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  1. From which mod is the Robotic arm that you have installed on the station?
  2. Found a set of problems with B9 and BDB. They are in line 13867 through 13892 within my KSP log. Here is the link to that. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XSFMQkUgLoLKybwryqzRRVJUoM--n5oQ <- kps log My installment was pretty clean, only installed the following, with their dependencies. Tweakscale 2.4.2 AVP and AVP 8k Textures 3.8.3 B9 Part switch 2.10 BDB 1.5.2 Community Resource Pack 1.2 DM Module Science Animate Generic 0.21 EVE 1.7.3 Kabrams Sunflare Blue High 0.0.1 Module Manager 4.0.3 NF IVA props 0.5.1 Scatterer + Default config 0.0540 Texture Replacer 3.7 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you need anything more, just say so and I'll make a google drive link for it
  3. Ah, apologies. Must have skimmed to fast through all the recent posts. But good to hear that you are trying to make it work with NEXT.
  4. is it possible to use the Canadarm parts/models with IR Next? And will this mod be made compatible with IR Next?
  5. I noticed that the Duo OSM part for the shuttle has a RCSx and RCSy module that use both the stock monoprop, but when Real Fuels is installed, only the dorsel RCS ports are being converted to use the RF fuels. Is there a way to update it to make both the x and y modules use RF? OSMPodDUO.cfg (last 42 lines) RF's Cormorant_Aeronology.cfg (first 232 lines)
  6. What I personally would like to see implemented is an ingame option, setting, what ever you may call it, that allows us to add thrust curves to SRB's and/or engines without having to go into the config files for those parts. Especially for people who do not know a thing about coding in general, this would be a really nice addition. Not only that, It would add some form of realism that I think a lot of people also would like without having to use third party mods to achieve this.
  7. Kopernicus is a version locked mod. Make sure you have completely deleted the older versions of Kopernicus if those were installed, AND make sure your KSP install is not corrupt. If that is the case and you still get a black screen than you should notify Thomas on the kopernicus forum post down below
  8. Can anyone here explain to me the functions of Unfocused range and Re-engage range?
  9. So I have noticed that with a few mods that I use, Negative mass I becoming a very big issue to where my rockets are stuck on the launchpad. Is there any way on how to fix it?
  10. @Jso I added the fixes to the .cfg's. No errors, no warnings, and I got a configcache so that is all good now. Link to the file >> https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vNkxBG540U2N58Z3zmDXDG8fFqbj-86w Regarding the resource switching problem. How can that be fixed? Isn't it possible to use the texture switching feature in the furure that KSP has added a few patches ago? can imagine that I am not the only one who uses RF and BDB together. And since B9 Part Switch is a dependency, I don't think I can just uninstall manually without it causing problems ****Also note that the log and the configcache are from a testbench installment and not from the main installment. If you want to take a look at the logs of the main installment that can be done here. >> https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fV4RE3nr3W6Rp6h2eJU8tEVOUDWCwcpq ****
  11. It's weird 'cause like only those 4 parts have this problem, every other bdb part that uses Liquid Hydrogen is not affected by this problem. Here is the link to the KSP log: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XLzXuA4KM4MnQOOjPw9YOr-_XJIM501b I'd like to post the Modmanager config cache but it's not being created..
  12. I noticed an issue with BDB when I have Tweakscale installed and the RF configs for BDB. For some reason there are a handful of parts this weird slider is unusable and a slider which does not function well. The installed modlist is in the spoiler tag https://imgur.com/u9bXgbB So to explain the problem a bit more, the first scale slider where the does not scale like it should with Tweakscale. Instead it only switches between 2 and 4, and without any sort of suffix so I can't see what the actual size is. Also if it is set to 4, when ever I press in the bad it automatically scales back to 2. again without any suffix so no way of knowing what the scale is. The second scale slider is basically unusable. The arrows buttons do not work and the clicking in the slider does also do nothing at all. Not sure if a Output log or a KSPlog is needed. So please say so if you need those too.
  13. Does anyone know of a config for the MK3B Pandora spacecraft that adds the ASET/RPM IVA props on the cockpit panel? Or does that have to be made yet?
  14. That is the thing, I can keep the RF Stock config for Probes Plus and still use the RF fuels, ASLONG as I remove the "@MODULE[ModuleRCS*]" Modules. I think the reason why it conflicts is bc it already has a RCS module installed in the config as seen below Idk how it conflicts tho, cause in the past both modules worked fine together with no major problem
  15. I have found the problem. @akron The problem seems to be with a module that is being added to the RF stockalike config for Probes Plus. So as I suspected, it is definitely RF that is the culprit. Removing the above mentioned module fixes the problem.