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  1. evileye.x

    Universal Storage II

    OMG, this mod looks so sexy...
  2. evileye.x

    KSP Weekly: The Solar Visit

    Don't worry people, we still gonna have VSR)
  3. evileye.x

    KSP Weekly: Colonization of Mars

    I'm so glad this is being addressed right now, really great news. Thank you very much.
  4. evileye.x

    Kerbin Side Remastered [1.4.x]

    Last time I checked, Kerbin Side did not worked quite well with re-scaled Kerbin. You know, bases broke apart by pieces, etc... I guess this one have the same behavior?
  5. evileye.x

    Advanced staging mod?

    Smart parts
  6. evileye.x

    KSP Weekly: The FELT

    Kinda disappointing... No word from @SQUAD on fixing reentry effects.
  7. evileye.x

    Make the DLC partially free.

    Just buy the damn thing.
  8. evileye.x

    DLC Suggestion: Taking Flight

    Contractual obligations on support is a quite moot point, because let's be honest - mod authors iron out particular bugs faster with a help of community members. And often mods releases are higher quality than the SQUAD's updates. So, in my opinion, developers better be focused on making base game a better platform for modding. There are things that cannot be modded in. Making history gave us steerable parachute and another suit model, which is great. And ... that's it I guess?.. Asking devs to throw in some plane parts ... I guess it's a waste of time for those who asking in a first place. I have quite opposite problem - there are to many high quality plane parts mods... SXT, Airplanes Plus, KAX, KRX, B9, OPT, MK4, QuizTech Aero Pack - really hard to choose. What SQUAD can offer in this department? I dunno. Really better ask for editor improvements, new exploration mechanics/things to do in career and "under the hood" stuff / bugfixes. Again, it's just me...
  9. evileye.x

    DLC Suggestion: Taking Flight

    I dunno, but why do you need such DLC when you already have Airplanes Plus, Kerbin Side and GAP ?
  10. evileye.x

    Kerbal Space Program 1.4.2 is live!

    Reentry/aero effect is not fixed. I mean Will it ever be fixed (reverted to pre 1.4 state)? Or "it's not a bug"?
  11. In Making History expansion, lol. Just look at LEM. Seriously, I would love to have stock "headlight style" reentry pod. Who does not? Yes, Tantares is GREAT. Again :). Amazing quality work. But less stock-a-like in my opinion. Yes, it is bit "over-engineered" for low earth orbit ferry.
  12. No stock souyz this time, guys. Best stockalike souyz in HGR mod. All your souyz thirst needs, including LES.
  13. evileye.x

    Help me prioritize 76+ mod updates - Updated

    Filter Extensions
  14. evileye.x

    Poll: Do you like the new DLC?

    I bought it for less then 9$. (have to thank Gabe's love for mother Russia, I guess?) Original game AFAIR was bought for so or even less. Even if it was without mission builder (not really interested in current implementation), still would buy. There are some interesting parts in it (however no souyz??? daym!) - service modules are quite new concept (there are some in mods, but nothing like that), engine plates/interstages but still, all parts in general - not Ven's Revamp level. Not Near Future level, not even close to B9. Even worse, not Roverdude original mods level - sounds crazy, I know. Parts are not balanced like at all for career - because it is not for career. And trust offsets / nodes misalignment / mismatches - heh ... Community already started to release fixes I guess... Suits are awesome. Maybe modders can now change it (I mean models?). Stock textures/mesh switching - cool (can it change heat tolerance and mass as well? doubt it, but who knows?), however interface for that - strange at least... Stock mechanic for new launch sites - cool. Kerbal Konstructs kinda cooler, too bad it can't be used in rescaled games. My guess - there will be baikonur DLC, and more . May be... Said that, good old KSP still deserves some love and money, so - buy it. Don't act like a greedy kids. Just buy it, no matter what. Now back to my 1.3 career, because ages will pass till I have my 120+ mods compatible. Will buy more DLCs for sure, please keep 'em coming.
  15. evileye.x

    How to use 5m parts?

    Two digits: 6.4x