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  1. RIP my thread. After 9 months, i have finally revisited this thread, and lo and behold, it is prematurely dead. Not even a second page.
  2. Can someone tell me the optimal transfer windows for all of the planets? Or can you send me an image of the windows?
  3. OVERRIDE SETTING INITIATED. OVERRIDING @kerbinorbiter'S COMMENT FOR: Not answering previous question. OVERRIDING NOW. ANSWERING @KerBlitz Kerman's COMMENT NOW. Oh thank god, our Microsoft Vista AI tried to assassinate you! Waiter! There is a mirror in my soup!puos ym ni rorrim a si erehT !retiaW
  4. But what happened to Take-One Interactive? I hope that KSP will continue to thrive under the care of Take-Two Interactive, and pray that it shall outlive us all...OK, that might be a bit extreme. Best of wishes Dev Team. Happy Landings.
  5. Where's me celebratory cork-launcher? It was right here last update... Lets do this in all the new languages: 1.3 has arrived! 1.3 ha llegado! 1.3が到着しました! 1.3已经到了! 1.3 прибыл!
  6. Awesome! @DiscoSlelge, you did a great job! Side note, FIRST!
  7. rip in pepperonis gregmore "insert sad airhorn song here"
  8. OK. I might attempt this...quick question: Can this be in multiple launches, like an ore re-entry station, a refuel-able ore hauler, and a mining outpost on Minmus?
  9. Did he add it because you suggested it @CairoJack, or did you just miss it?
  10. I'm sorry to see this happen.
  11. I do actually have Kerbal Engineer installed. My Mun mission has...oh geez...7000+ dV.
  12. What are your KSP habits? I notice that I have a habit of packing WAY more DV than I needed for the mission at hand. Take for instance my Mun orbiter. I completed the contract, and my transfer stage was half-full, so I did what was obviously the right thing to do at that point...accepted a specific Minmus orbit contract and planned what might have been the least efficient burn I could've planned. I got there...and I had only used half of my probes on-board fuel supply. Oh boy.
  13. Probably Engineer. I spend a moderate amount of time making sure that my rocket/plane is ready to fly...and then that ONE THING blows it all up. I go and fix that, and it works...semi perfectly.
  14. Everyone else is telling about how the found KSP through Scott or Youtube, and I'm just sitting here thinking on how I got into it thru Welcome to the Kerbal Kommunity @SecantSystems! EDIT: Wow, 2 dots already, you're moving along!
  15. lol