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  1. Uh, @Lo Var Lachland, you can't post challenges here. No. To clarify, only me @Alpha 360, @VelocityPolaris, and @obney kerman can post challenges here. Good to hear! I would think so but I don't know. @Alpha 360?
  2. What does this “give us hoses” thing mean? I saw it on another users profile pic...

  3. I'm glad to see you getting more into the space side of the game! I would say MJ for info, nothing else, so no autopilot.
  4. Sorry, catch the next one! Cool mission though! You get an honorary commendation.
  5. They are very shiny have a high albedo. Congrats everybody! Also, thanks to @cratercracker for making those badges!
  6. Please snip the text and all non-relevant pictures. The challenge is now closed! Thanks to everyone who participated! @Alpha 360 will hand out the medals, and @obney kerman will post the next challenge!
  7. Yeah, that would be bad. Ask @Kuzzter, he had to make a chart! Also, read Kerbfleet will you're at it, the series is good great! Also, I think there's a page I haven't read, I need to fix that! Good to hear!
  8. Yay, you posted @Lucast0909! Another ENCCC medal for you! It's very shiny, when you get it! Cool plane! If I may ask, what happened with the Action Groups?