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  1. Another interesting read by KSK.
  2. Just looked at this thread. I'm gonna need to try out these planes. Nice ace combat music in your video.
  3. For school, I use a TI-30XA calculator. On it, Arctan is the same as Tan-1. After that, its pretty much solving fractions with SOHCAHTOA
  4. I had a similar issue when designing bases. I ended up using a universal wheel module that can attach to 2.5m round parts. I also made a rover using this system so there is no worry for not aligning.
  5. Dang it, Florida you've done it again. Why do the stupid people all have to be here?
  6. I can watch whatever launches I want from my house with a pair of binoculars.(Of course all i see is an orange ball on the sky, but still)
  7. Hey, I found a fix to the issue. Use the 64 bit version of KSP, then you can accept the disclaimer and join a server.
  8. I have the same issue
  9. awesome. so i could copypasta an intake, make its colors different(so i can tell it apart from normal intakes), and make it able to use the new resource; do same with an ore tank! Ill see if I can try that soon. Maybe on Saturday.
  10. Im a real bad455 i clicked it. Describe myself in two words? Im a rebel.
  11. I've mainly been reading from my email forum section so I had no way to press like. Nice job KSK. GKSP I put it in the food cabinet in the hitchhiker.
  12. I think I know how to fix buoyancy. I'm not the guy who can code the game, but I have an idea: Add a new resource such as planetliquid that is in the "waters" of every planet. Add a part that can harvest this resource.(pretty much a little tube) Add a ballast tank that can store and jettison similar to ore tanks. It can probably work because I've seen other mods add ore before it was a thing. Thanks, GKSP
  13. So a kerbal konstructs sort of thing. maybe someone could make that static for the mod so you can place it wherever you want.