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    Google Picture War RELOADED

    excrements the poster is too big
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    Jeb's Diner

    Sorry. You cannot undo your actions. But we do offer a new planet. It's called Eve. Now I want a habitat for people to live in on this new world.
  3. Hypercosmic

    Really Really Really Tall Building

    You bow to the three skeletons and hold a small funeral for them. After this, you moved on to the next floor. Floor 5050: On this floor, you found a single girl doll, apparently in a permanent state of nodding, its head bobbing up and down. You nodded, although confused, before proceeding on to the next.
  4. Hypercosmic

    Really Really Really Tall Building

    You returned to the building and proceed on to the next floor. Floor 5047: Upon arrival, you saw a giant pile of potatoes. Apparently, this is the potato storage room. You decided to cook and eat some before proceeding on to the next floor.
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    Google Picture War RELOADED

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    Jeb's Diner

    You're given a single molecule of water. Can I have a bottle of rocket fuel?
  7. If telescopes, I'll probably be able to open a telescope shop. If it gives me patches, maybe I could still sell them to astronomy lovers. If I get the flags or the logos, then, well, I don't know.
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    Make a fake KSP mod.

    2D: nothing much, but the game's gravity now obeys the 2D version of the formula.
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    Jeb's Diner

    You got a capsule plus heat shield with ten parachutes on it. 'Lander', not including 'launcher'. A bottle of xenon, please.
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    Misspell the Username!

    Great Rad Spot
  11. Hypercosmic

    [FORUM GAME] Rate the avatar of the person above you.

    8/10 Nice, soft lighting. The caterpillar is slightly off center. Is not a major problem though.
  12. Hypercosmic

    Do Not Taunt the Magic Boulder!

    Do not throw the magic boulder at Jool. It will create a singularity that heats that planet up unpredictably and causing catastrophes on its moons.
  13. Hypercosmic

    Really Really Really Tall Building

    Floor 5043: As you step into this mostly empty room, you notice a single, warm, comfy bed at one corner of the room, and working desk gently emitting a calm, nostalgic atmosphere next to it. On the desk is a piece of paper that reads: Dear [your name], who I do not know. It must have been a long and exhausting trip up here. I hope you're still fine and happy. Well, I don't know if you still have somebody waiting for you at the surface, but if it's your wish to go up further, then feel free to continue your adventure. I've prepared some gifts for you in this humble room, as you may have already noticed. I'm sorry that I cannot help you any more than this, but please, take these. I wish you safe travel, There are some supplies in the room, including some water, food, and medical kits. You decided to take them, then take a short rest on the bed, although the word 'short' may or may not really mean anything at this point, as you feel that the time is getting more and more erratic as you climb up this seemingly endless spire. When you wake up again, you check around the room for the last time. There is a parachute which you can use to return to the surface safely, so you decided to take it even though you do not have any plan to return there. A glance at the letter, you're surprised that its contents have changed. This time it wrote: Thank you for helping us. Stepping out of the room, a transparent cube appeared in front of you. You took it and put it in your backpack. You've obtained a piece of the memories of the Planet. You smiled softly, before continuing your advance to the next floor.
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    Misspell the Username!

  15. Hypercosmic

    Jeb's Diner

    Here's your 'The Dog and Boosters' concert ticket. It's for its concert in 2018. I'd like to have Earth, please.
  16. Hypercosmic

    Ban the user above you!

    Banned because your location is ' ', AKA nowhere, therefore you don't exist, meaning that this account is just a bot.
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    [FORUM GAME] Rate the avatar of the person above you.

    7/10. The art style dissonance is just too strong in this one.
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    Gas Planet 2? Poll

    I don't have strong opinions on this one, but OPM? Oh please, just no. I'd love to see more original, loosely-based-on-reality planets, not literal Solar System-ripoffs down to their names with the slightest bit of tweaking to make them fit the Kerbal system. Maybe reimplementing those old planet concepts by NovaSilisko would be a great idea, including a crystal moon around Eve, a trojan dwarf planet in Kerbin orbit, and GP2 with original concept worlds as their moons. Kerbal Origins mod offers that. This, or adding another planet then focusing on what to do on the existing planets.
  19. Hypercosmic

    The Kerbal XX Space Station

    A nuclear (fission or fusion) reactor module plus red hot radiators, attached to a long truss and a proper shielding, because you need lots of energy to run all those stuff, and solar isn't going to cut it I'm sure. If (in case of fission) you're concerned with some incompetent Kerbals deorbiting the station and contaminating Kerbin atmosphere with radioactive dust, a power receiver dish module receiving beamed energy from solar thermal power collectors is fine.
  20. Hypercosmic

    Fun Kerbal names!

    *explosion SFX* Kerman
  21. Hypercosmic

    Generate errors!

  22. Hypercosmic

    Do you think Tau Ceti e is inhabited?

    I'd say 'no' and give out the points, but ProtoJeb already did that. Personally, I think if you want an Earth-like-ish habitable extrasolar planet, I'd say Kepler-62f, Kepler-186f, and Kepler-442b (this one could even be a 'superhabitable planet'). Those have their own potential showstoppers, but at least they're not at risk of having their atmosphere fried or going runaway greenhouse like most other so-called 'potentially habitable worlds'. Wouldn't bet too much on vacuum-dwelling, radiation-resistant lifeforms, or supercritical carbon dioxide biochemistry.
  23. Hypercosmic

    [1.3.1] Real Exoplanets v0.2.0 [12/12/18]

    Note from my own lazy research: Barnard's Star is a BY Draconis variable star, which means its brightness mainly varies due to sunspots. We've also found that it emits intense flares too: From Wikipedia: In 1998, astronomers observed an intense stellar flare, showing that Barnard's Star is a flare star. (http://www.astronomy.com/news/2005/11/a-flare-for-barnards-star)
  24. Hypercosmic

    [1.3.1] Real Exoplanets v0.2.0 [12/12/18]

    Make a separate version because why not