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  1. Question of curiosity: Is there a home system extension in the plan? Something akin to KSS's outer planets, comets, etc.?
  2. Three segments in, and already we've been treated to many excellent designs. I look forward to seeing what you do with robotic parts!
  3. Hotaru! I'm happy to see you back in action! Very much looking forward to seeing how this career goes, especially with the mod list you're running. (I keep hearing about Kerbalism, but have yet to try it myself.) Still, glad to see your return!
  4. Oddly enough, I installed OPM, GPP (with the GEP expansion), Extrasolar, EVE, and Scatterer last night. Still working on getting the rest of my mod list installed, but I started with the planet packs to see if I could get them to play nicely. First time running with all packs in, I also noticed a lack of clouds with Extrasolar. However, everything seemed to be functional past that. Everything was in orbit where I would have expected, and spot-checking the various planets gave no additional errors. (Nothing showing up pure white, though Jool and Eve have a lot more white clouds than I anticipated. Still working on that one.) I can't remember when, exactly, in the process it occurred to me, but I decided to check the Github download page as well as Spacedock. On Github, I noticed there were downloads for Extrasolar Visuals. Grabbed one, installed it, and the next time I loaded it the game up I had functional clouds on Extrasolar's worlds. (Jool also seemed more green. Again, still working on that.) Still, if you find you don't have an Extrasolar_Visuals folder in your GameData, that might be something to check. Quick Note: I made no modifications to any of the files. I just downloaded, unzipped, and copied over to my KSP GameData folder. (I tweaked one setting in Distant Object Enhancement, but nothing related to the planet packs.) I hope this helps someone!
  5. Ah, I gott'cha. I've seen mention of the blue orb, but I'm not sure what the response was. Those partially lit images are also kinda new to me. So, I'm afraid I need to ask for an adult team member for advice! The ground bugging one I get frequently. The buttons on the left side still work to get you into buildings, though, and I found that when I leave the building the ground is fixed. Also, might want to take a look at those links. I found the URL came up with an extra 'imgur.html' that I needed to delete to be able to get to the pic. (I haven't posted images enough to specifically advise what to change, though.)
  6. Yeah, the daylight issue while at KSC is known. It happens when Kerbin is reparented, and is unsolvable. However, you can check where the KSC really is in its day/night cycle by checking the tracking station, and when you go to launch it will be in the expected location. Taking a stab at the KSC being messed up; is it the ground going kinda crazy while in the KSC view? (Picture had not yet been loaded when I replied, but I wanted to get a reply out ASAP.) I’ve seen similar, and believe it’s another bug. I’ve noticed that it tends to go away if you jump into a building and back out. When you go to launch a rocket/plane, it will not be present. Additional: As for OPM, that’s probably a StarCrusher69 et al question. From the Planned Features, I can see that OPM is intended to be compatable with 0.8, but I had been waiting for the final nod from the mod team before installing.
  7. I finally have the time I need to start the playthrough I've been planning for about a year. While I'd thought to hold off until all of 0.8 releases, I also realized that by the time I'm done with the Kerbol system, the rest of the mod will probably be out!
  8. Very pretty! Looking forward to seeing it in-game! And after all the time I spent looking for a good one...
  9. I cannot say how for certain, but this is what I would try. Looking at the KSP Website, I checked their support page. There is an e-mail address for support related questions, noted as being for support, bug reports, technical info, etc. The address is: [email protected] I don't know if it would work, but I would direct your question there. They may be able to assist, as by getting it through the website you would have an account login. (I checked myself just now to see what versions are available, out of curiosity.)
  10. A superb run, Hotaru! I enjoyed every segment of your playthrough, and watching how you tackled each challenge along the way. Your final image of the thread was excellent, as well! Enjoy your break! I look forward to seeing your next thread, whenever that comes and in whatever format you choose. As for ideas on the next (since I saw your question), I would tend to lean towards something which changes things up enough so you don't feel you're retreading territory. The new planets in OPM are superb, but you WOULD be running through the same inner planets. (Unless you updated your HSP file to 1.4.x and continue from where you left off.) I've read a thing or three about Gameslinx's Planet Overhaul, as well as Galileo's, and both of those could be excellent options. I know less about Snarkiverse, so I can't really comment. I'll admit to being partial to KSS, as I'm planning a playthrough of that once it updates to 1.4.x., but I'm not sure what level of scope you were thinking of going for.
  11. To your first, if I recall correctly, it’s modular so that people can pick and choose what they want / what their computer can handle. So, I’m pretty sure it’s only modular. To your second, it may well be compatible. The mod team is working on the next update, which will give official support for 1.4.x, but the current version was built for 1.3. There’s no guarantee that it’ll work for 1.4, but if the dependencies (Kopernicus) have been updated, then give it a shot. Maybe it’ll work, maybe it won’t. But the mod team isn’t going to say it’s compatible with 1.4.x until they’re ready to.
  12. Roger that! Admittedly, I tend to use 'playthrough writeup' and 'storytelling' interchangeably on this forum, though I do recognize the difference. Mine will be something of a blend of the two, something akin to Hotaru's "Hotaru Space Program". I expect I'll have some narrative and dialogue for certain events, along with the reporting of events as I go.
  13. You don't necessarily need to be able to mod. While you won't have the actual flaring star Archangel, you could always go another route. For example: "Kerbalkind has recently discovered that their home star, Kerbol, which has shone on them for billions of years, is about to undergo a cataclysmic event which will devastate their world. A small group have banned together to try and find a home in time and evacuate as many as possible." So, they may not ever actually see a problem with Kerbol until it's too late. Give yourself a set deadline to either get further from Kerbol or to another system entirely. After that date, you consider the Kerbol system to be destroyed and you can no longer return. You may need to use other mods to support this, such as a population mod or Extraplantary Launchpads, but I don't think you would need to modify any of the mods themselves. Oh, and @Gyrfalcon5 , I look forward to seeing your playthrough writeup! I've been planning one since about... KSS 0.6, but school demanded most of my time. Now that I'm done, I'm brushing the dust off my concepts, updating a few elements, and am also awaiting 0.8. See you in the Mission Report forum!
  14. I read through the full thread today, and everything looks awesome! I look forward to seeing how this develops. Quite note: I really liked the NX-Refit inspired mothership. It would be neat to see that developed a bit further!
  15. Fair enough! And, given that I planned on putting in a few extra bases of my own using Kerbin-Side et al., even if I needed to disable something I could regain it in another way. Thanks!
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