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  1. A cliffh... a... n... g... e... r... n... oooooo! In all seriousness, this was a great chapter! Great job!
  2. New Challenge! The "Eve Rocks" Challenge! From the OP: The Eve Rocks Challenge. Everyone knows it as one of the hardest things you can possibly accomplish in KSP. The surface of Eve is littered with the debris of launchers that were almost good enough. Time to return to the ol' stomping ground with your mahoosive landers? Now maintained by @Johnster_Space_Program
  3. Awesome! And: Ahahahaha! I literally laughed out loud at several points in this chapter. As for "a sense of accomplishment" , I feel like the fact that like 10,000 people have been to space and we have designed a complex space mission to a gas giant and it's moons in a little over a week (!) has already stripped humans of most senses of accomplishment. I know I sure wouldn't be complaining. Can they stop by Venus too? As for your author's note: I, personally, like Jack just the way he is. I also have no idea if he's a reference to anybody, so that may factor in. As for the rest, I think it's great and doesn't need any revision! Also, you forgot an end quotation mark after "I'd read it tomorrow." Only mistake I noticed . And falling out of the sleeping bag was great! I laughed so hard! So, moar when?
  4. No! As was written, '‘tis me, Kerbalstar! Next in the scrolls is @Fraston!
  5. New challenge: Kerpollo! From the OP: Kerpollo! Currently in its first iteration, by @5thHorseman, this challenge challenges you to start a science career and land on every body in only 9 launches! That's right, only 9 times may a vehicle leave the Runway or Launchpad! If you want more challenge than a Jool-5 but less than an Ultimate Challenge, this is for you! You'll be doing a Jool-5. an Eve-2, a Duna-2, and a Dres-1! Check it out!
  6. Okay, thrust limiting might be good. They’re that big? Fair point. Maybe I can have module 2 (which is just fuel reserve for the Voyager anyway), put on the side and Intrepid on the front. Yeah, you’ve got a point there.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion! I looked at the CoM/CoT of the ship in the VAB, and the CoM is a bit over towards the Intrepid. I plan to add a reaction wheel to a couple of the future modules of the Milky Way. Worst case I can always use the Cena to move the Intrepid over to the docking port on top of the Milky Way. I'm planning to use a Tylo assist to capture at Jool. I don't know how, but @5thHorseman has a nice video I should watch, that I'm sure will explain it all. A heat shield on the front might be easier, but it's heavy and the ship already has low DV. Question for @Ultimate Steve: I've seen some of your Jool ships (The Robinson X and the Voyager ), and it looks like you just put the landers on the sides. Was there any sort of rhyme or reason? Did you have to specifically design landers to balance the mass, or was it a little off, but the reaction wheels compensated? Kerbalstar out!