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  1. @JadeOfMaar I think I have tried everything I can think of at my end. I am only getting the problem with engines in the MOLE mod. Its still usable in Classic Stock but I get the flow overlay bug in All the other modes I have tried. (Did not try the light mode) CRP and Pristine both seem to cause the error for me. Only Module Manager is installed with MOLE right now. Deleting template files and Partdatabse.CFG had no change and all the files are validated in steam. This all started for me in 1.4.5 then seemed to fix its self. In 1.5.1 it came back and hasn't worked since then. I'll just run in classic Stock and wait for the hotfix and see if it starts working again.
  2. Those didn't seem to fix my errors in CRP mode. Classic stock does seem to work as long as I don't use alternate fuel. Is there a recommended mode I should use till the bug get fixed to avoid any errors?
  3. @Angel-125 I wanted to let you know CRP mods seems to be broken. If I use any fuel tank with like the fulcrum engine then right click it, the menu spams Flow Overlay button on the right click menu then breaks the menu. Is this mode even supported at all now? I assume it has to do with the new fuel types added to mole engines and the fuel tanks. Classic Stock mode also seems to have problems with mole engines. The corvette, Hemi Cuda, and Fulcrum engines using Raptium or Propellium fuels.
  4. Sounds like one of the mods by Angel125 (Pathfinder, Buffalo, DSEV, MOLE, Flying Saucers, and Heisenberg)
  5. Its not in the "Science parts" its one of the functions of making a small base. digging some of the soil up for that biome and doing some research on it. Yes I have pathfinder and all of Angel125's other mods installed. The same question and answer can be found on page 14 of this thread.
  6. If you have the pathfinder mod installed it might be one of the science parts from that mod. I think you have to build a small base to research the biome.
  7. Vaga

    [1.6.x] CSA Contares 'CORE' 2.0.10

    CSA Core and CSA RUS have duplicate files. CSA RUS - (Inside DOS folder ) - KPA_kurz.CFG & KPA_lang.CFG CSA Core - (Inside Contares\Parts\Antennas) - KPA_kurz.CFG & KPA_lang.CFG
  8. The LFKA_Jet_TurboFan_01.CFG and LFKA_Jet_Radial_01.CFG both have the line: name = LFKA_Jet_Radial_01 This is making duplicate entries in the tech tree.
  9. DIRT (Drop in Replacement Textures) Works good if you just want a skybox.
  10. I still have a few options that need testing. I might have to run through my list of mods and dependencies and just use the files your mods need to work in a save and start moving stuff over till it breaks.
  11. Hate to say it. But I still have the same issue when I select a play mode. (Have been through all modes trying to get it to change.) If I look in the folders. Common and classic stock both have CFG files in them no matter what I select all other folders have txt files. I looked in Pathfinder, Buffalo, MOLE DSEV, Heisenberg, and Wildblue tools in the templates folder. Not one file is getting changed with any mode selected.
  12. I use DIRT and just rename the files to the original default names. Works fine for me.
  13. Working great for me. No problems.
  14. Vaga

    [1.6.x] CSA Contares 'PROBE' 2.0.7

    The zip file for this on spacedock has the Russian parts not probe parts.