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  1. Kerbalstar

    Can you set a key for a KerbCam action?

    I agree.
  2. Kerbalstar

    My Jool 5 Attempt.

    Okay, thrust limiting might be good. They’re that big? Fair point. Maybe I can have module 2 (which is just fuel reserve for the Voyager anyway), put on the side and Intrepid on the front. Yeah, you’ve got a point there.
  3. Kerbalstar

    My Jool 5 Attempt.

    Thanks for the suggestion! I looked at the CoM/CoT of the ship in the VAB, and the CoM is a bit over towards the Intrepid. I plan to add a reaction wheel to a couple of the future modules of the Milky Way. Worst case I can always use the Cena to move the Intrepid over to the docking port on top of the Milky Way. I'm planning to use a Tylo assist to capture at Jool. I don't know how, but @5thHorseman has a nice video I should watch, that I'm sure will explain it all. A heat shield on the front might be easier, but it's heavy and the ship already has low DV. Question for @Ultimate Steve: I've seen some of your Jool ships (The Robinson X and the Voyager ), and it looks like you just put the landers on the sides. Was there any sort of rhyme or reason? Did you have to specifically design landers to balance the mass, or was it a little off, but the reaction wheels compensated? Kerbalstar out!
  4. Kerbalstar

    First successful SSTO mission to Laythe and back

    Really cool! I envy people with that kind of plane building skill!
  5. Kerbalstar

    My Jool 5 Attempt.

    Update: The launch of Space Tugs Robinson and Cena was a success! Kerbalstar out!
  6. Kerbalstar

    My Jool 5 Attempt.

    Update: The launch of the first module of the Milky Way was a success!
  7. Kerbalstar

    My Jool 5 Attempt.

    Crew Transfer Vehicle Update: I've designed the vehicle that will carry the crew to LKO, and will also carry them back down. (It will not be coming to Jool.) It's Soyuz... ish. The crew will consist of 5 Kerbals. Kerbalstar out!
  8. Kerbalstar

    My Jool 5 Attempt.

    Thanks, @Ultimate Steve! So, you’re saying I’ll have to be careful with my DV? Also, shoot, out of likes. Remind me tomorrow.
  9. Kerbalstar

    My Jool 5 Attempt.

    Space Tug Update: Here are the two space tugs I'll be using to construct the ship and dock everything in LKO. The Robinson is the large one and the Cena is the small one. Kerbalstar out!
  10. Kerbalstar

    My Jool 5 Attempt.

    Here's the K.S.S. Milky Way with all the landers attached. I know that the Intrepid clips into Seven Seas and Voyager (Even though Voyager's position will change, I just got too lazy to attach it via the docking port.) What do you guys, especially those of you who have done Jool-5's, think? ( @Ultimate Steve) Kerbalstar out!
  11. Kerbalstar

    My Jool 5 Attempt.

    Oh, interesting how? Sounds like fun!
  12. Kerbalstar

    My Jool 5 Attempt.

    Why thank you! And, yes it is. The Swivel I was using just didn't have the TWR.
  13. Sounds good! Sorry the save got deleted, though!
  14. Kerbalstar

    My Jool 5 Attempt.

    Laythe lander update: This test was a success! The new version has no heat-shielding, so re-entry gets a bit fiery, but it survives just fine, the parachutes lower it softly to the surface (The surface was mostly water in these tests, but I'm aiming for land. The landing will be soft enough, trust me.). It can take off from water, and reach orbit again with a bit of fuel to spare! Vehicle Name Update: I've decided upon the names for all the vehicles: Laythe Lander Rising Tide Laythe Rover Seven Seas Tylo Lander Intrepid Vall/Pol/Bop Lander Voyager Vall Rover Blue Moon Bop Rover Radioactive Pol Rover Free Fallin' Tylo Rover Under Pressure Vall CommSats Valliance 1 and 2 Bop CommSats Defiant 1 & 2 Pol CommSats Kappa Mode 1 & 2 Laythe CommSats 50/50 Chance 1 & 2 Tylo CommSats Never Tell Me The Odds 1 & 2 Space Tug(2.5m) Robinson Space Tug(1.25m) Cena Crew Transfer Vehicle Soyuz-ish Now, for the name of the mothership. I considered a few names for this one. First was Voyager. There have been a lot of great Voyagers throughout history, from Voyager 1 & 2 to Star Trek's Voyager, to @Ultimate Steve's Voyager. I didn't pick that name, because of the fact that it was used so often. So, that name went to the Light Moon Lander. Next, I considered Intrepid, because of the Apollo 12 LM, @Kuzzter's, and @Ultimate Steve's Intrepid's. But, for the same reason as Voyager, I decided not to use it. When I was younger, I used to dream of commanding a Star Trek starship. I always thought that I would call it the U.S.S. Milky Way. So: Mothership K.S.S. Milky Way. What do you guys think? Kerbalstar out!