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  1. It's complicated, but for hardware reasons, my pc can handle 1.0.5 and not 1.1.5.
  2. Does anybody know whether this is gonna be available for 1.0.5?
  3. I used to work with KSCswitcher, and I thought these were launch sites, because the KSC was changed when I tried HSS. But the question is: Is this really the only one?
  4. Yes, I'm using Remotetech, so these are that. But, you mean, Harder Solar System lets you launch ONLY from this site? I guess it has the inclination of the moon and solar system, but still...
  5. Hello, people! I am just unable to find the option for switching the KSC which I'm launching from. I don't have KSCswitcher, so I guess this is the mod that shows the available KSCs as red dots in the Tracking Station. If this is not the mod that causes that, could anybody tell me which is it?
  6. Hello, people. I've tried downloading via CKAN, normal downloading, multiple versions, even those from early 1.0.5, I've tried deleting every other mod I had, I've tried everything I could and still, although Procedural Parts used to work on ksp 1.0.5, after I uninstalled it and reinstalled it, doesn't want to work in no way. I wasted a good two and a half hours on this damned mod, and still, the interface to change the size does not appear. Has anybody experienced anything similar?
  7. I see, it makes much more sense now. And, for some reason, knowing that, for the game, the planet is just a small bubble close to the ship makes is a little frightening. I am not using real fuels any more anyway, so I'll try it and get back to you with some feedback. Thanks for your time!
  8. I seem to have a minor problem with that mod. First of all, it is GREAT. Ever since I downloaded it, I've been watching my launches from an angle so that the light reflects on the tanks, it just looks fantastic. But, when I'm orbiting high above Kerbin and firing engines, I see an unnaturally large portion of the planet's surface also lighting up, although beeing kilometers away. Is there a malfunction with the mod or is this intented?
  9. Hello once again, people. I've got a rookie Realism Overhaul question for you. I downloaded Realism Overhaul manually, and added only the parts that are indicated "necessary for the mod to work correctly", via CKAN. The cause of this was the fact that CKAN couldn't download RO, it kept failing every time. Thing is, it looks like solid rocket boosters of any kind, although loaded with what is indicated as PBAN, they won't ignite, because of "fuel deprivation". I can't, however, load the tank with any other fuel. Does anybody know of any mods that control the fuel or this behavior?
  10. Hello, people! So, I got the great FASA mod, and I'm trying to make it work with RSS (not easy at all, they don't seem to be calibrated one for the other), and I tried to load the FASA stock ship Saturn V Apollo Lunar, but it couldn't load because it seems to be missing these two parts: FASASaturnSLA and FASASaturnUllage. Does anybody know what these are and any reason I don't have them? The FASA and RSS mods were downloaded via CKAN. Thanks in advance!
  11. Dude. I was JUST now studying for my exams, in material science university. I absolutely appreciate your time and effort in showing me these steps, but if I have to do all this, I think I'll get an indicator probe or just... you know. Launch and see
  12. Yeah, even in Science mode and with SpaceY Heavy Lifters AND KW Rocketry, actually shooting for the moon is a no-go for now. Thank you all for your time, people! I think the solution of putting a "pin" probe in LEO with the correct inclination is the best for me. I'll also check the video, to be sure I have some idea about launching in the wanted inclination. That's the thing I've been doing and I don't like it that much Oh, I also noticed: Launching from Australia near noon, gets you in the perfect inclination. I wanted to somehow know the best direction of the gravity turn before hitting the space bar. A "pin" probe in LEO in correct plane seems like the best solution.
  13. That looks like something I've been looking for, for that. Thanks!
  14. Hello, kind sirs and ladies. Does anybody know of any way to launch your vessel into orbit in a pre-calculated, non equitorial, non polar orbit? You see, I'm running Real Solas System, but the reason I chose not to submit this topic into the mods' discussions, is because this question is one about the technicals of ksp. The problem is, the moon in the RSS setup is rotating in a highly inclined orbit. So, to reach it, the most efficient way is to launch into an inclined orbit to begin with. Thus, here's the question: Is there any way for me to pre-calculate the inclination of the orbit I'm gonna launch into, without randomly pointing towards different directions during ascend and watching what the orbit is doing? Any help or advice is strongly appreciated. Cheers!
  15. Hello, fellas. I'm having a quite annoying issue, not much of an urgency: The time in ksp RSS is counting in the classic, Kerbal 6-hour days. RSS was downloaded via CKAN, without Realism Overhaul. Should I just uncheck in the options the "Display Kerbin time" option, or is it going to create any implications, like a desynchronization? Is there any mod for this job?
  16. Yez and yez. I don't know, maybe we're not meant for each other. KW parts mod is nice, though, makes things better. (Of course, I had no mods installed when trying with RSS)
  17. Hello, people. I have a minimal experience of installing mods, with some small and quite insignificant ones like Chatterer, PlanetShine, etc. Now that I tried to install the monster that Real Solar System is, I've been experiencing huge problems. For once, neither CKAN nor manual downloads worked for me. CKAN shows errors all the time and stops the downloads and manual downloads just make my game crash. It's version 1.0.5. Does anybody know of any recent links I could use or anything?
  18. No, I'm not gonna deny it: I put the cargo bays there for the primary purpose of a shuttle-like exterior, and THEN the actual use. It's a kind of epic design that's injected into our bloodstream, right? Anyway, I'll try the thing with the cargo bays just between the wings. You guys have been really helpful!
  19. Ok, so now my only concern is how to add more wing area without making my plane unsufferably ugly. This thread has many good looking planes, but mine just looks like a wooden ship, with the struts and the pieces of metal 'n' all. Do you know whether TweakScale affects wing area, or just the geometry? Most possibly it does
  20. Ok, now I am sure the reason were the cargo bays. They throw the plane out of control, and the reason this happens after orbit seems to be the speed alone. The plane cannot slow down with the normal nose-slightly-over-prograde way. It's just impossible. And the Cargo Bays do not, of course, show any effect on the CoL indicator. Does this mean that Cargo Bays cannot be put in orbit on an orbiter?
  21. Ok, guys, I think I found the culprit. As Vegetal pointed out, I have two large Mk3 Cargo Bays, and they produce this kind of side thrust: https://scontent-mxp1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xfp1/v/t1.0-9/12669418_10204304752732878_1391728401621623239_n.jpg?oh=11279d077ba1457266d88cae72e16728&oe=576A7B7E So I guess I'll have to forget about the great feeling of an actual Space-Shuttle-like orbiter with room for letting payload into orbit? It's not a SSTO plane, but these comments have been really helpful
  22. Here it is:https://scontent-mxp1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xtf1/v/t1.0-9/12662563_10204304742452621_1540416650183001014_n.jpg?oh=48d2086acae76ebf091b87e4547ff2d8&oe=576D2C9F I also noticed something strange: The SAS is in Stability Assist, yet the RCSs wobble it up and down slowly. I warp and then unwarp to stabilize it, and still, it starts wobbling after I unwarp.
  23. Exactly. So, it's normal, I guess. I just might have to upgrade my landing and calibrating skill then.
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