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  1. The 2G SSTO Challenge

    Congratulations @Cunjo Carl That craft looks really interesting. I'm happy to hear you had fun too. I also had to relearn everything, that's exactly what this challenge is for if you are bored because you can build SSTOs with crazy payload fractions while sleeping, this makes you feel like back in the old days when the game was new and you had to figure out everything. Reentrys are verry exciting now, aren't they?
  2. The 2G SSTO Challenge

    I think VTOL and parachutes are ok. Clipping should only be used for esthetical reasons, it should not give you an unfair advantage. Looking forward to see your results
  3. The No Contract Career Challenge

    This challenge is really interesting. I think I will try to do this completely reusable.
  4. The 2G SSTO Challenge

    Looking forward to see your results 2G is verry doable, 3G is challenging I see the main problem at 3G in a too short runway. It forces you to build a less efficient design with more wings or thrust, if you want to reach takeoff speed until the end of the runway.
  5. JoolTube: Landing everywhere!

    Ah, ok That music is from YouTubes free audio library, so you will find it in many videos
  6. JoolTube: Landing everywhere!

    Thanks a lot! This is really a big honor I was thinking about that, and i think it should work without changes. But I'm short on time and this would take weeks... Who?
  7. This challenge is simple: press ALT+F12 Activate hack gravity and set it to 2.00 Build an SSTO Fly it into a stable orbit above 70x70km Fly it back to ground No part/physics mods or things like that. Visual and informational mods are ok. Post screenshots or videos with ALT+F12 menu always open. If enough people like this challange, i will add additional goals / scorings and maybe a badge. (like smalles manned craft with closed cockpit, smallest craft with orange tank as payload or maybe just highest payload fraction etc.) (do not try to leave Kerbins SOI, hack gravity is not compatible with SOI changes) Here comes my verry basic entry with around 5% payload fraction: For comparison here is my 1G version with more than 33% payload fraction:
  8. Well, ok. Thanks for your efforts. Looks like this gravity multiplier is not integrated in the same way into all calculations I think? I will accept that this is a hack and not a consistent way to change gravity, and will look for another solution like Kopernicus or so.
  9. If you change the gravity, the planets speed changes too. But nevertheless, if you leave kerbin soi, you end up in an solar orbit like the one of Moho (pe AND ap) There seem to be some functions, which do and some which don't recognize the gravity slider.
  10. Exactly. Thanks for your effort. But have you also tried a career game with all facilities at level 1? Without patched conics, everything works fine for me. Thanks for the Kopernicus idea. I really fell in love with 2x gravity. It feels much more realistic and challenging at payload fractions, rocket sizes, reentry heating and so on but without the need of part mods.
  11. I was looking for some more challenge, and started a career game with gravity set to 2x using the alt-F12 menu. Everything was working fine, i could fly to the mun without a problem. But then i have upgraded the Tracking Station and Mission Control to Level2, so that patched conics were visible in map. From this moment on there was a ghost mun, which was only visible in the patched conics (no matter if i use a manouever node or not) and this ghost mun affects my flight path and has SOI. The position of this ghost mun changes, when the gravity is changed. I would really like to get the game working correct on 2x gravity, because it's so much more fun. Stock KSP
  12. Low tier SSTO Challenge

    Does it have to be a plane or do SSTO pockets count too? Tier 1 rocket SSTO
  13. I'm sorry, that's the only thing I have to brag about I have added the score to both entries. I don't have the dV infos, but I hope I will find time this weekend to add dome engineering details. Espacially the second one has some nice details.
  14. Maybe this one scores better. Sorry for the really bad video, was originally just meant as a proof video data will also follow next week Maybe I should upgrade this one with a smaller eve lander, delete the Tylo lander and give it the ability to land on Tylo by itself but time is short atm Wieght: 331.45t Modifiers: Kerbin SSTO: 0.95 Bodies: both Laythe and Tylo: 0.8 ? (does this count? I'm using a disposable lander) no worries ISRU: 0.8 VTOL: 0.8 ? (well, it can VTOL on Gilly from a horizontal stand it can push up its nose on most bodys before launch. And it also has landing dampers and landing gear to stand on its tail plus the regular plane landing gear) Score 161.217 at least a litte better
  15. May I take part even without an *) ? I will have to add the data next week, but it will not do a good score, because it weights more than 1,200t Edit: Wieght: 1,627.287t Modifiers: Kerbin SSTO: 0.95 Bodies: both Laythe and Tylo: 0.8 no worries ISRU: 0.8 it's good for something 0.9 if you can carry at least six Kerbals part count: 1.1 if it's more than 150 parts. Score: 979.496 Oh, that's bad