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  1. Honestly speaking, it does not make sense - to play KSP without orbital information display... (and dV information as well...) So, pick up KER or
  2. KSP needs more power per single core. Ryzen is obviously less optimal.
  3. [1.3.1] Historian Expanded

    Hello everyone! First of all, want to say: this mode is so awesome. I used it for more than 3000 screenshots... I have a question though - is there's a tag for showing mass of the vessel?
  4. Hello everyone! I wonder, is there is any way to change default Field Of View in KSP? Settings (I doubt), line in config, may be a mod for that? I know FOV is adjustable by alt+mouse scroll, but would be cool to have smaller FOV by default. With lesser FOV everything looks more "natural" and "alive" Many games have FOV slider or at least configurable FOV in files. Does KSP have it too?
  5. Ven's Stock Revamp (fuel lines in specific) makes Mach FX look like this. But you don't use VSR, I guess?
  6. and SpaceY have some huge ones...
  7. Привет! Мысль следующая - 1) огромное спасибо на разработку и поддержку этих модов! Я столько часов провел в EVA благодаря им... 2) когда я делаю alt-tab то подсветка EVS "зависает"
  8. [1.3] Store My Reports 1.1 (12017-07-31)

    Basically, Revamped?... Or not?
  9. Weird performance issue

    Try to upgrade launchpad to level 3
  10. [1.3] NavBallTextureChanger v1.6 (8/7/17)

    Better ? And thanks for your work, this skin is my favorite!
  11. [1.3] NavBallTextureChanger v1.6 (8/7/17)

    I'm using slightly modified navball made by @5thHorseman ....?.... I guess... It's very useful to clearly distinct east direction in any circumstance
  12. Launchpad Lights

    I'm using lightclamps. I mean launch clamps with installed flood lights saved as subassembly.
  13. KSP Weekly: The 9th Planet

    But 0,625m nodes are too small to serve as crew tunnels anyway. CLS consider it unpassable.