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  1. And why would the game record the location that a vessel is created at? What use would it have?
  2. How do you figure out where it came off?
  3. I understand what he's after. Unfortunately, StageRecovery is lacking one very, very critical piece of information to calculate the boostback--the point at which the burn could have been done. StageRecovery could backplot the orbit the object is on but it has no way of calculating when the booster came off. (Note: I have used StageRecovery on stages discarded on the way down. Equip your final stage for recovery, carry enough fuel to get down to a safe velocity and then jettison. Trying to guide your rocket down to a flat spot is quite a pain, trying to land a booster on ground that isn't nearly perfectly flat is even harder. I've even built rockets deliberately built to land on their side and watched them go for great long slides on nearly flat ground.) If that datum could be obtained I don't think calculating boostbacks would be hard.
  4. Loren Pechtel

    Kerbal Joint Reinforcement -- gone?

    Very strange indeed--I was totally unable to get the search to cough up that thread. The thread listed on CKAN for it doesn't exist so I figured it was one that was lost that day. As for the bit about the rocket and page 1--don't you remember the day when all the threads on page 1 of the mod forum got nuked?
  5. The thread for this mod got lost the day a rocket crashed into page 1 and now it's like it's been erased from history. The github page shows 1.3 compatibility. It looks like somebody updated the page for 1.4 compatibility but the change was reverted. What's happened?
  6. Yup, the Mun is a pain. Last I knew at least MechJeb does not handle it well at all. Check your path before the engine lights, make sure it's clear of the Mun's SOI. Note that you can have an improper shutdown of the burn if the trajectory temporarily passes through the Mun's SOI. If this happens simply manually burn prograde and watch the trajectory plot, you'll generally get a reasonable intercept, although not quite as clean as if MechJeb had done it.
  7. It's not that simple. There's only a tiny window where Stage Recovery would get control too low for a landing burn. I'm sure it simply assumes there was enough space (as in reality there would have been, it just would have started before SR got control), the error would be tiny. Likewise, a retroburn is no problem. You won't be too far off if you simply figure it at that point. Also, the touchdown point is no problem--simply extend the orbit until it hits the ground, that's your touchdown. (I suspect it does it without regard for terrain, the discrepancy would be tiny.) Boostback is quite another matter, though. It needs to be performed as soon as possible after the stage comes off. Stage Recovery does not know where this happened. When SR gets control it's generally too late for a meaningful boostback burn.
  8. By the time SR gets a look at it it's way too late for a boostback. If you want anything sane for boostback you need to trigger it when the stage comes off. (And note that what I was suggesting was simulating the result, not actually flying the booster back. The game engine can't even handle flying it back other than with one-at-a-time approach like FMRS uses.)
  9. The distance calculation is fine. The problem is the boostback burn should be done long before Stage Recovery is triggered. By the time Stage Recovery wakes up it has no idea of when the stage was jettisoned and thus where the boostback could have been done. (I have successfully used Stage Recovery on boosters that had been used to fly to the Mun. Landing the rocket intact was asking for trouble if it came down on land but Stage Recovery doesn't worry about little things like tipping over.) The only way I see that Stage Recovery could be made to handle it is if it somehow knew what was supposed to be recovered. My suggestion: A recovery controller that's attached to the stage. When a stage is separated so it has no other control point the recovery controller activates. It looks at the remaining fuel, allocates what it will need for landing after considering chutes, allocates what it will need to get it down to a safe velocity and uses the remainder to get as close to KSC as possible. Note that this is not always a boostback, such a system would permit stages to be recovered from in orbit.
  10. Unfortunately, it's not quite that simple as Stage Recovery is triggered when it goes outside physics range, not when it's jettisoned. Thus the boostback burn will be calculated at the wrong time.
  11. Adding a mod with the game running would be harmless--but the mod wouldn't be picked up until you ran the game again. Updating a mod with the game running would be a very bad idea. Even if you didn't get file lock error during the copy you would be asking for it.
  12. Loren Pechtel

    Zero Mini AVC for KSP v1.4.3

    Doesn't this mod also remove the actual update check? They can be slow if a host is acting up.
  13. Loren Pechtel

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    Yup, this is my experience, also. Make it as symmetric as feasible, get the COM in line with the rocket and I haven't found anything I can't fly with using a very steep trajectory in MechJeb. Costs fuel but it gets the job done.
  14. 3200m/s will fry the rocket every time--that's above Kerbin escape velocity. You'll need to edit the config as you're obviously using a different world.