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  1. Looks like I might have been wrong. I was looking through another mod " M.O.L.E. " by Angle125 and found this and it seems like it might be the one making the contract. EXPERIMENT_DEFINITION { id = WBIEmptyExperiment title = Slot available for an experiment
  2. If I know the proper class to tell it to ignore for name = NehemiahInc Then it should be a simple fix. Contracts configurator is where I am excluding it.
  3. Speaking of other mods and conflicts the Field Research contracts is adding contracts for the empty "ExperimentStorage" slot. I tried to make a cfg file to have it ignore those contracts but I don't know much about doing it. Here is my code but I don't know the name to put into the first part. Its only the Kemini experiment doing it. CC_EXPERIMENT_DEFINITIONS { name = NehemiahInc EXPERIMENT { name = ExperimentStorage ignored = true } }
  4. I removed that mod also after reading your post suspecting the same thing. If you need me to install it and test let me know.
  5. Here is another mod that can help make an early rover to get KSC Science.
  6. I don't think these errors are anything to do with your mod. KAS, Pathfinder and other mods have had the same problem and it all has to do the Physics loading and the parts being pushed under ground or making them bounce off into space. This seems to be a limitation of Unity engine or KSP and not your great mod. I know Pathfinder is adding a way to build base platforms. This might be what is needed to solve the issues with physics load and stuff sinking into the ground or bouncing. Another idea might be to Do something like the old BoxSat mod. Make a container that you can insert the experiments into like a server that can have lander legs and attachment points instead of using KAS and all the wire connections. This will give it a smaller profile and be less prone to the physics load problems. This would be allot more work for you with all the new models though.
  7. For some reason these contracts seem to have returned in my game KSP 1.4.4 .2215 Is there some new way to exclude the contracts or is it because of 1.4.4 breaking something? Also I am getting contracts that can not be done from this part. @PART[mk1pod] { MODULE { name = Kemini_Module abbreviation = Kemini Science Experiment minimumCrew = 1 NE_LabEquipmentSlot { type = KEMINI } } MODULE { name = ExperimentStorage identifier = Kemini 1 chanceTexture = false type = KEMINI } MODULE { name = ExperimentStorage identifier = Kemini 2 chanceTexture = false type = KEMINI } }
  8. I just renamed the textures and use them with the DiRT mod.
  9. Vaga

    [1.4] KOOSE mini reentry pod aka escape pod

    Looks cool Instant download.
  10. Leave it to me to break something already fixed
  11. This is what I have before deleting it. PART { url = ChopShop/Utility/Chutes/chute2/ChopShop_ChSeg2 DRAG_CUBE { cube = PACKED, 0.439,0.7826,0.6683, 0.439,0.7698,0.5222, 0.2979,0.839,0.211, 0.2979,0.7401,0.2089, 0.1976,0.7207,0.6697, 0.1976,0.7167,0.6697, -0.1728,0.09103,0, 0.5926,0.3381,1.311 cube = SEMIDEPLOYED, 10.68,0.2997,2.824, 10.67,0.2999,2.824, 5.957,0.8842,16.79, 5.956,0.9081,17.06, 11.14,0.2679,2.824, 11.27,0.2707,2.824, 0,8.42,-1.073E-06, 2.8,17,2.8 cube = DEPLOYED, 25.29,27.91,7.878, 25.28,27.94,7.878, 48.59,40.29,15.29, 48.58,40.05,15.54, 25.59,27.14,7.878, 25.72,27.14,7.878, 0,7.653,-9.537E-07, 8,15.46,8 } } After deleting PartDatabase.cfg and reloading I get the exact same thing. The 2t chute is still adding to the size of the part and looks the same in PartDatabase.cfg
  12. Your inline 2t chute seems to have a bug. The segment base has a height of 0.4m but when I add a 2t chute it jumps to 17.0m All the other chuts so far seem to be fine.
  13. That does sound like the issue with TAC-LS. Was going to try the new build in the morning. Guess I don't need to do that now.
  14. Did the conflict with TAC-LS ever get sorted out?
  15. I use MCM now and then however Something new is good also.