mostly not made from actual gameplay footage but cinematic footage.
  4. It's a complete new game, not just another version release.
  5. That logic backed by entitlement by OP. Like KSP comes out with a new version every year like all the AAA games. I've been playing since 2014 off a sale price, how spoiled and entitled do I need to be to attack a company for daring to bring out a new game after 5+ years. I'm still paying KSP 1.3.1 and it works just fine, no one is forcing me to update every other week to follow Squads insane update schedule.. Over 10K hours into this game and I'm glad to spend money on it if it means an improved game engine and a fresh start. $40 is chump-change in comparison. As for the DLC, it's not even required to play the game, so what are we talking about? For years of fun, you are really moaning about paying another $30-40 for new and improved developments on one of the cheapest games out there for the amount of fun you get in return? Just WOW!
  6. The game is not even out yet, and we already have the "I want a discount" people coming out?
  7. Could KSP 2 have a mode that uses the real solar system, but maybe just scaled down to kerbal distances to keep gameplay similar (and any actual RSS mod just needs to rescale what is already there)? I think a switch between Kerbol and Real Solarsystem would be appreciated by many a player.
  8. It's not a mod. It's a new config file for more color presets than the base ones Mage has included.
  9. Please read the first post.
  10. Running a 1080Ti with 11Gb, should be enough, KSP has always been more load on the CPU than anything. Running a 8086K (binned 8700K) at 4.8Ghz on all cores in a Z390 board, 32GB ram, Evo Plus M.2 SSDs. KSP has always been low fps even with memgraph to remove the stuttering, never reached anything over 60fps (3440x1440 on 120Hz monitor), and that was fully modded. I can try forcing DX11/12 in the command line to see if that helps, will need it for SSTU anyway.
  11. Always played 1.3.1 with RSS and a ton of mods, updated to 1.6.1 when RSS support came out but never really played it as new versions just kept on piling on top and mods nod keeping up, now decided to try 1.7.3. I have a fresh install, unmodded, and am getting like 3fps at the same high settings I've used on the fully modded installs. Anyone have similar issues with 1.7.x? Any ideas? PC is definitely not a potato so is not the limiting factor. As stated: fresh vanilla install.
  12. Sorry guys, for some reason it was unpublished. I've activated it again.
  13. I changed that text last week Working on it, not as active in KSP lately. And with the constant stream of updates that require all my mods to update again, I am not sure I will play much in the future to be honest. It's going to take me a few weeks of gameplay just to update my JPL patches, and I notice they are releasing 1.7.1 and 1.8 soon. No idea why they choose to update so frequently on a game that relies so heavily on mods.
  14. Yeah. it seems like they got a bag of free version numbers and have to use them up before the sell-by date or something.