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  1. Kergarin

    KSP Challenge: Terminus challenge!

    I totally forgot, I have a matching entry, when I first read this hope it's not too late? It's an SSTO launcher which brings a large payload into trajectory to duna without any staging, and then uses atmospheric breaking to get back to kerbin. It also brings a little more than needed.
  2. Kergarin

    Space Station Challenge

    Actually it's is exactly: who brings the most xenon to Eeloo. Don't get me wrong, I thinks this can be a really cool challenge, if you balance it a little. Maybe don't give points for specific parts, just give points for the complete weight? Or as I suggested specify the station and give points for the lightest launches
  3. Kergarin

    Space Station Challenge

    Or maybe just specifiy how the station has to look, and then give points for the lightest launch vehicle? Just giving some ideas. It's a really interesting challenge
  4. Kergarin

    Space Station Challenge

    That's an interesting challenge, but I think it needs to be balanced a little. 1 point for 1 unit of fuel 10 points for a science lab Please have a look at how much fuel you can carry for the weight of a science lab. Even on normal fuels, and more worse on xenon. Also Moho is way way harder to reach than Eeloo.
  5. Kergarin

    No Space Junk/Debries Challenge

    Can you check if one of these two entries qualifies for the last challenge or at least a few of the easier? Sadly in both attemps I'm not doing orbits but mannend landings. The first entry is a completely reusable career playthroug. Starting in an empty career I'm landing manned on every body without leaving any debris. I don't know if I should really post this again, or if everyone is already annoyed by it also I don't know if you count this as SSTO or if you mean SSTO spaceplanes?
  6. Yes, that's exactly the video I was talking about But sadly - like my own SSTO - this won't work in Eves new atmosphere
  7. Ok thanks Then I hope it's ok if post my second attempt on the Ultimate Challenge which was done in 1.2.2. It is 100% reusable and can do the trip over and over again without having to be recovered. As a little bonus, here is how you get in career game from start to this rocket, all the way 100% reusable.
  8. So I guess 1.2.2 is out then? Where there changes since then in atmospheres or engines?
  9. Thanks for mentioning me! Yes this should still work. While I would not call it SSTO. It uses and adapted version of @Stratzenblitz75's suborbital docking. My real Eve SSTO lander doesn't work anymore. It was for 1.1.3 and the atmosphere was changed in 1.2 to have even higher pressure at low levels. SSTO from the highest point is still possible, but payload and upscaling doesn't work as before. I was pretty happy recently to see the creator of the first ever Eve SSTO back. @astrobond has just build the smallest Eve SSTO I have ever seen. really sad this doesn't have more views, while people who have clickbait video titles about Eve SSTO or everywhere SSTO have hundreds of thousands views... Back to the op: this is not possible in pure stock. If you launch from Eve's highest mountain, you can barely make it a few thousand KM above the atmosphere. Not any further. And that is with a craft that has 100% full fuel tanks at launch from Eve and virtually no payload. I have seen someone who moved an asteroid to low Eve orbit, to refuel his craft there. But this makes this craft dependent on moving asteroids there, what is a cool idea, but not really a difference to moving fuel tanks there, as both would be refuelling, which you don't want, if I understand wo right. I sadly did not have the time, to test how the making history parts work on Eve. Maybe there are some advantages by using the larger fuel tanks or so. But I don't think this will get us to Gilly or anywhere close to completing this challenge.
  10. Kergarin

    Reusable Staging Off Eve

    That's a nice design @OHara! Can it be landed fully fuelled, or do you have to land it empty and refuel on the ground? Does it reach orbit with open "mouth" or does this generate to much drag? You could get rid of the angle snap mod if you use two docking ports.
  11. Kergarin

    Pimp your Stearwing

    that's really funny Yes it's mine thanks!
  12. Kergarin

    Pimp your Stearwing

    What about this? Sorry for the bad video, it's quite old
  13. Kergarin

    The biggest challenge to ever exist!

    It is possible But I don't know if this would make it to proxima in time
  14. Kergarin

    please delete

    You should just get Eve out of this challenge and set the targets to Duna and maybe Laythe as default plus optional planets. Then it is doable.
  15. Kergarin

    please delete

    Sorry, it was not mean to sound rude or anything. I just though this thread needs an answer, to let the creator know, why no one else answers. And sorry, but it is impossible to build a stock grand tour SSTO that can fly to Eve, land on, refuel at, return to orbit and fly to Gilly to refuel there in one piece. All grand tours which claim to be an SSTO to everywhere sadly either just lie in the title and don't land on Eve, have a disposable Lander for Eve, split up, move an asteroid to lowest Eve Orbit to refuel or just get external refuelled to leave Eve. But the Challenge tells us to use an SSTO. this means to me: no splitting up and no external refuelling, just one single ship completely on its own. The best you can do is an SSTO from Eves highest Mountain, and you will end up just above the atmosphere whith zero fuel left. And this has to be an absolutely specialized design, you can't make it look like something else than a really pointy rocket or plane. Duna is easy, adding Moho is possible, Eve is not and will only work with Alt+F12.