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  1. Awesome interlude @Ultimate Steve! I appreciate the meta jab “this sounds like a comic book a middle schooler would write”. Also, with all these... coincidences, I have two theories about Galactus (besides that he’s a character from an old comic that got ported over here, of course). A, he’s actually sent by the Species, but doesn’t know it. Why, that’s hard to say, but perhaps even just to get Ethan and Evelina there and distract them through the flight, or B, he’s actually from another galaxy or something, which would explain why the Union hasn’t found out anything about him. Anyway, great i
  2. That was wonderful! I can't wait for more! Thanks for continuing to update @Ultimate Steve!
  3. Awesome job! I’m doing my own play through of the challenge and look forward to seeing more!
  4. Cool! And was that a geyser, or was that my imagination (imagination, most likely, probably just a rock. Still cool. Also, third!)?
  5. This looks cool, I might try it! Just one question, @Lewie, do the challenges close after one week or do they stay open?
  6. Hello to anyone who reads this thread! Just a quick notice, I no longer feel able to maintain this thread properly, so if any active user wants to step in to take it over, send me a PM and we can discuss it. I really haven't been very active on here for a bit and am not on very much, so I feel that this thread would be better treated in someone else's care. --Kerbalstar
  7. Voice audition? I don’t know, any male character, I guess. Whoever our fearless director thinks I would work best as. I agree about @Ultimate Steve being director though!
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