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  1. Kergarin

    The Moho Challenge

    Any points for doing it completely reusable?
  2. Kergarin

    Antenna Range Diagram (stock / OPM /JX2 / GPP / GPO)

    Added Thanks a lot again @wile1411
  3. Kergarin

    The Wonton Wocket challenge

    And then slingshot around Duna to go even further
  4. No. It works from orbit like any other probe core, and always detects all anomalys on first pass. I don't know if it's intended to do that, but it works since kerbnet came out and still does. But I don't use that, because it's too easy. just wanted to mention, if someone doesn't want to search for long.
  5. If you use the rove mate probe core, you will immediately see all easter eggs. It has 100% detection. But that's boring
  6. I have asked, and apparently I qualify as a newbie And according the number of my YouTube subscribers, I am one
  7. Well, I'm used to be copied by a 100.000+ subs youtuber every two weeks after. But now nasa steals my concept too 14month later? That's both an honour *not to be taken too serious **Or should I??? Edit: now nasa go on and copy my launcher from that video too and I'm impressed.
  8. Kergarin

    KSP Weekly: The Lunar Greenhouse

    Is it longer? Is it? Is it?
  9. Kergarin

    Antenna Range Diagram (stock / OPM /JX2 / GPP / GPO)

    I have just noticed, the ranges for OPM + GPP are a litte short, if there is no OPM boost or Level4 DSN, and we cant reach all planets, Is there any common solution for this combination?
  10. Kergarin

    Antenna Range Diagram (stock / OPM /JX2 / GPP / GPO)

    Updated the first post. Thanks for all your help and advice to keep this up to date!
  11. Kergarin

    KSP Weekly: The Lunar Greenhouse

    What's the length of the dessert runway compared to KSC's?
  12. Kergarin

    Antenna Range Diagram (stock / OPM /JX2 / GPP / GPO)

    Thanks again for all your efforts @wile1411! Yes, we can change the version number. It's really hard to tell, which versions are important. I think with OPMs new solution, the stock OPM install will fit most people's needs, and JX2 becomes less important. Allso GPP has integrated antenna changes like @OhioBob has listed. (thank you too) So I think these two will be the most requested. And for the change in progress mods we should wait. It's hard to know where to stop, because I don't know how many people mix them up and how they do. I for example always use GPP secondary for mixing them, this gives a stock OPM system plus the GPP system orbiting another star which orbits Kerbol, so you do not lose any planet like in the normal mixup. But that would be another chart too For too special needs there is still @Poodmund 's great calculator. I don't want to stop you from doing as many versions as you like, I just want to save you from to much work, and I'm really thankfull for all your efforts on this charts and will update the op whith every version you create
  13. Kergarin

    Space Race

    I understand, but after seeing @ManEatingApe's impressive first launch, I'm afraid that the answer for everything except eve might be 2 (with return). Moho might be hard too, I don't know, would have to test.
  14. Kergarin

    Space Race

    @ManEatingApe I was thinking about something like this, if you say yes to making history. This decouplers from top to bottom. (Notice that some onion pods are mounted backwards.) I could not test, and it might need tweaking. but I imagine the following: The upper stage is for transfer burn fuel and laythe landing (don't know if it might have to less drag to slow down) The second is a lander for Vall and maybe has some fuel left for maneuvering everything to Bop and Pol before decoupling (if this is even needed) The third are just the two pods carrying kerbals for Bop and Pol. The fourth is the fuel tank to get to low Tylo orbit. And the fifth is the Tylo lander.