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  1. The area I live in is getting HAMMERED by that Bomb Cyclone off the New England coast. My area is under a High Wind Warning, a Flood Advisory, a Flood Watch, and a Winter Weather Advisory. So far about 2 inches of rain have fallen and we’re expected to get

    -4 to 6 inches of snow

    -Sustained winds of 30-35 mph

    -Gusts of up to 55-60 mph or higher

    -A total of 2-4 inches of rain

    -Widespread river flooding and power outages. 

    This looks like it will surpass the January Bomb Cyclone and even the Tropical Storm Philippe/Nor’easter hybrid storm from October. School has been canceled and so far about 700,000 people have lost power from this storm. What a fun day this is going to be...

    EDIT: Okay, make that over 800,000 power outages now. 

    1. AndrewDraws


      Sounds like an average day in the Midwestern United States...

    2. NSEP


      i don't have any snow, instead we have somewhat tough winds, with a feelings temperature of -20C

      Not the most extreme, but rather annoying for Bicycle capital.


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