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  1. Will the cargo module attachment system be modified to work with the new stock inventory system as well? Would this be too difficult due to the differing ways in which KIS and stock construction works?
  2. It also occurs on vanilla installs, which I tested before I transferred them in a variety of configurations. I only used the modded plane because I did some research on its navlights and knew there were a bunch that go on there and of different colors so I could get more data points.
  3. I think this will be my last post about navlight bugs, this time containing a demonstrations. The colors chosen do not appear to save with the .craft file, and reverting flight or loading the craft in the editor shows the colors picked are reset to the default white. Sorry for the mouse pointer not appearing, I forgot that tick box was not selected.
  4. In my 6 years of playing this game, I have absolutely no idea how I didn't think of this. Thank you.
  5. So I once again have a comment about lights after setting up more navlights. It would be really nice for an outline to be around the currently selected color on lights so you don't need to turn them on and off to check the color. For night-time flying, I'm definitely going to be keeping my lights on, but the landing gear light behavior is so jarring I almost don't want to. When retracted, gear lights shine through the plane, and if the plane is flying inverted, they show up on the ground below. Landing gears really need to have their lights automatically turn off if retracted.
  6. I was just testing out the navlights by adding them to the Ares 3A in a brand new save. I only have the base game and DLCs installed at the moment. I configured the navlights properly, using the toggle symmetry to get them in the same mirrored position, and set their colors accordingly. Upon launch, I warped to nighttime and turned on the lights, and both appeared as white. I could fix this in-flight via the PAW but this behavior seems odd. I'm also wondering what the light emission option means. I figured that out it makes the light show up on the part and in the world, while turning i
  7. In case anyone comes across this in the future, I solved it. R: 163 G: 33 B: 110
  8. I'm making a custom keyboard rgb layout for KSP and I want to use the vessel label color for my F4 key for quick acquisition, but I can't seem to find an RGB or Hex value floating around anywhere for it. Does anyone have it available?
  9. Nice job! Minmus was my first and I faced many kraken attacks when going super duper fast so I learned to quicksave often. I'll probably start a new sandbox in 1.11 so I'll lose its reminders but I have plenty of debris left over.
  10. The site I'm thinking of is on the island due east of that lake, so I think I'll aim for your island suggestion, then head east to get a good idea of what I'm dealing with. As for seaplanes, What I already had designed had not taken that into account. Plus, I like the challenge.
  11. I have that setting on, but part G-force limits are around 45 so I pretty much never see its effects.
  12. How about the pretty much infinite g-limit for planes? I expect serious structural integrity loss with 10+ G. I had tried using FAR recently, and loved its drag and G-load model, but none of my existing planes could maneuver worth anything (and thats a lot of planes) so I dropped it.
  13. It's not even real water! The only interactive thing is the frustration when you get a rover stuck in it during testing.
  14. If you have 0-g systems you want to run a particular test on before they are in orbit, these can keep you stable. They also have an alternator so you can run robotics or not drain power waiting for a launch window. They also help prevent kraken attacks while time warping.
  15. I noticed a weird glitch with the reflections on the windows of the rover cabs: they go in the wrong direction. The front window is reflecting through the vessel and the side window is reflecting what the front should be reflecting! It looks like that instead of bouncing off the outside face of the surface, the reflection is instead going through the smaller angle through the outside surface and onto the inside.
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