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  1. Kerbalstar

    Eeloo Fleet

    I've never been to Eeloo, but it all looks good to me! Be sure to keep us updated! @Mars-Bound Hokie
  2. Yup! In my day, rockets were one of two things: Under-engineered so that they fall far short of reaching orbit and violently lithobraked on Kerbin, or over-engineered so much that a simple one-way Minmus orbital mission had enough fuel to land, biome hop, and return to Kerbin! Also we called DeltaV fuel and there was no such thing as perfectly-engineered missions or suicide burns! Hmph!
  3. Kerbalstar

    Temple Airstrike Challenge

    If you want ICBM Chunkin', check out this challenge: Anyway, on-topic, I'm working on designing some aircraft (mainly VTOL's) and this looks like fun, so once I have a working long range jet, maybe I'll try it out.
  4. Kerbalstar

    A KSP Loading... Preview: Helmet Removal

    This^^^^ That would be nice also.
  5. New Challenge added! From the OP: The Duna Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge. Currently in its second iteration, by @Death Engineering, this challenge challenges you to land 4 Kerbals on Duna before Year 5 Day 1, and to set up a permanent Dunatian surface presence by Year 10 Day 1, using only one lifter and a number of launches calculated by how much that lifter can lift. This requires MORE Planning as opposed to MOAR Boosters! My ( @Kerbalstar) own entry is underway!
  6. Since nobody else has entered the challenge, there is an official one-week extension, starting now!
  7. Kerbalstar

    Life supports

  8. Kerbalstar

    Mod Last Help

    I think that that's Porkjet's part overhaul, at least the first picture, but I could be wrong.
  9. I didn't hit a building, just the general area. I don't know if that level of precision is good enough or if I need more.
  10. Great job @sturmhauke! Now, it's time for: My Entry!
  11. Kerbalstar

    Santa Hats

    Cool, I see. Also, edited posts don't give me a notification... hmm...
  12. Kerbalstar

    Santa Hats

    That should totally be your new profile pic!
  13. Kerbalstar

    Santa Hats

    Out of likes, I'll have to come back tomorrow! Also, have my MS Paint horrible awful cut off wonderful, perfect sized Santa hat! Oh yeah, and I was inspired by @Ultimate Steve's Hat-urn V!
  14. Gotcha, thanks. That happens with me too. If I get sidetracked on other games, or I go into one of my non-gaming(oh, the horror) phases, my focus can slip. *Kerbalstar uses Intentional vagueness.*