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  1. They haven't given us an update in forever, at least give us small, text-based updates like Flight Simulator 2020 does. (Just tell us something!) Yeah, whoever works at star theory here's not gonna show themselves. ;p
  2. it's all well and good saying you'll make the first mod, but the problem is the only thing that's been known is PBR textures. Starting work on it now is futile, even if the game's built in unity, the only things you can do now is come up with the models and the sounds. All the same, best of luck!
  3. You expected a verbal communication, but it was me, DIO!
  4. I am a developer at star theory, and I would never, ever, EVER post anything like that! In fact, I AM STAR THEORY! It's a one Kerbal show! HAHAHAHAHA! All those other people in the dev story are... Non-existent! "And that's exactly what somebody who isn't working at star theory would post!"
  5. I have 16 gigs ram and a Ryzen 1500x, the game typically runs at 1:1, (if we're talking about the same thing; green time text means that it's 1:1, right?)
  6. Nope. It isn't. It's graphical. We have problems with the computational part, the GPU isn't actually being used all that much. Also, what are your computer specs?
  7. Oh, no, not for the whole of unity; just for KSP not being optimized.
  8. Honestly, this person just posts things about unity with no regard to any of the evidence that you guys put forth, and this cycle will continue until the KSP 2 release. If it turns out it's badly optimized, we'll concede defeat (at least, for the "KSP 2 will be badly optimized" argument.* If it turns out it's optimized well, which it will be, this person will probably go quiet.... for some reason. @ronson49, please don't continue this cycle, read what they have to say and put out a thread respectfully refuting each claim they have; WITH EVIDENCE, and I'll be the first to agree with you, if it checks out. But right now it seems that you post things, allow people to prove you wrong, then call them out individually, and then go quiet when they prove you wrong again. C'mon, man, we're getting tired of it.
  9. Vignetting is useless, unless you're trying to simulate old-film style, which KSP2 probably won't. Maybe add an asterisk and put threshold on the original list for everything that needs it
  10. Well, publicity is publicity! If IGN doesn't know about this stuff, it doesn't really matter, as I'll bet most of their watchers don't care about metallic hydrogen anyway...
  11. @sal_vagerif there's somehow somebody who doesn't know about KSP 2 and is still on the forum, could you update this post
  12. Yeah, also, there was a free upgrade, people who didn't take it I honestly don't understand. Other than programs not working. Flight Simulator X was a big one, but even that's been fixed ( sorta)
  13. Depends on the level of difficulty, and honestly, it's not worth it if it's a script. Blocks would be best.