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  1. You are most kind. Thank you for your assistance as well Streetwind.
  2. As I am migrating a save from an older version, is there a list of these deprecated old solar panel parts and comparable replacements? Would hate to see my 4+ year save go away. Specifically I get complaints of the following: solarpanel-deploying-1x3-1 solarpanel-deploying-1x4-1 solarpanel-deploying-1x4-2 Much thanks for your consideration.
  3. Getting the ole "This app can't run on this PC" error message. Downloaded twice, adjusted to run as administrator, same result.
  4. This has fixed my problem. Outstanding work. I was a bit worried at first as both of my crewed ships enroute to Duna started at -170d + of Electricity remaining and then started counting down pretty rapidly from there back to a positive number. I am one happy camper and of course my Kerbals are pretty happy right now too! Thank you!
  5. I am sure the mod developer is working on it. I too am having the problem and none of the solutions or developer patch works for me. Currently I have two craft with -10 days plus power. If you go to KSC, hit escape, and then select settings, you will see a TAC life support button. To disable killing of Kerbals you can unselect "kill Kerbals." Hope that helps you and keep the faith. The fix is coming, it just take some time.
  6. I am running into an attachment problem wit the IR Rotatron. The top port of the IR Rotatron attaches just fine, however for the life of me I can not get the bottom portion to attach to anything other than a Cubic Octagonal Strut. I've tried symmetry and mirror methods. I have also tried both surface and disabling surface attachment. When placing the part there is an attachment node visible on the top and bottom. Anyone have any clue?
  7. Same here - Looking high and low for a "DEV" version not to be found. Hoping this correct my problem as well. Thanks starchitect. Nice to know that I won't I wasn't the only one not see the forest for the trees.
  8. I too have run into this issue lately. I suspect it is a recently updated mod, the key is finding it. Launching KSP and starting my game instantly pegs out at 97% Edit: Well, for me at least - the culprit seems to be scatterer and the associated EVE / Stock Visual Enhancements. Now stable with under 50% usage of RAM. See if pulling those mods help. I'd be interested to see if it can be duplicated. Just checked out the Scatterer thread Looks like it is killing rigs left and right of memory. Culprit confirmed.
  9. Anyone know where Mr. Fitch got this terrain scatter add-on? I've tried Kerbin-side, but it doesn't add it. Thanks! Itchy
  10. Not on CKAN at the moment... maybe because it shows only for .90 of KSP?
  11. Just love these towers. Thanks so much!