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  1. Ven's Stock Revamp (fuel lines in specific) makes Mach FX look like this. But you don't use VSR, I guess?
  2. and SpaceY have some huge ones...
  3. Привет! Мысль следующая - 1) огромное спасибо на разработку и поддержку этих модов! Я столько часов провел в EVA благодаря им... 2) когда я делаю alt-tab то подсветка EVS "зависает"
  4. Basically, Revamped?... Or not?
  5. Try to upgrade launchpad to level 3
  6. Better ? And thanks for your work, this skin is my favorite!
  7. I'm using slightly modified navball made by @5thHorseman ....?.... I guess... It's very useful to clearly distinct east direction in any circumstance
  8. I'm using lightclamps. I mean launch clamps with installed flood lights saved as subassembly.
  9. But 0,625m nodes are too small to serve as crew tunnels anyway. CLS consider it unpassable.
  10. Hello everyone! 1) I have a strange issue - revamped stock lights don't actually give any light... Does anyone have the same issue? Is there's a fix anywhere? 2) If I want to make rocket tanks/engine shrouds with less grayish (basically adjust brightness|contrast) color - to get look closer to KW - and add it as option via FS texture switch. Will it be legit to release such thing as a small addon to ven's stock revamp (include recolored ven's textures?)
  11. You can fiddle with orbital characteristics of bodies on second sheet
  12. I use it with 1.3 Also this one spreadsheet is really good https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qIgFB8OXnlgpPCGsxv7JYUYQq5O671IcZXpumVaStek/edit#gid=1781472150
  13. Hello, @Li0n I wonder, do you plan to work further on this mod? If so, can you make not only DSN, but also all relay antenna (with quantity selector) as a target? By the way, great mod, considering total lack of info in stock (including the fact part info doesn't account for antenna range and DSN range modifiers in settings)