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  1. Had some time to work on this. I now have an isru Jool 5 ssto spaceplane which does Tylo in one piece without staging or a separate lander. How is vtol defined? Can the plane just land vertical on its tail, or does it have to tilt it's engines 90deg? It has a wild engine mix which would be hard to tilt
  2. That's exactly what I had planned for Jool in my next career playthroug. But you might get more participation if you remove that far rule
  3. Absolutely. I only play at 1x size for challenges and to show that the game is too easy 2-4x size fits KSP Stock parts best. Burntimes, payloads and reentry becomes much more realistic. SSTOs with small payloads to LKO are still possible. Besides this I also think the new boosters are out of balance.
  4. Well that's true. But it's also a more challenging way to play the game My definition of science grinding is doing one type of experiment in more than one biome per planet. E.g. Orbiting Mun and doing the same experiment over different biomes, or waking around KSC to do science. Just one straigt line of science without repeating experiments is my personal limit
  5. Science grind is not needed for this at all. Even at just 100% rewards. It's totally doable by just doing one biome per planet per experiment and 0 KSC science apart from launchpad science at the first launch. It's not verry easy but also not that hard. But that's why this is in challenge forum
  6. It can only take 6 Kerbals, no cargo. It only goes to Minmus without refuelling. From there on it can jump to everywhere with isru
  7. Just slapped something together without much optimization. 2:06 sub 2 minutes should be possible. Remember that the challenge was in an older version My entry was NOT done with the broken 1.8 physics
  8. So then, does this fit? It's an older build, and maybe I have posted this for one or another challenge already If you say it's legit I will start calculating
  9. Is the Kerbol system large enough to do this acceleration? Doesn't the game crash at some distance or is it working infinite?
  10. I still love the old challenge and I'm working on optimising it from time to time. Well... It's by now the only way I play career to be honest So I'm verry happy to see you starting a new one In my opinion, leaving all rewards at 100% is more than enough to play career without contracts. And this works without any boring science farming or mods. So 200% money should be more than enough to play around a little. Generally I think, you would finally work to the point, where rewards get rare, but then you can make money by science (and labs) or isru mining on other planets. (making money by isru on kerbin should be forbidden) What about breaking Ground science equipment?
  11. Is it a problem if the second stage is only separated on eve and it does all others in one stage? Also is isru allowed?
  12. This makes the game behave like 1.7.3. Works fine for me: The problem is, squad doesn't tell us, if there are any intended changes in aero and heat, or if 1.8 was meant to still behave like 1.7.3. This is the second weekend with an unplayable broken release, and without any comment. There is no point in playing the game and creating new designs, if no one knows if they will still work next week. I'm not asking for a fix or a deep analysis. I know this can take time. But squad DOES absolutely know all the time if they intended to change aero and heat in 1.8. So please squad give us a hint. A or B. You can answer this in a second. A. There are no intended changes, the patched release will behave like 1.7.3. You are fine with sticking to its aerodynamics. B. There will be changes, you can stop playing until the patch comes out.
  13. Nassault for making the best ever cinematics which always make me drop a tear @Stratzenblitz75 for his absolutely brilliant and crazy builds @EvermoreAlpaca for beating me at Eve Don't read spoiler, frustrated sarcasm ahead