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  1. Hey guys the text overlay on topmonitor 1 & 2 appears to be inverted etc. Any quick fix I can do myself? https://ibb.co/xfcc6nH
  2. JUst a query as ive not kept up with the changes. Are the Command pods still meant to come with some a small amount of food, water and O2 stocked in them?
  3. I believe the author is aware, there is an issue open on Github for it.
  4. Vanilla install through github / CKAN shows this in MK1 Pod. upload photo link
  5. Loving it pal, playing solely in IVA is there a way or a small edit I could make that might make the angle to target appear at the top of the screen while in IVA Probe control room. Or failing that, have the angle appear with the name/ lon / lan details in the pop up window. Cheers
  6. With a very casual 1835.7 hours and not landed on anything other than the Mun and Minmus, you might have guessed I am very easily distracted. Is there a simple way or small edit I can make to a cfg file to restrict part test contracts to a specific manufacture, for example the weapon systems installed through BD armoury mod? For hard mode, I would also like to change the science experiment on survey contracts to testing weapons as well. Cheers
  7. Neggers, however with Hullcam VDS you can activate camera for a similiar effect.
  8. All your lights are spot on pal, and appear to work as intended as do the B9 and Aviation lights.
  9. Of course, new sandbbox game and loaded stock craft on runway. Mod not installed: http://imgur.com/oSbJSpY Mod installed through CKAN: http://imgur.com/wLwrv9o
  10. Does anyone else find that the lights do not illuminate the surrounding area even though they appear to be turned on. Even after ensuring pixel light count it set to the max. Only tested on the lvl 1 runway so far in career.
  11. http://imgur.com/OKDOA8i What would I correct, so the colours appear on the RPM screen? Managed to get the colour to work on the notepad, however in my bottom right RPM screen, its just colour tags?
  12. Same as my 1.3 Any users know a simple fix to integrate with ASET?
  13. What is the criteria for vessels being marked as incomplete! with a red background? Thank you