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  1. Had to uninstall from my game my menus for contracts and mods in the VAB and SPH vanished and an engine (The engine was from JDSA Electric engines) kept showing up every time I opened the sph. Seems to be some kind of mod incompatibility with a mod or something Couldn't see any errors in the log so I got no clue.
  2. Sorry to add more work for ya but I got this for TweakScale [LOG 03:28:51.784] [TweakScale] WARNING: Removing TweakScale support for EnginePlate1p5 (EP-18 Engine Plate). [LOG 03:28:51.784] [TweakScale] ERROR: Part EnginePlate1p5 (EP-18 Engine Plate) didn't passed the sanity check due having a ModulePartVariants with Mass - see issue [#13]( https://github.com/net-lisias-ksp/TweakScale/issues/13 ). [LOG 03:28:51.785] [TweakScale] WARNING: Removing TweakScale support for EnginePlate2 (EP-25 Engine Plate). [LOG 03:28:51.785] [TweakScale] ERROR: Part EnginePlate2 (EP-25 Engine Plate) di
  3. Mole is a bit unique in some of its contracts however I already made a patch for those. I did it as 2 separate files. They could be added into one file I just added experiments as I found them. CC_EXPERIMENT_DEFINITIONS { name = WBIModuleScienceExperiment EXPERIMENT { name = WBIEmptyExperiment ignored = true } name = WBIModuleScienceExperiment EXPERIMENT { name = wbiSaucerResearchExperiment ignored = true } name = ModuleScienceExperiment EXPERIMENT { name = infraredTelescope ignored = true } } The
  4. I always liked this little mod. Good to see it back.
  5. For me it was that bad. You might have a different experience based on the mods your using.
  6. Woops. Looked at the file I did share. and somehow did not get the correct file. Here is the KSP log if you still need it. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gUFY2pIzGKxKbWtuFHQhGs3tkg5gu-b3/view?usp=sharing
  7. Don't know if this helps but I am also getting some errors from Tweakscale. That bad ones are from mk4cockpit-shoulder-1 to -3 Part of near future space planes. https://drive.google.com/file/d/16Vrk0htq-o5QKgDHs8KO0SOOjEf6_fqP/view?usp=sharing
  8. I tried Science Alert in 1.7.1 and kerbin and my ship vanished map view would only show empty space. Also when I reverted my rover it was semi transparent and I could see the stars inside of it. I did try using some landing legs and was able to drive around with the rover on kerbin without The world vanishing. Most of the time if I move my ship all the planets and vanished.
  9. Next thing you know you will want him to add a city for kerbals to live or clouds in the sky!
  10. I keep forgetting to post that I made a fix for this so it don't conflict with the Field Science contracts. Here is my code. Just make a CFG file inside the gamedata folder. This will make Field Science ignore it for contracts. CC_EXPERIMENT_DEFINITIONS { name = WBIModuleScienceExperiment EXPERIMENT { name = WBIEmptyExperiment ignored = true } }
  11. @JadeOfMaar I think I have tried everything I can think of at my end. I am only getting the problem with engines in the MOLE mod. Its still usable in Classic Stock but I get the flow overlay bug in All the other modes I have tried. (Did not try the light mode) CRP and Pristine both seem to cause the error for me. Only Module Manager is installed with MOLE right now. Deleting template files and Partdatabse.CFG had no change and all the files are validated in steam. This all started for me in 1.4.5 then seemed to fix its self. In 1.5.1 it came back and hasn't worked since then. I'll jus
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