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  1. Final Challenge KASA KASA Internal Memo It has come to my attention that our investors are becoming bored with the space program. They are getting tired of Mun landings and Duna probes. They complain that our last mission was to see how well we could fly spacecraft without a chase vehicle. I think that we need to impress them. We need to show them something exciting, or they may decide to cut our funding completely. I propose a base outside of Kerbin's SOI that they can comfortably inhabit with some form of entertainment or at the very least an interesting view. The Challenge. The challenge, should you chose to accept it, is to design and land a base on a planet or moon outside of Kerbin's SOI(No Mun or Minmus). This base must contain: Habitation(no external seats), a viewing module(something with a good view of the outside), and some sort of entertainment(vehicle or simply landed by some sort of interesting terrain(i.e. the canyon on Dres, any sort of canyon, a large mountain, etc.)). Here's mine(landed by the canyon on Duna for entertainment): Good luck!
  2. Announcement: The next challenge will be the final challenge of the newbie central thread. The team feels that traffic on this thread is slowing down, due to the fact that these challenges are designed for newbies and that people with more than 750 rep cannot enter. These were great concepts to have for a newbie central thread and it was a fun journey for me and the whole team, however, it is time to move on. Do not be sad though, as the team and I will be creating a new thread, a "micro-challenges for all" sort of thread. This idea was originally proposed by @Alpha 360 fairly recently, however, at that time me, the other members of the team and Alpha didn't think that traffic had slowed down enough to close this thread. Now, with the leaving of Alpha, and the continued slowdown of traffic on the thread, we have decided that it is time to close this thread and "graduate" to micro-challenges for all. This new thread will have no rep limit, will be open to suggestions for challenges(more info on that when the new thread is posted), and have the same team as before, minus Alpha of course. The team for the next thread will be me, @obney kerman , @VelocityPolaris , @Lucast0909 , and @doggonemess . This new thread will be posted after the closing of this challenge. I hope to see you all there!
  3. Thank you, and I can't say anything more than I said in PM, but I did find this:
  4. I like it @Alpha 360, just one concern: you're not bringing an engineer?
  5. Thanks. This savegame for lost, and I'm on vacation, but I might get my next mission report up soon.
  6. Why thank you @Gargamel! This was all really @Speeding Mullet's work though.
  7. kerbalstar

    Kolonization Mission Album

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This.
  8. Cool! I wish I had thought of that decouple your object from your plane thing!
  9. kerbalstar

    Spaceship Ike

    I like it @NewtSoup!
  10. Wait, who sticked this? Take credit for your actions! And, thank you.