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  1. As I always reply to those annoying threads and posts: Just. Buy. The. Damn. DLC.
  2. No, I don't I'll prefer face light, like in any Sci Fi movie except TRON But still going to buy DLC, without any doubt.
  3. This mod can strip symmetry Also, I don't know, how to make stuff in the VAB without this mod. 45° angle snap for example is super useful
  4. Thanks man, you were totally right about root cause. I've tried your fix in 6.4x and it is so much better, but unfortunately not perfect. There are some artifacts on horizon line still. Also, surface flickers in squares pattern when you look down perpendicular to surface, but I believe it's another issue. Can you please make value accessible via simple config file? May be to play with different values for different scales.? Or am I dumb and it can be done with MM?
  5. Actually, sometimes it just works in new version. And I need 100+ mods in my game anyway And Maneuver Editor has "circularize" button and numpad controls. I always hated drag-and-prey Maneuver gizmo
  6. I kinda appreciate effort, but still plus way better. Sorry, but I'm trying to be honest
  7. Hello @blowfish. Thank you very much for your efforts dedicated to KSP modding. I'm curious, is it possible to use B9PartSwitch to handle Missing History parts and backport them to KSP 1.3.1 ?
  8. This seems not to be the case. I tried to push that value up with RSS plug in and config provided by you, but it doesn't help. I think the problem with scatterer's draw distance in non scaled space. Because I have no such artifacts in KSP 1.3/1.3.1 with Scatterer 0.0275 and 6.4x rescale. 0.275 was last version before 0.0300 - since than Scattere became less friendly to rescaled Kerbin. You can clearly see that planet surface is not clipped, but the scatterer effect is not drawn, something limiting (config or hardcoded limit?) it's range https://photos.app.goo.gl/oKF67EnAkRPPeMjm8 more of those: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ibTkrjipumj9hWSu6 Hello @blackrack ! You are my only hope to upgrade my KSP install from 1.3 / 1.3.1 The only thing that stops me from doing so - scatterer. I cannot live without it, and with scatterer... Each ascent to orbit is breathtaking. Literally never gets old. Also I've pushed up a little bit size of len's flare to make that blinding, hardlight effect - like this And 6.4x rescale. Once I tried more or less proper scaling, I just don't want to go back to building tiny toy rockets pushing tons of payloads to orbit of tiny, tiny Kerbin. O'k those are actually two things. But together it's gorgeous. Just look at those screenshots (more than 500 photos): https://photos.app.goo.gl/Wuv3yeAHzdGDq8P17 There's was a little bit of aliasing on atmosphere edge, but then I added quite soft KS3P config on top of it - with additional antialiasing and some blur - 0.0275 looks amazing... Last photo without KS3P, but it looks gorgeous still. Atmoshere is 100 km exactly and no major artifacts in low (80-160 km) orbits. After 160 km scaled space kicks in and everything is perfect. Unfortunately post 1.3.1 versions are different story... So, @blackrack, what I'm trying to say - You have done outstanding job already, but I want to kindly ask you for all rescale fans here - may be something can be done to make things look like the did back in 0.0275? If 0.0275 can be straight ported to 1.6.1 - I'll be happy already. But if you can make adjustments in 0.0540 or expose some configs to solve the problem with scaled worlds - it will be wonderful, more than I can dream of. I can provide you with packed gamedata folder with assembled 6.4x recale for 1.6.1 - just fire up good old Kerbal X rocket - it's orbit capable even in 6.4x. Or I can test things for this noble cause. Thank you in advance.
  9. But what about reasonable one or two hundred mods needed to play KSP?
  10. Yes, those little green men... You know what I mean... They're watching...
  11. Terrain scatters - no coliders, but still in some cases (with zero logical explanation) they just murder FPS, even if set to 10% G blackout system . You can't kill kerbal with excessive G
  12. Hello @Nertea, first of all, thank you and team for this great endeavor, finally ven's stock revamp have got very strong competition. And I have to admit now I'm torn apart and want to combine mods - with restock in prevail. Do you have plans to work on ISRU units and which is more important - how about retexture for good ol' delta winglet? It cries for upgrade. Ven's stock revamp got it covered, but it changes its form as well, making it slanted ditching it's SR71 vibe, if you know what I mean...
  13. @blackrackThis is so beautiful... Looks perfect. What cloud config do use, BTW? Hope my old radeon 7950 can handle it, otherwise I'll have to upgrade just to use scatterer