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  1. The Name Game: Guess the theme

    So, I have a naming scheme for all the craft I make in my current career, kind of honoring the name sake. I think (or at least hope, so this thread isn't boring as excrements) that a lot of people probably like to do this, because hey, we gotta name this stuff. Since that is the case, I thought it might be fun to post our crafts and their names and see if our peers can guess what everyone is idolizing with their space programs. I can start, I have 4 craft here i've made and there is a 5th one but I feel like it would seriously give it away.
  2. [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    How much mulch does a given amount of supplies make? I found the 10:1 ratio of mulch and fertilizer makes 11 supplies, but still need that supplies > mulch ratio.
  3. K.E.R. UI Bug

    Alright, well I fixed it after trying to manually install KER instead of using CKAN, so that I could try, but it wasn't that fixed the problem because it crashed my game twice on start up lol. I guess i'll share this in case someone else gets the same problem. After I uninstalled KER 1.1.3 from CKAN, I noticed that GameData/KerbalEngineer still residually existed with a settings folder and one other file inside. So, I pulled that out to my desktop and installed into GameData and then the game crashed on start up. I place the residual Kerbal Engineer folder with the settings +1 file back into Gamedata/KerbalEngineer and the game crashed again. I deleted the manual KER install, residual KE file and all and installed KER 1.1.3 with CKAN again and my dimensions are fine. In the pic, the file on the left is what was residual and staying in Gamedata during attempts to uninstall and reinstall KER. The file on the right is was came from a fresh install of KER. So, to solve the problem just delete the left over GameData/KerbalEngineer file that remains after uninstalling the mod and before reinstalling it. I think there is something wonky with the .xml files left behind.
  4. K.E.R. UI Bug

    So, this problem arose after (and I thought as a result of) downloading 3 new mods, Station Science Continued, Salyut Stations and Stoackalike Station Parts Expanded, a few weeks back. I first tried to uninstall and reinstall KER, to no avail. Next, I uninstalled all 3 of those mods and the problem remained, both while they were uninstalled and after reinstalling them and again reinstalling KER, on the same start up. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  5. [1.3] Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) v0.6.3

    Tight, thanks for the help.
  6. [1.3] Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) v0.6.3

    Real quick. I want to install an antenna on a station once I get it into space, but it's one of the larger ones at nearly 800 L. Can you attach parts over 300 L, because they don't fit in your inventory.
  7. [1.3.0] Kerbal Engineer Redux (2017-05-28)

    Sorry, it's been like 3 weeks since my post about the wacky HUD dimensions, haven't been playing much. So, the horizontally crushed KER window happened after I had been off of KSP for a week and I downloaded Salyut Stations, Station Science Cont and Stockalike Station Parts expanded, like I said. Well I deleted those mods and the problem persisted while all 3 were uninstalled and then after I reinstalled those 3 plus uninstalling and reinstalling KER. Does anyone have any suggestions? EDIT: Is it weird that my GUIdisplaysize.xml is empty?
  8. [1.3.0] Stockalike Station Parts Expansion (June 26)

    Quick question before I ship out this station I'm trying to start. So, at the bottom of this PPD-2 can, I can see a hatch. Now, I'm sure that means I can pass Kerbals through it, but can I dock to this with these stockalike parts, later? Or should I attach a clamp-o-tron to dock more modules?
  9. Is there some sort of tutorial I can watch or read? I'm having a hard time fitting Salyut decouplers and tanks together. I see no YoutTube walkthroughs and the terms "tutorial" and "walkthrough" are not used in this thread.
  10. [1.3.0] Kerbal Engineer Redux (2017-05-28)

    Anyone had HUD dimension problems? It popped up after installing a Salyut Stations, Station Science Cont and some other mod, but also after I hadn't played for about a week. Removed and reinstalled K.E.R and problem still exists. Going to try removing the 3 mods 1 at a time, but wanted to post here proactively just in case there is an .ini file I can alter so I don't have to give up one of these mods and also to bring a possible mod conflict, to light. I'll be back with more info.
  11. So, I can add logs and more info as it comes up, but I wanted to get the situation out there, first. I haven't been able to play all day; I've deleted a few of the mods I installed over the last couple days and reinstalled both manual and CKAN mods that the game said had new versions (even if they were already the newest versions). I've also deleted some minor mods I didn't need so I dropped from about 104 down to 84 mods. Now, I deleted Ven's revamp because I thought it was only a texture mod (and it was huge, at that, and the load screen kept telling me it wasn't optimized, even though I know the forum says it is) but when I got into my game, none of my craft loaded. I am hanging between reinstalling it and trying to sort this mess out or just starting a new game with my 84 mods and seeing if everything runs smoothly. But to the title. So far, my game has - frozen on load in and I have to click "close program" - not frozen, but instead just gone back to my desktop - it has frozen in the VAB and SPH without giving me a blue screen (so there isn't a crash file in the KSP folder) and I have to just hit the reset button on my PC - it has frozen and given me blue screens (for which I have 3 logs from today and a few from the past couple days) Also, in the last couple days, all my money disappeared, but I just opened the console and gave myself the same amount of money to compensate. When I was able to get into a game, I have about 5 or 6 save files, all with varying levels of graphical problems: sometimes the landscape is choppy, sometimes the KSC doesn't even load and I can only click the left side buttons to get into them. I found that if I went to the tracking station, flew a craft and went back to the KSC, it would load in. But it didn't matter because then I try to build a rocket and the game crashes, maybe giving me a blue screen, maybe not. I'll include the last error log, to get the ball rolling I suppose (none from today have output logs, but the few from the last 3 days do): EDIT: I should add that I started this game after the 1.3 update and only added mods as they became available on CKAN or if I really wanted the mod, I'd check the forum to see if it was optimized for 1.3, without being in CKAN (like Ven's revamp). I think I added one mod that wasn't optimized and it was draggable Navball and before deleting it, saw nothing saying that was a suspect.
  12. Is this a bad idea for another reason besides Steam auto updates?
  13. [1.3.x] Contract Pack: RemoteTech [v2.1.4] [2017-08-27]

    What does "coverage" mean, exactly? I downloaded this mod after having already made a 3 sat network around Kerbin and I don't have access to the "3 and 4 Kerbin satellite" contracts, because having "0 - 60% coverage of Kerbin" is unmet. Does having a network equal having 100% coverage? Because I most def don't because I have an arctic base (that I want to use to train with parts and science before sending them to other bodies) that only has a signal a couple hours of the day. Signal will be pretty important when I move Kerbals up there, so I was hoping to get the Kerbin network contracts and make a second network in a polar orbit.
  14. Where did autostrut go?

    Thank you, that's all it was.
  15. I did a search and no one else seems to be having this problem. But, i'm right clicking parts in the VAB and i'm not seeing any autostrut options, on anything; engines, SRB's command capsules, nothing. Did I miss something or did Squad remove them?