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  1. I tried making a single part that unlocks new experiments using the upgrade system, but could't get that to work. You can't add modules via upgrades it would appear. Maybeyou can disable a module in a plugin using required tech? Re the return pod, are there any real-life versions besides Dragon or manned pods?
  2. Hahaha, sick minds think alike. I patched the stock science box into something the size of the seismic sensor plus also patched every manned pod to have one integrated into the capsule. But what you are building sounds like a part for the Satellite Core of parts, together with the HECS prototype that is there now. I'd go one step further and make the inline storage into a all-in-one science unit that gains every new experiment once the techtree unlocks a new stock experiment (that is plugin work, or I'd have done it already with the radial version of your science bay). You mean a RUD?
  3. And this is why I also patched a probe core into the MUS I think he doesn't want the tapered fairing of the SM, so he straightened it and thus needs a bigger tank. It's what I do sometimes.
  4. A thin white ring under Command. But again: the Orion has SAS level 3 (cq a probe core) built in. Adding a probe core is not necessary.
  5. Remote control? You mean probe core? The one that is there is scalable to 10m just like the other parts, you just need to unlock the tech tree nodes for unmanned. Also not that the SSTU pods all have SAS level 3, which means integrated probe core.
  6. [1.2.x] [1.3.x] Jimbodiah's Patch Laboratory

    Haha, yeah that is because I am lazy. I don't think I changed any descriptions of the engine clones. I'll take a look and change out the names.
  7. cost and weight goes up like the original parts See the link in my signature (JPL Patches). It's a copy of the SSTU Radial Materials Bay but with all the experiments. A new version unlocks with every new stock experiment.
  8. I have patched the SSTU radial science bay to hold every experiment and level up witht he tech tree (well, new versions become available with each new experiment). You can attach it to the pod and clip it in a bit so it;'s not alike a fridge slapped on the side and forms one neat part.
  9. [1.2.x] [1.3.x] Jimbodiah's Patch Laboratory

    Only to the RSS patch so far. I don't use it myself.
  10. That greenhouse looks amazing!
  11. And I haven't even updated them to the latest version.
  12. haha, that periscope was there originally but it was dropped in a later release NOOOOO, I overwrote my color presets and have no backup..... * shoots self*
  13. I think SSTU does this in the MJ.cfg patch that comes with it. I've not used those mechjeb cases since 1.0.5 I use the add mechjeb to all patch, so every probecore automatically has mechjeb; so much easier.
  14. @RedParadize I see you still place mechjeb units. If you add the sstu probe core under that docking port, you can do away with the mechjeb case.