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  1. Can't remember if I posted this here or not, but I made a sort of sizzle reel for my older animations around a year ago (for Runway Project Seasons 2 - 4). I'll be doing one for Season 5 soon enough. Note that no kerbals are ever harmed in the production of my videos lol, it's all AI - piloted. Well, I mean I'm still animating them. But canonically, it's AI piloted.
  2. Quick note before I start: After using this addon for so many years, I have to say it's been invaluable and I literally wouldn't be able to create the stuff I do now without it. There are a few bugs with the addon, most of which can be solved fairly easily - AirplanePlus cockpits have the monoprop resource commented out incorrectly, and the importer throws an error; to fix it, simply comment out all of that bit of code, and it imports fine. Some parts, like certain landing gear (or the BDA ej200, which is a scaled jet engine) don't import correctly. Honestly, for those issues, having the importer just import what's left and skipping the offending part, rather than just throwing an error. However the one mod I know of that absolutely refuses to import correctly, or sometimes at all, is pwings. Procedural wings import as the default blocks, and procedural panels, for whatever reason, flat-out refuse to import at all. Having functionality where pwings could be scaled correctly, and procpanels imported correctly, would be a massive boon for competitions like runway project, where pwings are a small part; or FJRT, where pwings are basically integral to the competition. In combination with @Halban's ksp -> blender vessel tracer, we could recreate a dogfight in blender to get those sweet, sweet cinematic camera angles. Tl;DR: feature request for @taniwha: have the importer skip offending parts on import, rather than throwing an error and refusing to import it at all; and possibly add support for pwing scaling, so complicated builds, such as gigantic ships, don't have to be re-built in blender?
  3. Ah thanks. Do I put this in the part's config file or somewhere else? (Like I said, completely inexperienced, sorry )
  4. Trying to add this (Specifically, the air simulation, so sound attenuation and doppler effect) to Bd Armory; full disclosure, I have basically no modding or coding experience at all. That being said, I managed to add it for one of the BDA engines, the Saturn; but I'm mostly trying to add it to the gun and bomb sounds. I noticed that there are three different types of modules in the configs for other mods - engines, wheels, and rcs; I tried engine with the Abrams turret (it didn't work lol) Is there any way to just have RSE add air sim to a sound with a line in the original part's config file, for example? I don't need to replace the sounds, just modify them so RSE adds sound attenuation and the doppler effect. It says "Parts with RSE Modules will simulate realistic sound attenuation over distance, comb-filtering, and distortion. Game Events like distant explosions will now sound muffled just like in real life." So basically I just need to add an rse module to the guns and bombs, but I'm not entirely sure how...
  5. What was promised from KSP 2 and what we got from KSP 2 are two different things. That is undeniable. What's also ridiculous is the sheer amount of time that the game has taken - which would be excusable if the game was what was advertised... but it isn't. Everything is rough around the edges, and it's severely light on features and parts. However... All this is fixable. It is possible for KSP 2 to turn into the game that we waited for (and paid for...). But it will take some time... and effort. What you need to do is make a public announcement / apology. "Hey, look, we know this isn't what you expected. But we promise we'll make it right, and here's how we'll do that." Having just checked the twitter account, it looks like before I finished typing this up, they posted something like it. Must've read my mind! Next, you start looking at and understanding what the community really wants. For example, I'm a visuals guy, I make animations in blender - specifically, exclusively, Kerbal (AI) Aircraft Dogfights. I animate almost nothing else. (Side note: one of my art pieces got retweeted by the official ksp twitter account. High point of my career so far. Thanks guys!) I bring this up because there's a whole community of us that do this and things like it... and none of us can really understand the art direction KSP 2 took. It's too cartoonish. While this may at first glance fit the style of KSP's parts, it's evidently not what players really wanted. How do I know this? Some of the most popular mods in KSP 1 are graphics mods - scatterer, parallax, tufx, eve - and they target photorealism. I completely understand that it's still early access, obviously; but the core idea behind KSP 2's art direction just seems to be... wrong. I mean look at the trailers, they aren't cartoonish. I mean the kerbals are, but they're always cartoonish, even when I path trace them The main focus shouldn't be on adding new features not present in KSP 1; rather, on feature parity with Kerbal 1. Only then should you try and add new features like multiplayer and space VAB and all that stuff. For help with this, maybe try contacting some modders. Sometimes I feel modders know the game better than the original devs do, because of how much harder it is for them to actually add something new to the game. Heck, Asobo did this with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 - which, as I recall, launched in a similar state, bad performance, light on features, many, many glitches... although that game had the greatest graphics in any game at that time to fall back on, so a lot of people could give it a pass for that lol. But Asobo pulled it around, pulled a No Man's sky, and fs2020 right now is in an incredible state. And they're working with modders in an official capacity to add new things to the game, and fix existing bugs! It's awesome. But the biggest thing is communication. You need ONE place where you can communicate with Kerbal 2 players freely, and answer (most) questions. Trying to split it between the forum, the discord, and the subreddit doesn't seem to be working. I believe the KSP 2 devs can pull a No Man's Sky. Have a singular focus on what you need to achieve. Contact the modders, the subject matter experts, the animators and visual effects people (hullo!), and turn KSP 2 into the game that it was always meant to be.
  6. I'm just excited for deeper mod support honestly
  7. Yeah I've learned a little bit about the .mu importer over the past few months; and my tutorial is in dire need of an update. Granted, my use case for the importer is something entirely different than most but anyway
  8. apologies to any violin players in here I know I know I'm out of practice
  9. Please tell me I can import these paths into blender because that would be absolutely incredible
  10. Ok, here it is. Took me around 6 months and Scott Manley guest-stars. I actually learned a ton about ksp parts and textures, and I created high-quality versions of them for this trailer. The parts are subdivided and have small modifications, and the textures have been modified and have bump and roughness maps created from the original texture. If enough people ask for it, I'll make a behind the scenes on this, going through my workflow and the things I learned.
  11. This is the animated trailer I made for Runway Project, season 5. Took me around 6 months to do and Scott Manley guest-stars.
  12. I've been watching that like a hawk ever since the announcement. Very excited for it; mostly because it might include some assets from the How to Train your Dragon series, which I'm a huge fan of.
  13. I've been hard at work on the Runway Project S5 trailer, and I've learned a lot about taking the default KSP textures and making them look very pretty in blender. I'm thinking of releasing a Behind the Scenes video on that, along with a "How to make KSP planes look pretty in blender" video. I'll put them both here, as I believe they'll have useful information. I know most people here are using blender as an intermediary step, to put parts back into KSP, but there are actually quite a few people who, like me, simply want to import craft into blender and render them.
  14. The fact that there's even an argument here is absurd. All they need to do is allow square-head shaped kerbals to have ponytails and round-head kerbals to have short hair. It's extraordinarily simple. There's no reason here for 7 pages of back and forth. They're space frogs. If you find yourself represented with square-head ponytailed frogs, great! I'm happy for you. I personally don't get it. But that's OK. For those that care, let them have that option. For those that don't, it really doesn't affect us at all.
  15. Some curved wings, both stock and procedural, would be excellent. I managed to get a pretty accurate concorde wing here, but It would've been much easier with curved wings.
  16. Once we add enough parts, I'm happy to make some blender cinematic as a trailer for AP+. (You could say I have some... experience with ksp blender animations lol) I would recommend we try and add one new full aircraft - like creating the parts for an a320neo, for example - that'll also work well generally. Maybe a new form factor.
  17. We should all use Munway Project, which is the discord dev server for BdArmory for Runway Project. Great place, great people, and our AP+ development is already happening there. Also, dragon, eclipse and I will likely be focusing on adding parts for runway project (obviously parts that work generally too), so it all works out there. Besides, we have input there from the Old Guard of not only runway project, but BdArmory and ksp as well.
  18. We've got two people working on this branch (AP++, known internally as AP+++!@#$%^&*()), Drag0n (who you replied to) and Eclipse, I might join in and help after this Runway Project season is over.
  19. Whoops! didn't see that. Yep. Although it's worth remembering we have different goals - I use this to make art, videos, and cinematics with these KSP craft through blender. You're using it to create parts for KSP.
  20. You made that? Just kidding, I know it was an accident lol As an aside, I would personally recommend using normal blender (2.83 to import and blender 3.0 for everything else) to everyone else, purely on the basis that it's far more widely supported. Tutorials and support are far easier to come by, for example, and 3.0 is just a complete game-changer. BforArtists may not support some blender features and may do things a bit differently, hence why I'm bringing up tutorials and support. That being said, BforArtists has its own merits, so if you know what you're doing, don't let me stop you. But I can only really provide support and tutorials for normal blender, and as I said, most support and tutorials are for normal blender as well. (Or vanilla, whichever you prefer) Edit: I'll add some other information soon.
  21. The last one that always works in my experience is Blender 2.83 LTS. Alternatively, just follow my tutorial, it has the link to it lol
  22. Hmm. Why not try and use normal blender to getting the parts right, and then transfer it over to BforArtists? I don't know much about BforArtists, but I expect it should at least be able to import working objects from normal blender.
  23. Try making sure your directory is pointed correctly, it might have been reset accidentally
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