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  1. [1.2.2] Kerbol StarSystem [v0.6.1]

    Perhaps if you have never reviewed or even seen the content, you shouldn't be attempting to criticize it. Food for thought. Also nice use of Urban Dictionary. Real mature. @Greatness101, spot on. @Voodoo8648, and to be clear I am saying all of this calmly (as text is notoriously bad a conveying tone), have you ever heard of the term "Perception is Reality"? The words you used, and the context in which you used them, give the strong appearance of being of a berating nature toward the mod makers. Even if you say that you like the concept of missions, simply referring to their work as "this story crap" is very degrading. That gives the impression of an attack against the folks making this mod, and people are responding in kind. No one is getting 'butthurt', as you suggested. The manner in which you wrote was perceived as a slap to the face. I would suggest a more careful selection of your words (or give additional info so people know the tone you're going for) to ensure this kind of misunderstanding does not happen again. I hadn't planned on responding to this event again, buy hey, you poked me for some reason so I figured I might as well say something.
  2. [1.2.2] Kerbol StarSystem [v0.6.1]

    I, for one, am looking forward to the story elements. I'd like to see what you've come up with, whenever it's fully implemented. @TheSpacePotato shouldn't have to say this. From everything I've seen in this thread, the KSS team is putting together an incredible mod. It's one of the best implementations of multiple star systems I've seen, and is something I've been excited to try out for quite a while. Mods like this are made by people who love the game and want to bring something fun and unique to it. I understand that different people are looking forward to different parts of this mod, and that's just fine! However, that does not give anyone the right to berate the folks working on this mod because they, *le gasp*, want to work on another aspect of the game. Just because they're making a mod does not suddenly mean they're not allowed to have fun anymore. So, let's everyone cool their jets, and let this team do what they do best; bringing us amazing places to explore.
  3. [1.2.2] Kerbol StarSystem [v0.6.1]

    Makes sense to me. ☺️ Just wanted to help make sure the question was understood. I'm looking forward to seeing the revised Kerbol System. It'll be a good blend of old and new, seeing as I'm just now getting around to exploring the full stock system.
  4. [1.2.2] Kerbol StarSystem [v0.6.1]

    I think Scotskerb means allowing the Kerbol System's planets to be replaced with another planet pack, in this case replacing the Kerbol System with New Horizons, while still using the other star systems in the mod.
  5. [1.2.2] Kerbol StarSystem [v0.6.1]

    I see what you mean! It's subtle, but yeah, going between I can see the changes. Thanks much! Again, very much looking forward to 0.7!
  6. [1.2.2] Kerbol StarSystem [v0.6.1]

    Any chance we can get a sneak-peak of the new and old Kerbin textures side-by-side? I can never be too hyped for this update! (It will absolutely be the subject of a future playthrough!)
  7. Jas0n: Not sure why that was the thing, but that was the thing. I deleted Play Your Way, launched the same mission (was already on the pad, so easy), and made it through with no issues whatsoever. I'll make my way to its thread to see if there's a fix. Thanks much! Update: So, it appears to have been a known issue for which there was an update. And it also appears that I had seen it, as I'd already downloaded the latest version. I simply failed to INSTALL it. ::Facepalm.:: Well, problem solved! New version of Play Your Way is in, and the problem did not resurface. Thanks again!
  8. I've run into a rather strange issue, and my troubleshooting plan has been fruitless. I'm hoping someone might be able to give some guidance. I've been trying to start a 1.3 career playthrough. Mod list will be placed in spoiler below. In my early career, first rocket to leave the atmosphere and start its burn for orbit, I start to experience lag spikes within the game. These get progressively worse until the game stops responding and I am forced to close it. Part makeup (stock or mod) makes no difference. I ended up having to reinstall the game (just recopying it into the game folder to preserve saves/mods/ships) at one point to get it to launch successfully for additional troubleshooting, and I will likely do so again in my next attempt. What is strange about this issue is that when I do the same mission profile in Sandbox mode, the lag spikes do not occur. I get to orbit, swing around the planet, and return to Kerbin with no problems. Admittedly I am not using the same rocket for both missions, but I do not believe that should be causing the issue. Still, this would rule out any of the graphics based mods as a problem, along with most of the gameplay ones. (Plus, this computer is a beast. I know it's not a hardware limitation.) The vast majority of the mods I am using should apply for either game mode, though as part of my troubleshooting plan I deleted [X] Science, which was the only gameplay mod I could pinpoint whose effects would be primarily felt in Career mode. This had no effect. I have not yet tested Science mode. Any and all advice and suggestions would be appreciated! I would like to be able to continue using this mod set, but can start removing any other potential conflicts.
  9. Naming your ships

    My plan for my 1.3 playthrough: Launch Vehicles: Stars, with roman numerals for variants. Kermanned Missions: Greek Titans + # Communications Satellites: Hermes + Destination and # Probes: Greek Winds ( Boreas, Notus, Eurus, Zephyrus ) and #, name depending on if its a flyby, orbiter, or lander. (Figuring out a fourth.... Impactor? ) Bases: .... Not sure yet. Haven't gotten far enough into a playthrough to figure that out. Will update once I've got something.
  10. [1.2.2] Kerbol StarSystem [v0.6.1]

    I realized after my last post that there was really nothing stopping me from testing my own question, so I went on a download spree. Results: With KSS 0.6, at least, Kerbin-Side is compatible! I've linked to a few images, to whose who would like to see. My installation was not perfect, as I did not have EVE functionality working, but I was mostly focused on the base 'will it work'. (Commenting for those who ask why Kerbin doesn't have any clouds. ) Link to imgur album.
  11. [1.2.2] Kerbol StarSystem [v0.6.1]

    Kinda giving ideas from the sidelines, since I haven't been able to give this a try quite yet myself, but something came to mind after I read this. Previously you mentioned adding in compatibility for OPM, though suggested it to be in the form of an aging star which had consumed all its inner planets. Maybe, instead, use this revised Kerbin as a planet in that system, give it some inner planets to balance out the OPM ones? And a side question: With a 'stock' Kerbin in KSS, do you think Kerbin-Side would play nicely with KSS? If unsure, I could download a copy of KSS 0.6, give it a try, and report back.
  12. [1.2.2] Kerbol StarSystem [v0.6.1]

    @Galileo, I've seen you mention that a couple times, having textures in dds form vice PNG and how dds files take less ram. Do PNG textures allow for more/better detail, or is there some other benefit to using them over dds? I'm not a modder, but I've become curious.
  13. [1.2.2] Kerbol StarSystem [v0.6.1]

    Given what I have seen when folks mess with KSP's atmospheric settings, I can understand your opinion on this. (I have, admittedly, not done this myself.) Also, I agree that firing a rocket on Venus would very likely result in upward acceleration. KSP doesn't really know how to handle that level of atmospheric pressure. I would note, however, that if you're trying to get off of Venus, the atmospheric pressure would be the least of your problems. I tend to think that, with advances in materials science and engineering, we could likely develop a lander which could last for more than a couple hours and potential land a rover as well, though I still don't think we would get nearly as much operational time with them as we've seen elsewhere. (Opportunity is SUCH A TROOPER!) I'd love to see a sample return mission from Venus, but I highly doubt we're going to see that for a long time. Making Eve into a closer Venus analog DOES increase the challenges with conducting missions there, but I would argue that it does not make Eve useless. True, you won't gain as much science as you would in a return mission, but you'll still get something. As Voodoo said, if you want more science, send more landers to different biomes. At least, that'll be my plan once I've got time to try a playthrough!
  14. Hidden feature!

    After many years, I've learned not to take ANYTHING I hear on April 1st seriously. So, I knew this was a joke going in. Still loved it! (Though I DID get tricked by something Linkara put out today... Still enjoyed the vid, though!)
  15. This reminded me of something from the movie Titan A.E. (I'm not the only one here who remembers that movie, right?) Gune: [holding up a small device] Does this look familiar? Do you know what it is? Neither do I. I made it last night in my sleep. Apparently I used Gindrogac. Highly unstable. Preed: Gune... Gune: I put at button on it. Yes. I wish to press it, but I'm not sure what will happen if I do. Random Access Memory at it again. But at least it amuses me!