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  1. I just binge read this thread and wow, this is super impressive! I can't wait to see it completed!
  2. Believe me, I really tried. Problem was, coming from a transfer orbit to Ike altitude took time, and if I waited more than one orbit I would end up with an Ike intercept. I got it after about 10 tries.
  3. I had to place a satellite in orbit around Duna at almost exactly Ike's altitude. Problem was that the orbit was retrograde, no matter what I did the sat would collide with Ike.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. I may try writing my own configs for once, even though I have no experience. BTW, SVE is simply stellar, and I'll be downloading your planet pack soon once I finish up my current career save Also I realized that the SVE incompatibility was actually with Poodmund's earlier OPMVO, lol
  5. This wasn't mentioned earlier, but are the default EVE/Scatterer configs compatible with the latest OPM? I know Stock Visual Enhancements doesn't work because it uses Kopernicus configs, but I don't see why there would be an issue with the defaults.
  6. Squee! Can't wait for the release. I love this pack, especially the Laythe revamp and the Jool texture. Kudos to you @GregroxMun for your work, this will definitely go in my modlist.
  7. My god, this looks pretty. A lot like the descriptions of Europa in Clarke's 2010, to be honest. The one thing that would be really cool is evidence of life on Laythe. Even if the atmosphere and oceans are toxic to Kerbals, the heat caused by vulcanism and tidal forces would be enough to let life arise. Maybe have some islands coated with algae? That's just my opinion, looks fantastic anyways.
  8. Love this! So much prettier than stock but also not as performance heavy as Scatterer or EVE. Can't wait for further development.