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  1. Gotcha, thanks. Okay. I guess that I'll have to resort to not actually showing the Kerbals then. Oh well.
  2. What it says on the tin. For my story I need to have some Kerbals in a normal setting, where they would not wear spacesuits. If anyone knows of a mod, please tell me. If there's an old mod that they or @linuxgurugamer can update, go for it! If someone wants to make me a mod, the clothes I need first are a suit, for the males, and a dress, for females. Not black tie, just something you would wear on a date. Also keep in mind that this save is on 1.4.5, and I do indeed have TextureReplacerReplaced. I have also searched Spacedock and the forums, to no avail.
  3. Very cool @Ultimate Steve!
  4. Kerbalstar

    Working(-ish) rocket chess.

    Thanks! It only works in space. That would be cool. Remember that you can always F12 it to orbit! Thanks!
  5. Er... I’m an idiot. Just so you know, as of now, you are only allowed to use @Lucast0909‘s carrier. If @Lucast0909 says it’s okay you can use @FleshJeb‘s carrier. Please do not design your own carrier, it needs to be standardized. I realize that posting that right after the challenge might be misleading. When I get to my computer, I will change the wording to: unless a challenge says so only craft you build are allowed.
  6. Yay, more! Great job! How do you get so much science?
  7. Edit: Disregard, see my next post. Thank you. Kerbalstar
  8. Very wonderful! I'll have @doggonemess make you an honorable mention badge!
  9. The Challenge is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated! @doggonemess will hand out the medals when they are ready, and @Lucast0909 will post the next challenge soon!
  10. Ah, I often get sidetracked while coding... Looks like fun @GregroxMun!
  11. Kerbalstar

    Sirius Space Program

    I’m an inspiration to anybody? Really? Yay! I guess that I should keep writing!
  12. Kerbalstar

    How have you seen people change over your time here?

    @KSK, I get it. It seems as if most of the people who we saw around for a while got burnt out on the game. It's very sad. While, at least you haven't gone missing! I thought you had. Thanks for the reply! A few months is better than nothing!
  13. Kerbalstar

    Project Intrepid (Chapter 54 - Terms and Conditions)

    Fair point, thanks!