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  1. Though maybe the Fullback would need to be mk.2 full size. That cockpit is huge and the half size might make it look too small. Maybe there could be a part that goes behind it to merge the Mk2 and Mk2H with a slight offset down or something?
  2. Answer I just found out by accident: KSP registers the hat as an axis, so you have to set the camera Horizontal and camera Vertical axes to their respective hat "axes". Note that it doesn't seem to support the 45° axes.
  3. In short, I want to configure the IVA camera to a DCS-like method I use with the hat on my joystick, but none of the controls in Input register anything from the hat. Everything else works, whether steering, throttle, or buttons, but the hat just won't work. None of the mods I have should be interfering since I've encountered this on every install I've used, whether modded or not.
  4. That's what I ended up doing. I was hoping for something computer balanced so I wouldn't get sudden pitching, but it works well enough with the fly-by-wire correction.
  5. Amazing mod, really makes flying much more enjoyable. Is it possible for the fly-by-wire system to create a speedbrake with control surfaces when the Brake AG is active? Many modern planes with fly-by-wire such as the F18 and F35 can manipulate surfaces such as rudders (rudderons?? flapders??) and flaperons to create a uniform effective drag force, without the need for a large air brake such as on the f15 and su27. It would be a really nice feature to have.
  6. Is there a way to define wing shape by sweep angle rather than offset? The offset definitions make it very hard to keep a smooth transition between parts with the same sweep, and is very hard to use with the slider method of choosing dimensions. A text input would be nice, too, since then I can go off exact drawings rather than by feel. Edit: I want to note that even though I figured I can use my CAD program to run the numbers, entry into the edit box is still a pain.
  7. I think its supposed to represent the Indium oxide layer which reflects EM waves is stealth aircrafts. My only gripe is that it only seems to go halfway back and disorients me when dogfighting
  8. I did notice though that the "Super" flanker mk1 part does not have an IVA, but the Mk.2H "Advanced" flanker does... hmm...
  9. I just downloaded this mod and I'm curious: what is supposed to be the difference between the "Super" Flanker and the "Advanced" Flanker? It's easy to tell that the obvious difference is shape, but as far as I know, all airframes for the variants of the Su-27 except for the Su-34/32 and Su-30 (for the 2 seat) are essentially the same? IRL the Super Flanker is the Su-35, but I'm not really sure what the "Advanced" flanker is supposed to be. The different sized intakes only confused me more. I'd find the larger intakes more fitting for an Su-34 but there isn't a cockpit for it
  10. Hello, KSP forum! I don't often post my own crafts here, but I have one here that I think is pretty much complete: my mostly-replica version of the F-15D Eagle. KerbalX link is here! Imgur Album: https://imgur.com/a/fePpOwQ <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/fePpOwQ" ><a href="//imgur.com/a/fePpOwQ">kaf15d images for kerbalx</a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script> Mods Required: KSP (duh!) Airplane Plus BDArmory (for Runway Project preferred) SmartParts (parts ca
  11. Is there a way to integrate the IVAs of this mod with RasterPropMonitor? I was taking a look at the F15E looking two seater cockpit, and noticed that the display panels looked just the right size for the RPM screens, so I installed RPM but the IVA was still blank. Has anyone done anything to make these functional?
  12. I'm not sure if anyone is still encountering this, but even at a relatively low distance (50km), I'm still getting landed vessels phasing into the ground and exploding upon being loaded. I'm doing this with BDA for Runway Project (v1.4.4.4 IIRC) and it makes the mod pretty much pointless for me. Sometimes when the camera switches to a vessel being loaded, I might be able to save it by using VesselMover, but that sometimes just causes it to explode instantly. Also, when loading vessels in weird places (i.e. underground), they become just far enough away that the vessels which flew close en
  13. I did end up just reinstalling the game, and it's working fine for me now.
  14. Mods: Just transferred my 1.11.1 save to 1.11.2 today after realizing I forgot to copy my saves over, and did a test flight for BDA stuff of a plane around Kerbin. Since it was potentially relevant, here's what I was doing before the problem occured: I had PhyscisRangeExtender enabled to 40 kilometers, and had a craft on the ground at site A. As my plane flew within 40km of Site A, the craft at Site A loaded in underground (IIRC about -2.something kilometers below sea level) and promptly exploded. Since I wanted to test my plane again, I reverted flight to the SPH and re-launch
  15. Open up the SPH doors for a couple minutes and someone might just "accidentally" fly through in an Ares 3A!
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