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  1. From my experience, Smoke Screen kill FPS quite significantly, even without active particles on screen.
  2. What visual or planet pack do you use? JNSQ for example overrides all scatterer's cfgs.
  3. I'm really sorry for offtop, but... First of all, there's HGR mod if you want just minimum. It's quite dated, but still supported and nice looking (if not to zoom super close...) And it's very strange reasoning not to use Tantares, because adding is hard, removing is easy
  4. First of all, this thread is pure heresy. Especially after stock KIS upgrade. Can you look in this brave little fella's eyes and say to him that he's overrated? Also, Kerbals on EVA give good sense of scale. Also, life support and career mods. With some mods, successful manned missions feel like achievements to be proud of. Also KIS/KAS mods. The thread is heresy, I tell you that much
  5. Had a huge amount of fun, testing my rough air-propeller drive catamaran with new Scatterer by @blackrack. Just look at those water and waves and light effects. Feels like Subnautica, maybe even better ! By the way, the black engine you can see on the boat is not for propulson, but to feed energy to Bathymetry experiment, which requires 6EC/s for a quite long time. It drains fuel much faster than prop motors - if not careful, you can end up drifting helplessly. Top speed depending on heading, because waves matter now is up to 15 m/s. The boat is quite nose heavy and so
  6. Hello everyone! Basically the topic. If I delete cfg for a part and no other config references model and|or texture, will KSP load it? I miserably failed to find a clear answer to this question on forum. I want to know, does 1) Module Manager -Part[notneededpart] improves load time / memory usage? 2) Changing notneededpart.cfg to notneededpart.cfg.disabled improves load time / memory usage? My gut feeling for now - "no" and "no" Will appreciate your answers, thank you in advance.
  7. @ensou04 , thank you for your amazing mod once again, it is so enjoyable. A question, is there's a way to add sound to resource converter, variable by converter load? Or at least vessel's speed? Grounded mod have several part that imitate liquid fuel engine providing electric charge to wheels.
  8. @Clamp-o-Tron I've made a list of complimentary contract packs for myself - what I think should provide most complete JNSQ career experience. Career Evolution https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/162205-122-13-career-evolution-contract-pack/#comments GAP for JNSQ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/198338-181-110x-contract-pack-gap-for-jnsq-missionpack-with-milestones-airline-and-rescue-missions/ CommNet Relays https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/116789-13-14-15-16-17-18-
  9. @hemeac, I have noticed "Explore Custom Contracts (possibly JNSQ scale?)" in the poll. May I suggest not to develop contracts from ground up, but rather adopt For what I've tried, IMHO it is the best career progression pack.
  10. Patch for Rocket Sound Enhancement to add M2 wheel sounds to all Grounded wheels. Not only electric motor sounds, but also screeching , etc. RSE is amazing KSP sound overhaul, highly recommended.
  11. @TaxiService, great mod , thank you for your efforts! I never looked close for this mod development, because I'm o'k with having just 1 commnet channel . But turns out, your mod have unique feature (itself it deserves to be a separate mod, by the way) that I need. It is groundstations level/range management with nice map indicators. Great job! I play JNSQ career with Kerbal Konstructs <- unfortunately its seem like KK doesn't handle commnet ranges and opened/closed states properly. Idea is to have diverse ranges and opened/closed groundstation with a help of your mod.
  12. Just yesterday tried with latest Kerbalism (KSP 1.10.1) - everything worked as intended. Test stack separator suborbital 150 000 - 160 000 meters by staging.
  13. Maybe it depend on config used? Some effects may cause incompatibility. As for other visual mods - I use all of them (at least in my main 1.10.1 game). JNSQ, Scatterer (latest with ocean waves and godrays), Planetshine, Distant Object Enhancement, EVE Redux
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