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  1. That's interesting... why wasn't it running in Opengl from the start?
  2. If you want, half it. 150 on the GPU, 150 on the machine. You could get a solid ryzen machine, using your old psu for now, and have a discreet gpu. Here's one. Now, keep in mind - you'll need a case, storage, and a PSU. If you haven't built a computer before, DM me. Or, just tell me which version of i3 it is. Remember, the current generation i3 is BETTER than the first-gen i7, so the number itself doesn't really matter, just the generation. If it's a high enough version, you just need a good GPU. While the above advice is good, including the ones from other posts, please, please tell us more about your system before doing anything.
  3. No problem, understandable, and which one was it? Aight, from what I can see, i don't think it's a problem with the GPU. Open up task manager while you're running it (or, for a longer but better method, become a Windows Insider using the app, and get the new Game bar, i'm not sure if it's been released yet. In-game, use windows key + g to open up the bar, and on the side, if you have the new game bar, it shows your percentages. While launching that shuttle, give me the percentages. Also, give me the percentages for when you're running an unmanned probe. (Percentages, as in percentage of GPU, CPU, and RAM used. If it's none of those, it's a slow hard drive. Really, really slow.) It might be a problem with too many mods; but you run perfectly fine with an unmanned probe.
  4. ... Forza and Microsoft Flight Simulator much? (and ray tracing?) 10 years ago we had this and this as AAA games (Forza Motorsport 3 and Halo 3 ODST, respectively); now we have and as AAA games (Battlefield V RTX, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020*, and Forza Horizon 4) No, we've gotten really, really good at photo-realistic graphics. It's these next 10 years that'll be a problem. But as for the Unity discussion, the Forza engine might be better, but only Microsoft can use that. *This hasn't been released yet, but it's from the real-footage trailer. It was the best one I could find, but in the trailer, there's a shot of storm clouds that's actually stunning. I'm sure y'all have seen it tho
  5. Could you record your game? DM me a dropbox link or something with a video showing you playing a manned and an unmanned probe. (use OBS)
  6. Remove Kerbal Konstructs , KSCplusplus, ASET, and RPM, but keep them safe in a seperate folder first (NOT in KSP at all). Launch the game, and see what happens to you in a manned mission.
  7. And just add more wheels, sometimes stress causes unity to do some weird stuff. Offset them inside each other, and since this is a problem with the game, your cheating karma's fine.
  8. I have an idea: The mods! If it's a localized kerbin issue, which is what i think is happening, it's a problem with kerbin itself. If you can, list all the mods that affect kerbin. do you use Kerbinside, or maybe FAR? Are there many, many debris that need to be cleaned up? If it's only Kerbals that are the problem, then it's a mod that affects kerbals/IVA. Do you run IVA enhancement or something? A spacesuit/kerbal retexture tool? There are many things that affect KSP, hence all the questions.
  9. I made a topic like this a couple of days ago, and tbh I'm now split.