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  1. KSP was updated to day '+++ Bugfixes * Fix craft can wobble or even have some parts destroyed when interacting with parts and inventory slots during EVAConstruction in Flight.' Thought I would go back and reinvestigate, as I really can't play without a reinforcement mod. Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Continued still exhibits the same behaviour, EVA construction with that mod installed causes your craft to tear itself apart. Good news is that this mod 'Kerbal Joint Reinforcement - Next' allowed EVA construction with out issue. It was a very quick rudimentary test, but I am optimi
  2. Apologies for resurrecting this, but it's the closest to what I am looking for. This wonderful pack generates contracts to destroy Sats deployed only by this agency. What of the below should I tweak to have the pack generate contracts to destroy only vessels labelled as debris, thank you. CONTRACT_TYPE { name = CleverSatRogueAI title = Destroy a rogue satellite group = CleverSat description = It seems that @/Sat has gone rogue. We need to terminate it. genericDescription = One of our satellites has gone rogue. We need to terminate it. targetBody
  3. Just spent a few hours going down the rabbit hole testing this. Having either of the joint mods installed causes issues for EVA construction.
  4. Applies to both. Tried both separately and both caused issues with EVA construction.
  5. Just adding my name to the list of the folks who would appreciate the ability to adjust the scale of the panel. Thank you.
  6. Thank you for the response and I understand that. Lots of people who play games, mute the sound and watch Netflix, Twitch or just listen to music. I can remember making the same jokes about Eve online way back when, sound muted for TS/ Vent. These days when I play and highly likely most players want to be wholly immersed in the game and sound is a big part of that. While the forum community is the heart of the game, it's probably only the tip of the iceberg for actual player numbers. Fire the engines, sound. Lower my landing gear, sound. Run surface experiments, sound. Move my overly
  7. Bought this game way back in EA, have in excess of 2000 hours and generally very happy. However thoroughly disappointed that sound hasn't received any update in line with all these lovely textures and mechanics . I understand those are rookie numbers for some, and also some people don't play with sound, but most people do! Is there any particular reason why sound is neglected? Strike me down if sound has been added to the robotic parts and turbine engines and I've missed it. Additionally thanks to the community for the great work over the years adding sounds and maintaining mods.
  8. Good Afternoon. What process or function does 'Dang it' carry out in the background while in the VAB / SPH? I ask as I noticed something unusual and trying to understand it. On a vanilla install I can have a near infinite amount of manned command pods connected together without any performance impact. When I install Dang it, Space Tux, toolbar controller and click through blocker once I get to 30 manned command pods connected together my FPS begins to drop to single figures. When I launch the vessel FPS returns to 60 when on the pad or on the runway and this only happens with mann
  9. Textures unlimited makes the B9 procedural wings transparent. Is this a fact of life now or an easy fix I can implement?
  10. Textures unlimited makes the B9 procedural wings transparent. Is this a fact of life now or an easy fix I can implement? Cheers
  11. Will the parts; that are missing sound, ever get them? It would be hard to argue that wheels, robotic parts, and even this most recent fuel valve don't deserve sound. Cheers
  12. Thank you, everyone that tried to asist me. I installed KF through CKAN which also installed Kerbal Wheel as a dependency, but not Textures unlimited. I noticed this when I downloaded KF from github and everything is working as intended. Thank you.
  13. Textures fail to load for all wheels in pack, except the adjustable ones landing geAR. I'm going to start troubleshooting this. Is anyone experiencing similiar? [LOG 10:10:10.192] MiniAVC -> System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at MiniAVC.AddonInfo.get_IsKspExcludedVersion () [0x00001] in <669ac0e3cc9f4fba86454305e79b777d>:0 at MiniAVC.IssueGui.DrawNotCompatible () [0x00036] in <669ac0e3cc9f4fba86454305e79b777d>:0 at MiniAVC.IssueGui.Window (System.Int32 id) [0x00009] in <669ac0e3cc9f4fba86454305e79b777d>:0
  14. Appreciate the rapid response. That error message spams the log infinite times, was unable to change scene once I landed the rescued kerbal back to Kerbin. Clicking on space centre, tracking station, recover vessel etc had no effect. Attempted to swap vessel through Kerbin engineer without success. I alt+f4 and reloaded the game. My game loaded to my autosave where the kerbal was already in my rescue craft. I backed out and edited my save (kerbal health scenario) to remove any reference to the rescue pod he was spawned in. This allowed me to land mt rescue craft and recover to spa
  15. Cheerrs for the update Pal. Anyone have any issues with rescues kerbals recovering to Kerbin with training enabled. '[EXC 20:39:55.291] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object KerbalHealth.KerbalHealthScenario.TrainVessel (Vessel v) (at <7cd891f768c14bf491f07256806d7dc7>:0) KerbalHealth.KerbalHealthScenario.UpdateKerbals (System.Boolean forced) (at <7cd891f768c14bf491f07256806d7dc7>:0) KerbalHealth.KerbalHealthScenario.FixedUpdate () (at <7cd891f768c14bf491f07256806d7dc7>:0) UnityEngine.Debug
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