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  1. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    Couldn't you make one central warehouse that makes the credits and does the transfers? Use planetary logistics to get the stuff into it.
  2. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    If you can use orbital logistics to refuel your spacecraft you obviously could easily build a tanker to do it. Orbital logistics simply keeps you from having to fly those tanker and supply missions.
  3. That picture makes me suspicious your RCS thrusters are misplaced. As far as I can tell all the thrusters are in a plane around the rocket. Unless that plane is perfectly on the center of mass (effectively impossible as it will change as you burn fuel) this will work very badly. From a practical standpoint you need them both above and below the center of mass. Getting them equidistant from the center of mass is best but with something like MechJeb controlling them it's not essential.
  4. [1.4] Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) v0.6.4

    Probably an old file laying around. That's why it's recommended to remove/replace rather than just overwrite when updating mods.
  5. The last time I tried Norton (freebie that came with a motherboard) it was killing stuff that I had excluded and I figured out what it was doing. I had mapped drives into subdirectories so all the drives would be available with a single drive letter. (Beware: with XP at least you will have a big fight with it to share such a structure but I did succeed. I haven't tried the situation on later versions of Windows.) Thus I had drives that had no drive letter assigned, only the subdirectory link. Norton was finding the drives anyway and killing the files--and since the way Norton found them didn't have a proper path I couldn't exclude them. At that point I simply uninstalled, I didn't play with it to figure out if there was any other means by which it could come up with an alternate name and evade the exclusions.
  6. I was thinking of adding an exception for the offending .DLL. What generally happens is that some malware author does what they can to obscure the actual malware and the AV author gets careless and picks a signature that's actually part of the standard library code and thus it causes false positives with anything that uses that bit of code.
  7. That's always how it's been. The first thing it will do is adjust your orbit so you overfly the landing site--and it only knows how to do that from orbit. It is a bit annoying--it would be more efficient to do a single plane change burn at the SOI than to go into orbit then do the plane change burn.
  8. [1.4] Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) v1.10

    Yeah, that's a big problem with moving big parts about in space--keeping the needed number of Kerbals close enough is quite problematic unless they can sit on a ladder. It's also a lot safer to fold things like solar panels during EVA and docking maneuvers.
  9. I'm confused. What are you saying happened? Once I have unlocked all the ScanSat stuff I start sending out mapping birds, one per world. Once a world reaches 100% I turn off scanning for that world. (The maps persist, turning it off saves the CPU time that would otherwise go into figuring what got scanned.) Works fine other than MechJeb's inability to handle burns that have too much of an angle to them. (Put a few birds into the planet before I figured out that I couldn't make full use of Oberth for capture burns on the Nerva engine.)
  10. Seconded. I can't imagine having dozens of flights running around Kerbin. I can't recall ever having more than one unless they were intended to dock. I've had a dozen running (plus ones that aren't running--say ScanSat birds, comm relays and the like) but that's it.
  11. And asynchronous code is harder to debug. An issue when continuing updates are expected.
  12. The costs are way too high but that's what the game does. It doesn't really cost most of the value of a rocket to haul it halfway around Kerbin. And it certainly doesn't cost 2% of the value of a rover to recover it in front of the hanger rather than on the runway which is farther away.
  13. The problem is that doing it asynchronously is a lot more work to get right. CKAN is free, I'm not going object too much about it not running asynch.
  14. That's Stage Recovery at work. And yes, you don't get back full value. 1) The fuel is gone, of course you don't get anything back for it. 2) Unless you put something down on the launch pad or runway you don't get 100% value for it. This is stock, Stage Recovery simply uses the same system.
  15. Note that if the periapsis of the stage is above 22km it will remain in "orbit" even though it's actually in the atmosphere--game bug, not a Stage Recovery bug. Careful--if this is what is going on and you switch to the offending stage while it's in the atmosphere it's impossible to switch away until it's either down or destroyed.