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  1. OMG, can't believe it happening! EVE in hands of @blackrack, finally! *happy crying...
  2. @Sir Mortimer, I guess Kerbalism is not compatible (yet?) with SCANsat 20.0 - looks like changes made are quite significant (haven't tried myself though). But those part reworks look amazing , just look at this post
  3. @Sir Mortimer, CLS is updated Does it mean - CLS will be supported in Kerbalism? Or at least, nothing wrong will happen if I add it to install?
  4. Right click on Geiger in editor - and you'll see all situation it can be used in (like inner belt, outer belt, etc.). Then just make a rocket with geiger and launch it straight up and see the geiger measurement while traveling through the belts. It's way better to see by yourself. But basically, radiation is deflected by and condensed in belts.
  5. You can see all of them at once if press numpad 0 You can figure exact numbers for radiation levels by launching probe with Geiger sensor (even integrated to probe body). You know, to do the real rocket science. Also, if you read the science description for Geiger, you'll figure it out what are those. @Sir Mortimer, by the way, is there's any way to rebind or at least unbind numpad 1/2/3 keys, as those are used in Precise Maneuver mode to adjust maneuver node time?
  6. Tested KAC and Haystack - when jumping to vessel right from KSC scene, EVE get borked. Guess it is on EVE side then....
  7. @Sir Mortimer, thank you very much for continuing development of such great mod. I started a new career with core mods : Kerbalism, JNCQ with KK addons, ResearchBodies, Bureaucracy, KCT, Crew R&R, ProbesBeforeCrew, Restock +, Universal Storage 2, Grounded, Persistent Rotation with RW nerf (torque *=0.01; cost *=5; consumption *=10; all in-built RW removed from capsules and probe cores) -- and I'm having a total blast. This is my great return to KSP. At some point I'll add KAS/KIS, B9 or OPT and Interstellar and maybe DeepFreeze?.. One of main reasons to feel like it's KSP Renaissance is Kerbalism Kerbalism adds so many things to consider, and I really love science rework and background processing. This is what I actually wanted from KSP. Even if I don't feel I praised this mod enough, I've noticed 2 bug you may consider look into: 1) when I use Kerbalism go to vessel in orbit button from the Kerbalism list, it breaks EVE/Scatterer. May be some event not fired properly.... 2) Kerbalism allows EVA samples at level 2 of Research facility, even if EVA samples moved to higher tiers of building level (Custom Barn Kit does this in my case, config comes from Bureaucracy), maybe it is worth to do additional checks.
  8. @severedsolo, thank you for this great mod and all of your KSP modding efforts in general. If you let me to do so, I would like to throw in some suggestions: Would be nice to have: 1) some Indication of estimated $ leftovers for research and construction 2) indication of research/construction rate per day (I know it's budget/30, but lazy to do the math) 3) indication for ETA in days/hours/minutes for particular upgrades plus a button to add KAC alarm manually 4) position indication of research/construction item in queue plus buttons to move up/down in queue I realise that "plus" things are harder to implement, but all other stuff will be really nice to have to figure what's going on with monthly budget.
  9. First of all I want to say thank you for the great progress this mod made under @Ger_space development. I'm trying to use KK ground stations feature for commnet, but I cannot figure out how to remove stock (free) ground stations and use only ground stations added by KK. Option "Leave stock DSN" is off, but I still have Harvester Massif, etc. If it matters, I use JNSQ with it's inbuilt KK config. If anybody knows how to disable stock ground stations, but have KK ground stations enabled, please help.
  10. Do you have "remove helmet / neck ring by default" option in the setting set?
  11. Hello everyone, and especially JNSQ team! I just want to thank you for your great work. I haven't followed development of planet packs and overhauls, preferring stock solar system with beautification and lots of gameplay/limited realism mods and parts packs. Eventually I became rescale player (x6.4 with SMURFF 0,5 setting for feasibility of stock parts) and now I really don't want go back to stock scale. However 6.4 rescale caused problems with quite dull terrain (too flat or too huge mountains, etc.), expansion additional facilities floating in the air, some weird glitches with scatterer, problems with KK Kerbin Side, overstretched terrain textures... And .... now I realised that perfect rescaled planet pack exists. It is JNSQ ! I'm quite inspired to go back to play KSP. I had a real problem with classic modded KSP gamer cycle of pain: 1) start a game with 1.3 version + 100 mods. 2) play for some time 3) 1.3.1 drops. just coping over gamedata makes numerous glitches -> gettin tired of troubleshooting ->next update drops -> decide to wait for next major release -> continue to play 1.3 4) repeat step 3 several times, drop the game completely. Now JNSQ is giving me opportunity and reason to start all over, having almost everything in 1 neat package. Just throw Kerbalism, Restock/+, SCANSat, Dmagic Orbital Science, Research bodies and Tarsier in the mix and stop my modding creep urges (and then may be B9/OPT, Airplanes Plus, Interstellar and Deep Freeze) By the way, what do you think of 1.9 Kerbin overhaul and ultra shader?
  12. I still prefer XCOM Enemy Within with Long War (aka XCOM1) over XCOM 2 (WOTC or not, doesn't matter much)