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  1. Kergarin

    1.7 Maneuvering Engine Balance Changes

    Thanks for your efforts, writing down all this. The point ist just.. I didn't execute most of what I have laying around here based the Spark. And doing it in something else than the most recent version is like failing or cheating to me. I don't like making things easier than they are stock. Some time ago I have even dropped my Single Stage to everywhere Grand Tour (a real one, not one of these "*except here and there"), which was almost completely recorded, when they released 1.2 with Eve's changed Atmosphere which destroyed my Eve SSTO....
  2. Kergarin

    1.7 Maneuvering Engine Balance Changes

    Most people were not really aware and generally use engines one or two sizes to big for their crafts, and I also ignored this engine for long, but it was the most outstanding allround engine for small to medium crafts in the game. Its asl twr was verry high. Only surpassed by the biggest launcher engines: mammoth, vector, skipper and mainsail. Its vac Isp looks not the best on the paper, but due to its verry low weight and still high Isp and thrust, it surpassed the supposedly best vac engines terrier and poodle on most crafts, giving them up to a decent size more dV on the same amount of fuel than these two. (and even way more when you fill up the saved weight with fuel) It's low weight and low fuel needs also makes launch vehicles verry small. This combination made it the perfect and op allround engine for small to medium crafts, working as high efficient transfer and lander engine even for atm at the same time. The graveyard: Aborted after several month of work: And that's just a small selection.
  3. Kergarin

    1.7 Maneuvering Engine Balance Changes

    30% more weight for the Spark and even 33,3% worse asl twr is verry huge this kills all designs based on the old specs.
  4. Some progress on my unnecessary complicated rogue entry. Recovery works better than expected
  5. Kergarin

    Spot the mistake in this article

    I did read through the article several times to find out if it is a joke or really serious. I would love to know how this could happen
  6. Kergarin

    Spot the mistake in this article

    This article is quite old, I don't know if it has been around here. But there is a funny mistake in it. Can you spot it?
  7. the actual Version basically works in 1.7 ist there an easy way to make the parts fit RSS and the performance their real life verions accurately?
  8. This is great! but is there an easy way to make the F9 fit RSS and match its real world versions performance accurately?
  9. Kergarin

    1.7 Maneuvering Engine Balance Changes

    actually all my small crafts amongst some records holders have stopped working… i also can throw my actual reusable career playthrough attempt into the trash can, ob which i have worked for more than 6 month… all those designs were based on the spark, just because it was definitely overpowered and out of balance
  10. That's good to hear. They definitely earn this and their second try. I hope they find out what went wrong.
  11. Oh my... That moment after the communication restore when vertical speed got higher and higher until the display turned yellow and then red, while horizotal speed deceleration stopped... The animation showed the spacecraft desperately pointing up instead of prograde... Reboot when calculatory only seconds left to impact. That broke my heart I really hope there will be this "next time"
  12. Oh my... you have killed my favourite absolutely op allround lightweight spark engine I slowly get the feeling you are following me, making everything impossible, that I did max out to unexpected levels
  13. Kergarin

    Make an airliner that can fly around Kerbin!

    So... Does staying in the atmosphere mean that everything below 70km is ok? can we use all kinds of engines?
  14. That's true, but I imagine the following: The crew compartments for the transfer vehicle almost triple in weight. Even if this can probably be done using the same engine as for one podseat per kerbal with longer burns, this alone would would increase the needed fuel for that part largely. Indeed in addition to the landers weight that few tons of crew compartment might not even be noticeable. But for the Eve lander: closed pods will be at least around 2,5-3tons, while 4 seats in a service bay are 0,5-0,6 tons. Meanig the Eve lander needs to carry around 5 times more payload. I guess this will massively enlarge the eve lander.
  15. I don't want to stress you out about this too much, but I'm not sure if the new group where the command seats are in has less or more impact on the weight than the old one I guess getting the "room to move" bonus adds 100-200% weight to the craft. Doesn't it?